Riding on longboards is a very general phenomenon. If you are a longboard rider then a question must have arisen in your mind that where you can ride a longboard safely and without any bothering. To clarify, some of us like to ride in the riverside spot, others want breathtaking pathways, hillsides or roads and so on.

So, today, we are here with some tremendous places for longboarding in NYC. We will discuss these where no one can bother you while longboarding. Rather, you will find a lot of riders, starters and beginners like you in New York City. Have a vigilant look at this and find the best place to ride near you.

New York City is an iconic site to visit for skyscrapers and other attractions for tourists. Whether you are a dweller or traveller, you may think about longboarding. Of course, you can ride the board in NYC because some places are for longboarding and skateboarding as well as bike riding. Some of the spots are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Central Park, Manhattan Riversides and so on. Undoubtedly, you will find the best circumstances for riding and skating.

Longboarding In New York (NYC)

1. The Manhattan Riversides (NYC)

In NYC, one of the top and best longboard riding spots is the Manhattan riverside. In short, it is a place where you will find an authentic circumstance for riding. The main attraction is that many people, old and young come here to spend their free time for amazing riding.

In addition, biking and cycling can be possible there. The Greenway bike paths along the Manhattan rivers are the main riding spots. Above all, the fascinating longboarding places are the Westside commuter trail, Hudson River Greenway, and the parks situated in the riversides. Of course, there is no chance to get bothered at the time of longboarding.

If we inform you in truth then we have to say one thing certainly. The Manhattan Riverside is heaven for longboard, bike riders. Another favour is that this place is properly traffic-free. That is why you can pay the best attention. Yes, it is a perfect place for kids. No matter if they are riders or visitors.

The bike lane along the East River Park is nothing but a good, wide, and well-paved place. For this reason, we would like to suggest you visit this place if you are in New York City. As a longboard rider, if you take aside this place unseen then you have missed the best riding place.

2. The Central Park (NYC)

Another spanking and tremendous place for longboard riding in NYC is Central Park. In short, for those who are ransacking for a place where he/she can practice sliding then this is the very place to practice it. This sliding part or pool is situated on the Northeast side of the park.

Most importantly, the hills and flat pathways are very suitable for both longboard and skateboard riding. And you will find the riding paths by the riverside. If you are thinking about the speed directions then you don’t have to do tension. Because you can ride on your longboard at any speed.

However, before having a visit to this park, you have to plan. For having some mild hills and another, Central Park will be the best place that you have ever known. That is to say, this man-made amazement (Central Park) is one of the most famous parks in the world.

In addition, as a beginner, you need not do tension because this park is favourable for starters. Moreover, this traffic-less place is perfect for jogging and cycling. So, if you are living in New York City then you are requested to have time to visit this top visited and green park.

3. Longboarding In Brooklyn NYC

From the most important and popular longboarding in NYC, Brooklyn is one. In short, this spot is for downhill skating and sliding. That is why those who want to ride his/her longboard and want to do sliding, this place will be the best one. Also, you will have a perfect natural scene.

Certainly, the Center Drive of this spot has the best longboard runs. If you want to ride freely and at large, especially sliding, then you can choose this spot. Again, the streets have green grass. As a result, when your longboard is going very fast, then you will speed down the longboard easily.

Most importantly, near the 15th Street Prospect Park train station and the Bartel-Pritchard square, a rider will find an excellent zone to practice flatland longboarding. In the same vein, there is another perfect place for distant skating on a longboard by the Sheep’s Head Bay in the South of Brooklyn area.

To say clearly, this spot plays a pivotal role in describing the varieties of cultures of the United States of America. That is why Brooklyn is the main form of riding or skating the longboards, skateboards, and so on. Finally, if you cherish having a cool and perfect place for riding then we are suggesting having a ride there.

4. Distance Longboard Skating Through Manhattan

If you are a distance longboard skater or rider then maybe Manhattan is better than any other spot to you. Because this spot ensures the best and safest place for distance skating and longboarding in NYC. Certainly, you will enjoy the skating from the Broadway Bridge which is in the North of Manhattan down to Battery Park at the South of the Island.

Above all, there are many paths to ride on longboards. For example, Broadway and 10th Avenue, 159th to 59th Street, 23th Street to Battery Park, and 59th to 23rd Streets are main. To sum up, we will suggest that if you are in NYC now, and you are a longboard rider then you should visit this place with your board.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How dangerous is longboarding?

Answer: Well, if you ride a longboard on roads and the roads are crowded with people then longboarding may be dangerous for both you and the pedestrians. Most importantly, a survey says that longboard injuries are harder than skateboard injuries. So, for longboarding, you should have to select a spot where you will find no traffic.

Question: Is longboarding on American streets legal?

Answer: Longboarding on the streets is illegal. According to the laws of the USA, longboards and skateboards are personal conveyances. That is to say, you cannot ride longboards and skateboards legally on the streets. But there are some spots in which you can ride them without any bother.

Final Verdict

As longboards and skateboards riding on the streets of America is forbidden, you have to ride in some fixed spots. This is because we have discussed some places for longboarding in NYC. New York City is one of the world’s cultural cities. So, there are also some features and cultures of skating and longboarding in this city following the legal rules. Today, we have depicted the most prominent spots for longboarding.

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