If you have a baby and you want to enjoy riding your bike, you’ll need to buy a bike seat for your baby. With such a seat, you can bring your baby along with you, on your explorations without having to worry about their safety. Whether you are just riding along the streets or you are ridding to the market place, your baby will be safe with the bike seat.

Numerous brands of seats exist in the market.  You might get confused about getting the best child bike seat. This guide focuses on helping you find the right seat, a seat that fits our baby and your bike.

Top 10 Best Child Bike Seats Reviews For 2023

1. Thule RideAlong Mini Bike Seat

The seats are creatively designed to meet the needs of a modern cyclist. The seat is excellent for babies between 9 months and three years old, and up to 33lbs. However, it is proper to consult a pediatrician in cases of kids below one year.


    • Soft
    • Shoulder straps are easy to adjust
    • Has a handlebar that keeps the baby occupied
    • Color-coded adjustment buttons
    • Variable height footrest
    • Standard lock to prevent theft
    • Windscreen available
    • handlebar pad

This bike seat for babies is straightforward to use. The seat is very comfortable for the baby. The shoulder straps are back-pack style, and they are heavily padded making them soft. Besides, they can be adjusted thanks to the two-height position. You’ll adjust as the child grows.  Similarly, the footrests and foot straps are adjustable. This also allows for flexibility and convenience your child grows.

This seat is a perfect choice for growing toddles. If you live in bike-friendly areas, this seat is the best choice.  It comes in grey and pink or a wild Zinnia.


    • Easy to mount and dismount from the bike
    • You can easily adjust the footrest and foot straps by a single hand
    • The bracket is quick release
    • Safety indicator within the release bracket to indicate correct mounting
    • Comfortable
    • Adjustable straps allow for a custom fit
    • Durable
    • Made of Scratch-resistant material


    • Bulkier
    • Leans a bit too far – some people find this undesirable

Tips: ensure all parts are well functioning before using. The seat grows with your kid.

2. Schwinn Child Carrier

If you want a high-quality seat for your child, Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Carrier is for you. Amazon Schwinn Child Carrier review rate this seat highly because of its great versatility. It is sturdy according to and can carry children up to 40lbs.


    • Lightweight construction
    • Has a 3-point harness that is easy to release
    • Features a removable headrest
    • Have vents to prevent wind drag
    • Has a padded crossbar for more safety
    • The footwell is adjustable.

This bike seat puts the safety of the toddler as the primary agenda. It has added structure to ensure the security of the baby. For instance, it has a crossbar that is heavily padded to prevent the toddler from falling whenever an impact might occur. Also, it has a leg restraint.

For comfort, it has a headrest, adjustable footwells and the generous padding both on the backrest and the lining of the seat. Rated as one of the best rear child bike seats according to the schwinn child carrier review, the seat is lightweight but durable polypropylene construction. The seat is excellent for kids above one year.


    • It includes a child helmet
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable due to generous padding
    • Has a crossbar to prevent the kid from falling
    • Easy to assemble
    • Headrest for the baby’s comfort
    • Vented to prevent drag by wing
    • Adjustable straps for a custom fit


    • Some complaint of weak screw

Tips: it has a headrest and adjustable footwell for greater comfort. Crossbar protects your child from falling.

3. Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat

As one of the best front child bike seat Peg Perego Orion stands out as one of the seats with a unique system. You can install this seat on the frame of your bicycle.


    • Three adjustable position Footrests
    • Weighs 4.85 pounds
    • One clicks installation
    • In-built suspension system
    • Adjustable harness
    • Nylon shoulder strap

This seat is unique because it has an innovative installation system that aloes a single click installation.  Within the seat, there is an inbuilt suspension system for your kid that allows your kid to get a smooth ride. This unique feature makes this seat fun for the kids. The mounting system makes it possible to mount on any bike.

As compared to other seats that are mounted at the front frame, Peg Perego Orion is smaller in size. That means you’ll need to replace the seat as your child grows. Besides, the detachable handlebar is only suitable for toddlers below 22 lbs.  The seat works well for kids above one year up to attaining 33lbs.


    • One clicks installation – it snaps in and out of frame with a single push button
    • The adjustable footrest has 3 points. You can adjust as your child grows
    • The in-built suspension system for smooth riding in all terrains
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Has adjustable and soft harness for your kid’s safety
    • The superb child restraint system
    • Fits bike frame between 32 mm and 52 mm


    • Doesn’t fit on some bikes-mounting it interferes with brakes

Tips: excellent suspension system for a fantastic ride. the seat is excellent for those below 22lbs.

4. WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

If you are looking for a versatile and unique design front seat, then WeeRide Kangaroo should be your ultimate choice. The seat appears luxurious and robust, thanks to its make.


    • The steel of plastic housing
    • Sturdy seat harness
    • Has a steel support bar

The sturdy design of the seat makes it possible to mount without any problems. You only use a single bolt screw to mount it. However, the seat is not suitable for all bikes. In smaller bikes, you knock the seat while you peddle.

The whole seating area and the dashboard are completely padded to ensure comfort for your baby. Apart from the sleek and contemporary design, this seat is safe and secure thanks to the protective foot cups that are adjustable. Besides, the foot cups have openings for greater comfort.

Where you mount the seat, allows for more relaxed and efficient communication between you and your young. Note, while you ride your bike, your arms surround the child giving more protection to your child. Without a doubt, WeeRide Kangaroo stands out as one best front mounted child bike seat in the market.


    • Comes with tools
    • Easy to install
    • Babies can see the front
    • Has a minimal impact on the center of gravity
    • It is well padded for kids’ comfort
    • The harness is adjustable and padded


    • It doesn’t fit all types of bikes
    • Significant hence your knees will knock the seat

Tips: the weight of the child enhances the stability of your child.  it offers excellent comfort for your child.

5. Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini Child Bike Seat

Are you concerned about your child’s safety? Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini is one of the most comfortable and safe bicycles seats you can find in the market.  You can customize the fit because it has adjustable straps that have a 5-point harness.


    • Vented to keep your young one cool
    • Sturdy adjustable foot straps
    • You can vary the heights of footrest
    • 5-point harness
    • It has handlebars for toddlers
    • Windscreen
    • Handlebar pad

Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini is likely to fit any bikes around the world. The bike comes with a universal bracket that is quick to release.  This makes it possible to mount and dismount the seat in a few seconds. Besides, the fitting works well for both the ahead stem and normal ones.

The outer shell of the seat is hard while the lining is created from premium soft padding, to ensure that your child gets the most required comfort. The seat is lightweight and can withstand the weight of children up to 15 kgs.


    • Lightweight design
    • It is easy to clean the seat
    • Made of water repellant material
    • Easy to install
    • Well-padded for comfort
    • You can get a custom fit due to the 5-point harness


    • Manual does not indicate the install process

Tips: an easy to use seat right from using to fitting in your toddler. The seat is comfortable, but for some people, it mounts a bit higher interfering with knees while peddling

6. Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

When it comes to buying a bike seat for your young one, it is essential to put in mind that your child grows. These seats offer room for growth as it has adjustable footrests and straps. The fantastic part is that it has a wide range of usage. It accommodates kids from 9 months to 3 years old! It can carry a maximum of 15 kilograms.


    • Adjustable footrests
    • Easy to fix and uninstall
    • Have soft shoulder pads
    • Comes with an adapter
    • Has an integrated lock system to act as a theft proof

If you are concerned about the comfort of your kid, Thule Yepp Mini offers the most exceptional comfort thanks to its padding. The straps are also padded so that as they harness your kid, they do not inflict pain. The importance of the straps being adjustable is to ensure that your toddler gets a customized fit whatever their size. Remember, this seat comes with a 5 point harness.

Being light in weight, the seat does not alter the movement of your bike as you peddle, and your kid will have the most extensive view of the road as you ride.


    • Lightweight
    • It has two room: mini for small sized and backroom when your kid grows bigger, i.e. grows with your kid
    • Addition locks for extra safety
    • Easy to install and uninstall
    • Comfortable – straps are padded
    • Water resistant


    • Doesn’t fit all bikes

Tips: a versatile seat for greater usage. Only adjust the necessary parts to create a custom fit for your child.

7. Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat

This is a certified design that comes with numerous adjustable features. Hamax is a company well known in the field of bicycles for quality seats. It designs are certified making safe for use.


    • Single hand adjustment
    • Rear seat
    • Shock absorbing design
    • Childproof buckle
    • The seat is a Recline for comfortable

The adjustment mechanism is straightforward. You can use a single hand to adjust all buckles. This is important because it helps to maintain the stability of the back using the other hand. The seat itself was manufactured to enable the toddlers to have a smooth ride.

The design can absorb shock making it comfortable for the toddler whatever the terrain you are riding.  Besides, the position of the head on the seat is ergonomically. It has an area where a child can rest the head – obviously with a helmet on. And whether you bike has a carrier or not this versatile baby bike seat from Hamax fits comfortable.


    • Double mount options, i.e., frame and the rack
    • Have non-slip shoulder straps
    • The seat reclines at 20 degrees
    • Excellent visual design
    • Has an anti-theft lock
    • Absorbs shocks efficiently
    • quick adjustments option
    • Headrest room
    • helmet


    • The plastic peg does not make the seat stable

Tips: Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat is an excellent investment for any parent. You can buy this seat when your kid is only nine months old, but you can use it up to the time they are 48lbs. This implies that the seat will grow with your kid.

8. Thule RideAlong Child Seat

This is another perfect piece from Thule. These seats offer compelling features that are directed towards the comfort and safety of your child. For the parent, the seat proves very easy to operate.


    • Offers five different recline options up to 20 degrees
    • Adjustable harness as well as footrests
    • Child-proof safety buckles
    • In-built reflector
    • The bracket is a quick release type
    • Protection wings present
    • Doubled beam suspension for comfort

This seat is powerful. It caters for kids between 9 months are six years old. The wide range of age shows how versatile the seat can be. For a smooth ride, the seat comes with a suspension system that utilizes two beams.  The system absorbs shock maximally ensuring that your kid has a comfortable ride.

As one of the best rear child bike seats, it comes with a reflector and attachment points for safety lights to make it visible as you ride, while the wings are meant to protect your child from falling especially if your bicycle against the wall.


    • Comes with several adjustments
    • Has a reflector for safety
    • Protects your kids from falling because it has wings
    • Excellent shock absorbing qualities due to the dual bean structure
    • Easy to tilt to get five different reclines
    • Safe due to the 3-point harness
    • Comfortable due to the dense padding all around
    • Has a child safety buckle to protect your child from falling


    • High price

Tips: it grows with your kid. Be careful while adjusting the system to fit the growing child.

9. Bellelli Pepe Bicycle Baby Carrier

This children bike seat comes as either a Bike Rack Mounted or a Seatpost Mounted seat. The seat comes in grey, yellow, or red colors.


    • Rear mounting
    • 50 lbs. Max weight
    • Comfortable shoulder support
    • Sideboards for support
    • Lightweight
    • A safety harness with three points
    • Push down button to assemble on the bike and disassemble

Bellelli Pepe is a lightweight but very sturdy. This makes it very reliable. With the use of a single push-down button, you can quickly release the seat from the bike from one bike and assemble it on another. It gives you the options to assemble both at the front and the rear.

The sideboards are high enough to offer your child enough support. This together with the harness, shoulder support and safety belt ensure that your child is safe while on the seat.

The built of the seat is strong enough to hold kids up to 50 lbs without breaking. The manufacturer sells the seat with an extra bracket so that if the first fails, you’ll use the second one.


    • Added support through the higher sideboards
    • Lightweight
    • Sturdy
    • Can carry bigger children
    • Added comfort through the shoulder support design
    • Broad and height adjustable foot straps
    • Safety buckle present
    • Hassle free attach and detach


    • Few people complain that the harness is difficult to use
    • Cannot be used comfortably by those above five years

Tips: the seat is straightforward to use. If the harness is a problem, start by buckle up your child before putting on the helmet. The helmet might be the hindrance.

10. Topeak Babyseat II with Non-Disc Rack

Finding a seat that is compatible with your bike can be quite a problem. It is also expensive to buy a seat as well as a rack. Topeak Baby seat is a seat that comes with a rear rack. This makes this seat compatible with numerous brands of bikes including bikes that have disc brakes.


    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
    • Has a padded Handrest
    • Wrap around design seat
    • Enhanced security for small feet

This seat is just cozy. It is made in a wrap-like design to give maximum protection and comfort whenever you ride in different terrain. The interior is heavily padded while the shoulder strap comes with different levels of adjustment. This allows for a custom fit, hence a comfortable fit.

The padding of the seat can be removed easily if you want to clean it. The top of the seat comes with a recessed area that offers enough space for the headrest. Besides, to isolate the kids from bumps, the Topeak Baby seat II has a unique suspension system created from the latest technology.


    • The footrest is adjustable to the size of the child
    • Comes with a rack
    • Wraps around the baby providing more protection
    • Has a reflector at the back for safety
    • Easy setup
    • Hand rests are padded


    • Highly Priced
    • Low-quality screw

Tips: This baby bike seat behaves like a cocoon as it wraps around your child. With adjustable shoulder straps and the footrest, you get a customized fit. The best part it can carry children up to 48 lbs.

Child Bike Seat Buying Guide:

While buying a bike seat for your child, there are numerous features to put in mind.  In such cases, you need proper guidance. Do you consider yourself a pro when it comes to baby bike seats? If not, you’ll need to read numerous reviews to get the knowledge.

Type of child bike seat

There are three types of seats, i.e., front mounted, rear rack and rear frame mounted. The front mounted seats have an advantage of enhancing a conversation with your kid, but it cannot be reclined like other seat types because it will limit the space for the rider. The front seat is thus suitable for toddlers. On the other hand, the rear-mounted seats work well with taller kids, i.e. those from 9 months onwards.

Age and weight of the child

Most seats are meant for kids between 9 months and five years. However, a few have a sturdy build to hold up to 7 years. The type of seat greatly determines the weight of the child you can carry.  Most rear-mounted seats can carry heavier and taller kids than the front mounted.

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Bike compatibility

Bikes come in different designs. Though most baby bike seats promise to be compatible with all bikes, a few always pose a significant challenge. It is therefore also essential to consider the best bike for child seat before purchasing one. Some companies have gone ahead to make adapters to help incompatibility. Bicycles with smaller frames cannot fit a baby seat comfortable.

It is important to consider

Front-Mounted Seats: these seats work well with the threaded headset bikes as compared to the threadless counterparts. However, with the fitting of an adapter, some threadless headsets can work well. The threadless headsets come with an extremely wide base handlebar for mounting the bracket.  The front mounted seats use mountain brackets to attach to the bike below handlebars. For attachment, you’ll need about between 0.5 and 105 inches to mount; otherwise, it will be impossible. A threaded headset provides this space more than the threadless.  Also, consider the distance between the seats and handlebars.

Rear Frame-Mounted Seats: the problem that usually arises in these types of seat mounting is the cables. If your bike has cables that might hinder installation, then use a rack.

Rear Rack-Mounted Seats: These types of seats are mounted on to a rack that is connected on the bicycle over the rear tire. You’ll have to purchase a rack separately. Before you go for this option, ensure that your bike has points of attachment – eyelets. They are 2 in number and are located near the axle of the wheel.  Besides, if your bike has disc brakes, you will need to find a rack that is compatible with such bikes.

Additional information

While purchasing a child’s seat, it is essential to look at additional features such as the design of the shoulder strap, seat strap, if the seat is engineered to recline as well as the shape of the seat. These features are meant to offer added comfort and at the same time give the much-needed safety for your child. Besides, the suspension is a powerful feature that all baby’s bike seat must-have. This helps to cushion your child from any bumps. In short, a baby’s bike seat must be geared towards protecting a baby from discomfort and accidents.

Watch Video: Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat Review

Questions and answer

  • What age can a child go in a bike seat?

If you plan to carry your child on a bike seat, let the child be at minimum 9 months. At this age, a child can hold the head upright without getting tired.

  • What is the maximum weight for a child bike seat?

Front mounted bike seats can carry 30 pounds. Beyond this, the stability of the bike might be compromised.  On the other hand, the rear-mounted seats can carry up to 50lbs.

  • What is the best bike seat?

The best bike seat is that which can give you long service; it is comfortable and adheres to the safety rules. Thule RideAlong Mini Bike Seat and Topeak Baby seat II with Non-Disc Rack stand out as one of the best.

  • What age are bike trailers suitable for?

The best time to place your child on a trailer is when a child is between 12 and 18 months. At this time the baby can hold their head upright without any problem. However, while you carry your child, you must ride safely to prevent accidents

  • Are all bike seat posts the same size?

The sizes of seatpost vary. They range between 22 mm and 35 mm. They increase with 0.22mm increments. The size of the seat post depends on the size of the seat tube.

  • What size seatpost clamp do I need?

The diameter of your seat clamp and seat tube is the most important. In any case, they should match. The seatpost comes in with a smaller diameter. However, this seatpost diameter varies with the two. On average a seatpost diameter of 25.4 works well.


Kid’s bike seats are essential equipment. If you own a bike and would like to carry your toddler around, it is high time you get a high performing seat. With these seats, you’ll get to carry your kid comfortably around without the fear of injury.  As earlier seen, these seats not only come with ergonomic features, but they are built to give the best safety to your kids.

The type of seat you chose will depend on numerous factors, but most importantly they must offer comfort and safety. Features such as shoulder straps, helmets, child-proof buckles, padding, and foot caps are very critical for safety, whether you are buying a rear seat or one of the best front child bike seats. Besides, your bike is very critical in determining the type of seat. Have a dependable bike for a better experience.

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