6KU fixie bikes are ideal for urban cyclists who are looking for an affordable bike for leisure rides and short commutes. These bikes ride well, look good, and feature flip-flop hubs.

These bikes offer reliability, quality, comfort, control, and everyday practicality.  Basically, they offer a bunch of great features which you will find out in this 6KU bike reviews. Here we will describe the key features of these particular models and tell you what are the things you should look for when shopping for a bicycle.

Top 2 Best 6KU Bike Reviews 2023

1. 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Track Bike

The 6KU Aluminum model is an excellent bike that comes with urban track features for use in both adventure rides and racing. Its frame is made of Aluminum and it weighs only 28 pounds. In simple words, it is a very lightweight bike and you can easily carry it when you want or need to.

The fork measures 1-1/8-inch, which is perfect for both jungle and city routes. Its welding is of excellent quality. It is welded as such that you can wipe your fingers through on the joints without feeling a bump.

This 6KU model comes with a flip-flop hub, providing you with the option to enjoy both fixed-gear and Freewheel riding. To change from Freewheel to fixed, all you have to do is loosen both of the bolts, then take the chain off and flip it over to the fixed side. Put the chain back around it and tighten the bolts up. That’s how easy it is to go from Freewheel to fixed-gear riding.

This 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle uses the rising handlebar for easy and quick maneuverability. It also comes with 30mm deep V double-wall alloy wheels and 700 x 25 tires which are tough enough for everyday use on-road tracks. It features both front and rear brakes, providing you with easy and quick stopping irrespective of your pedaling speed. These caliper brakes are durable and easy to replace during maintenance.

For the size, it is available in dimensions of 55cm, 52cm, 49cm, and 47cm only. So you are most likely to find the one that matches your height. You are also not deprived of choice when choosing the color to fit your style as it comes in three different colors: Tennis Ball Yellow, Shadow Black, and Crisp White.

Assembling of the bike is pretty is easy with distinctive markings on the parts that provide exact clues for alignment. The pedals are nice and wide, allowing you to maximize your performance. These pedals allow you to get on and off your bike very easily without any hassle. It has enough room for your foot and you can also have the straps attach to these pedals for better grip. But using the straps is also dangerous as you won’t be able to get off your bike in case of an accident.

The seat of this bike is adjustable so you can set the ideal riding height for your posture. However, you might find the cushions on the saddle somewhat uncomfortable, but it won’t be an issue since you can easily replace it.

As you have already read in this 6ku urban track bike review that the 6KU has done a great job with this bike. It is one of the best models on the market and it’s highly rated by the users. It’s durable, affordable, lightweight and very efficient.


    • Precise weld and solid build
    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • Freewheel and fixed gear options
    • Easily removable front and rear brakes
    • Adjustable seat
    • Aesthetically appealing colors
    • Easy to assemble


    • More or less comfortable seat
    • Pedals are not of the best quality

2. 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

This is another high-quality bike from 6KU Company at a very affordable rate. As the name implies, it has a single gear, which means you can spend more time riding without worrying about gear maintenance.

Unlike our previous pick which has an aluminum frame, this one has steel frame and fork which is ideal for driving on rough terrains. With its comfortable steel frame and fork paired with relaxed geometry, you don’t have to worry about rough rides. Its classic tubing and smooth welds highlight your style without you having to try.

This one also features the flip-flop hub like the previous one. By flipping the wheel in the frame, you can effectively change whether your bicycle coast or not. It puts your legs in constant control. You can ride the streets fixed like the urban hustlers or sail through your every day adventures Freewheeled, coasting and pedaling at your will.

This 6KU model combines the stopping power of the two brakes, allowing you to ride with confidence. In addition, the build of the brakes allows you to remove without using any specialized tools.

Although it uses a synthetic leather saddle which is more durable, you might feel uncomfortable on it. The 27.2 mm seat post with 31.8 mm post clamp gives you a stable and secure base for the saddle to give you a safe ride.

You will like the 30mm alloy wheels that make this bike light to handle. The double wall construction increases the durability of the wheels system and offers cushioning for your rides. You will like the 700 X 25C tires, which add very little weight to the bike and keeps long rides enjoyable.

The plush handlebar grips provide comfort and better control as you steer. The wide and low handlebar setup allows you nimble control, yet with a casual, laidback riding position, so you can maintain a comfortable posture while looking ahead to your every move. It’s easy and quick to assemble and you get all the required tools to build your bike.

This one offers sizes 49cm/ small to 58cm/ X-large. And of course, you can be very picky about color with this model. You can choose from 11 eye-catching color combinations. So it is very unlikely you won’t find the one that suits your style.

This 6KU bike is one of the top-rated single speed bikes that you can get for the money. It is classic and easy to maintain.


    • Durable steel frame and fork
    • Flip flop hub
    • Easily removable brakes
    • Leather saddle
    • High-quality aluminum components


    • A tiny issue with the seat

Fixed Gear Bike Buying Guide

There are many fixie bikes being sold everywhere, each promising a slightly better or different experience. The key is to know what exactly you are looking for. In conjunction with this, you will need to consider certain factors.


The initial thing to consider with a fixie is its components. Consider whether you want a more lightweight frame for more comfort, such as aluminum or a more robust frame for more durability, such as steel or carbon fiber. You should also consider the durability and comfort of components such as handlebars and the saddle.

All of the components make a difference in riding, but some are more important than the others. For example, choosing between steel and aluminum is perhaps very crucial to the bike ride you enjoy when all is said and done, but the slightly smaller wheel and tire may not have as large of an affect. Below are some of the features that are most important to think about.

Flip-Flop Hub

The flip-flop hub is what allows your bike to be both fixed gear and single-speed depending on your needs. This hub comes with cog on both sides. One of them is a fixed gear cog, while the other is a single-speed freewheel. The latter allows you to coast around, while a swap can quickly turn it into a fixie.

Fork and Frame

The fork and frame should be considered in regard to their shape and geometry as this will affect the riding experience. Commuter and road frames have a more upright position while racing designs put you in a position where you lean forward.

  • Many aluminum frames offer the best shock absorption and they are also lightweight. Aluminum frames are likely to be the most affordable option and they resist corrosion and rust as well.
  • While steel fixie bikes are heavier, they are much stronger than aluminum. This allows you to have a comfortable, smooth ride every time. However, corrosion and rust can occur if you leave your bike out in the elements.
  • The highest-grade bikes tend to use carbon fiber components. This is lightweight like aluminum while also quite sturdy like steel. As you might have understood, the combination of those two means this is the most expensive frame type.


6ku bike handle barSingle-speed bikes and fixies often come with shorter and flatter handlebars than other bikes. However, there are a few options to decide from, including the following:

  • Bullhorns – Bullhorns are usually featured on mustache/riser or flat bars. They have perpendicular handle that you can grip while leaning forward. They are intended for going fast or racing.
  • Drop Bar – This kind of bar gives an aerodynamic ride in a lowered position if you like that sort of riding.
  • Flat Bars – Most single speed bikes come with this type of bar. Flat bars are ideal for the cyclist who wants a more upright riding position. Generally, this is considered to be more comfortable. Flat bars are also great for those who ride off-road, through areas that require frequent tight turns or through a lot of stop-and-go traffic.
  • Rise Bar – Risers are rather uncommon with a single speed or fixed bike, but variations are more common. They are essentially flat bars that rise from the center clamp area.

Wheels and Tires

6ku bike wheelThe size of the tire can differ between a fixie and a single-speed bike. Commonly, fixie bike uses 700c tires. Mostly, fixies come with the thinner end of tires. Single-speed bikes use a lot of variation in tire widths, as many riders prefer a wider tire to take on a rougher terrain while riding.


Single-speed and fixie will feature both the front and rear brakes. Many fixed-gear riders prefer to remove the brakes for aesthetics, lighter weight, and the activity of control in using their legs for both braking and pedaling.


Be sure to choose the size of the bike that suits your size. The good thing is that most of the best fixed speed bikes on the market come in several sizes.

Skill Level

If you have never ridden a single-speed before, you may end up hurting yourself. Your best choice is to invest on a single-speed bike that has flip-flop hub. This allows you to change from single-speed freewheel to fixie.


6ku bike seatFixed gear and single-speed bikes feature changing seat, but mostly use a swept and narrow seat. But if you prefer better comfort you should look for a seat with more padding. If you will be riding for hours for every day, choose one with springs since they provide better cushioning against road bumps.


Flat pedals are most common among single-speed and fixie bikes. There are many types of pedals available to a cyclist. While flat ones are easier and simple to use, clipless one offers better control, yet tricky for beginners. Also, the pedals should be from durable and high-quality materials.


  • Why should I buy a 6KU bike?

These bikes sell themselves. They have aesthetic appeal, magnificent braking system, beautiful color options, quality weld and they are lightweight as well as affordable.

  • Do these bikes come with both front and back brakes?

Yes, these fixies include both front and rear brakes.

  • Do these bicycles come with flip-flop hub?

Yes, both of the bicycles feature flip-flop hubs.


This 6KU bike reviews described two bicycle models that comes with some great features. There is really not much to complain about when it comes to these excellent rides. They are durable and lightweight, these products can handle urban environment pretty well. They are made of high-quality materials, and both of them have flip-flop hub for versatility. Assembling them is also very easy. So now it all depends on your choice, which one of these two would you like to ride?

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