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  • Do you feel the dire need that your little one should engage in some sports or outdoor activities?
  • Do you know that skating is the best cross-training exercise?
If yes, you should opt for the best roller skate for kids. Skating since early childhood can only ensure the balanced physical and psychological growth of your kid. You can start with the best roller skates for beginners and there are plenty of quality kids’ skates in the market.

To your convenience, there are age-specific roller skates for kids and the starter can be the best roller skates for 3 years old. To act in your interest, the manufacturers have introduced quality skates for kids of all ages.

Amazingly enough, you have gender-specific skates in the market. To mention a type, you can go for the best roller skates for girls if your baby girl shows interest in skating. There are unisex kid skates brought out for you by the industry.

Skating can be both indoor and outdoor but with time kids won’t keep indoor with their improved skating skills. Then they will certainly want to rule the outside skating scene backed by the best outdoor roller skates for beginners.

But it is not that easy to find the best one whichever category you want your kid to start skating by. You need to have full knowledge of several crucial factors to reach the perfect pair of kid skates. They include safety, stability, adjustability, sizing tricks, and premium quality materials. We, in a team, have made a final selection of 12 roller skate models narrowing down from myriads in the market.

Every single product we have picked comes with the accurate answer to the factors mentioned above. A well-researched buying guide in the informative part of the article will fully equip you with the learning crucial for the right selection.

Who doesn’t know that an informed decision is the best decision?

Compare Roller Skates For Kids 

Product Features
Roller Derby Fun Roller Skate Best Overall Roller Derby Fun Roller Skate (Editor Ratings: 4.9/5)
  • Children Roller Skate
  • Adjust Up To 4 Sizes
  • Strong and supportive boot
Check Price
Nsasy Roller Shoes Girls Roller Skate Runner-Up Nsasy Roller Shoes Girls Roller Skate (Editor Ratings: 4.8/5)
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Up To 11 Sizes
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
Check Price
Roller Derby 378-12 Firestar Roller Skate Good Choice Roller Derby 378-12 Firestar Roller Skate (Editor Ratings: 4.7/5)
  • Sport shoe design with Velcro
  • 54mm Urethane wheels
  • 608Z Excellerator bearings
Check Price
Kandy-Luschious Kids Roller Skates Kandy-Luschious Kids Roller Skates (Editor Ratings: 4.6/5)
  • Perfect for indoor outdoor use
  • Easy to lace
  • Designed With Safety Mind
Check Price
Chicago Kids Adjustable Roller Skates Chicago Kids Adjustable Roller Skates (Editor Ratings: 4.6/5)
  • Adjustable Quad Skates
  • Designed for the beginner
  • 30-day warranty
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Reviews of Top 12 Best Roller Skates For Kids 2023

As said in the introduction, all the reviewed products are the best one in their category. So now it’s your turn to pick the pair of roller skates every feature of which acts in your interest.

1. Roller Derby Fun Roller Skate

Overview of the Features, Designs, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sports & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Girls
  • Wheels: Polyurethane
  • Boot: High Profile, Hinged Off, Molded Hard Shell, Washable Liner
  • Closure: Two Lever-lock Buckles
  • Bearings: 608ZB Accelerator Bearings
  • Size: Small(7-11), Medium(11-12)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 13.3*12.5*5.5, 9 lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

Let us start our maiden review of the 12 top most quality roller skates in the market with Roller Derby Girl’s Fun Roller Skates. Not because of the thumb rule of girls first but design, fancy look, quality components, and build-up have earned it the top position.

Derby Girls Roller Skates has virtually blown up the concern of the parents about what they need for their kids fun. In line with this claim, I would recommend this particular roller skate; the most enjoyable and the best for adventure prone kids. Not to escape from a mind, this particular skate is made for girls only.

The components of this roller skate come with a high-quality crafting. Your kid might love to get the flying feel with this well-designed boot. The most admired feature of Roller Derby Girl’s Roller Skate is its adjustable mechanism which is a great kids-friendly innovation in the industry. You can easily adjust the skate thanks to the clamp at the back.

Soft and Comfortable Roller Skate

The Rollerskate under review has a long historical legacy and had traveled through ample evolutions. It is tough enough to find a suitable one while you are looking for the best roller skate for kids. This adjustable Roller Derby is also the best roller skate for the 2-8 years old kid and an easily traceable solution when you are after a quality transportation toy. The Amazon ratings and customers recommendations have lived up to the aforesaid assurance.

Soft padding provides a comfortable kid ride and girls won’t grow blisters even while longer on the go. The molded support unit keeps your ankle safe. Come along those, the grease sealed bearings to accelerate the roller skate smoothly. Particularly girl-friendly, the adjustable shoes with cam lever locking buckles tighten the grip and further add to the safety.

Any sensitive parent should not miss the care factor addressed by the manufacturer in the just described features. This is all the way best for girl ride- safe and funny.

Well Built and Easy learning for 2-8 years old kids

Wearing the adorable pink color, the Roller Derby Girl’s Roller Skate comes with polyurethane cast wheels. This premium quality caster material increases the durability and protection against friction. It is for this component that the riding of this roller skate has become smooth and easy. Your daughter needs extra focus to make roller skate riding safer.

The kids learn this riding naturally when accompanied with this fun ride on the road. The roller skate riding experience teaches kids deep concentration. It is a great learning advantage of this ride. Different sizes of Roller Derby Girl’s Rollerskate are available. Before you order make sure the size is perfect for your kid.


    • Adjustable skate keeps the ride safe and sound.
    • 608ZB Grease Sealed bearing increases the durability against friction.
    • Excellent ankle support unit.
    • The cast wheels made by polyurethane help smooth riding.
    • A lot of different sizes available.


    • Sometimes sizes don’t fit perfectly when parents are callous to measure the size of their daughter beforehand.

2. Nsasy Roller Shoes Girls Roller Skate

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Indoor & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys & Girls
  • Wheels: Polyurethane
  • Boot Orientation: High Profile, Hinged Off,
  • Closure: Single Buckle
  • Bearings: Mute Bearings
  • Size: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

This is the turn to review another best designed and modified roller skate in the market. The Nsasy Girls Roller Skate has a breathable fabric that will keep the comfort level up. The chargeable LED light increases the delight of your kids twice. But you can choose to turn it off completely if your kids don’t like it.

Won’t it alight your kids’ mood? Certainly will.

The Best Gift for your kid which shines with glowing colors and fashion. The smooth gliding experience adds more fun and adventure. Different sizes are available and you should ensure the perfect size before placing an order.

Well Built and Smooth Gliding Experience

Nsasy Roller skate is made of breathable fabric. The wear resistant rubber soles ensure extra durability. High-quality bearings entertain your kid with friction-free gliding. These bearings are also best for added durability.

This widely appreciated best roller skates model comes illuminated with the high-quality design and functionality. It is recommended not to glide in strenuous exercise. Because there is a chance of damaging the electronic cables. When you are ready to glide, you just need to press a button to pop up the rollers.

You can color any occasion for your kids be it their Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and other festivities. This will truly be alighting backed by the skate which is breathable, fashionable, water-resistant, and rubber sole. To add, if you want to glide with freedom and stability, go for this best kid roller skate.

The only thing to think twice is the battery that is neither chargeable nor changeable.

    • Rubber soles ensure the durability.
    • Colorful LED light flashes a cool design.
    • Mute bearing provides quiet and smooth gliding.
    • Different sizes available.


    • Change of battery not allowed.

3. Roller Derby 378-12 Firestar Roller Skate

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sport & Outdoor, Derby, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Polyurethane (54mm)
  • Boot: Closure Boot
  • Closure: Single Buckle
  • Bearings: 608Z Excellerator Bearings
  • Dimensions: 3.2*1.8* 3 4lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Exist

Let us take you to a pair of Roller Skates that will give you a different touch. But the difference is in its feature and therefore the benefits are there too.

To start, the sportive Roller Derby Firestar is particularly designed for young boy kids. The cool and agile look of this roller skate will amaze your son and entertain a lot.

The Velcro strap design has made it the typical sports skates and this is furthered by the lace closure. These two features have given it a genuine sports shoe and sturdy boot look. When the strap and laced are tied it provides the superb ankle support that is enough to feel like a top-grade sportsman. That is what gives you the fitness what is exceptional for the best roller skates available at a budget price.

The padded collar of this skate will increase the comfort for your kid while riding on. It delivers quiet, gentle, friction-free riding experience. All these come as the obvious benefit as it is featured with 608Z bearings to accelerate fast. Overall it implies a sportive adventure for your kid.

Secure and Extra Durable

This quad skate is a pure source of enjoyment for your kid. But for every parent, security comes first. Is this safer for your young kid? The answer is yes.

The power strap of Roller Derby Firestar tightens the grip of the shoe which ensures extra security.

The Roller Derby Firestar features shoe like feelings that make your kid confident. The urethane wheels result in extra-durable, stable, and smoother rolling along the street. This compatible is backed by the 608Z Accelerator Bearings providing quiet and smooth riding.

Unable to avoid, the lighter torsion bream frame that has added to the sturdiness and the compact look is undoubtedly an above the average skating benefit. This by far the best kids skates that work great for your boy kids who are growing fast.


    • Urethane made wheels secures smooth gliding.
    • Power strap tightens the grip that makes the kid more confident.
    • The sportive look provides a loving roller skate by the boys.
    • Lightweight torsion beam frame makes it sturdy.


    • A little customer’ complaints about the plastic wheel.

4. Kandy-Luschious Kid’s Roller Skates

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Indoor & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Girls
  • Wheels: ABEC-7, Polyurethane
  • Boot: High Profile, Tight-fit
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Bearings: 08Z Excellerator Bearings
  • Size: Girls Youth Sizing
  • Dimensions & Weight: 14.5*7.9*4.5, 4lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop, Braking Control

Kandy the best roller skates for girls features rich and vibrant colors and an easy to use the design for the roller skate. These high-quality roller skates are also a popular product in Amazon. The construction, design and other features make it a stand out product in the market.

The Kandy Roller Skate has different size options that allow a comfortable fit for kids. Easy to use lace system as well as the high impact base provides it with added durability compared to other skates.

The Fun-Loving Sturdy And Ultra Durable Roller Skates

This skate is constructed by PVC leather and mesh material. It has increased the durability and transformed it into a breathable skate boot. The aluminum made base confirms the sturdy built. When you wear this skate you will feel like a comfortable fit for its mesh support and easy to lace system. The tightening and loosening are proper for a young kid. Therefore, Kandy Skates are sturdy, well-built, and superbly comfortable. It gives the best ankle protection when laced up tightly. This is what gives the kids perfect joy backed by safety.

Won’t you love and grab it? Yes. There are more to follow.

Foam padded tongue makes the slips easy for your kid. It is designed to be the best roller skates for beginners. So you don’t need to be concerned about training your kid. That is evidence that the manufacturer also concentrates extra-ordinarily on the safety. They build the boot as a tight fit for the particular kid which saves his ankle from any type of incident.

Smooth and Easy Ride for Beginners

The 58mm polyurethane wheels provide extra durability and friction-free ride. These long-lasting skates are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has also premium quality replaceable stoppers that provide easy braking control.

If you are thinking to buy one for your kid the Kandy Roller Skate will be up first for its updated features, ample benefits, and premium quality.


    • Velcro and lace system makes the tightening and loosening simple.
    • Wheels and base material makes it extra durable.
    • The added braking system provides extra security.
    • The high and tight boot is popular for a comfortable
    • A proper roller skate for beginners.
    • 12-month warranty from the purchase


    • Some find the size fit difficult.

5. Kandy-Luscious Vibrant Kid’s Roller Skates

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sports, Outdoor, & Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Polyurethane
  • Boot: High Profile, Tight-fit
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Bearings: ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

This is another identical version of Kandy kids roller skates. Both the products are the same and equal in features and benefits. The difference remains in the colors. Let us compare these two products in a table to see the similarities and differences. They differ only in their colors and except that vibrancy they are same. Here you go with their similarities. Being kids Roller Skates, you have to keep this set of roller skates into consideration as kids can go singularly by colors.

Kandy-1 VS Kandy-2

Name Material Bearing Wheel Truck
Kandy 1 Nylon Mesh ABE-7 Polyurethane Strong Aluminum
Kandy 2 Nylon Mesh ABE-7 Polyurethane Strong Aluminum

6. Chicago Kids Adjustable Roller Skates

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sports, Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Polyurethane (60mm)
  • Boot Orientation: Two-piece Boot
  • Closure: Two Buckles
  • Bearings: 08ZB Semi-precision Bearings
  • Size: Adjustable Medium Size(1-4)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 14.7*12*4.3, 4 lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

As I mentioned in the title, Chicago Skates is the oldest manufacturer in this industry. They have a good reputation and products available on the market. Chicago Kids Adjustable Roller Skates are the best kids roller skates that feature adjustable manner for your growing kid.

  • Why is this so loud?
  • How has it earned the tag to be classy, massy, and most noticeable?

Here you go with the facts

This quad roller skate is the most popular one on the market. To hone your girls riding skill, this adjustable quad skate would be an amazing choice. The multi-adjust boot performs like a premium standard roller skate. To support this claim, the design and construction excellently support the beginners who are growing rapidly. The size variance will help you to choose the perfect one for your kids.

Aren’t you interested in a sturdy, comfortable as well as stable kid roller skate?

The classy Chicago Kids Roller Skate has the exquisite comfort and support feature. The building of this skate allows your kids to enjoy riding to the limit. It features all the comfort givers – Hi-top silhouette, foamy collar, and breathable interior nylon mesh. The nylon mesh ventilation between the foot skin and the boot inner boot is just a breeze. This comfort is firmly backed by the ratchet buckles along with the ensured security.

Well Controlled And Safer By Default

The wheels of Chicago Roller Skate are 60mm; bigger than the kid skates on the market. The size of the wheels always is responsible for excellent traction, faster acceleration, and stability. You also have the advantage of noise-free and gentle riding. The semi-precision 608ZB bearings deliver smooth and friction free-rolling to let you hassle-free turning.

It also contains adjustable toe brakes that enable your kids to control on the rush down the street. It has also 30-day manufacturer’s warranty. All these features have established this roller skate like the best outdoor roller skates for beginners in the market.


    • Oldest and trusted manufacturer.
    • Bigger size wheels increase the stability.
    • Built-in toe brakes deliver safe rolling for your kids.
    • The ratchet buckles add extra security.
    • Composite wheels offer excellent traction.
    • Nylon mesh inner boot makes it breathable.


    • The brake system is fragile as par the opinion of some customers.

7. Pacer Comet Children Roller Skates

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sports, Indoor, Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Polyurethane (54mm)
  • Boot: Deluxe Profile Velcro, Closure Boots
  • Closure: Two Buckles
  • Bearings: 08ZB Excellerator Bearings
  • Size: Unisex Child Size
  • Dimensions & Weight: 11.2*14.5*5, 4
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

Pacer Comet is another roller skate with flashy lights and purple color design. It features a sports profile backed by Velcro and Lace closure. To mention more, the lighter wheels make it perfect for Christmas gift of your kids. The padded collar raises the comfort of rolling and security to a distinct level. These quad wheels boots have lighter plates that ensure more rolling at a stretch.

Lighted Wheels with G-Force Bearings

The lighted wheels will catch your eye while you are looking for skates for your kid. It is perfect for beginners as well as the pro. 54mm cast urethane wheels are stronger enough to support your kid’s enjoyment. By the same line, the G-Force 608ZB bearings are greased and sealed for a longer period. This feature is responsible for smoother and quieter rolling.

To take the turn is a breeze now thanks to the exclusive G-force bearing ball that withstood the heat and enable corrosion free twist in the trail. That type of bearings is like the two-edged sword that serves the dual purpose of moving with ease and giving longer wheel life.

There is also a toe stop to the fore matching the wheel colors that confirms extra security. The sturdy torsion beam and chassis include more durability. Though the manufacturer declared their skates as a lighter one, I confront their opinion. In this review, you will find skates lighter than Pacer Comet Roller skates.

The snug fitting is the result of Velcro strapping and tight lacing up provides the skaters with sportsman feel.

    • Velcro and lace closure boot makes the tightening and loosening simple.
    • Lighted inner wheels with eye-catching
    • Well-greased and sealed bearings deliver smooth rolling.
    • Fixed toes stop ensure the security.


    • The unisex size which is smaller than the regular So it is recommended to order a bigger one for your kids which will be well-fit and support his growth.

8. Fisher-Price Grow With Me Roller Skates

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sports & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: 4*54 mm, Polyurethane
  • Boot: low-cut & lightweight
  • Closure: Single Buckles
  • Size: Adjustable to fit child (6-12)
  • Dimensions: 8.5*3.5*8.5, 41 lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

If you are thinking that this Fisher-Price will take through a couple of identical features, I have to say you are totally wrong. Fisher-Price is here with a lot of different features in skating. First of all, this one is the cheapest and lightest roller skate not for cheaper materials. To put it clearly, Fisher-Price Roller Skate is a kids-only skating option and weigh only 1.1 pounds. This green color skate measures 8.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches. These are the skates deemed to be the best roller skates for 2- 4 year old.

Best choice for beginners

Fisher-Price is undoubtedly the best choice for your kid to learn skating. The manufacturer also declares that skating with Fisher-Price is like learning 1, 2, 3. Like the best roller skates for beginners, it features wheels lock for stage one so that beginners can walk without rolling the wheels. They call it skate-walk.

Got the newness in feature? Go on reading for newer and basic.

Learning stage by stage and growing stability

In stage two, you need a little adjustment that allows the front rolling only. That means your kid will grow more confident and comply with the rolling. Stage 3 is the final stage where the skate is adjustable with freewheeling in both directions – front and back.

This quad style 4 wheel roller skate comes with the lightest weight and cheapest price. Made for the beginners, I highly recommend it for your kid. It has also an adjustable size from 6-12.

It shares high-end and innovative designs for the starter. Go for it especially when to alight them on the occasion of Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, and So on.


    • Beginner’s choice for easy learning.
    • Stage by Stage training advantage.
    • Adjustable and smooth riding.
    • The lightest and the cheapest in the market.


    • Inside part of the skate is so big that requires bigger shoes.

9. Chicago Boys Rink Blank Roller Skate

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For:  Indoor & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Polyurethane
  • Boot: High Profile
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Bearings: Semi-precision Bearings
  • Size: 4 sizes
  • Dimensions & Weight: 5*7*12, 7 lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

You already know about the Chicago Skates. They are the oldest and most trusted manufacturer in this industry. They are famous for iconic design and gliding kid’s roller skates. That’s why they are popular choice all-around rink skates for decades. They are dear both to the class and mass.

The high-quality rink skates are the best kids roller skates featuring maximum quality laces for protection. It will support the foot of your kid tightened up with the padded collar. The traditional high top boot comes with a simple eyelet or speed hook that works as a safeguard of your ankles. This is a high-end and required protection when skating.

Sturdy Chassis Confirms Extra Security and Stability

The aluminum base plate serves extra sturdy built. The adjustable truck helps easy turning control. This is the best outdoor roller skates for beginners but it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The urethane wheels allow the smooth gliding and provide with increased durability. The brakes at the toe end confirm a secure rolling blowing up the tiniest possibility of slippage. The semi precision bearing like other best rollerskates skates reviewed here serves quiet gliding.

This skate has a particular size. So you don’t need to think about the perfection of your kid. The large front brake is perfect for sudden control. This lightweight athletic style roller skate is more sturdy and suitable for your adventure prone kids and so claims to be the best roller skates for 8 years old.

So much you go with the customer feedbacks; you will grow the impression that these Chicago version roller skates are the best buys both for the boys and girls skates.


    • Athletic style traditional boot design.
    • Large front brake to confirm top class controlling.
    • High-quality larger wheels for increased
    • Easy turning facility.
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


    • There is not enough negative response in the market yet.

10. Roller Derby Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Indoor & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Polyurethane
  • Boot: High Profile, Hinged Off, Molded Hard Shell, Washable Liner
  • Closure: Two Buckles
  • Bearings: 608ZB Carbon Bearing
  • Size: Medium, Large
  • Dimensions & Weight: 6*17*22, 4lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

Roller Derby Trac Star is particularly designed for girls. The color combination is just perfect for your baby girl. It is well-reviewed in a marketplace that helps you choose it as a customer’s choice. The sizes of this boots are mostly fit for the growing kids. The expectation of the manufacturer about size is up to 90%.

The molded shell makes it perfect for your toddler. She can feel more confident while the strap that will tighten her feet for added protection and convenience. The adjustable shoes make the rider more comfortable and secure.

Adjustable Sizing and Rugged Well Built Skates

Sizing is an important fact for kid’s roller skate. You need to ensure the perfect size for your baby girl. The Roller Derby ensures the perfect size. The hinged cuff also supports the ankle for protection. The locking cam lever helps to prevent any kind of fall blowing off the possibility of severe injuries.

The washable liner is very comfortable to clean it up. So you don’t need to think of boots durability after corrosion. The polyurethane cast wheels help fast and flat gliding. The fixed front brake will support when you require any control suddenly. The semi precision bearing offers a smooth, quiet and gentle riding. Unlike other products, it has carbon bearing to make the riding experience the kind of best roller skates can offer.

Kids skate is always designed following the aspect of their growth and learning. The roller derby is easy to use for beginners like 3 to 5 years old kids. Even it would be a good fit for your 8–10 Year old. So this aptly places itself to be the best roller skates for beginners to expert.


    • Multi-adjustable skates.
    • Adjustable sizing helps to choose the perfect fit.
    • Polyurethane wheels are always an advantage for smooth and friction free ride.
    • Available sizes allow 2-10 years old ride it comfortably.
    • G-force carbon bearing is perfectly built to help your kid’s gliding.


    • Customer’s complaints about the misinformation about the size of the skate.

11. Crazy Skates Flash Roller White Lightening Skates

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Indoor & Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Ladies
  • Wheels: Solid Polyurethane
  • Boot: High Profile, Lined Boot
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Bearings: ABEC-3 Full Precision Bearings
  • Size: 5 Ladies Size
  • Dimensions & Weight: 5.2*11.8*14.8, 2 lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop (Efficient Braking)

When it is the question of your kid’s skating, you might start with a skate which would be perfect for beginners. The Flash Roller White Lightening Skates have the design to suit your 5 years old kid. They can easily adapt to the design and construction while your kid is learning it for the first time.

After the learning period is over, the kids may loosen the shoes so that they can learn the turning lessons easily. It feels more enjoyable as your kid gains experience and agility.

The Kids Like Design with LED Flash Lights

The lights are another good choice for more fun for your kid. Using this light makes the design more flashy and adorable. These ultra-bright LEDs have over 500 hours of a battery life. It will light up when they will be in motion. Because these lights are motion activated and you don’t need to find any button to switch on or off.

Safety comes ahead of Fun

It is always the safety which would be the primary concern for parents about their kids skating. And as you know the skate is riding choice, but overall it is not a toy. So when it comes about the safety we don’t compromise. These skates feature solid urethane wheels that offer the best rolling experience.

The toe stop brake helps to control it in any sudden situation. Unlike other skates, the brake is not built by plastic but high-quality polyurethane. So it is safer, faster and more efficient than other skates in the market.

Best Ever Performance with Premium Quality components

In this competitive market, everyone is selling their product. But it is important to grow a steady reputation about the impact of your product. The Crazy Skates offer Premium quality components to stand out from other regular products. They use polyurethane for wheels as well as toe brake. The ABEC 3 full precision bearings are another best inclusion for skates.

The padded collars and sneaker style skates ensure safest and enjoyable ride for fun loving kids. To sum up, it is the most comfortable and durable one compared to similar products.

    • White Lightning skates make it more attractive.
    • More battery power removes your charging tension.
    • Urethane made wheels and toe stops increase the durability.
    • Full precision bearings for premium quality riding experiences.
    • Most Comfortable with padded collars and sneaker style design.
    • Bigger wheels offer more grip and roll for the beginners.


    • Not enough reviews to consider the cons yet.

12. Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate

Overview of the Features, Design, and Specifications:

  • Best For: Sports, Indoor, Outdoor, Beginners,
  • Skaters: Growing Kids, Boys
  • Wheels: Premium Quality Four Oversized Wheels
  • Boot: Lightweight, Convenient Fit
  • Closure: Single Buckles
  • Bearings: Semi-precision Bearings
  • Size: J12, Quad Skates Youth
  • Dimensions & Weight: 5*7*12, 2 lbs
  • Toe-Stop: Toe-stop

As said earlier, Chicago Skates are always the best choice when it comes about the roller skate. They are one of the oldest runners of this category on the market. The Chicago boys quad roller skating is great for both beginners and the pro.

Chicago Skates offer the best at their cheapest price. The feature of this skate will keep your smile while you are choosing it for your kids. This iconic skate is perfect for both rink and social skating and so has earned the tag of the best roller skates for beginners.

Bigger Size Boot and Oversized Wheels Provide Optimum Safety and Enjoyment

The high top boots of this skate are bigger and help to get a strong grip and roll. The high-quality urethane made oversized wheels is extra-stable. The laces always ensure maximum protection and security. It is easy to pull on and off. The boot is lightweight enough with lace-up front and a fold-over Velcro strap. This mechanism leaves the foot secure and ensures a convenient fit. Moreover, it is a breeze and you glide excellent when tied up with a Velcro strap and lace up snugly.

Quite needless to mention, Semi-precision bearings and high impact double adjustable chassis is strong and durable. That means now you glide and break air smoothly and durable enough. There goes the thrill of roller skating.

The default toe stop also helps to keep safe it in a sudden situation when you are badly in need of self-control. So you don’t need to be anxious about the fall or uncontrolled riding. There is also a self-adhesive power strap to enhance the security.


    • High Top Boots and oversized wheels ensure comfortable gliding.
    • Premium quality laces with Velcro strap helps to secure the foot.
    • Lightweight skate for easy rolling; perfect for beginners.
    • Best for both social and rink skating.


    • Some customers faces problem tightening the Velcro strap.
    • Customer’s also complaining against the plastic wheels in outdoor use.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Roller Skate for Kids:

You certainly need a guide stating the crucial factors involving the right roller skate purchase. The factors include the types, specifications, materials, and components of a roller skate.

After learning all the said factors, you can only be able to buy the best roller skate for kids that can act as the best rolling gear for your kids. A wrong combination between the features and benefits will bring you inconveniences namely strained ankles, discomfort in skating, and absence of any fun therein.

But before going for skates finally, you need to be very clear about where you will skate along. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Next significant decision to take before the ultimate purchase what type of skating you put your kid into. Having said that, now it is time to move in a brief discussion of the said crucial factors.


Roller skates are generally shoes for kids based on a premium grade plastic or metal plate. These metal plates attach four wheels in two pairs – front and back. Being the age-old aerobic and adventurous transportation gears, roller skate has improved in designs and features along with issuing various types of skating.

The varied roller skating types include Indoor, Outdoor, Jam, Rhythm, Racing and Derby skates. While the former two types of skates differ with the ground they will ride on, it necessitates some alteration in aspects too. Other than these two, the skates are different in terms of style, feature, and construction.


Size matters much in this gear. If your kid takes a pair roller skate that is too big for you, it will not merely kill your skating fun rather the misfit skates may cause both major and minor injuries. Therefore, it is a strong recommendation to go for the fit pair of best roller skate shoes for your kid.

As childhood is the stage to go through rapid physical growth, a tight fit pair of skates will fall short of accommodation in the next skating season. What I mean to say that you go by the rule of the thumb means always opt for a size fit for the immediate next age group. That gap can be addressed by a single sock and the next season you will find it super fit.

But if it is bigger than that too much of sock will create a discomfort and blister on foot. And you will always feel mentally unstable with a pair of skates that is too big to cover the gap between the foot size and shoe size. Your foot will always go forward and backward inside the shoes.


A roller skate is a mechanism of three things combined together. The components are the shoes, trucks, and wheels to say grossly. There are laces and strap but not that crucial to mention along with the said ones. Leather, nylon mesh, and foam are the common and preferable material for the shoes. And the truck and the plate may be made of either premium grade plastic or aluminum alloy. And the wheels must be of polyurethane.

It is the materials and the structure of the frame or chassis that matter most in terms of durability and stability. For the best convenient durability, you need skates backed by a steel frame or a reinforced frame meant to withstand the wear and tear.

Crucial Features

While going for kids’ skates, you should be choosy about the features. And every feature should provide the benefit because a feature without benefit meant for nothing but the existence and is a total junk. The significant features bearing benefits are adjustability and strap. These are crucial enough for the kids aged 3-5 years and all the best roller skate for 4 years old and around come equipped with adjustability and strap.


Ease of use is the most crucial consideration especially for skate meant for kids. That is why you should neatly browse the reviews and customer feedbacks to spot what they tell about the adjustability and ease of use. Adjustable skates do have another benefit that can save you money. As the child grows fast with time, you will require buying them the new pair of shoes every year but a pair of skates with adjustable fittings will enable you to do with the existing pair of skates. The big brands will address the issue ably and maintain that consistency while designing the best roller skate for 8 years old and down to the 2 years toddlers.


A strap is always a great convenience when coming to the fittings. The strap tied tightly will give the kid the sportsman feel. Therefore, parents go after the strap once they are done with the sizing. It is not only a feature that will equip your kid with stability but this flat belt will save you from long-time injuries imminent form loose fitting shoes.

A quality and reliable strap will ensure mobility, maneuverability, and flexibility that guarantee the ease, fun, and safety of riding.

Truck and Toe-stopper

These are the two components to give a serious care at purchase as different brands vary in the quality of the trucks and stoppers. So far the trucks are concerned, you just need to look for the materials that include nylon fiberglass and aluminum alloy. Metal trucks are superior in terms of service and functionality and so cost a bit over the nylon fiberglass one. The cost is a steal for the convenience it provides the rider with.

When considering toe-stoppers, you should be after the ones featured with dual locking system both at the back and front. The best rollers skates for kids come equipped with this feature are those you should make your kid aware of that.


There can be two purposes served by a quality pair of roller skates – comfort and thrill. If your kid is interested in comfort, you should buy him a quad wheel pair of skates. The quad wheel skates are designed to give max comfort and fun as the kids will enjoy the flatter base for stability and safety.

If he/she is an adventurous type and interested in skating more than comfort, you can buy him the inline skates meant for a thrill. But they will cost a bit more and will give a lesser durability as skates like that will have to go through far more wear and tear.

Manufacturer & Customer Feedback

It is easy and simple to buy a pair of inexpensive skates which does quite well. But the problem lies with a no-brand product that they may show constructional issues resulting in problems in the future.

Now, what can the reputed brands offer? They offer reliability backed by the warranty and in-house customer care service. Moreover, being for a long time in the business; they produce products without any structural flaws to make suffer in the long run.

That said, you should not blindly go for any skate pair endorsed by a known brand. You can know the superior products of the branded skates judging them by the customer feedback they have inspired and earned. Decide finally for a pair of roller skates that is praised and recommended by the first-hand users.

Benefits of Roller Skating

Funnily enough, the world is getting closer and we human beings are increasingly confining ourselves inside the four walls. As we can have our purpose served sitting inside through tablets, smartphones, computers, online games, laptops, and most significantly internet. Yes, our life has become certainly easier than earlier by the blessings of technology. But this tells upon us in the other way round.

We go out less now and getting lethargic. Sadly enough, our kids too join us in the race of staying at the home. They keep glued to the computer screens playing online games. This is the go of the day and it is nothing good.

Therefore, we have to find a way out as a self-help eco-system. I mean to say that both we and kids need something that can bring and keep us out of our cocoon. What can be more helpful and effective than a pair of roller skates in this connection?  Unless you get your kids involved in some fun activities which are more interesting than the gaming consoles, they will stay out. And roller skates are the kind of sports and outdoor activities that can perfectly serve this purpose.

That apart, roller skating does have some astounding benefits, particularly for young kids. Here you go with the point by point and brief health benefits your kid can derive from roller skating.

Joints Feel the Ease not Shock

There are two outdoor activities that children can go for – running or roller skating. While running consumes more energy and affects the body joints with impact shocks, roller skating eases the joints and never burn that much energy. This is a finding by the University of Massachusetts and they further add that roller skating reduces 50% of impact shocks on the joints that running causes. Therefore, we can gladly opt for skating as it will put our kids less risk than running.

Crucial in Improving Balance

Balance is the key to any kind of riding and roller skates help you greatly to master that balance. In roller skating, keeping balance depends on two legs. You have to shift weight from one to the other for balance. So, skating can make you learn balance along with strengthening your legs and lower part muscle.

Learn Coordination

Any kind of sport needs coordination of different body parts. Beside sense of balancing, your kid can learn how to make hands, legs, eyes, and brain active through skating. It is only then you will feel the more rhythmic in skating with the gradual improvement the coordination of your limbs. Thus how roller skating is crucial to teach kids the most practical lesson on harmonization of body parts.

Feel Good & Confidence

What we as parents should be careful of our children along with the balanced physical grown? The next crucial thing is the building of confidence that he too can do. So in a matter of the week when he learns how to balance on the moving skate, this will give the greatest confidence boost in him. In no other way, we can imbibe the feeling of self-confidence in our child than that.

The moving, turning around, playing tricks will no doubt energize his belief that “I can do”. The fierce worry of falling down will be overcome with the time he passes by skating. They feel proud and good about themselves and that feeling of pride is significant for the life ahead.

Brain Booster

Sports and outdoor activities greatly help increase your brainpower and skating can raise it to the max. As an immediate sign, you will notice that kids active in the playground are more advanced than other inside the class too. And regular skating will improve their mental health like nothing else. Along with upgrading their mental ability, skating will make your little one more socialized and earn them more friends. So you should buy your kids a pair of roller skates and take them to the nearby rink or park.

These are the benefits your kids can derive from skating and it will be a disservice and no-brainer not to get your kids involved in skating.

Watch Video: How To Roller Skate For Beginners!

People Also Ask

Question: What is the proper roller skating age for children?

Answer: A child younger than 3 should not get to skating. But some children may not show interest until they are 4/5 years old and that is not anything to worry about the aptitude of the particular child. But parents should know that kids up to 8 years old should enjoy their escort when out on the rink, park or skating ground.

Question: What is the fit size to buy and go along skating?

Answer: Size matters in skating as a snugly fit size roller skate will give the thrill and feel you are after it for. But a wrong size that misfits your kid’s feet may cause sore feet, poor performance, and ultimately not trying it again. Therefore, you should better learn the sizing tricks and the techniques to read the size in the chart.

The fit size to start with is not the one that fit too snugly to breathe. To put it clearly, the best fit shoe is the one that leaves a pencil or finger width space behind the heel. That will give your feet room to grow and any wider than that will result in extra loosening that may invite discomfort if not serious injuries. As our article is on kids skate, here you go with a chart to help your kids’ skates.

Question: Chart for Roller Skates Size Intended For Kids

Shop the Fit Size for Your Kid

Boys in the US

Girls in the US



Mondo Point (cm)

11Y 11Y 28 10 17
12Y 12Y 30 11 18
13Y 13Y 32 12 19
1.0 1.0 33 13 20
1.5 1.5 33 13.5 20.5
2.0 2.0 34 1 20.5
2.5 2.5 34 1.5 21
3.0 3.0 35 2 21.5
3.5 3.5 36 2.5 22
4.0 4.0 36 3 22.5
4.5 10 37 3.5 23
5.0 4.5 37 4 23.5
6.0 5.0 38 5 24
6.5 6.0 38 5.5 24.5
7.0 6.5 39 6 25
7.5 7.0 39.5 6.5 25.5
8.0 7.5 40 7 26
8.5 8.0 40.5 7.5 26.5
9.0 8.5 41 8 27
9.5 9.0 42 8.5 27.5
10.0 9.5 43 9 28

Don’t go for the actual size of the regular shoe size of your kid. Always go for a size bigger than the usable shoe size. And fill space behind his/her heel with the sock if it is wider than the width of a pencil or finger.

Question: How many types of roller skates are there?

Answer: Types of roller skate are many. They may be divided into two types depending on their running location – Indoor and Outdoor.

Going by the position of the four wheels under the sole, skates are two types – Quad Wheels Skate and Inline Wheel Skate. Quad wheel skate positions the wheels in two pairs – front and back. On the other hand, Inline wheel skate potions all the four wheels in a row. That type of skates is expensive but more thrilling to run.

You can classify the skates judging by their purpose of use. They are as follows:
  • Jam Skate: Use a jam plug instead of toe-stop or break. They are low-cut and lighter weight and designed to perform aerobics, dips, and tricks.
  • Rhythm Skate: Can be either indoor or outdoor. A higher boot skate designed to perform dance and listening music on the music.
  • Racing Skate: Quad wheels skate designed to pick speed rapidly. They come equipped with a low-cut and close-fitting sneaker to enjoy added maneuverability, free movement, and control.
  • Derby Skate: Similar to racing skate but differ in the portion of padding. This one is thickly padded to bash and bump into other moving skates while absorbing those from the rival skater.

Question: Is roller skating hygienic?

Answer: Roller skating is an excessive having ample benefits. This is a sport amounting to cross-training exercise bearing manifold health benefits. The benefits you can derive from skating not other single sport can provide with. It is equivalent to at least three exercises namely jogging, running, and gymnastics. Skating can burn calories, cut down body fats, and strengthen lower leg muscle.

Question: Can all skaters do with the same shoe size?

Answer: It is recommended to go for one size bigger their regular shoe size. So far the grown-up men are concerned, all can fit into the same size shoe but an excess of padding makes the fatter individual suffer discomfort. So, it is better for the man to opt for skate shoes one size bigger than they take for casual shoes.

Conversely, for the ladies; they can opt for one size smaller than their existing shoe size. It is because ladies generally tend to have narrower feet.

Question: What about the measurement of feet for roller skate?

Answer: While taking feet measurements intended for skating shoes, it will be a no-brainer not to wear the particular sock you will put on while skating. So with the sock put on snugly, stand with your back against the wall and the heels should touch the foot of the wall. And stand on a paper that has its end attaching the wall.

Now mark both ends of your feet with a pencil and then take a measurement of your feet. Thus how you can come out with the actual feet size for skating.

Question: What about the safety of a kid while skating?

Answer: Yes, roller skating is safe for your kid. All the concerns about adjustability and age-bound designs are for the safety of your kids. That is why you should become aware of what the thumb rule of kid skating says. You should go by the specified kid skates endorsed by the reputed brands.

In addition, you need to maintain the age limit and escort your little one on the rink and park up to he turns 8. First, one or two weeks are crucial enough not to let them skate alone.


You have reached the conclusion is evidence that you have gone through the rest of the article and learned how to pick and what is the best roller skate for kids. We in our research have refused the products having the feature without a relative benefit.

Therefore, going for any of the reviewed products is itself a guarantee that all of their features and designs come in a combination of immense benefits. To emphasize, these are the benefits that will keep your kids safe, stable, and interested in skating.

The compilation of 12 products includes both indoor & outdoor, boys & girls, and high-end & affordable roller skates that a novice or pro skater can find his match in any one of it. So if you want to have your child to do physical exercise and plenty of fun, you should browse these 12 best roller skate for kids reviews.

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