Action sports have thrilling excitement with amusing experiences. Among the elaborate sports list, skateboarding and rollerblading seem almost the same in terms of activities. Both of them include the movement of balancing on the wheels. Skateboarding is a great way of traveling on the surfaces around here and there.

While skateboarding, the riders move the board which is attached to the wheels. So, the riding movement can be controlled by using the feet. Whereas, rollerblading is a wonderful action sport for keeping you healthy and fit. The boards are relatively cheap and manoeuvrable. Even, rollerblading can be performed effectively on hard surfaces. Let’s have a look at today’s post about skateboarding vs rollerblading.

In rollerblading, you need to control two wheelsets. Some are not firmly attached to the board. They have wheels like shoes which are fitted strongly to the feet. The shoes always stay attached to your feet while moving. In skateboards, neither your body nor the feet are physically attached to the board.

Generally, roller skates have four wheels in total. Two wheels are situated at the front and two remains at the back. These wheels maintain balance of the wheel’s placement to allow easy driving. As a beginner, it may difficult to start the rollerblade. Gradually, you will find it interesting with increasing the speed limit.

Simply, skateboarding is rolling as well as pushing at the same time. It is not possible to measure the comforts of it by taking a single look. In comparison with rollerblading, you find skateboarding is easy to use. Also, the skateboard provides more balance rather than the rollerblades. But, it is difficult to stop the skateboards.

Conversely, rollerblading deals perfectly with curbs and thumps. Another major difference between them is that rollerblading has brakes but skateboarding doesn’t. So, if you want to jump, you will hit badly. However, roller skating brakes can be used anytime you need them. Similarly, you may have a hard time controlling the skateboard whenever you are on the sidewalks. We will find out more about skateboarding vs rollerblading in the below.

Skateboard Classification

Based On The Skateboarding Operating Methods

Electric Skateboards: The electric skateboard category is a self-explanatory title. It operates electrically with a motor that is attached to the skateboard. You only need to get connected with electrical power and then recharge the battery of your skateboard. Presumably, all the skateboards will be conducted by the electric energy in the future world.

Non-Electric Skateboards: Non-electric skateboard is the traditional one that operates without any motor. The deck moves with the rider’s push. Also, the wheels will roll over the surfaces or terrain smoothly. Moreover, we get further classification on the basis of the deck. You will find these varieties available in the skate market.

Based On The Skateboarding Size And Shape

Shortboard Skateboards: Shortboards are very popular due to their agility, flexibility and comfortness. You can perform various tricks with the shortboard. We call it a shortboard for having a small-sized deck. Versions like mini skateboard, double-kick popsicle skateboards and old school skateboards are different types of shortboards.

Longboards: As the name tells, longboards are elongated skates in which the lengthy decks provide easy riding control. The board has been featured with smooth wheels. They help to roll over in the roads easily. Hence, the longboards are sub-categorized into two patterns such as classic and downhill longboards.

Safety Measures

  • Always wear protective gear like a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads.
  • While riding the skateboard, sturdy shoes should be used.
  • Try to avoid skating in the traffic.
  • Never hold any moving vehicles.
  • For a beginner, a short-decked board is suitable.


  • Skateboarding is more comfortable and easy to learn.
  • The rider can easily jump off in case of any obstacle.
  • Skateboarding never worn like rollerblading.
  • Time-saving tricks and different riding styles can be accomplished smoothly.


  • On the flat surfaces, it requires more energy to push for moving forward.
  • Not have a greater brake system.

Rollerblades Classification

Recreational Rollerblades: Recreational rollerblade is one of the most known types which is designed for usual skaters. It provides stability and comforts which gives the rider a great amount of amusement. Usually, the build material varies, but the rollerblade consists of solid boot construction. It gives the riders adequate ankle support. Besides, you will be more breathable.

Fitness Rollerblades: These rollerblades are particularly designed for ice hockey players and fitness training. Fitness rollerblades are appropriate for the rides who want to get the benefits of physical activities. To make a desirable shape, regular fitness rollerblading will help you tremendously. Additionally, they provide more performance rather than the recreational rollerblades. For burning calories and losing weight, grab the fitness rollerblade.

Speed Rollerblades: Speed rollerblade is ideal to travel long distances at high speeds. Commonly, marathon enthusiasts love to skate to a competitive extent. These rollerblades feature the stiff construction which provide the user optimal power. Also, low cutting design will allow you to embrace a complete motion range. For a serious skater, this one is the best choice.

Urban Rollerblades: Urban rollerblades are the latest rollerblades in the market. Gradually, they have gained huge popularity among the customers within a very short period. Sometimes, they are called street rollerblades. They have similarity with the recreational rollerblades in terms of wheel setup and bearing. For rollerblading on the street, urban rollerblades will fulfil your desire.

Safety Measures

  • They also require protective gear like skateboarding.
  • Maintain a nice speed to ride in an absolute control way.
  • Roller Skating can be performed safely at an outdoor or indoor skate park.
  • While riding, appropriate shoes should be used to avoid any hazards.


  • Rollerblading is easier to prevail over the obstacles.
  • They have brakes to minimize potential accidents.
  • You will face the commensurate direction while moving.
  • Rollerblades have promising safety.


  • Fewer riding styles and tricks.

Let’s Wrap Up

About skateboarding vs rollerblading, this is a regular dilemma to select one from them. Simply, it depends on your personal preference and taste.

Nevertheless, prefer to perform skating with various styles, the skateboard will impress you. But, rollerblading is the right choice for occasional riders.

Skateboards are built with smooth boards where wheels are attached to the base of the other parts. The rollerblades are built with boots. They provide support for ankles. Let’s grab your one accordingly!


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