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Hey! How are you doing?

This is my blog where I share all my earned and learned knowledge about different kinds of scooters. Since the early childhood, the scooter has been an object of passion for me. As a boy, I have run baby scooters, scooters that fit the teenage, and now the adult scooters. So it is me who can give some pragmatic suggestions on how to ride, maintain, and pick the best scooter for any age group. That was the sole imperative I have launched the blog with.

But responses have become so rapid and frequent that I have gone bound to expand the scope of my blog. That’s why I have started reviewing other toy transportations best pro scooters, best kick scooters too. And I am so happy that I am contributing to my level best to bring the internet-game addicted kids out to the road under the open sky and fresh air.

My first-hand experience has been greatly boosted by the resources available online. But it takes a huge lot of time to browse the net to reach the right and needed product. And this is not always fun for busy parents. That is where my blog will come to your unfailing rescue. I am in the habit of conducting hair-splitting research to make any review article as in-depth as possible. But don’t develop an impression that my blog articles are unnecessarily information-heavy and may bore you to the least. They will not for sure.

To tell about the products selected here in this blog, they are the best and top of their kinds. We, me and my team, have gone through all the live reviews about the particular product before adding this to our final cut-down-list. We have given priority to the latest and innovative features and direct feedbacks of the first-hand users. It is an honest assurance that we have never been carried away by the powerful advertising words from the manufacturer’s side. The particular product finds a position in our selections only when the company’s praising match the customers’ acknowledgment.

So you can very confidently depend on our research and selections. You and your kids are sure to have a fabulous time on-the-go riding on the scooters refereed here. Without compromising the quality and benefits to the minimum, we have gathered both high-end products and the products that are available at budget price.

This is the reason PickMyScooter blog has become the referral source and trusted destination for those who are after ride-on toys. Reviews backed by the all-embracing buying guide will lead you to the right product and you will end up making an informed choice.

It needs no telling that all our articles are the result of our passion for the toy transportation and the pleasure of sharing knowledge. We are in no way motivated by the company or dealers. With this stated passion felt inside and integrity maintained so long, we are confident to turn this blog into a #1 authority resource about this niche.


Thanks for being a party to our journey!
Mike Bhand
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