I know most of you haven’t been back on a tricycle from the time they were three – and that’s okay. However, I’d love to change your view a little bit. Contrary to what many people think, trikes aren’t only for toddlers.

Anyone who needs a daily hauler will find a trike to be very helpful. Trikes come with very vital features that support heavy hauling and easy movement. They can help you to move huge luggage in a very short time.

In this post, I give you some of the best adult tricycle reviews. I suggest you read through my reviews as they are deeply researched. I have compared a number of trikes and also included a buying guide that makes your work easy.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Adult Tricycles

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle – Our Top Pick

Anyone who wants to experience a properly designed bike that maximizes the experience and freedom of bike riding, the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is the bomb.

This three wheel bike offers cool features and will rarely disappoint. It is the most recommended value buy tricycle design now.

The bike offers a super-low frame. The super-low design is to make it easy for riders to board and also alight from the bike. It also maximizes control so that you won’t have to fall or lose your balance.

The bike’s frame is also designed from the light but strong stand-over aluminum. It therefore offers a guarantee for people who need larger hauls.

And just as it is easy to access, the frame also supports a large rear basket carrier. The basket comes with a fold-down design that can also allow you to collapse it. This makes it easy to operate and to use.

In addition to that, the large basket size also allows you the freedom of maximum storage. You can maximize the haul and still maintain stability.

To ensure that you are safe when riding, the bike also offers stylish full-wrap rear fenders. The fenders are easy to spot and will work well for areas with low light.

The handlebar is wide. It comes in an easy to control upright design and offers the freedom of adjustment. You can set it in a comfortable position between 37 and 40 inches.

Thanks to a one-speed design this bike is also easy to operate. It is easy to maintain and uses the simplest mechanical technology.

It rides on a set of alloy wheels. The wheels measure 24 inches and provide the bike with easy control.

Even better, the wheels are on inflatable tires. The tires, when filled with enough pressure, makes it easy to ride and comes with a bumpy-less touch.


    • Adult Tricycle
    • Stand-over aluminum
    • Super-low frame
    • Large rear basket carrier
    • Full-wrap rear fenders
    • Alloy wheels


    • 5-year limited warranty
    • Easy control and pack for hauling
    • Easy to maintain and care for
    • Comfortable seating position
    • Freedom of maximum storage
    • Maximizes control even for beginners


    • Comes unassembled
    • Limited warranty

Tips: Buy if you want to experience a bike that offers you the freedom to cruise around town with all your purchases in an in-tow designed carrier.

Video Tips: Schwinn meridian tricycle tips

2. Tri-Rad Adult Folding Unisex Tricycle

Another top-rated adult 3 wheel bike is the Tri-Rad Adult Folding Unisex Tricycle. It is simple to use and offers some of the most reliable trikes controls ever. I have one of this at home and it is awesome.

Tri-Rad offers low-cut frame. The frame makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike. It also makes parking easy especially when on a rush.

The trike also comes with a large spring seat. The seat enjoys a simple adjustable technology that guarantees a comfortable platform especially if you are looking for a short ride.

The Tri-Rad’s frame enjoys a folding technology. This means that you will find the bike to be easy to store or transport.

The folding steel frame uses a steel suspension system. The touch makes it tough and also very durable too.

Due to this low frame, the bike can be used by anyone that’s 12 years and above. It is reliable and will allow you to improve your skills really fast.

The bike comes with inflatable tires for a smooth ride. The tires are set on aluminum rims. The rims make the bike flashy and reliable even on high speeds.

The large 20 X 1.75-inch wheel size makes riding easy. More importantly, the bike uses a simple one-speed drivetrain technology. It also supports a one-piece crank system.

There is a linear front alloy pull brake, a parking brake, and a V-brake system. Thankfully, the steel stem is easy to adjust.

One thing that many users love in this trike is the comfort saddle. This makes riding your tricycle or hauling goods a very enjoyable activity.

Nonetheless, the rear basket is easy to reach and will provide adequate storage for groceries and other purchases too.


    • Parking brake
    • Pull brake
    • Tricycle
    • Inflatable tires
    • Aluminum rims
    • Steel suspension system
    • Folding technology
    • Large spring seat
    • Low-cut frame


    • Unisex Tricycle
    • Reliable trike controls
    • Easy to mount and dismount
    • Easy to store or transport
    • Used by anyone that’s 12 years and above
    • Inflatable tires for a smooth ride
    • Supports a one-piece crank system
    • Comfort saddle
    • Basket is easy to reach


    • Rear basket is not extra-large
    • The chain-guard supports a half design

Tips: The Tri-Rad adult trike is super cool for bike riders who want comfortable, simple, and worry-free rides. The model is also for guys who are on a tight budget.

3. Iglobalbuy 6-Speed Yellow 24″ 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle

Iglobalbuy 6-Speed Yellow 24″ 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle is the tricycle for adults motorized to provide high performance and reliability.

The bike is high and comes at 24 inches in height. It is one of the best tricycles that come with an easy to fold rear basket. The basket also offers enough storage space that’s perfect for shopping, picnics, and storing groceries.

Unlike other models that we have seen, this one comes with a 6-speed technology. The mechanism makes it a better performer. It maximizes its design technology and makes it easy to haul large purchases.

The frame is durable and rugged. It is forged from a high carbon steel alloy. This means that it can withstand heavy loads.

In addition to that, the bike enjoys a step-through frame. The design makes the bike easy to mount and also dismount.

Even better, the rims are also made out of stainless-steel spokes. They are durable, reliable, and easy to ride on.

Thankfully, the rims come with rubber tires. The tires are inflatable and when combined with the rims provide a very smooth-riding experience.

The saddle is padded. It is comfortable and designed to allow you to enjoy the most fulfilling cruise.

The experience is livened by the use of upright handlebars. The trike’s handlebars are adjustable too.

This makes it easy to control and safer to ride on. The 24-inch wheel size also makes the experience better. It works with the hand and front linear brakes to always keep you in control of this trike.

This is the bike that allows you to cruise for miles without experiencing any fatigue because it is very comfortable.


    • 24 inches in height
    • 6-speed technology
    • High carbon steel alloy
    • A step-through frame
    • Stainless-steel spokes
    • Rubber tires
    • 24-inch wheel
    • Linear brakes
    • Steel chainguard
    • Rustproof alloy rims
    • Rear Folding Basket


    • Convenient rear folding trike basket
    • Safely store groceries
    • Cruise for miles without experiencing any fatigue
    • Linear brakes to always keep you in control
    • Comfortable
    • Smooth-riding experience
    • Easy to mount and also dismount
    • Can withstand heavy loads
    • Easy to haul large purchases
    • Offers enough storage space


    • Need some assembling – takes time to set up
    • No foldable frame makes storage tricky

Tips: Iglobalbuy tricycle is best if you want a convenient rear folding trike basket that allows you to safely store groceries.

4. Raleigh Bikes Tristar Best 3-Speed Trike

For the best tricycle for adults with disabilities, Raleigh has been the brand to reckon with. In this post, another adult three wheel bike from the same brand stands out. That’s the Raleigh Bikes Tristar Best 3-Speed Trike.

The bike features a simple step-through technology for its frame. The design makes it easy for the bike to be mounted and dismounted.

The frame is made out of steel alloy. This also makes it very sturdy in design. It makes it extremely dependable even for the toughest rides. Nonetheless, the steel alloy frame also makes it extremely durable and long-lasting too.

In addition to that, the trike uses the “Sturmey Archer 3 speed Technology” hub for its internal gears. This makes it a low maintenance design that’s super cool even for people who are on a budget.

At the front is a V brake system that comes with a parking lock. This is great at securing your bike. It is also cool for controlling the bike on the road when combined with the rear coaster braking system.

The bike like many others before it has a rear rack. The rack is good for going picnics, carrying purchases, and buying groceries.  The basket can hold up to 45 lbs of weight when on maximum capacity.

To make your experience even better, the bike also comes with high handlebars. The handlebars are easy to adjust and you can fit them to your preferred level.

In the pack, you will find a set of additional pedals that you can always replace in case the existing ones are damaged.

The bike offers a limited lifetime warranty that’s super cool when you want to fix any manufacturing defects.

For high performance, the bike is fitted with steel alloy rims on an inflatable tire. They are good at maximizing speed and leaving you with a smooth ride.


    • Steel alloy frame
    • V brake system
    • The rear coaster braking system
    • Rear rack
    • High handlebars
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Steel alloy rims
    • Inflatable tire
    • Sturmey archer 3-speed technology
    • Step-through frame technology


    • Good at maximizing speed and leaving you with a smooth ride
    • Good for going picnics, carrying purchases, and buying groceries
    • Controlling the bike is easy
    • Low maintenance design
    • Easy for the bike to be mounted and dismounted
    • Very sturdy in design


    • Not ideal for very tall guys
    • Shouldn’t exceed the luggage weight limit

Tips: The accessories are easy to find and in case you want to boost their performance, you can never hassle.

5. KENT Adult Three Wheel Bike with Folding Frame

Of the three wheeler adult bikes, KENT Adult Three Wheel Bike with Folding Frame is also another great model.

It is an adult 3-wheeled bike that comes with a very strong frame. The frame is made out of a steel alloy. This makes it very reliable, durable, and high performing too.

More importantly, the frame comes with a step-through design. The design allows all users to easily get on and off the bike.

It provides an easy to control touch that allows users to enjoy the freedom of bike riding all the way.

The design also includes suspension fork cushioning. This makes the ride smooth even when you encounter bumps along the road.

The smooth ride is maximized by the use of inflatable tires around the 20-inch wheels. The wheels, on the other hand, are designed from an aluminum alloy which makes them sturdy and best for heavy rides.

Even so, the bike is extra-wide. It uses adjustable handlebars that are designed with an upright mechanism.

More importantly, it offers, the freedom of movement and carriage. Thanks to the cargo basket that’s tucked behind the rider. The basket is collapsible and offers enough space for hauling any type of cargo.

To offer better control, the bike comes with linear pull brakes. This can bring the bike to an instant stop or simply regulate the speed at which it moves.

The bike is also easy to store and transport. Thanks to the folding frame that it comes with. The frame is medium in size and will fit any adult easily.

The combined cargo and rider weight is also high. The bike will easily support up to 300lbs of weight.


    • 20-inch wheels
    • Folding frame
    • Linear pull brakes
    • Cargo basket
    • Adjustable handlebars
    • Suspension fork cushioning
    • Step-through frame
    • 3-wheeled bike
    • Steel alloy frame


    • Durable
    • Getting on and off the bike is simple
    • Easy to control
    • Smooth even when you encounter bumps
    • Sturdy and best for heavy riders
    • Freedom of movement and carriage
    • Easy to store and transport
    • Easy to regulate the speed


    • Not designed for kids
    • Slightly heavy

Tips: Best for you if you want an easy control tricycle. It offers you the best easy-to-reach braking systems with high response technology.

Adult Tricycle Buying Guide:

Buying the best adult 3 wheel bike is cool. As I mentioned, it will help you to move large quantities around easily. You won’t hassle and you will find the activity to be quite enjoyable. However, before you buy the best adult tricycle, put the following tips into consideration.

Material of Make

Remember that tricycles are used for very demanding jobs. To withstand the pressure, they need to be strong. The type of material that they are forged from must, therefore, be very resilient. Metal alloys are the best. Aluminum and Steel alloys are the most recommended options.

Type of Frame

If your tricycle has a straight frame, it won’t be easy to operate or climb on like it would be if it had a step-through frame. Since the adult tricycle for sale is low, it is vital that it comes with a low frame too. Look for step-through low frames. They will make tricycles easy to climb on and off.

Carrier Basket

These bikes are used for hauling goods, groceries, luggage, and many other large quantities. It is therefore very important that you find a tricycle that has a carrier basket. The basket should be large enough to support the type of hauling that you need it for. This will make your work easy and fast.

Weight Capacity

Apart from the carrier size, the weight capacity of the adult three wheel bike is very important. Remember, tricycles will carry both your weight and that of the goods. So make sure that the maximum weight that it can support is the same as or more than your combined weight and that of the goods.

Easy Brake System

Just like the bicycle, tricycles need to come to a stop when you reach your destination. They also need to be under the right control when moving along the roads. This means that tricycles must have the best braking system. Make sure the brakes are easy to reach and that they respond fast. V-brake system is the best for the front tires.

Strong Wheels

To support all this weight, this equipment needs a sturdy frame and tough wheels. Wheel made of the metallic alloy will be very effective. I suggest looking for stainless steel spokes and aluminum alloy wheels. The size of the wheels should also be wide enough to allow for easy movement and maneuverability.

tricycle for adults with disabilities
Old Man With Tricycle

Adjustable Handlers

Everyone who uses the tricycle will not be the same size as you. Adjustable components are therefore very vital. One of the best components to adjust will be the handlebar. This way, you will be able to share your tricycle with your loved ones too. Adjustable handlebars are also good for upright riding.

Adjustable Saddle

The saddle or in other words the seat of the three wheeled bike should also be adjustable. This way, you will be able to set your comfort zone so that you don’t have a bumpy ride. Adjustable saddles are great for having the perfect seating.

NOTE: Whenever you are buying your bike, look through your needs before making your mind.

Watch Video: How To Ride A Tricycle

Best Adult Tricycle: FAQs

I know some of you might still be having a few concerns about the three wheel bikes. I have prepared a number of questions that I gathered from my research to help you out.

  • How to Choose an Adult Tricycle?

Choosing an adult tricycle is no brainer. Once you understand what your needs are you can then look at your budget and see what you want to spend. Next, see the functionalities of your tricycle and see if they address your needs. Follow the buying guide that I have given you above.

  • How much safe are the adult tricycles for riding?

The best adult tricycles are safe. They are much more stable than bicycles. In addition to that, they are fitted with many features that guarantee high-level safety. Some of these features include the following.

  • Three wheels – one in front two at the rear
  • Brakes – V-shaped at the front
  • Fenders
  • Sturdy frames
  • Handlebar for control
  • Does the ride on tricycles similar to the bicycle ride?

Yes and No. When riding a tricycle the flow with as smooth as that on a bicycle, maybe even better because stability is higher. However, tricycles need more concentration as they are wider. You need to understand how to maneuver tight spaces too.

  • Can we handle and maintain the tricycles just like we do to a bicycle?

Yes. Changing the tricycles tubes, wheels, or handlebars is more or less the same as for the bicycles. You can seal air leaks and punctures by removing the tube too. In addition to that, you need enough pressure before jumping on a tricycle.

  • I want to buy a new tricycle. Please tell me whether a tricycle is weightier than a bike?

Yes. The tricycles weigh slightly more than a bike. And there is a good reason for this. Tricycles perform tougher jobs than the bike. Therefore, they need to be sturdier. They also need to be safer and with perfect stability.

  • Are adult tricycles available in different sizes in the market?

Yes. The best adult tricycles will come in different sizes. The sizes come with adjustable components such as a saddle and a handlebar which will help people with different stature to fit on them. Nonetheless, the sizes don’t vary so much it is just a slight difference in inches.

  • Is it possible to ride an adult tricycle on the hilly area?

Yes. It is possible to ride tricycles in hilly terrains. They are built to last. Because of these, they are strong and very much resilient to a number of surfaces and terrains too. They come with chain-systems that you can pedal to keep you moving up the hill.

  • Is it easy to transport a tricycle from one place to another?

Yes. The best tricycles for adults are foldable. Foldable designs means that they can be collapsed and folded into two. This makes them very portable, easy to store, and above all very easy to transport too. They fold in a compact design that won’t take much space once they are folded.

  • Does a recumbent tricycle a good choice than an upright tricycle?

It comes down to your preference. However, an upright stature is considered healthy for the back. I would, therefore, suggest that you go for the upright model.

  • Do the tricycles that are purchased from the online shopping store assembled?

No. They are not entirely assembled. However, they are semi-assembled and come with a user manual that will help you in fixing the simple parts that are remaining.

Additional Tips: Best Tricycles for Adults

I want to highlight some additional considerations that will also help you to get the best three wheeler adult bikes for your needs.

Pricing is Key

Believe it or not, you can’t buy what you cannot afford. It is therefore very important that you actually set a budget before you buy your tricycle. This will help you to shop around the prices that fall within your budget.


A tricycle is a big investment. It is important that you focus on how to maximize the benefits. Going with a warranty will help you to manage manufacturing defects without spending an extra dollar. This will make your tricycle a valuable purchase.

Buy Online

Buying online gives you some of the best pricing. It has numerous price discounts and also comes with an additional offer. This means that you will get a better bike at a very affordable deal. You will also have a variety to choose from.

User Feedback

User feedback and reviews are pointers to the type of experience that you should expect from your tricycle. Make sure you look at them. They will help you to gauge the longevity and also the efficiency of your tricycle.

Folding Frame

Few people take this into consideration. However, it is very important. A motorized tricycle for adults with a foldable frame will be easy to store. It will also be very easy to transport in case you want to move or visit your loved ones and wanted your bike with you.


Buying the best adult tricycle is very helpful. It will leave you with a comfortable and hassle-free ride if you want to haul. More importantly, it is a great way to enjoy what you are doing so that you get the best out of it.

The best tricycles are affordable and long-lasting too. There tricycle for adults with disabilities too which you can buy for a loved ones who is physically challenged.

In case you want the best experience with the same, it will be best if you looked for a model that has folding frames, highly responsive braking system, low-cut frame, and front and back fenders too.

A foldable model will often use the twist and pull technology that provides a quick release system. Adjustable steel frames are also available. What you choose to use is upon your discretion.

However, if you are buying for loved ones, understand what they like, preferences, and needs first. Then use this high-end review post to pick what suits them. You can always go with our reviews.

They are the best adult tricycle for sale. They are affordable and come with some of the best features too.

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