Over the years, mobility has always been an area of interest for human beings. This has led to the invention and modifications of different modes of mobility mechanisms, from bicycles to sports cars. Among these inventions of vehicles is the newly popularized Hoverboard. Best most of the people don’t know what is a Hoverboard and how much is the hoverboard.

In short, a Hoverboard is an electric, two-wheeled self-balancing scooter device of sorts. Its engineering is in such a way that operating it is very easy and effortless. The Hoverboard can also compare the skateboard; however, it does not require the rider to balance the board as it has an electric self-propelling and self-balancing mechanism.

In general, Hoverboard considered fun, safe, and relaxed vehicles as celebrities mostly gave them popularity. You have viewed this article because you are interested in owning a hoverboard or purchasing one.

Worry not as I am going to help you decide the best Hoverboard to buy and its price.

What determines the price?

1. Motor Size

This feature is essential when it comes to determining the purchasing price of a hoverboard. Motor size gets its rating for average wattage. Generally, the sum of wattage that you require is comparative to the rider’s weight.

  • 200 watts- Dual 100 Watts Motors

This motor size mainly caters for lightweight individuals, and it is mostly suitable for young kids who weigh less than 90pounds. The prices of this Hoverboard are lower due to the wattage compared with other motor sizes with the same functionalities.

  • 400 watts- Dual 200 watts Motors

This motor size is the most common, and on average, it carries the most weight ranges of people. It can support weights of up to more than 200 pounds; however, less than 175lbs is recommended for best performance. Additionally, this motor size is favorable to the battery life of the Hoverboard.

  • 500 watts- dual 250 Watts motors

This motor size is standard in terrain models with larger tire sizes that require more wattage. Boards with this motor size are more expensive because they need a more significant battery voltage that adds to the board’s overall costs. The wattage amount means it can accommodate weights of up to 280pounds.

2. Battery Voltage

There are mainly two variations in battery voltages for hoverboards, and they are the 24V and 36V, respectively.

  • 24v Battery

About pricing the 24v battery size, fetch fewer prices as they are the smallest recommended size. Any size is smaller than 24v results in shorter battery life and an inability to support the motors.

  • 36v Battery

As previously mentioned, it is suitable for 250-watt motors or more extensive as they require more battery support. The higher prices of these batteries add to the overall cost of the Hoverboard.

3. Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the Hoverboard considerably gets influence from the motor size, which in turn also influences the battery voltages. The higher the weight capacity or requirements, the more significant the motor size and battery voltages required. This ultimately makes weight capacities of less than 200lbs cheaper in comparison to those over 200 pounds.

4. Speed

hoverboard speed

Generally, speeds of hoverboards range between 5mph and 8mph, meaning the rates in-between have varying due to preference. Faster hoverboards mostly come at higher prices. Slower ones are recommended for kids, therefore usually cost less. Regardless of the actual speed of a hoverboard, they always seem to be faster due to the effect of leaning forward to propel its speed.

How much is the Hoverboard in different price range:

1. Under $200

Hoverboard under 200 dollars naturally get the consideration of being necessary. This is the lowest price for any reliable hoverboard. For new riders, gadgets in this price range are okay as they are not yet familiar with what seasoned riders consider essential.

This price range is perfect for kids specified boards and lightweight individuals. This is because they usually come with smaller motor sizes and battery voltages on overall, making them cheap.

Most notable brands for the best hoverboard under 200 include but are not limited to the Swagtron Swagboard twist Hoverboard, CHO Original Electric Smart Scooter Hoverboard, and the GOTRTAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard.

2. $201 – $500

This is the price ranges where most Hoverboards falls under. It is the average price range for seasoned riders as it’s overs a variety of functionalities on varying hoverboards depending on personal preferences. Hoverboards in this price range have more technological enhancements than the less than 200 range.

The technologies include higher speeds, off-road capabilities, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and a more extended warranty. Almost every mechanism of hoverboards in this price range are better than that in the preceding one, including charging time.

3. $501 – $750

This is the price range where you can get a considerably perfect hoverboard. This is in regards to technological capabilities as well as durability. Hoverboards in this price range are usually enticing to experienced riders. The best of everything on hoverboards comes with a longer price range, faster speeds, faster battery charging, longer battery life, and overall durability.

4. $751 – $1299

Well, the ultimate price range for the ultimate experience. With this price range, you get what most hoverboard riders only get in their dreams. Usually, it comes with limited-to-brand features and enhancement rarely common to other hoverboards.

These hoverboards have the motor size, battery voltages as well as higher weight carrying capacity. Top brand terrain wheel sized hoverboards fall under this price range.

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Wrap Up

Hoverboards are surely making a mark in the spheres of mobility gadgets world over. Ever since their popularity, post-2015, hoverboards are getting more appreciation by people besides the cool factor that they bring. This article on How much is the hoverboard has enlightened you on considerations when pricing these gadgets to help you determine the perfect Hoverboard for yourself.

For beginners, I recommend the cheaper ones in the price range, around $200, before investing in other models. This is because the lowest price hoverboards are less complicated and allows you to get used to riding it easier and faster. You can gradually upgrade the more you get into it. Besides, if you decide later on that hoverboard rides are not for you, you would not have spent too much on it even though I doubt you can escape falling in love with riding hoverboards.

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