The safety of your kid is paramount. A toddler helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment for young children who are learning to walk, ride bikes, or participate in other activities that may involve falls or collisions.

Choosing the best toddler helmet involves considering factors such as fit, comfort, and durability. It is important to select a helmet that is appropriate for your child’s age and activity level. It should also meet safety standards set by organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States.

When used correctly, a toddler helmet can help protect against head injuries and reduce the severity of falls or collisions. We have personally used and tested every single helmet listed here to ensure you get the most secured helmet for your beloved toddler.

Note: It is also important to make sure your child knows how to properly wear a helmet. This includes securing the buckle under the chin and adjusting the straps so that the helmet fits snugly on the head. Encourage your child to wear a helmet every time they participate in an activity that may involve falls or collisions.

Top 12 Best Toddler Helmet for 2023

1. Lazer BOB (Baby on Board) Helmet

This is one of the most comfortable toddler bike helmets you can purchase. The helmet provides real protection whatever the kind of impact. The back is flat making it an excellent option for bike trailers.

One desirable feature about the Lazer bob helmet is how easy it is to adjust. You can make it easily fit on the head of your toddler hassle-free. Besides, the interior is loaded with a layer of padding, making it comfortable to wear. Any kid would love the cozy feel that the helmet offers.

The construction type is the glue-on, and the shell features reflection material. The material ensures that your toddler is visible hence averting accident occurrences.

The Lazer bob comes at a little weight. Toddlers’ necks have not yet developed to strong. So, a lightweight helmet will not harm them. The helmet only weighs a meager 0.6 pounds. Besides, size shouldn’t worry you because it comes in a single size – toddler unisize.

The helmet features air ventilations totaling to 6. So, the airflow within your toddlers head will be fine. When it comes to color, you have eleven choices.


    • Reflecting material on shell
    • Glue-on type of construction
    • Weighs 0.6 pounds
    • Ass all types of certification
    • Comfit3 system of adjustment


    • Lightweight
    • All types of certification
    • Easy to adjust
    • Comfortable on the head
    • Well ventilated


    • Non so far

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Lazer BOB (Baby on Board) Helmet Toddler Bike seats and trailers 46-52 cm/18.1-20.4 inches. Toddler unisize

Tips: the price will depend on the design you choose. Also, you can use it on small kids that are seven months old.

2. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is a quality piece that offers maximum protection against head injuries. It is a multi-purpose type of helmet. Only, make sure that the helmet fits perfectly the size of your kids head.

The strapping system is straightforward. The side buckles offer quick buckling and fastening. Besides, the mechanism of buckling and strapping does not pinch under the chin, unlike other products.

The outer shell is robust while the interior has padding. It is described as ergonomic padding.  It is comfortable and secure. Once the helmet fits the head of your kid, and all adjustment done correctly, expect the best protection. Thus, described as the best helmet for a toddler.

The helmet features a fantastic 17 side and top vents. These massive numbers of vents keep the rider’s head cool even on the hottest day. When you buy the helmet, you get a 2-year warranty.

Kids between the age of 8 and 14 can wear the Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet comfortably. Besides, head sizes of between 22 and 23.5 inches fit perfectly.


    • Comes in 4 colors
    • The interior padding is foam and ergonomically designed
    • 17 vents
    • Complies with CPSC standards
    • Adjustable strapping belt


    • Comfortable to wear
    • Easy to adjust due to the buckle mechanism
    • Provides excellent cooling – 17 vents
    • Hard and durable


    • None reported so far

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet 8-14 years Biking and skating 14 x 9.8 x 5.5 inches 22 to 23.5 inch

Tips: the helmet works exceptionally well. You only need to make necessary adjustments using the straps and buckle.

3. Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

Giro scamp toddler helmet uses a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System – MIPS. Whatever the direction your kid falls she/he is protected. The shell is sturdy and comfortable with an in-mold design.

Polycarbonate material makes the interior padding and is lined with an EPS. The EPS liner absorbs sweat making your toddler ride without distraction. In short, the helmet is a comfortable piece for your kid.

Giro Scamp is lightweight, a feature which significantly makes it comfortable for the kids.  With a Roc Loc Jr. ft dial system, the helmet will fit on your kids head just as the glove fits the hand. Isn’t this one of the best toddler helmet?

The strapping system ends in a buckle that adjusts the straps. The chin buckle features a pinch guard, which ensures that you do not harm your child’s chin while you are fastening their helmet straps.

The visor is an essential feature of Giro toddler helmet. The in-built visor protects your toddler from the glaring sun.

Note that the air circulation is taken care of by the eight vents.


    • Pinch guard buckle
    • Eight air vents
    • In-built visor
    • Adjustable Roc Loc Jr fit system
    • Lightweight
    • Sizes: extra small and small
    • The shell has an in-mold polycarbonate
    • CPSC certified
    • Ponytail compatible


    • Lightweight
    • Easy to adjust
    • Hard and durable
    • Well-aerated – 8 vents
    • Pinch guard


    • Few customers complain the sizing is not as indicated

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Bike Helmet 2-3 years Biking, skating, scooter 12 x 10 x 8 inches Extra small size and small

Tips: buckle it the right way, and it will take your toddler a long way.

4. Bell Marvel Avengers

If graphics excite you bell marvel avengers has it in plenty. The helmets are in a wide range of graphics and colors, a feature that sets the helmet apart from the rest.

The built of the helmet is strong: The outer shell is made of hard plastic while the interior features a thick layer of Styrofoam. The two features offer both protection and comfort to your kid.

The buckling system is under the chin. The buckle allows for easy release and fastening of the helmet. The primary straps are supported by two straps that run to the back of the helmet. Such a feature ensures that the helmet remains firm on your toddlers head.

The Bell Marvel Avengers helmet comes in a variety of sizes. The helmets fit toddlers, kids, and adults. While purchasing these helmets be careful with size to get the best toddler bike helmet.

If you want a cheap helmet, then is the helmet to buy. The built is described as sturdy; however, it cannot withstand numerous impacts.


    • Avenger graphics
    • Skating type has a hard shell
    • Lightweight
    • Buckle adjusting mechanism
    • CPSC compliant
    • Sizes for both adults and kids


    • Cheap
    • Easy to adjust – side squeeze buckle
    • Well-aerated – 9 vents, ten vents for adult type
    • Comfortable


    • Breaks easily
    • Sizes are not as indicated by the manufacturer

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Bell Marvel Avengers Bike Helmets for Child, Toddler, and Adult Toddler – 3-5 yrs

Child – 5-8 yrs

Adult – 14+

Biking, skating, scooter 12 x 10 x 8 inches. 45 – 49 cm,



Tips: always take head measurements before purchasing. Consider the shape and size of the head too.

5. Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

If you have a kid learning how to ride a bike or you are riding with one, use the Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet. It is one of the smallest helmets in the market. It is built with a feature to protect the baby.

The helmet fits comfortable on the head of the toddler thanks to the Mini-Loc fit system. The system is easy to adjust the strapping so that it fits perfectly on the heads of the infants.

The construction is robust – micro-shell construction. Additionally, it has a bug net built within the shell to protect your child from any bugs while riding.  Also, the visor duly protects your kid from the sun or dripping rain.

Helmets with buckles might pinch. However, this smallest infant bike helmet has a buckle that won’t pinch. So, don’t worry about buckling your kid.

The air circulation mechanism is excellent. The helmet features 20 vents. The vents ensure that the flow of air around your kids head is excellent.


    • Dial lock system – Mini-Loc system
    • Weighs 0.55 pounds
    • 20 vents
    • In-built visor and bug net
    • Soft padding on the interior
    • Compliant with CSPC, AS/NZS 2063:2008 and CE EN1078


    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable interior
    • Safe buckling mechanism
    • A Visor that is built-in for protection
    • Has strap guides


    • Not yet

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet 1+ Biking, skating, trailer 12 x 9 x 7 inches Infant/Toddler size

Tips: strap it safely on the infant. You can ride with your infant or carry him/her on a trailer. Also, ensure you get the stick-on foam pads to make it easier to fit.

6. Bell Sidetrack MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

Bell sidetrack MIPS is built to minimize head injuries. It has a unique construction featuring a fused in-mold polycarbonate shell. Additionally, it has a lining made of EPS. The combination of the two features results in a sturdy helmet that can withstand impacts while offering the needed protection.

Bell Sidetrack utilizes the multi-directional impact protection system. This technology offers protection to your brain whenever a fall occurs.  It works through eliminating rotations that arise on a helmet in cases of an impact. It absorbs the rotation energy and forces that are directed to the brain during an impact.

To operate the dial system, you no longer need to push to turn. The ergo fit dial system has a softer feel, more sleek and lightweight: it is easier to set up. You can easily and quickly align the straps by the quick-adjusts.

It features a detachable which is not adjustable.  The visor shades the eyes and the face from weather elements such as the sun.

With 15 vents, the flow of air with the helmet is pretty great. The nutcase toddler helmet is a highly functional piece.


    • MIPS protection
    • 15 vents
    • Weighs 340 grams
    • Size – 47 – 54 cm (Child) and 50 – 57 cm (Youth)
    • Detachable visor
    • Ergo-fit dial system
    • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS inner lining
    • CPSC and CE EN1078 Certified


    • Lightweight
    • Well ventilated
    • Visor for protecting the face
    • Well-padded interior
    • Easy strapping


    • Too long chin straps

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Bell Sidetrack MIPS Youth Bike Helmet 5-14 years Biking, 14 x 10 x 8 inches Universal Youth Size

Tips: ensure that the chin strap is well-tightened by adjusting through the dial system.

7. Bingggooo Kid’s Cycling Bike Helmet

Kids who are army fans find this kind of helmet interesting. The color design and design mimics a tactical army helmet. The helmet generally looks cool, and most kids will love it.

The shell is molded type; it is sturdy and durable, thanks to the PC Injection. The interior of the helmet has thick padding and thick high-density EPS foam. Such the helmet is comfortable to wear, and the hard shell offers the necessary protection.

The helmet features ten wind vents that keep the head well ventilated, i.e., the head remains cool. The helmet regulator ensures that the helmet does not fall off. The regulator is adjustable, allowing you to customize your fit.

The pad has a removable and washable mesh lining. This ensures that the interior of your helmet is clean.

The helmet stands out as one of the most versatile helmets. It can be put to various uses. For instance, it serves well as a scooter, roller-skating, and bike helmet.


    • Washable mesh lining
    • The shell is molded exterior shell that is PC injected
    • Ten vents
    • Adjustable regulator
    • High-density EPS foam


    • Well-priced
    • Comfortable
    • Fits different shapes of the head
    • Beautiful camouflage appearance


    • A bit difficult to adjust

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Bingggooo Kid’s Cycling Bike Helmet Road Mountain Racing Bike Helmets for Children  3-8 years Biking, scooter, roller-skating 14 x 10 x 8 inches Universal infant Size

Tips: the helmet works well for five years old and above. Any age below has to adjust the straps properly for it to fit.

8. Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Blueberry

Joovy Noodle is an exceptional helmet. Apart from having at a friendly price, the helmet has two adjustable sizes. Precisely, the helmet can be comfortably be used by kids between one and nine years. The sizes are small size i.e., 18.5″ – 20.5” and the medium size i.e., 20.5” – 22”.

The adjustable strap is essential in ensuring the helmet is appropriately fastened on the head. It features an adjustable fit dial located in the interior of the helmets towards the backside. This makes it profoundly easy to adjust.

As the best toddler helmet for scooter, the helmet is stable, especially on small heads. The reliable threading on the chin straps passing via the back dial adjusts system is responsible for stability. Besides, the separation of the straps makes it easier to wear the helmet.  While placing on the head of the child, it should make a Y shape below the ear.

The interior of the helmet is integrated with a bug mesh that prevents the entry of bugs while a visor protects the face of your child.


    • Adjustable fit dial
    • Compliant with CPSC standards
    • Dimensions – 6.5″ H by 8.5″ W by 9.5″ D
    • Visor present
    • 14 vents
    • Head size – 18.5 – 20.5 Inches
    • Pinch guard chin strap


    • Lightweight
    • Durable built
    • Well ventilated
    • Bug mesh interior
    • Easy adjusting
    • Stable helmet


    • Lacks reflectors

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Blueberry  1-9 years Biking, trikes, ride-on cars, scooters, bike trailers 6.5″ H by 8.5″ W by 9.5″ D 18.5 – 20.5 Inches/ 47-52 cm

Tips: make sure the chin strap is well fit; otherwise it will fall out of place after a few minutes.

9. Bell Disney Minnie Mouse Bike Helmets Toddler

Bell Disney Minnie has all the features required to protect your toddler. It is one of the best toddler bicycle helmets for its top-notch features. The interior of the helmet has thick padding, while the chin strap offers enough room to adjust. With such features, you can customize your kids fit hassle-free.

If you like cute helmets, choose the Bell Disney Minnie. It is built for kids 3 to five years; however, it can fit a two-year-old perfectly. The only hindrance is the shape of the head. So, before, you make a purchase ensure to know the shape of your toddlers head. There are two options; toddlers and children.

The shell is made of hard plastic and is covered with cute graphics making it appealing to the eye. The toddler version fits size 48-52 cm while the children type fits size 50-54 cm. Both models have seven vents for air flow and circulation within the head, the buckle is located on the side for easy adjustment, and the helmet is CPSC 1203 Bike and Skate ASTM F1492 compliant.


    • Seven vents
    • CPSC and ASTM compliant
    • The buckle is squeezed on the side
    • Features true fit
    • Sizes; toddler (48-52 cm) and child (50-54 cm)


    • Lightweight
    • Beautiful appearance
    • Well-padded
    • Easy adjustable – true fit technology


    • Customers complain that it is small for two years old

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Bell Disney Minnie Mouse Bike Helmets for Child and Toddler  Toddler: 3-5 yrs.

Child: 5-8 yrs

Biking, skating 14 x 10 x 8 inches 48-52 cm

50-54 cm

Tips: take correct measurements of your toddlers head circumference before purchasing

10. Raskullz Child Unicorn 5+ Helmets

The standout feature of this helmet is its beautiful color and the aerodynamic design. The aerodynamic design is vital in reducing friction. This feature gives free flow of air hence higher velocity. It means wearing this helmet provides your kids with an enjoyable experience.

The inner shell is built from EPS, an excellent shock absorbing substance. This means on any impact; the shock will not reach the toddlers head. The interior has soft pad cushioning to keep the head comfortable.

The deep pink color and the creative visor are created out of unique artistic capabilities. As such, the helmet is beautiful.  Despite the artistry, the helmet meets both the CPSC and the ASTM standards, making it safe for both biking and skating respectively.

The chin straps are made from nylon and are adjustable. They are comfortable and easy to adjust, depending on the size of the head of your kid. On average the helmet comes in 2 sizes i.e., size 3+ (48 – 52 cm) and 5+ (50-54cm).

The helmet presents itself as an easy to wear an elegant piece for any child who wants to have great fun while protecting their heads from injury.


    • CPSC and ASTM standards compliant
    • Fits 2 sizes: 3+ and 5+
    • Aerodynamic cooling holes
    • Sturdy outer shell
    • Thick interior padding


    • Lightweight
    • Strong built
    • Easy to adjust –adjustable sliders
    • Looks beautiful


    • Smaller than the package says

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Raskullz Child Unicorn 5+ Helmets  Toddler: 3-5 yrs.

Child: 5-8 yrs

Biking, skating 7 x 3 x 9 inches 48-52 cm

50-54 cm

Tips: make proper use of adjustable sliders. Let the helmet rest 2 inches above eyebrows.

11. ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

Like other high performing helmets, the ProRider BMX helmets are compliant with the CPSC Standards. The helmet falls in the category of multi-sport helmets thanks to its harder out shell. The more robust outer shell is essential in offering protection in case of an impact.

The straps are built from polyester, making them more durable. They terminate in a quick release buckle. The straps are adjustable, making it possible for you to get a customized fit or your kid. The ventilation channels, on the other hand, ensure efficient cooling.

This versatile helmet comes in 3 sizes, i.e., kids, youths and adults. To get a perfect fit, the helmets come with padded inserts. However, you must get the right circumference measurements when buying this helmet.


    • Polyester straps
    • Quick release buckle
    • CPSC compliant
    • Sizes: kids, youths, and adults
    • Padded inserts


    • Comfortable interior
    • Well ventilated
    • Sturdy built hence durable
    • Lightweight


    • Fits well on a round head
    • Exposes forehead

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet ·      3-6 years

·      6-10 years

·      Adolescents & adults

Biking, skating 7 x 3 x 9 inches ·      X-Small- 20″ – 21.25″

·      Small/Medium: 21.5″ – 22.5″

·      Large/X-large: 22.75″ – 24.5″

Tips: if you or your child is round-headed, then this is the most appropriate helmet.

12. Bell Child and Toddler Princess Bike Helmets

This great helmet comes in 2 sizes: toddler and children sizes. As an excellent toddler skate helmet, it features a true fit self-adjust system that will allow you to adjust it for your toddler easily.

An outstanding feature in the toddler version of this helmet is the extended rear coverage. This part is vital in offering extra protection. Also, the helmet is created with highly visible reflectors. So, anyone using the helmet will see seen from a longer distance.

Being compliant with CPSC and ASTM F makes the helmet suitable for both biking and skating.  The helmet has a harder outer shell for protection while the interior is heavily padded to give much comfort.

The creation of the helmet puts in mind the differences in sizes of the head though they are in the same age bracket. Thus it comes with padded inserts.  Such a feature together with the durable, adjustable straps makes the rider get a perfect fit.

Beauty is part of this helmet. Some come with shiny tiara jewels that give a rider an elegant look, just like a prince.

The Bell Child and Toddler Princess Bike Helmets feature 12 vents. This massive number of vents ensures air flows continually on the head of your head or toddler, making them comfortable.


    • CPSC and ASTM F compliant
    • 12 vents
    • Shiny tiara jewels
    • Hardshell protection
    • Reflectors
    • True fit


    • 1 step adjustment
    • Durable
    • Reflectors for visibility
    • Beautiful outlook – tiara jewels


    • Customers complain of Poor sizing and lack of seal

Product name Age limit Type uses Dimension Available sizes
Bell Child and Toddler Princess Bike Helmets ·      3-5 years

·      5-8 years


Biking, skating 7 x 3 x 9 inches ·      X-Small- 48-52 cm

·      Medium: 51–54 cm

Tips: ensure the straps are tight enough.

Consider Before You Buy Toddler Helmet:

What do you look at while buying your kids helmet? More often, parents are and kids like something that stands out in terms of style and color. They may be elegant, but might not protect your toddler to the best level. A helmet is a safety measure, and therefore must be seriously taken.

Check article for safety tips
Scooter Safety Tips for Toddlers [Q & A]

Kids like riding bikes. It gives them a sense of independence. As they ride, they might want to perform some maneuvers which might be dangerous. Accidents do occur, i.e., they are inevitable.  In most cases, accidents lead to head injuries. You can minimize such injuries if your child wears the right size of a helmet.


To get the best toddler bike helmets, there are some factors you need to look at critically. They include;


Before purchasing a helmet, try it first. Helmets are not the one size fits all products.  If the helmet does not fit the head of your baby, then it will not offer any protection. Ensure that the helmet fits precisely. It shouldn’t move sideways when on the head.

How do you get the right size? You can measure the size of your baby’s head using a tape measure, or you can use the measurements you get from your pediatrician. Helmets with sizing padding are very comfortable for babies.


Many helmets come with an internal plastic cage. The cage provides the means to adjust it so that it can fit your child’s head. The internal adjustment systems are critical because of they in the fact that the heads of children are not the same. The most com adjustments are pad widths adjust and laser self-adjust.


The side straps are more comfortable to adjust, and they’ll give a perfect fit easily. Always select the straps that make a Y shape below the ears. Always ensure the chin strap is buckled and tighten correctly.


Construction determines the level of protection you get and the durability of your helmet. Two major construction exist, i.e., hard-shell and in-mold. Both constructions give the necessary protection but vary in, style, durability and the number of vents. The in-mould has more vents, lighter, and the plastic shell is fused with inner foam. On the other hand, hard-shell types are created from thick plastic to withstand impacts.


Babies and toddlers have not developed stronger neck and muscles. Therefore, a lightweight helmet is desirable for them.

Buckle type

While buying helmets, look for the brands that have a pinch-free buckle. You’ll find more advanced forms such as magnetic fidlocks.


These are additional features that will help keep the sun out of your ids eyes. While most bikes helmets have clip-on or built-in visors, some do not possess this feature. Buying the one with a visor is wise.

Watch Video: Bike Safety – How to Fit Kids for Bike Helmets


  • What size helmet does a 2-year-old need?

The right size of the helmet for a two years old means t fits perfectly on the head. To be sure of the measurements, it is vital that you measure the circumference of your kids head before buying one. However, at two years of age 48 cm will work well.

  • How should a bike helmet fit a toddler?

The helmet should rest on the head, i.e., It should not move from side to side or fall on the forehead. The front must align just above the eyebrows. Helmets come with helmet fitting padding or a fit ring to ensure they stay right on the head, where the kid rolls or shakes the head.

  • Does my child need a helmet in a bike trailer?

It is good practice for your child always to wear a helmet. This guarantees him/her protection and instills the culture of wearing a helmet whenever going for a ride.

  • How should a child’s helmet fit?

The child’s helmet should fit snugly. The helmet needs to sit low on your kid’s forehead leaving a space to fit two fingers from your eyebrows. Your child will be able to see the front without trouble.

  • How do you size a youth helmet?

To get the right size of youth helmet, you need to take the measurements and compare them against the different helmet manufacturer’s size specifications. Take the measurements by wrapping a tape measure 2 inches above the forehead to get the head circumference.

  • What size helmet do I need for a 22-inch head?
Helmet Size Hat Size Head Circumference – Inches
2XS 6 3/8 – 6 1/2 20- 20 1/2
XS 6 5/8 – 6 3/4 20 7/8 – 21 1/4
S 6 7/8 – 7 21 5/8 – 22
M 7 1/8 – 7 1/4 22 1/2 – 22 7/8
L 7 3/8 – 7 1/2 23 1/4 – 23 5/8
XL 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 24 – 24 3/8
2XL 7 7/8 – 8 24 3/4 – 25 1/4
3XL 8 1/8 – 8 1/4 25 5/8 – 26
4XL 8 3/8 – 8 1/2
5XL 8 3/4 – 8 3/4
Youth S 6 1/8 – 6 1/4 19 1/4 – 19 3/4
Youth M 6 3/8 – 6 1/2 20 – 20 1/2
Youth L 6 5/8 – 6 3/4 20 7/8 – 21 1/4
Youth S/M 6 1/8 – 6 1/4 19 1/4 – 19 3/4
Youth L/XL 6 3/8- 6 1/2 20 – 20 1/2
  • What size bike does your child need?
Approximate Age Child’s Inseam Wheel diameter
“bike size” *
2-4 years 14-17 inches
35-42 cm
12 inches
4-6 years 16-20 inches
40-50 cm
14 inches
5-8 years 18-22 inches
45-55 cm
16 inches
6-9 years 20-24 inches
50-60 cm
18 inches
7-10 years 22-25 inches
55-63 cm
20 inches
9+ years 24-28 inches
60-72 cm
24 inches
  • What size cycling helmet do I need?

You must find the size that fits your head by taking the circumference of your head and comparing it to manufacturers’ sizes. Common sizes include;

  • Extra-small:< 20″
  • Small: 20″–21.75.”
  • Medium: 21.75″–23.25″
  • Large: 23.25″–24.75″
  • Extra-large: above 24.75
  • One size for all (men): 21.25″–24.”
  • One size for all (women): 19.75″–22.5.”
  • One size for all (kids): 18″–22.5.”


The safety of your child should be a paramount goal. Much as riding bikes can be fun, it is equally dangerous to the toddlers. Remember, toddlers, babies or children do not have stronger bodies. Therefore anything minute can cause significant harm to them.  You can find the right helmet for your kid if you put in some efforts. As this article has highlighted, it is easier to get one. You’ll find that perfect toddler helmet boy or girls.

The size determines the fit, and so is the mechanism to adjust the helmet. Whether you are buying a skating or a bike helmet, ensure that your kid gets the right comfort. With the right comfort, your kid will always be eager to wear the helmet. Helmets causing discomfort might not be liked by kids.