If you are looking for the best 150cc scooter, I have got you covered.

150cc scooters are the next level of what electric scooters of 100cc or 50cc engines can provide. If you are looking for a personal ride that is easy to travel on as well as within budget, 150cc scooters from Taotao offers few of the best options.

Now, why am I saying that?

Well, there are not so many reputed brands who manufacture 150cc scooters around. And if you dig down a little, you will find out that Taotao is one of the best brands in the business. Because they provide great quality products at a low price tag with great features as well. And from this Taotao 150cc scooter review, you will find out why I am saying that. So, without any further delay, let’s start this Taotao scooter review.

Top 2 TaoTao 150cc Scooter Review

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1. Tao Smart Dealsnow 150cc Gas Fully Automatic Street Legal Scooter

This is a fully automatic 150cc magnificent gas scooter from Taotao. Before we proceed with the detailed discussion, let’s have a technical overview.

This Tao 150cc scooter has a GY6 engine powered by CVT transmission. This engine is a 4 cycled one and engines like that are proved to gain more fuel-efficiency.

The impressive thing about this scooter is its top speed. You can easily achieve a top speed of 50MPH with this scooter. Remember, it is not legally fair to cross this mark, I am just mentioning that the engine of this scooter is capable of doing that.

Now, let’s talk about the CVT transmission. As you know, most of the times new riders get confused with the changing gear aspect. The installed CVT transmission in this scooter automatically does this gear shifting for you.

If you are wondering whether you can take a passenger or a friend along with you in this scooter, the answer is – Yes you can. It is well suited for two persons. So this scooter is a perfect choice if you are looking to ride along with your friends and family.

Many of the 150cc scooters aren’t actually legally approved in California. But as long as you are looking to purchase this scooter, you don’t have to worry about that. It is CARB approved, which means you can legally ride it in California.

Assembling is another hassle that many new scooter buyers are afraid of. If you get a brand new scooter with parts assembled, it is most likely that you will not be able to make it up yourself. Either you need to receive it pre-assembled or you have to call up an expert who could charge a lot of cash.

The good news is, Tao sends the scooter with an almost pre-assembled state. So, the assembling job is not likely to cost you any money.

With the package, you receive a DVD instruction as well, where you can see how to fit the handlebar, the mirrors, the wheels, and the battery. So, later on, when you need to teach yourself some basic maintenance, you don’t have to learn it from someone or call an expert.

However, maintaining such scooters to get the best performance is not a job for noobs. So, in case you need any maintenance or repair, it’s better to get a certified technician.

At last, let’s talk about the price it will cost. Comparing to what it has to offer, a thousand bucks isn’t that big of a price tag. This scooter well worth the money it cost.


    • CVT transmission provides a fully automatic gear transmission
    • Top speed of 50+ MPH
    • 90% pre-assembled
    • Comes with an instructional DVD
    • CARB approved


    • The top speed could exceed the speed limit of most roads

2. TaoTao Quantum 150cc Street Legal Scooter

If outlook and style is one of your priorities while buying a 150cc scooter, then you’d love the Tao Tao Quantum -150 Street Legal Scooter. With its great design and standard performance, it would be a perfect fit for day to day commuting. Let’s discuss more why this is a great choice in the Taotao quantum 150cc scooter review.

The engine is a 4 stroke, single cylinder 149cc scooter. With a very responsive CVT transmission system, the transmission is fully automatic.

Like any top-notch 150cc scooter, it has both the electric start and the kick start. With the key system, you can start the electric ignition or you can use the kick start to start the scooter. The kick start is provided as a backup starting system for situations where the electric start fails to do its job.

Well, let’s not get into the boring unnecessary data or the dimensions of the scooter, but the dimensions that worth mentioning is the ground clearance and seat height.

The seat height of the Quantum 150cc is 29 inches and the ground clearance of this scooter is 5.5 inches. Compared to other scooters, these dimensions are more suitable for any person from tall to short. This is also a great combination for senior citizens.

Now, if you are wondering about the cooling, cruise speed, top speed, and the amount of fuel it consumes while running, keep reading.

First of all, let’s talk about the brake and cooling feature. The rear brake is a mechanical drum brake, where the front brake is Hydraulic ABS disk brake. As for the cooling feature, this scooter uses forced air cooling.

The cruising speed of this scooter is 50 mph and the top speed can go beyond 50 mph. The fuel consumption seems to be pretty okay for this decent amount of speed. On average, this scooter consumes around a gallon of fuel for every 90 miles. Which is quite cost-efficient.

Another great thing about this scooter is its weight carrying capability. It is capable of carrying up to 350 lbs. So, if you are looking for a scooter for more than one rider, this could be it.

Fully automatic Taotao Quantum -150 Street Legal Scooter is a good one to pick. The one minor drawback it has is, it doesn’t have any space for storage. However, this can be easily solved if you choose to add an extra lockable trunk.


    • 5 inches of ground clearance.
    • 150cc 4 stroke engine with a single cylinder.
    • 29 inches of seat height.
    • Hydraulic disc brake at the front.
    • Mechanical drum brake at the rear.
    • Weight capacity 350 lbs.


    • Contains no storage space or trunk

Buyers Guide for Choosing a 150cc Scooter

Now, to understand whether a 150cc scooter is for you, let’s find the answers to some questions.

How much is your weight?

It is common sense that if you are heavier, you are going to need more engine power. For example, if your weight is around 250 pounds, you will need a scooter with a load limit of 300 pounds or more.

It is better to not get too close to the limit, as it could hamper many of the scooter’s performance such as reliability and speed.

Is riding a 150cc scooter legal?

Before you get a 150cc scooter for your everyday commuting, it is important that you know there are some legal aspects related to it. In most states of the USA, 150cc scooters are acknowledged as ‘motorcycles’. This term may make it highway-legal, however, that’s only in the rule book.

The reality is, there are many requirements for a 150cc scooter to get a highway-legal status. However, it is always best to check if a 150cc scooter is legal in your state and you can always consult with an authorized consultant who can instruct on how you can legalize a 150cc scooter for your state.

What type of track you will ride the scooter on?

The power and speed requirements of a scooter vary based on the type of tracks. The scooter’s speed will be significantly less on steep hills than what its speed is on flat tracks. So before choosing the scooter, consider on what road you will be driving the scooter.

Are you going to take any passengers?

Most of the 150cc scooters can carry more than 300 pounds. So, any of the scooters will be a great fit if you and your passengers aren’t overweight. But if you need one that can carry more than 300 pounds, then choose the one that is capable of carrying that.

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Final thoughts

Thanks for being till the end of this Taotao 150cc scooter review. In this review, I have mentioned two of the best 150cc Taotao scooters. Both are great scooters with attractive designs. They are great for the money they cost. And these scooters have excellent features to make your everyday commute easy.

I hope you’ve found the one that you are looking for within your budget. The only thing to keep in mind that, if the scooter fits into the legal requirements of your state.

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