Wheels are the most vital part of a skateboard. Good wheels make riding smooth and quick. Good wheels also help to play different kinds of tricks perfectly. So it is very important to choose good wheels for your skateboard. But choosing the right wheel for a skateboard is not an easy work. Shark wheels are quite different from a traditional circular shape. Shark wheels are composed of one or many three-dimensional sine waves. These are well-known wheels for skateboards, and these are used in various competitions around the world. So you can understand how capable these wheels are. I hope after reading this shark wheel review article, you will make your mind to buy shark wheels to get better service than many other wheels.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Review

The sidewinder formula is built for general purposes. But if you want to do free riding, sliding, etc., then these wheels won’t be your right choice.

Shark longboard wheels are the best when it is needed to be ridden on rough terrains. The shape of these wheels is like the shape of a shark’s jaw. That’s why it is named in this way. The sine wave shape of these wheels makes it easy to move around small pebbles, sand, water, and other debris.

Top 2 Best Shark Wheel Review

1. Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Shark wheel 60 mm 78a wheels are an excellent choice for skating on all kinds of terrains and for cruising and carving. They have good grips and good at gliding over bumps and cracks on the road.

Some pros and cons of these wheels are given below.


  • 60 mm diameter size
  • 78a durometer
  • 22.2 pounds weight
  • Easy to ride on any terrain
  • Use for riding on wet places.
  • Good grip quality
  • Polyurethane material makes the wheel strong and long-lasting.
  • Three times faster
  • Less friction feature
  • Has great stability
  • Used for professional riders
  • Two year warranty


  • Bearings are absent, unlike traditional wheels
  • Concave lips of the wheels are shallow

2. Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard wheels

Shark wheel 70 mm 78a wheels provide a great service to its users. You can get a set of four wheels after buying it. They have 70 mm diameter, which is big enough to offer smooth riding. You can ride on any terrain as your will.


  • 70 mm diameter
  • 78a durometer
  • Good and soft grip
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to ride on moist surfaces
  • Bigger deck
  • Sidewinder model
  • Can roll on any terrain
  • Runs smoothly on rough terrains
  • Perfect rain wheels
  • Long-lasting wheel
  • Pack of four wheels
  • Mostly used by professionals skaters
  • Durable
  • Good for cruising
  • Long-lasting
  • Provide smooth ride
  • Less friction


  • Slightly noisy because of its shape
  • A little slow on speed

Shark Wheels Features

Less Friction

Friction is caused when wheels come in contact with the ground. The more area of a wheel comes into contact with the ground, the more friction occurs, which thwarts the rider from smooth riding. Shark wheels provide 60% less friction than traditional wheels, which means shark wheels are better than traditional circular wheels in this aspect.

Long-lasting wheel

Shark wheels last longer. Shark wheel Electric Skateboard can last 15% longer when cruising, according to the manufacturers.

Higher Speed

Shark Wheels are faster than any other conventional skateboard. They have great speed because of their rolling resistance and reduced friction.

More Traction over Various Terrains

Shark Wheel company introduced a new wheel design that looks like a shark’s jaw. Their wheels have a sine wave shape, which helps to kick small objects, such as pebbles out of the way. They have such capability that helps to ride on any terrain, smooth or rough. These wheels also remain stable on wet surfaces.

Better Grip and Slide Control

Generally, traditional skateboards have one lip. On the contrary, Shark Wheels have three lips, which create spinning movement while sliding. This feature is also subject to their less surface area in contact with the ground, which reduces friction. By using Shark wheels, a rider can perform slides or other tricks. Shark wheels offer better grip control also because of their wide footprint shape. So shark wheels have better grip and slide control.

Unique Approach Angle

Shark wheels have another unique feature, which is having a unique 30-degree approach angle. This feature helps to reduce shock and deflects objects. They approach all obstacles at an angle without the need to turn the wheels, which is a great advantage.

Unique Design and Shape

Shark wheels have a unique design and look. They look like the jaw shape of a shark, which makes them different from other wheels. They are named in this way because of their shape. They also have graphics and/or piezoelectric lights in the deep grooves in the face of the wheels.

Wheel Range

There are a good number of wheels of the different range offers by Shark Wheel. They have different sizes and colors.


Diameter is the size of the wheel. You can buy a wheel from 60 mm to 70 mm. The wheels that are closer to 60 mm can accelerate faster but have less top speed. By using wheels closer to 70 mm, you can ride easily and speedily.


Durometer is the measure of the hardness of the wheel. Shark wheels have a durometer range from 78A to 80A. We all know that the lower the number of durometers, the softer the wheel is. Softer wheels are good to ride on rough terrain, while harder wheels are faster in speed.

What we like?

  • Unique shape and design make people convince to choose shark wheel
  • The grooves and lips on the wheels make them good in grip and slide riding and help to cruise over rocks, stones, and other debris
  • Shark wheels are good at riding on any terrain and also on a wet surface
  • Shark wheels are not so expensive.

The Bad?

  • For cruising, a large regular wheel with a soft durometer is more capable than shark wheels.
  • For downhill skating, shark wheels are still not so suitable

Are they faster than normal wheels?

Yes, they are faster than normal wheels because of their shape, which allows them a smaller contact patch.

Performance in the Rain

Shark wheels allow liquid, sand, or gravel to pass around the wheel. The grooves on the wheels help funnel out the water from underneath the wheels. So shark wheels are helpful for skating in the rain. This is one of the main advantages of shark wheels.

Downhill Performance

Their downhill performance is not likely to despond you. They are almost like regular wheels in downhill performance, but they are not the best option for downhill.

Who should buy Shark Wheels?

Those who will ride on rough terrain should buy shark wheels. These wheels have good grips and slide control. They roll a bit faster than ordinary wheels. So those who need fast rides can buy it.


I hope the shark wheel review will be helpful for our readers so that they can buy perfect wheels for them according to their necessity.

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