When we think about longboarding, riding or cruising around the roads are the only concerns. To perform this, we should carefully consider a good option for the longboard. For executing sweet slides, today we will figure out one special longboard. MBS All-Terrain longboard is a first-class choice in the off-road skating field. Their special design is suitable for downhill longboarding.

Primarily, MBS is a mountain board manufacturer which has created a mixed kind of skating product. They are between a longboard and a mountainboard. So, today’s post is about the MBS All-Terrain Longboard review. We hope this one will justify your boarding experience with having huge recent popularity. If you are an adventure lover, this super stable longboard is highly recommended for you. Let’s start!

Specifications Of MBS All Terrain

Model MBS All-Terrain
Length 39 Inches
Deck Width 9.5 Inches
Deck Material 9 ply maple-lam Drop
Ride Style Cruising, Downhill
Wheels 100mm x 65mm, 78A
Wheelbase 26.378”
Trucks 190mm navigator drones
Bearings Rubber shielded ABEC 9
Weight Limit 220 Pounds
Board Weight 5.8 Pounds
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Key Features

  • 100 x 65 mm wheels for all-terrain longboarding.
  • 190mm Drones trucks provide precision turning.
  • Sturdy maple built deck ensures durability and speed.
  • ABEC 9 bearings are rubber shielded and perform very well.
  • 78A top high rebound wheels are also available.
The Good

    • Rolls over the surfaces.
    • Very comfy and stable ride.
    • Very durable build with no flex.
    • Well priced in terms of quality.
    • Comes adequately assembled.

The Bad

    • It is heavy.

MBS All-Terrain: Review In Brief

MBS is a USA based renowned company. They have been in the longboarding business for nearly two decades. Besides, the company has gained a very good reputation. MBS All-Terrain longboard is a famous product in the manufacturing lineup. It is a very sturdy, fast and stable board. As a beginner, you will not fall easily. Also, experienced riders can perform advanced tricks effectively.

From this MBS All-Terrain longboard review, we can understand more details about the ideal product. Most amazingly, it rolls very well on the dirt or grass. Even, the board is suitable for uneven surfaces or roads. For overweight riders, it can provide better control in regular use. With no further delay, we are going to cover up everything!

Features In Details

MBS All-Terrain The Deck

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Deck

MBS all-terrain longboard comes with a deck made of maple wood. It is a 10-ply board that provides the rider proper quantity of flex. This acts as a cushion against the holes and bumps on the surface. A distinctive aspect of longboard design allows greater accuracy in the overall performance.

The deck enhances the lower gravity center. It makes an easy-going to maintain the riding balance. We all know that dirt mountain path travel is very sensitive. Because of the lower mass center, you will be able to coast down on the roads. Plus, the weight of the board aids in the process.

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MBS All-Terrain The Wheel

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels allow the riders to move. They help in determining the speed of the riding. Typically, made of polyurethane, longboard wheels are made of materials like polyurethane. Moreover, they have multiple designs, sizes and colors. Based on quality, the levels of ingenuity and energy will transform into durability.

The MBS all-terrain longboard uses  65 x 100 mm wheels. They allow an effortless transfer from the city road to road surfaces. The treaded and wide wheels will grip the paths for carving and drifting. Besides, the wheels provide adequate traction to shred through the off-road surfaces.

MBS All-Terrain The Trucks

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Trucks

Without good trucks, the deck will never go very far. So, the rider should give priority to the trucks for fitting the deck. In general, size matters in the riding balance. They are measured in inches. Few manufacturers use mm for indicating the truck width. Along with other essential components, it is a major part of the longboard.

High quality enables you to control the longboard direction with less effort. The truck comes with 190mm which is used to provide stability at top speeds. Also, they provide precisely the turning capabilities. In a similar manner to Evolve Bamboo Board, it performs. Here, the longer base ensures precision and a stable turning ride.

MBS All-Terrain The Bushing

Bushings are a kind of support cushion of a longboard. They are mounted on the board kingpin. Apart from this point, the bushings fit into the hanger seat on each side. Moreover, they provide an adjustable range of resistance at the time of turning. Lastly, they will prevent the components of the truck metal from grinding.

This longboard is unstable at a fast speed in case of tight hangers. Therefore, upgrading the bushings to elevate their hardness will solve the problem. The kingpin ones are squeaky at the time of arriving from one surface to another. At the affected area, you may put the Burts chapstick. Eventually, the squeaking can go away.

MBS All-Terrain The Bearing

The bearings have many functions. They reduce travel friction. Besides, you can make the rotation more effectively. Secondly, the bearings protect the components which support the longboard. For maintaining the right position to rotate the shaft, they function effectively. The bearings connect longboard wheels with the trucks for spinning around. If they wear down, your wheels get harder to spin.

MBS All-Terrain longboard has bearings of ABEC-9. They are lubed with double rubber dust protective shields. Surely, they are rolling this heavy longboard smoothly. Further adjustment is not needed for the bearing.  If you identify any rattle bearing sounds while riding, resolving can be done by loosening some nuts.


So, this is all for now about the MBS All-Terrain longboard review. It can be difficult to find the perfect combination of off-road and street performance in one longboard. Fortunately, the MBS longboard manages to pull this off flawlessly. It has great flexibility. The wheels are quite soft for rebounding from any bumps in the surfaces. In actuality, they absorb the shock accurately when moving through the dirt paths. To beginners, the board will be Jack-of-all-trades. To expert user, it works nicely too. Happy All Terrain longboarding!

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