The world’s first scooter was made in early 1914, and it’s a kind of vehicle that can easily be described as a light version of a motorcycle or a bike.

The common difference between a motorcycle and a scooter is that scooters have a step-through build and has a place for the driver’s feet. Scooters are also generally built for shorter rides than a bike and are easier.

But you still need to take care of it by keeping some essential tools with you for its maintenance. Also, if you’re a beginner, you might not know when you’ll badly need them. That’s why in this article, I am going to talk about eight very essential tools for scooter maintenance.

Here Are The 8 Essential Tools For Scooter Maintenance

Here you will get specified information and reviews about various scooter maintenance tools. Okay, let’s see the maintenance tools

1. Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge is one of the most vital tools as it measures the amount of pressure inside your scooter’s tire. You will always need to have your vehicle’s tire pressure at an optimal rate; otherwise, you might face problems regularly.

Also, It is essential to check your tire’s air pressure at least once a month or every time you fill up fuel in your scooter tank just to make sure it’s at the right amount of pressure.

A tire pressure gauge has different variants, and the price also depends on the varieties and qualities. There are cheap types of pressure gauges like Pencil style, analog-style, and expensive ones like the digital and professional style gauge.

2. Tire Compressor

Tire Compressor

Imagine you need to go somewhere very quickly. But, when you’re in the middle of the road, you realize your tire’s air pressure is horribly low, and it’s almost impossible to reach your destination in time with these tires.

All because you haven’t checked it out for a long time. So, the best and most inexpensive option will be a tire compressor or inflator. It will give enough air pressure to your tires and take its air pressure rate to an ideal level.

There are different varieties and prices for these as well. Expensive ones are the better option as they are longer lasting and much more convenient than the cheaper ones.

3. Standard Fastener

A fastener is a tool that keeps your scooter’s objects connected. These tools are not permanent and can be removed anytime without harming your scooter. There are two primary standards of fasteners. These are SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and Metric.

Your scooter is built with either one of them. However, some old scooters and bikes might need both types of fasteners. It’s always good to have various and standard fasteners around while you’re driving.

4. Wrench


A wrench is a kind of tool that provides you a solid grip for turn objects using torque. It always gives the user an instrumental benefit. By the way, the most useful wrenches or spanners, as many of you might say, are the combination wrench. I’ll tell you why-

  • These contain a closed and open end on both sides.
  • The open side is used to turn the pressure on the flat side of your fastener, which helps to provide the best connection.
  • The closed side gives more pressure to the corners of your fasteners which provides more ways or angles to have a firm grab on your fastener.

Offset wrenches are also an essential one to have. It helps you to work with recessed fasteners/screws. Although it’s a bit old-fashioned, it connects directly to the fastener.

If you somehow worry about how tightly you have settled your fasteners, the offset wrenches might just make your worry go away for the direct connection it provides.

5. Allen Key/Hex key

Allen Key

Now, the Allen key, or some may call it a Hex key, is a tool used to turn those screws and bolts containing hexagonal sockets on the top. Its generally made of hard steel or rods (hexagonal). This tool also has varieties of forms.

The L- style Allen keys are the most standard ones and can be available in pretty much every tool store. So, this one is the best one to start up with.

Folding hex keys become popular these days, especially among bicycle and scooter owners. Because they are very close to the handle, it’s practically impossible to lose them.

Allen keys do come in sockets, some separated and some in sets.

6. Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

The oil filters of your scooter remove the foul and polluted oil from your engine, but you need to change your oil filter with a new one if the one currently using gets old. That’s where you will need an oil filter wrench.

It’s better if you make decisions based on your scooters filter and its location when you go to buy an oil filter wrench. These also come in different styles like plier type, strap style, and sockets.

7. Oil Catch Pan

Oil Catch Pan

Do you know that while changing scooter’s oil, people generally don’t get in trouble in changing the oil, but with the disposed of oil? Yeah, in fact, changing oil is not a big deal at all, regardless of you being an expert or a beginner.

But, the leftover oil can be hazardous for you and the environment. So, while you’re changing oil, you should hold the oil catch pan right under the drain plug segment of your scooter or bike.

Note: Don’t forget to use gloves while changing oil. Take the oil to the recycle center or any workshop.

8. Screwdriver


The last but definitely not the least essential tool on our list is a Screwdriver. This might be the most popular scooter maintenance tool among all.

But, for your scooter’s proper maintenance, you still need a quality screwdriver, or a bunch of them would be even better.

Now, there are a lot of different types of screwdrivers out there in the stores. But if you want to have a quality set of them, you must include –

  • Flathead/slotted head and Phillips head
  • A good amount of tip sizes.

If you can include magnetic tips, it would be a significant advantage. Also, long and short handles should be given priority.


The tools I have mentioned above might not be the only important ones for scooter maintenance, but they indeed are incredibly essential tools for scooter maintenance.

Remember, all kinds of vehicles are just machines, and they all need to be taken care of periodically. So, always be careful while using those tools and have a safe and happy road trip with your beloved scooter.