Many people love to do longboarding because the sport feels great for surfing on land. To ride around and enjoy cruising on the roads. Apart from amusement, this outdoor activity provides you extra health benefits. Besides, you can quickly learn this ride.

But, have you thought of riding your board in the rain? It will require a true dare to longboard in heavy rain. This can be a wonderful experience for you. Moreover, we will pinpoint the necessary things regarding longboarding while it’s raining. Certainly, this post will be immensely beneficial to uplift your concepts. Let’s start the post on longboarding in the rain.

Advantage Of Longboarding In The Rain

Higher Riding Experience: Riding the longboard on a wet road or pavement is not similar to riding on a dry surface. Generally, you should be careful at higher speed riding. Besides, you need to be extra careful at the turning moment. With longboarding in the rain, you can develop a higher riding experience.

Learning Sliding: When you perform riding on the wet road with the longboard, less traction occurs. That means you will break the slides more easily than the dry surfaces. Beginner riders can find this helpful as they have difficulties sliding. Attempting to slide will be a great way to learn quicker than the dry surfaces.

Disadvantage Of Longboarding In The Rain

Slippery Road: Riding on the wet surface has less traction in the middle of the wheel with the road. When you take turns, you have to be more careful. Making a quick or sharp turn on the slippery area can result in falling from the longboard. Plus, you may lose control of high-speed riding.

Damage To The board: This is the big disadvantage of longboarding in the rain. In case of not taking care and proper maintenance of your board, it can be damaged. You should always leave the longboard to dry. Otherwise, it gets waterlogged. For this reason, the deck wood becomes weak and tends to warp.

Before Longboarding

Dress up is the initial thing you should pay attention to. Always wear an inexpensive dress so that dirt will not do any issue on it. Never forget to put the shoes with slipper resistance. While controlling the longboard with the shoes, a good grip should be ensured.

Additionally, if you think riding is slippery, rain wheels can be arranged. It provides more traction on any wet track. You can use various longboards on a rainy day. A comparatively cheaper one should be considered. It is better not to use the regular one.

In case, you do not have any alternative option, you may use the regular longboard. But, always take care of the used longboard after every ride in the rain. Then, give the deck a rapid check for any scratches. If the deck gets a scratch, it may be biased higher than the new one.

After using your expensive and scratched deck, you must dry it. Also, you will be able to seal the scratched deck. Water-resistant things can be applied on the surface of a longboard. Some examples are hair spray, shoe water, paint, etc. Spray on the wooden portion only. Alternatively, cheaper bearings can be used.

During Longboarding

While longboarding, you need to pay adequate attention to the safety protocol. So, you should always wear all kinds of safety gear such as helmets and safety pads. These gears will protect you. You should avoid excess puddle offers. It keeps away from the water on the bearings.

As nobody knows what is situated inside it. You may crash very hard. Moreover, when the road gets wet, you have to be cautious in making the turns. Otherwise, the longboard will crash. Little things such as painted road lines should be observed. Otherwise, the longboard can slip out below your feet when you turn it.

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After Longboarding

Disassemble the board and let it dry. Unscrew the wheels and get the bearings out. Also, unscrew the other parts. You have to dry these with the rug. Then, blow warm air for drying the deck and parts. Apart from this, unscrew the board’s kingpin. If it rusts and you don’t like to clean, then you can easily replace the kingpin.

You may not be able to tighten or loosen the trucks. After disassembling the longboard, keep the deck above any surface. You may use the wheels to do this. Take care of the bearings the correct way. Sometimes, we just clean the bearings but tend to forget about them. Any kind of bearing requires regular basis maintenance. They need to be lubricated.

Clean your bearings with acetone, mineral spirits, or any type of solvents. Allow them to dry for an entire day. Then apply the bearing speed or lubricant cream. Besides, spin the board wheels. This procedure should be done immediately after you finish the rainy season. As you spin, some water can come out of your bearing. Hopefully, it will reduce the rust.


Question: Will Rain Ruin Your Longboard?

Answer: Rain can ruin the longboard if it is built with ordinary maple or wood. On the other side, rain won’t spoil the bamboo and fiberglass longboard because they are totally and completely waterproof. Therefore, you should always consider the build materials of a longboard at the time of purchasing.

Question: Are Ceramics Bearings Waterproof Enough?

Answer: Ceramics are not similar to aluminum and steel bearings. In actuality, they are made of clay, earthen elements, and powder. These formulas will support the water completely. Eventually, ceramic bearings will become waterproof enough for performing on rainy days.


We tried to share as many ideas as possible regarding how to do longboarding in the rain. Indeed, riding on any wet tracks is dangerous, but you should never be deprived of enjoying an adventurous longboard ride. Therefore, longboarders have much curiosity about performing on wet roads.

Consequently, we truly think today’s ultimate valuable tips will be able to fulfill your inquiry. In the closing thoughts, we will advise you to figure out whether it is suitable for you or not. If affirmative,

Longboarding in the rain would be an advanced level of unexcavated excitement to your journey. Happy longboarding!

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