Segway ES1 is an eye-catching trick scooter that will steal your attention as soon as you see it on the road. Its design and features are somewhat whimsical, yet practical. Many consider this vehicle as an ideal alternative to motorcycles or cars when they want to travel a short distance.

The Segway ES1 is from the company’s KickScooter line and it comes with a number of exciting features. This Segway ES1 review explores the scooter as well as its features in detail so you can make a decision whether this incredible scooter is for you.

Before starting the Segway Ninebot es1 review, let’s have a look at some of the specs and features.

Specifications Of Segway ES1:

Features of Segway ES1:

Build Quality and Design

segway es1The design of this electric scooter makes it look clean and sleek. It comes without any excessive accessories that might make the scooter heavier or take up foot space. This allows riders to ride their scooter anywhere they want.

The frame of this sleek looking scooter is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and high-density polymer, so it is tough, but also lightweight which makes it easy to carry. It weighs just under 25 pounds and with the one-step folding system, you can easily fold it up and carry it on car, bus or other locations.

The build quality is pretty impressive and it has a rider weight limit of 220 pounds. The deck has an anti-slip grip that makes the deck feel nice and stable beneath your feet. It also has red reflector stripes to ensure the Segway is noticeable to other vehicles at night.

The scooter’s sleek black color ensures it appears sophisticated and is ideal for adults to carry around. The gray colored handlebars also help to maintain the overall adult feel.


The ES1 has decent power and will reach top speeds of 15mph thanks to the 300W motor. This also helps it to easily climb inclines of 10 degrees and navigate over various types of terrains. In a nutshell, you are not likely to face any problems due to a lack of power.

Charge and Miles on a Single Charge

The ES1 comes with a great battery that provides good mileage. A single charge can deliver up to 15.5 miles. This charge should be more than enough to cover short-distance travel and basic commutes.

As for charge time, it takes 3.5 hours to charge it from empty to full. That’s not bad at all for a folding electric scooter that delivers around 15.5 miles per charge. You can also add to the mileage with an additional battery. An extra battery means less wait time and more traveling distance. This is an excellent option for those who use their scooter frequently and travel a great distance on it.

However, even without the extra battery expansion, you can cover the considerable distance with the Segway ES1. Most people don’t go too far on this vehicle anyway, because using it for an extended period isn’t very comfortable and evidently takes more time than taking a motorcycle or car.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels of this scooter are made from durable rubber and are just about 8 inches in diameter. Their composition and size ensure an overall great riding experience and a high-level of comfort. The front wheel of the ES1 is equipped with heavy-coil suspension mechanism that ensures the rider has a smoother experience as there is less bouncing. The suspension absorbs most of the sharp movements and allows you to focus on enjoying the ride.

The design and setting of the wheel allow riders to have improved control over the balance, speed, and precision. The overall design makes the ride much easier and comfortable.

Control and Additional Features

segway es1 app
Segway ES1 Control Using App. Image Source: Amazon

The ES1 allows you to go or stop with the push of your thumb. With a single push of your thumb, you can control the speed of the scooter through digital controls located between the handlebars.

This point is easily visible and accessible, which improves the riding experience. Simply choose your preferred speed and you won’t have to maintain that speed manually. You don’t have to worry about keeping your foot on the accelerator paddle all the time to control the pace. Just have fun riding.

This scooter also has its own mobile app which allows you to customize your rides at your fingertips.

Another additional feature of Segway ES1 is the LED lights. They shed light on the road and make your scooter more visible to other vehicles or travelers.

This improves the overall safety of the ES1 and allows you to use this scooter in late evenings or early mornings without any fear of not being noticed.

And because of the lights, this scooter is also much safer for children, although it is important to keep an eye on kids when or if they are using this vehicle. And you shouldn’t allow your children to ride this scooter or anything for that matter, on a road with cars, motorcycles, and buses.

Braking System

segway es1 braking systemThe rear wheel features an anti-lock brake system that needs to be engaged manually. This requires some practice, but once you get used to it, riding becomes easy. Segway also has an electric brake system that gives you better-stopping ability. The advanced braking system makes this scooter an excellent safe ride. The Segway also comes with an alloy kickstand that you can easily engage with your foot.

Assembling the Segway ES1

The ES1 needs to be assembled before use, don’t be bothered, the assembly process isn’t too difficult. The manufacturer provides comprehensive instructions on the process and you can also look at some online videos to understand it properly.

The assembly process shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes if you read and properly follow the instruction.

Learning how to ride the scooter might require a few practice attempts, but it is quite easy to comprehend how it works, and then you can ride it comfortably.

Once you get the hang of the self-balancing techniques, your rides will be easy and smooth.

Now to go over the main points of this Segway ES1 review, let’s look at its pros and cons:


    • Sturdy construction
    • Rubber wheels and deck
    • A package containing various features
    • Cruise control
    • Anti-lock electrical and manual braking system
    • Overall excellent riding experience


    • Non-adjustable handlebar
    • Might a bit heavy for some users to carry

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Segway ES1 Review: FAQs

  • What kind of surfaces it can handle?

The ES1 offers the most comfortable ride on asphalt roads and paved concrete. However, you can also ride it on stone or brick road. The scooter is also rated for water safety, so you can ride it in wet or rainy conditions if necessary.

It will be best to avoid roads that are too harsh or damaged because it will be difficult to maintain a good balance on them. And of course, the overall riding experience will not be the best on those types of roads.

  • Who is the ES1 best suited for?

The Segway ES1 is a sturdy and safe scooter that can be used by users of different ages. This machine is suitable for children above the age of 12, teenagers as well as adults.

However, while it is designed for safety it can be risky if used recklessly. So if your child is liable to perform any kind of stunt with the ES1, it might be a good idea to wait a few years before buying one for them.

Final Thoughts

As you have read in this Segway ES1 review, this scooter has a lot of great features to offer. It has a digital control that makes riding it easy and the anti-slip deck makes for stable riding experience. With other various excellent features and specs, it will satisfy the casual riders as well as hardcore commuters. It also has a mobile app which also pretty easy to use. And while it may seem simple in design, it is surprisingly versatile. That’s it for this Segway ninebot ES1 review. We hope you have found it helpful.

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