Surfing with your beloved people in the neighborhood with the Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board is a great experience. It’s one of the best experiences to have fun with this caster board, especially during the weekend. Kids used to love skateboarding but those days are almost gone. Everyone wants better.

Skateboards also got upgrade with ever-changing technology. Actually, compared to skateboard, the caster board is incredible at incorporating fitness, momentum and, balance. Nowadays, the caster board is very popular among people as an upgrade of skateboard due to its ease of use and new technological advantages. Caster board is a great companion to have fun in leisure time. And today, we’re here with one of the most popular Razor Ripstik Electric caster board Review. Lets check out what this caster board offers:

Razor Ripstik Caster Board

The Razor Ripstik Caster Board is considered as the best Ripstik for beginners because of its user-friendly features and convenient ease of use. This caster board is very user-friendly and easy to ride on. If you want to get this but still confused, then we may help you. In this Razor Ripstik review, we’ve reviewed this board in detail so that you can make your decision precisely before purchasing. Here we go:

Product Specifications:

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Product Overview

1. Improved Design

This caster board comes with a great design with perfect engineering that attracts modern audiences easily. For the best description of this caster board, we can place it between a snowboard and a skateboard. The design-team of this board has done an incredible job for this caster board. This Ripstik caster board is a perfect combination of beauty and engineering. This board is sleek and compact, but contains the modern design. That’s why it became the next big thrill for the kids. Additionally, this board is designed to ride on easily. It’s easier to ride than a snowboard or a skateboard.

More so, this board comes with a variable number of color options. With a cool design and your favorite color, you’ll get a perfect boarding companion. Even, you can do more tricks easily with this caster board than other board because of its great design. Besides, because of its 360-degree inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck, you get a snowboard-like carving ability from the board. Actually, the special design has given the board special abilities that let you perform great. You can win the heart of the audience with great performance if you have this caster board. Of course, skill matters. And with the combination of a great board and skill, you can do more!

2. Slip-Resistant Deck

As we mentioned before, this caster board has a compact design. And along with compact design, this board also offers a slip-resistant board deck which makes it ideal for kids to ride and learn. If your kids want to learn skateboarding then as a beginner, this caster board can be a great choice after all. This caster board has a modern design that allows the kids to grasp the basic riding easily. Besides, it has a perfect size. This board is compact and ideally-designed that helps the kids to maintain the balance easily which increases the confidence of the rider significantly. And as a beginner, it’s a very important thing.

Razor designed this board targeting especially the kids and the beginners, so, they made the board lightweight as controlling a bigger board is tough at the first stage. Though this board deck is compact and lightweight, it can carry up to 220 pounds of weight. So, don’t worry; anybody can ride it. It has the ideal capability of holding the weight of kids, teens, and adults. The anti-slip deck presents great friction that helps the riders to get maximum control and feel over the board.

The deck is made with high-tech and polymer that made the board reliable, durable and wear-resistant. This caster board also offers a snowboard-like carving ability, removable deck plates feature and twisting motion feature that just made the board more convenient and ideal.

3. Polyurethane Wheels

Razor RipStik Caster Board Wheel Set

In this Ripstik review, we are glad to introduce the polyurethane wheels of this caster board. Most of the boards come with 66 mm wheels. But this unit offers bigger wheels- 76 mm. With bigger wheels, this caster board is able to gain speed more quickly. So, you’ll get convenient speed quickly while riding. On the other hand, because of a little bit bigger wheels, you’ll get better stability and able to do more tricks more easily. More so, you can enjoy a smooth and painless ride even while going over bumps, thanks to its bigger wheels.

Not only bigger wheels, but this caster board also features high-performance polyurethane wheels. Polyurethane wheels are ideal for the caster board as they serve better by not absorbing water, grease, or oil. With these wheels, you can go smoothly through any roads even any unexpected occurrences may appear on the road. The polyurethane wheels manage the flexibility of rubber and the rigidity of plastic. It’s a perfect combination. The wheels are neither soft nor hard. These polyurethane wheels make the ride ideal and smooth on several terrains.

In addition, wheels that made of polyurethane generally have phenomenal anti-tear and abrasion resistance qualities. If you plan to keep a board as a companion for several years, then it can serve you well. On the other hand, if you plan to ride roughly, it can also serve you well. Actually, it’s simply a great choice for any kind of riding style.

4. Convenient Speed

The Razor Ripstik caster board might be a compact and small board with standard wheels, but it can provide you convenient speed whenever you need it while riding. This caster board has no specific speed limit that’s why it’s unpredictable. But we can ensure one thing, you won’t be disappointed. This board is highly able to provide sufficient speed so that you can make your stunts more precisely and easily. As the board can deliver the speed as needed, you can perform great combining your skills. But as a beginner or kids, the rider should not try to gain over speed, it may occur an accident.

5. Pivoting Deck

RipStik Caster Board Deck

Yep, we discussed the deck earlier, but that was a different feature. This Razor RipStik caster board offers you a great feature- the pivoting deck. Yes, this board comes with the ability of pivoting deck that allows you to turn into any direction; anytime, anywhere! This feature is a great addition to them who want to do more tricks with the board. Unlike general skateboards, you can perform much better with this caster board. This board is made to show something different, and the pivoting deck just made it happens.

But it may take some time to learn to maneuver the deck as it has many possibilities. So, try to learn step by step and slowly. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be surprised by your own performance, believe me! You can then make the caster board do whatever you like or go wherever you want to go. It allows you to perform great and have more fun while riding, just like bicycle riding. The pivoting deck also helps you to get more precise riding as you may need to change the board direction according to the condition of the roads.

6. 360-Degree Caster Trucks

Along with the pivoting deck, this caster board offers you 360-degree caster trucks too. The 360-degree caster trucks let you go any direction you desire, in virtually. This is a pretty good feature that saves time and lets you go anywhere you want, more quickly. And the sound of the turning is promising and fun. But as a beginner or kid, it’s hard to control it at the first stage. But once you learn it, it’s much fun. You can move constantly by establishing the direction and destination. It helps you to change the course quickly without getting off the board.

7. ABEC-5 Bearing Caster

RipStik Caster Board Caster

Along with the pivoting deck feature, and 360-degree caster trucks; this caster board also offers high-performance ABEC-5 bearing caster. With this high-performance ABEC-5 bearing caster and the help of 360-degree caster trucks, you can outperform your skills. You can go to any direction in virtually easily as you desire because of these features. And as a caster board, it is highly capable of doing the job.

People love to do tricks to show their skills and performance. And this board lets you do more tricks more easily and quickly; because of its pivoting deck feature, 360-degree caster trucks, and ABEC-5 bearing caster.

8. Rubber Padded Steel Torsion Bar

The decks of this board are made with high-quality plastic and rubber. And they are joined with a metal torsion bar. The torsion bar is made from steel that made the board durable and strong. And the steel torsion bar is padded with rubber to provide great traction. You know, the board offers pivoting decks and the decks are attached to the torsion bar. The joints are effective enough and you can move the decks easily and conveniently whenever you need them. Basically, you used to get better performance because of this rubber padded steel torsion bar.

9. Better Safety

Safety first. And Razor knows it well. This caster board is designed for both beginner and professional-level users. For professional-level riders, it’s good. But for beginner level riders, it’s a little bit tough to control for the first few days. Razor included every safety appearance possible but still, it can be dangerous for new riders and learners. That’s why Razor recommends wearing proper safety gear while riding such as helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. The pivoting deck may create trouble for first times but once you learn to control it, it’s actually a pro-level feature. However, the helmet should always stay on; no matter you’re a beginner or a pro rider.

10. Other Features

The Razor RipStik caster boards are new to the market but they already won the riders’ hearts by their performance. This caster board is a modern board (upgrade of older skateboards) with plenty of new features and abilities. This board is a true combination of modern features, abilities, and engineering. Besides the key features described earlier, this caster board has some other additional features too that made this board more convenient; such as kick nose, kick tail, unique twisting motion moves without pushing off ability, inclined caster trucks, etc. And more importantly, this unit comes in fully assembled. So you don’t need to worry about assembling. Just take off the box and go.


  • Deck: Slip-resistant pivoting deck;
  • Bearing: High-performance ABEC-5 caster bearing;
  • Torsion bar: Rubber padded steel torsion bar;
  • Wheels: 76 mm polyurethane wheels;
  • Speed: Convenient speed; anytime, anywhere;
  • Design: Improved design with a perfect combination of engineering;

  • Twisting motion and snowboard-like carving ability;
  • Slip-resistant deck for better control;
  • Pivoting deck with removable deck plates;
  • Offers kick nose and kick tail;
  • Simple but convenient weight transfer ability;
  • Weight holding capacity of up to 220 lbs;
  • Steel made torsion bar with rubber padding;
  • Offers spiked traction pads;
  • Large polyurethane wheels;
  • Able to provide sufficient speed whenever needed;

  • Too compact for heavy people;
  • The pivoting deck may create trouble at the first stage;

Buyer’s Guide- Best RipStik Caster Board

Choosing a Ripstik Caster board is easy but choosing the best RipStik Caster board isn’t. As a rider, we always want to grab the best one. But it needs a little effort to get the best one. To get the best RipStik isn’t different too. You need to check some features and abilities of a caster board to make sure you get the best one. Here are some features and abilities described so that you cant get the best caster board as your companion.


The deck is an important part of a caster board. The deck is the part where you get contacted with the board and control it. So, having a board with a good deck is compulsory. You also need a rubber padded deck to get better traction and control over the board. More so, the feeling of the board under your feet also helps to get a better control.

If you are a pro-level rider and want to do more tricks with your caster board, the go for the board that offers a pivoting deck. The pivoting deck feature allows you to do more tricks easily by adjusting the deck according to your riding style. So, do not forget to check this feature before finalizing a caster board.


The wheels play the most important role in a caster board. The better the wheel performance is, the better the service you get from your board. In the old days, skateboards used typical plastic or metal made wheels. But those wheels weren’t great for all kinds of roads. That’s why caster boards come with upgraded wheels nowadays. In most caster boards, you’ll find polyurethane wheels. These wheels are neither soft nor hard, suitable for any kind of road condition. Additionally, they do not absorb water, oil or grease. That’s why this type of wheels serve for a long time and performs great. You must choose a board with polyurethane wheels over typical plastic or metal wheel-based boards.

Torsion Bar

The torsion bar is another important part of a board. It’s the foundation of a board. The decks are attached to this bar. You must choose a strong torsion-based board. A strong torsion bar makes the board more durable and strong. And a strong board can hold more weight easily. Besides, a strong board reduces the possibility of any unwanted occurrences. So, before purchasing a board, make sure that it’s rugged enough and able to serve you for  long time.


The bearing performs when you change your course while riding. Having a good bearing on the board allows you to change your course more easily, more smoothly, and more quickly. The bearing also makes the ride smooth and stable. That’s why it’s very important to own a board that offers heavy-duty bearing. APEC-5 is now the standard bearing type. So, get a caster board with APEC-5 bearing.


While boarding, sometimes you’ll need less speed and sometimes you’ll need more speed, depending n your riding style and roads. If your board is unable to provide that speed you need, then you may face trouble during riding. That’s why speed is really important for a caster board. You should choose a board that can provide you convenient speed whenever you need so that you can make your riding fun. And if you want to do tricks with your board, then you must have a board with good speed. Otherwise, you can’t perform as you desire.

Additional Features

Not only the key features, but you should also look after the additional features of a caster board while purchasing. Such as, if a board offers kick tail or kick nose, then go for that; because a board with kick tail or kick nose provides you more convenient support compared to another which doesn’t offer them. On the other hand, the weight of the board also a factor. As a beginner, it’s difficult for a rider to control the board. So, check out the weight before buying. If you’re a pro-level rider, then you can go for any board. But if you’re a newbie, then it’s a wiser decision to grab a lightweight one.
And finally, don’t forget to consider the design and color, because these are the facts that people notice first and they also disclose your personality. An attractive caster board also make you feel proud among your friend-circle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How fast does the electric Ripstik go?

– The top speed of the electric RipStik is not constant. They can significantly provide the speed you need during riding.

  • How to Ripstik?

– It’s as simple as skateboarding or snowboarding. You just need more practice to do more tricks while riding with a RipStik board.

  • How to ride a razor Ripstik?

– Riding a Razor RipStik is as like as snowboarding or skateboarding. Only you have some additional features and extra abilities in a Razor caster board, such as you can do more tricks with a Razor caster board.

  • How much does a Ripstik cost?

– The price of a RipStik may vary according to their models. But usually, you can get a RipStik under 100 bucks.

  • Who is it suitable for?

– The Razor RipStik is generally recommended for 8 years old and up. But a 7 years old kid also can ride it. But as it’s dangerous to learn, it’s wise to have for 8+ year’s kids. Additionally, it can hold up to 220 lbs. of weight so any adult can ride it easily too.

  • What is it made of? Plastic or metal?

This caster board is made from both metal and heavy-duty plastic. The decks of the board are made from rubber and plastic. And the decks are joined by a metal torsion bar. And the wheels are made from polyurethane materials.

  • Is the crowbar of the board rugged enough for frequent use?

– Yes, it is. You can use it frequently without any trouble, I hope.

  • Does it do well uphill?

– Not very well uphill. It performs great on flat surface and boarding places. This board isn’t recommended for uphill riding.

Watch Video: How To Ride A Ripstik

Final Words

Finally, we’re at the end of the Razor Ripstik electric review and hope we brought you a perfect review guide that can be helpful. Actually, this board is pretty good and nothing to worry about. Razor is a reputed and well-known brand and they produce quality products. And this board is already popular among people because of its excellent quality and awesome features. This caster board is perfect for both beginner and professional level rides. This board is made to perform and it never disappoints its rider. So, the decision is now in your hands. Good luck.

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