Critical Cycles Classic Track Bike
Critical Cycles Classic Track Bike
Best Value
Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Urban Commuter Bike
Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Urban Commuter Bike
Premium Pick
Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Suburban bike for women
Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Suburban bike for women
Great Choice

Two-wheeler is now the top most popular transportation around the globe. People love the flexibility and ample customizing options with the low cost traveling using a bicycle. In this article on Critical Cycles Review, you will find a lot of options to consider the choice of your own bike. To be more specific, I am here to explain Critical Cycles which are diverse in their single speed freewheeler or a hybrid one.

Critical Cycles has brought out different models with their individual features. The discrete nature promotes diversity including different speed collections. If you are intent to divergent two wheelers you should follow the Critical Cycles Harper Review. Other than that Critical Cycle has thought up forging more different models available.

Another question arises before picking a model is that which kind of ride or road you will proceed with your bicycle. If you are the urban type, you may consider Critical Cycles Fixie Review. Off-road types should go for hybrid ones like Critical Cycles 3 Speed review or 7-speed review. I think now you are out of tricky market concealment and set your mind to nominate one.

Following this article, you might escort yourself with the prime focus of a bicycle where we explained the detail about a single brand model. It is quite possible in recent times that you might fall for tricky marketing and waste your money. But if you just skim through this critical cycle bike review article you might notice the pros, cons or entailed requirements.

I recommend you the must-read section of Buying Guide and FAQs for furthermore testimony of the best features

Top 6 Critical Cycles Review 2023

1. Critical Cycles Classic Track Bike

Whenever researching for the Critical Cycles Pursuit review, I was amazed to find this Critical Cycle Classic track bike comes with more aggressive style. Other parts like the bars, frame, brakes and hub all are premium quality built. The sleek and stylish look lightweight classic bike provides a smooth and long comfortable ride. The urban saddle has added comforts and there are flip flop hubs available to change it from fixed to freewheel.

For a beginner or pro, both can utilize the strong built and comforts of classic bike. Though Harper is the signature brand for Critical Cycles, I have chosen this one for the maiden review in this series of six reviews. Because you will find Critical Cycles Classic more than an urban or commuter bike.

The Prime Factors

The Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebars

As a classic track bike Critical Cycles Classic makes you feel more aggressive. It will help you bent forward position which is helpful for pedaling and accelerating. The pursuit handlebars look pretty rad. With the streamlined look, it increases the quality, especially the bike’s aerodynamic qualities.

Though the classic has pursuit handlebars, if you watch closely, you will find a bit of bullhorns shape. So we can say it the pursuit bullhorn handlebars. A manufacturer also concentrates on your comfort zone. The handlebar is covered with soft Kraton rubber grips that settle the ultimate comfort.

The Track Style Steel Frame and Stem

I already mentioned that it has track style design. So it is sure you will find it pretty sturdy too. The steel frame ensures the strength as well as the lightness this Critical Cycles fixed gear bike review. This bike comes with a helpful stem angle for pedaling and accelerating. It follows almost the parallel run to the ground which will put you in an aggressive position pretty quick. You can make your cycle more aggressive customizing the different component. This pretty feature of Critical Cycles allows their customers ample options for more comfort zone.

The Tires and Hubs

Every usual ride needs premium quality tires to provide pro services. The Critical Cycle also follows that rules to increase the quality of their cycles. Critical Cycles Classic comes with Wanda City Tires. They are pretty developed with deep-V rims and a little less width that helps the cycle accelerate pretty quickly. But the width is enough to maintain your vibration. The tires are thin enough that makes it lighter and quicker.

It must come with a rear hub to switch the bike from single speed to freewheel. This premium featured flip flop hubs showcased its best options. The hubs also have options to install. You may build your cycle as a fixie or a free-wheel.

A regular bike has only one cog installed in the hubs. But this one has a difference with two. One is fixed cog that make it fixie. The other one is free-wheel cog which you can allow if you need or like it. So now it’s your time to choose – fixed or freewheel.


    • Pursuit bullhorn handlebars with track style steel built frame and stem.
    • The Double Wall deep-V rims with steel built spokes and flip flop hub which enables the switching of single speed to
    • freewheel.
    • Featured with lightweight alloy chain wheel.
    • Single spend frame with water bottle mounts without toe overlap including horizontal drop outs.
    • It comes with 85% built and required some assemble.

The Facts We Like

There is ample feature you might like about Critical Cycles Classic.The steel built frame makes it sturdy. Stem angle allows you to bend forward which will help to pedal and accelerate. The thin and lightweight wheels have added advantage about speed. Switching the gear is so easy with flip flop hubs. Soft rubber grip and urban saddle increase the comfort.

The Facts We Don’t Like

Some customers complain that the cycle comes with defective nuts or problems in crank. But these do not regular complaining about Critical cycles.

2. Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Urban Commuter Bike

Harper is the signature brand of Critical Cycles. But I have chosen it after Classic. It is almost similar to the street fixie or single-speed bike with some major differences. So, Critical Cycle Harper review is a perfect commuter urban bike introduction. The versatile design and colors are appealing for anyone loves cycling. The Harper easily adapts with your riding style.

It is equipped with pro like tires, rims, hub and frame. The versatile components allow you to accelerate with different options. All of the components are also customizable. So you don’t need to feel low if you don’t like one of theirs. You can easily replace with parts you like from the nearest outlet.

The Prime Factor:

The Stem Angle

The main offering of Harper is the stem angle and aggressive riding compatibility. Basically all of the components allow the rider to accelerate aggressively. The stem angle runs parallel with the ground so the cyclist can bend forward and helps aggressive running.

The Bullhorn Riser Handlebars

The next thing I am impressed about the Harper is its riser handlebars. It comes with standard bullhorn handlebars or a flat bar. You can flip it any time you want. You can switch most of the components without much effort. This lightweight sleek and simple urban commuter has very narrow external parts.

The Double Brakes

Here is another high-quality feature. Some cycle comes with only a single brake. But the Harper features both front and rear brakes. With a single brake or without it the cycle could be a risky thing to ride. But in Harper you will find it safe.

The Flip Flop Hubs

The most important feature of Harper is the rear brakes flip flop hub. It provides like two bikes in one. The common feature about the hub is that in every tire it contains only one cog. But in flip flop hubs you will get two. One of the cogs will be fixed and other freewheels.

If you wish to ride Harper as a fixed gear bike, install the back tire with the fixed cog; otherwise you just need to flip around the tire and install it so that the bicycle chain goes with the freewheel cog.


    • Built by high tensile tig welded steel frame.
    • Features with 30mm deep-v rims, the Kenda commuter tires.
    • The most important feature is the two set of brakes
    • Bar spin without toe overlap
    • Flip flop hub with single speed and fixe gear cog.

The Facts We Like

I have already come through the details about Critical Cycles Harper. If you follow this you will find a lot of advantage with a basic price. This 32 pounds bike comes with premium hand built track style frame. This will allow you to run in different terrains. The double wall rims increases the durability. Double gear provides more control. You can flip your bike from freewheel to fixed gear any time you want.

The Reviews We Don’t Like

It has a weight limit of 220 pounds. Sometimes it shows problems if the pedals are not installed correctly which may cause the damage of the thread quickly.

3. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Suburban bike for women

In this Critical Cycles 7-speed Review, you have read about track style bicycles. But now I am going to review the different one. The Beaumont-7 is an urban city commuter bike especially made for women; but it has a man version too. Ladies can easily travel with this lightweight bicycle. It comes with features for most precision, control and stability. The grip, gears, speed, control for great precision and smooth riding experience.

This beautiful bike comes with sleek stylish and compact design mostly perfect for women. You will be provided with rack storage for your extra comfort. From the last couple of years the urban commuter bike has been more popular. So if you are one of the city riders the Beaumont will be a great option for you.

The Prime Factor

The Dutch Bikes

The Beaumont-7 for women is known for its Dutch style design. This gorgeous bike is perfect as a European city bike. The streamlined, compact, sturdy bike allows the rider to run with ease and comfort through the city roads.

The Design and Expectation

Over the last couple of years it was time of single speed or fixed gear bike. Now the taste is changing. We expect this kind of city will go over the popularity within coming years. The Beaumont-7 comes with curved top tube, sturdy steel frame, double brakes and rear rack storage.

Features Best and Sturdy Components

The Beaumont-7 seven speed bicycle comes with lightweight hand built step-thru steel frame. The upright rising handlebars allow upright riding position. That design is totally comfortable for urban commuting with leisurely riding or exercise.

The shimano 7-speed drivetrain is well known for its stability and the Revoshift shifters ensure ultimate precision and control. It is equipped with double brakes for your supreme safety. The tires are also dependable for its grip.

The Double Brakes with Wanda Tires

Wanda city tires are very popular for their durable sturdy built. You will find it more comfortable in city riding with ease. The Wanda tires come with enough width to make it stable. But the grip of tire is important about vibration. The Wanda city tires to absorb the most of the vibration to make your riding experience comfortable.

It is the double brakes that can help you while facing sudden situation. The front and rear alloy brake helps one to be safe and in control every time.


    • Sturdy steel made with curved top tube frame.
    • Lightweight 7-speed bicycle.
    • Comes with Shimano-7 drivetrain.
    • Front and Rear alloy brakes available.
    • Revoshift shifters and Wanda City tires are great choice for a bicycle.

The Facts We Like

The Beaumont-7 is available for both men and women. But the design is more adaptive for women. You can ride it through your city comfortably. The Dutch style design Beaumont Cycle comes with sturdy built. And the drivetrain, brakes and tires are premium quality components. It has also extra storage space with rear rack storage.

The Reviews We Don’t Like

It comes with fewer colors and there are some problems with the pedals if you make mistakes installing precisely.

4. 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Bike

This is another Critical Cycle fixed gear bike review. This fixed gear single speed urban bike is also pretty similar with the other single speed bike available here. Easily customizable and durable 6KU is also popular for riding through the city or the suburban area. It also allows the change from single speed to freewheel.

The synthetic saddle makes the ride more comfortable. The double brakes ensure ultimate safety. You can also customize the brakes removing one of them or both. But the removal is not recommended as safety is the first priority in any condition.

The Prime Factor

Sturdy Built with Extra Durability

The 6KU single speed bike comes with high tensile steel frame. They make it sturdy enough with the forged high quality aluminum components. If you want to ensure the premium quality service the 6KU is the best choice.

The Customizable Double Brakes

Brakes are always important for controlling and safety. In 6KU you will experience double brakes in both front and rear. The brakes are also customizable. You can remove both brakes easily. It is recommended to keep at least one for your safety.

The Flip Flop Hubs

The hubs in other cycle carry only one cog. But the flip flop hubs contain 2 cogs – one is fixed and other ones need installation. 6KU is featured with flip flop hub that confirms smart and quick riding experience. You can easily flip around using the hub to single speed or freewheel.


    • Extra durable high tensile tig welded steel frame.
    • Customizable brake system.
    • Double brakes allow more safety.
    • Synthetic leather saddle for added comfort.
    • Double wall alloy rims.

We Facts We Like:

This critical cycle fixed gear review has brought the 6KU that comes with high tensile frame that makes it pretty sturdy. The double brakes allow people to control any sudden situation at riding time. The forged aluminum built components provide more stability than other products. The comfortable synthetic saddle and optional fixed or free wheel provide ample independence.

The Reviews We Don’t Like

There are some complaints about the bent frame. Sometimes it happens because of shipping issues.

5. Critical Cycles Barron 21 Speed Lady’s Hybrid Bike

In this Critical Cycles Review we found a lot of features about different bicycles. But now I am talking about the richest in feature bicycle comparing other products in this review. The Barron 21 is basically built for any terrain. It is perfect in city streets, trekking up steep hills or in a casual ride down to the local bike trails.

The lightweight forged aluminum built sturdy bicycle will confirm high strength and agility. This 21 speed mega range bicycle allows you to ride in any terrain easily. A quick and easy gear change makes your commute or weekend ride smooth and comfortable.

The Prime Factor

The Sturdy Built and Improved Handling

The lightweight Barron 21 is an exclusive inclusion in this Critical Cycles urban commuter bike review. It is built with tig welded aluminum step thru frame that helps run through different terrains. The 21 drivetrain makes it suitable for any kinds of run. You may easily ride through the city streets or in steep hills.

The zoom suspension fork also soaks up the bumps that help increasing comfort and handling. Water dispersion grooves allow stability in all weather. The upright handlebars complete the comfortable journey.

Premium Quality Components

You must deserve the best product as a customer. But it is not easy to maintain an affordable price for the best components. Critical Cycles makes the best combination of the best components with the cheaper price. First of all, the steel building frames. It features KendaKwest road tires that have a semi sleek tread which allows low rolling.

The upright handlebars are equipped with soft rubber grip. Besides the comfort saddle, twist grip shifters and rear mount kickstand ensure the best use of it.

Extra Facilities Compared to Other Bikes

Every bike from Critical Cycles use steel frame; they are lightweight and use high end tires for the best performance. But Barron 21 speed cycle has some extra feature worth mentioning. The 21 speed drivetrain is from the best brand Shimano Tourney. The road tires are also from the KendaKwest with semi slick tread. Easy and fast gearing change is another great feature for Barron 21.

Critical Cycles Barron 21 speed hybrid bike also have features to make it durable enough. Such as the zoom suspension forks which soaks up the bumps and improve handling. Water dispersion components and double wall rims make it more durable. The ergonomic brake levers ensure high-end controlling and safety.


    • 6061 steel built step thru frame
    • Zoom suspension forks for added comfort and handling.
    • Semi slick tread based KendaKwest tires.
    • 21 Speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain
    • Comfort urban saddle, ergonomic brake levers, rear mount kickstand and upright handlebars for added comfort and stability.

The Facts We Like:

The Critical Cycles have a lot of positive talks. You can experience an extra durable and improved handling bicycle that has been built by steel frame. The easy and fast gearing as well as the comfortable saddle and handlebars confirms great experience. You can ride with this in a city driveway or steep hills. It is the best one for casual or other riding.

The Reviews We Don’t Like

It is a new edition of Critical Cycle which is not yet reviewed enough. But I have already described about it thoroughly. So I don’t think it has any negative facts worth mentioning.

6. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Single-speed bike with foot brake

As I said before Harper is the signature brand of Critical Cycles. I already wrote about one of Harper product. Here is another Harper to add more option for you. It is not totally different from the other one but you can find it a lot of difference between them. That is what this critical cycles harper single-speed fixed gear urban commuter bike review will take you through.

The lightweight and sturdy Harper Coaster follows the fixie style. This commuter bike has also foot braking system that makes the riding more comfortable and interesting. If you are a lover of sleek style single speed commuter, than it is the best choice for you.

The Prime Factor

Premium Hand Built and Extra Durable

It is sturdy enough with the tig welded step thru steel built frame. This high tensile steel frame can absorb the bumps in the road that increases the durability. The standard 30mm deep-v rims ensure stable and durable tires. It also features with VP freestyle Pedals and a coaster brake

Super Smooth Ride and Comfortable Journey

Critical Cycles provide the components allow super smooth ride. Premium quality tires with steel built frame you will find it sturdy. After that you must come up for your comfort zone. I can assure you this coaster cruiser will not disappoint you.

The urban saddle and the double rims with high-quality tires, you are going to enjoy a great riding experience. It also features with flip flop hub. I already describe a lot about it in this feature. The flip flop hubs come with two cogs on both sides. One of the cogs is fixed and other one is freewheel.


    • Sleek style single speed fixie.
    • Highly Durable steel built frame.
    • 30mm deep-v rims.
    • Kenda commuter tires with KMC chain.
    • VP freestyle pedal maintain riding with ease.
    • 85% assembled like all other Critical Cycles.

The Facts We Like

It is a sleek style fixie single speed bicycles. But riding in it is more comfortable and exceptional compared to other bicycles. It also features sturdy built like other Critical Cycles. The extra durable VP freestyle pedal rectifies the pedal problem of other Critical Cycles models.

The Reviews We Don’t Like

All the customers reviewed it as a lighter and prettier in design. But the only critical review is against the customer care.

Critical Cycle Buying Guide

Popularity of bicycle is on the steep rise as an instrument for commuting and exercising gear. Tons of companies are launching a lot of models in the market. So it is tough to determine the best one from alot of options. In this online revolution, people do not bother traveling to market. But in online buying, you will notice a lot of risks-grabbing the best product. But if you are aware of the key points to note you win your product including the best features.

To retrieve the best bicycle you should explore the key aspects like frame, fork, wheels, tires, shifters, brakes, saddle etc. On the contrary, you cannot experience the performance and comfort before delivering at home. So you should have examined the components carefully coming with your bicycle. Such as, the comfort largely depends on the saddle and handlebars.

Let’s find out the crucial factor that needs to cross check before buying your two-wheelers.

Components Flexibility

What does it really mean? If I say straight, it means more customizing options. People really love to modify their bicycle as they choose to do. So if there are options to upgrade the bike they will pick it warmly. Manufacturers are motivated enough to offer customized options for their product. So it will not be easy to specify the best for you. You need a combination of the best feature in your bike. Let’s go through the other features.

Performance and Comfort

It is the feature you look for in every product you purchase. Though bicycle is a common two-wheeler transportation with a little option to develop, manufacturers advance with new technology that pushes the utmost barrier and break the tradition adding a lot of development in a bicycle. Now there is ample choice to increase the comfort and performance of your bike.

First of all, they offer different types of the saddle to make you feel comfortable. Besides that, there are some more components to feature the added performance and comfort. Our Critical Cycles develop the bicycle following every step to fulfill your expectation. Let’s talk about the components the Critical Cycle contains.

Frame, Fork, and Stem

If you are not aware of the definition of this component let’s explain them briefly. The frame is the main components of a bicycle which carries other components fitted and control the shape like a skeleton. The fork holds the front wheel and the stem is the connection point of the handlebars to steering tube.

These components will hold your bike in one piece. If you have these rigid or stiff you are going to regret. So you should concentrate on the material they use to build these items. Three types of materials are available to build these items – Aluminum, Steel and Carbon Fiber.

The manufacturer always tries to develop the lightest and the cheapest bicycle. But it is rare to combine both the features as you will get Aluminum cheapest but not so sturdy; Carbon Fiber is the lightest but too expensive. So steel would be a great choice as it comes cheaper and stronger. Most of our Critical Cycles are built with Steel that is more affordable. Some of our pro models come with Carbon Fiber which is a little more expensive.

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Tires and Wheels

The most crucial material of road transportation is the wheels and tires. Wheels are responsible for carrying all the wear and tear of a bicycle. It also bears the pressure and friction of moving ride. So this has to be the pro-quality component. Two types of wheels are available to choose from– the double layer wheels with high spoke and Aero wheels with blade spoke. Both of them are important as your requirements.

The rims are also notable to maintain the quality of the wheels and tires. Deep-V rims are the best option compared to other features. The Critical Cycles are solely equipped with quality Wanda Tires and allow the customization as your requirement.

Brakes, Hubs, and Shifters

When it comes about safety and control you should not compromise. Brakes and shifters will keep you far from the safety concern. Brakes have to be well-made and comfortable. Two types of brakes are available – Alloy Calipers and Disc Brakes. Both focus on safety and some other different leads. Critical Cycles are features with Alloy Calipers brakes.

Shifters are mostly provided by famous Shimano brands. Critical Brand uses the Shimano Tourney for shifter option. A hub defines the single speed or freewheels or fixed gear bicycle. A rear hub is a must in single speed or fixed gear. But if you want flipping options, there is flip-flop hub available. Most of the Critical Single Speed bicycles are featured with a flip-flop hub.


Warranty and refund option is another remarkable part of buying online products. Though these are also important in offline buying, for online it is a must. Critical Cycles offer lifetime industry standard warranty for frame, fork and 30 days warranty for other components.

Watch Video: Critical Cycle Unboxing & Review

People Also Ask

  • What types of bikes are covered in this Critical Cycles Review?

Critical Cycles offer a lot of models to fulfill the requirements of customers as well as roads. In this review, we have given more importance in single speed and freewheeler. There are some models which are featured with both the designs. You will also find multi-speed bicycle and urban commuter which are covered in this review.

  • How can I choose the perfect bike for me?

Before buying a bicycle we recommend you to read this article thoroughly. You can gather knowledge about the models and the requirements of your ride. And you might get your answer then.

  • Why do I need flip-flop hubs?

Flip-flop hubs enable the flipping a single speed cycle to freewheeler. This is why you need a flip-flop hub if you choose to flip your bike.

  • What is the most prolific brand in Critical Cycles?

Though the Harper is the signature model of the Critical Cycles, we recommend you to pick one considering the condition of your riding path and using requirements.


The bicycle is one of the most convenient road transportation. In this post about Critical Cycle Reviews, we have covered some particular models which we think can fulfill your requirements. But before you pick one for you from this review we recommend you to make sure the necessity as well as condition. Such as – you’re mostly riding paths, riding continuity and the purpose of your riding.

With this specification, you will find the perfect match for you. After being sure about your need, you should decide which type of bicycle you like. You may choose the fixed gear, freewheeler or multi-speed bike. Critical Cycles offers all of these types of bicycle. There are also options for urban rider and off-road rider. If you are an urban type you can choose an urban commuter bike mentioned in this review article. Rough terrain requires hybrid or Multi-speed bike to cope up with.

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