As a bike rider, you may want to buy anything with a solid basis for any fun project. Many owners are in search of the perfect one. Well, the good news is, we are here to solve the problem. Mongoose malus fat bike will come with an affordable price.

Most importantly, you will get the solid tires and frames. The Mongoose Malus can roll over small rocks, dirt, debris, snow, fallen limbs and lose earth. Additionally, you will get great good looks on the bike. In today’s post, we will discuss more about it. Let’s have a look into mongoose malus review.

Main Features Of Mongoose Malus:

  • Steel big tire frame in mountain style.
  • Rear derailleur applicable for gear changes.
  • Rear and front disc brakes are available.
  • Brakes help to stop firmly and precisely.
  • 4-inch wide knobby tires roll over anything in the path.
  • Strong but lightweight, allows a better speed control.
  • 4-inch rims are built with alloy.
  • Mountain handlebars always keep complete control.

Specification Of Mongoose Malus:

Weight 53.25 Ibs
Dimensions( LxWxH) 9.06 inches x 61.42 inches x 29.92 inches
Colour Available Black/silver
Frame Material Steel
Users Preferably Men’s
Size 26 Inch
Brake Style Disc Brake
Speed 7 Speed
Tire Width 4 Inches
Frame Size 18 Inches
Holds Up To 250 Pounds
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Features In Details of the Mongoose Malus review:


Mongoose Malus Fat Bike

The tires are ultimately the main attraction on the bicycle. It features the perfect wheel with a 26-inch diameter. And these are four inches wide! Therefore, it will provide proper stability to ride in the rough terrain. Whereas, standard tires are normally 1.5- 2 inches wide. These types of tires are additionally knobby for providing extra drive power. You can feel them forwarding to push the underneath sand. Moreover, you can ride this bike at depleted tide by the water. Here, the sand is usually more firm. However, with these tires, you can ride easily.


Mongoose Malus Fat Bike

The Mongoose malus brand has a fine reputation in building heavy frames, including outlined one. They took the ideal cruiser frame and then placed it on the steroids. The manufacturer widened the spear for accommodating the fat tires. Additionally, they ensured enough vertical clearance. In the results, you can ride this bicycle on any rough terrain without worries. While riding, everything feels sturdy and tight. So, you don’t face problems about the bike falling apart during riding downhill with the top speed. However, the steel built frame is strong. But, this is not the lightest. Thus, this bike is not a racer.


Mongoose Malus Fat Bike

The disc brakes provide a perfect touch as they allow more stopping power. These features are not common in ordinary brake pads. Moreover, you can easily control yourself better while riding on any trails. Beach riding usually seems dangerous. Because you will get sand underneath the pads. Besides, the combination of the wet sea spray, ultimately it will be very hard to stop whenever you want. So, this bicycle’s disc brakes will give you greater control over the vehicle. Thus, it will let you push the limits without hesitation.


The Malus bicycle has a 7-speed Shimano shifter. This will allow you a comfortable riding through any kind of terrain. You can never ride this bike up Mount Everest. But you can take it anywhere else. The grips are fitted with spiral shifters. This allows for a great seamless transition with the gears. The crankshaft and pedals are cruiser style with high performance.

Nevertheless, with no racing, it is a vehicle particularly designed for the paramount rider.


The overall vehicle sits exactly at 42 inches tall. And, the width of the handlebar is 26 inches. So, it will be perfectly fit just for anyone, except the big guy like a professional basketballer. The grip is adjustable in any direction like up and down. However, if you are a moderately tall guy, you can easily set the right configuration comfortably. The frame size fits on any type of bike rack. Therefore, it will be a great travel companion. Bigger wheels are good enough for riding the bike for longer periods. This will be possible without overworking. Apart from this, more riding time gives more pleasure and fun.


    • Facilities with comfortable and wide tires.
    • It comes with some effective brakes.
    • This bike provides a reliable warranty.
    • Provides unique and classy designs.
    • Affordable price ranging from 300-500 dollars.


    • Heavyweight with 50 pounds.
    • Fixed two colour options available.

Why Should You Buy A Mongoose Malus Bike?

In today’s mongoose malus fat bike review, we are trying to establish one point. That is the bike is very important for passing through any rough terrains. Fat and big tire bikes are great for the comfortable rides. The tires always make the bicycle enjoyable enough for conquering tough and hilly terrains. Big tires are available in all colours and sizes. Therefore, the Mongoose Malus bike is the perfect bike for buying. With riding this vehicle, you can easily ride anywhere. So, if you are searching for a best companion to ride in the unstable, this is only for you! To get out for having immense fun, let’s get one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How much does the bicycle weigh?

The bike weighs exactly 50 pounds. It is heavy for the beginners. Whereas, with the time you will be adjusted with it. And, then begin to enjoy the ride.

Does the Mongoose Malus bike come assembled?

No, you have to do the assembly by yourself. Or, you can contact any bike shop to do this for you. However, it is easy and the bike gives a user manual for helping during assembly.

Does the bicycle come with any weight limit?

Certainly, it does! This vehicle can carry the largest weight of 300 pounds. So, it will make sure that the tires and the frames-work efficiently.

What is the number of speeds?

The machine of the bike comes with seven-speed gears. Besides, you can move it faster when you switch different gears. And it will depend on the pace according to you.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion of the mongoose malus review, we can say that biking is great. Only if you ride the right and best bike. Biking is refreshing, delightful and comfortable. If you are searching to taste the best, then it is high time to try Mongoose Malus bike. With this keeping in your mind, invest in the outlined one. Happy riding!