In the skateboard industry, there are wide collections of boards such as street boards, longboards, mini longboards, cruiser skateboards, etc., which are used for the purpose of skating. In this article, we will talk about the differences between longboard vs cruiser.




A longboard is a type of skateboard that is longer than the usual skateboard and has a variety of shapes. It is longer than a cruiser skateboard and can be used for long-distance skating like freeriding and downhill. It has a long and wide deck.

Cruiser Skateboard

cruiser skateboard

A cruiser skateboard is a fusion of skateboard and longboard that is designed for cruising down streets, city environment, or basically any level pavement. It is not as long as longboards. They are portable in size. You cannot perform any tricks or stunts by using a cruiser skateboard like other traditional board. Besides, cruisers are used for short commutes.

Differences Between Longboard Vs Cruiser

There are many differences between longboards and cruiser skateboards. I am now going to point out these differences.



Longboards are longer than any other board. A longboard is at least 36 inches in length or larger but not shorter. On the other hand, cruisers are smaller and narrower than longboards. The cruisers are 25 inches to 37 inches in length.

Shape Difference

Longboard and cruiser both are different in shape. Cruisers have an angled nose and tail for popping the deck. Some cruisers have a concave. But longboards do not have any nose or tail with an angle though some longboards have a bit of concave.

Wheel Size Difference

longboard wheel

Wheels of longboards are soft, but you can install hard wheels according to your intention. The wheels of longboards are about 70mm, so they are perfect in size for downhill riding and also more suitable for long-distance skating. As we know, bigger wheels roll faster, so these wheels are responsible for longboards higher speed. Cruiser wheels are usually between 55mm to 65mm, so they are smaller than longboards. Because of the use of small size wheels, it cannot bear much weight on it. Cruiser wheels are soft also.


A truck is a metal of three shapes, which is attached to the lower part of the deck. Stability is the main purpose of using it. In longboards, two trucks are used in its lower part and have strong ties to the wheels. The trucks of longboards are higher and angle sharper. Trucks used in regular longboards are called reverse kingpin trucks (RKP). On the other hand, traditional kingpin trucks (TKP) are used in cruiser skateboards, which are shorter than RKP trucks. So cruisers are easy to push than longboards. RKP trucks make longboards more stable than cruisers.


Deck is the surface on which the skater stands on. Another thing that makes the cruiser different from the longboard is its deck. Cruiser’s decks are thin and flat, which makes it light weighted and easy to carry. Longboards deck is made of bamboo and/or maple wood, which makes the longboard strong and sturdy. Because of the deck material, longboards are heavier than cruisers.


Portability means fitness to be carried. Cruiser skateboard is much lighter. So you can carry it anywhere you want. But longboards are not as easy to carry as cruisers because of their heavyweight.

Turning Agility

In busy streets, sometimes you need to take small turns in the middle of a car or a busy road. With a cruiser, you can take such turns easily because of its narrow size but difficult with a big longboard.


A longboard is more stable than a cruiser. Some beginners need such a board that has consistency. So a longboard is more suitable than a cruiser for a novice rider.

Longboards are specially used for playing tricks. You can perform 180 tricks by using a longboard. But cruisers are not made to do tricks. Cruisers are mainly used for going from one place to another.

  • For riding on a hilly road, a longboard is more suitable because it is easier to take sharp turns with a longboard.
  • The cruiser will be a great choice for you if your distance is limited. For long-distance riding, you can choose a longboard.

Which one is Better?

It is really difficult to make a comparison between longboard and cruiser. There are some differences between them, but each of them is designed for its own purpose. You can choose your board according to your necessity. If you need the board for long-distance travel, you can pick a longboard. But for regular and short distance journeys, a cruiser will be a better choice. As long as the material of the board is good, you can buy any of them on the basis of your contrivance.


After reading the article, you have got an idea about the difference between these two skateboards. We hope it will assist you in figuring out which board will be the right choice for you.

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