There is so much that comes with getting the best skateboarding experience than just pushing, rolling, balancing, pushing, turning, or even stopping. The truth is for any boarder to fancy their experience once they have mastered the sport, they will want to get to the pro level.

For skateboarders, this is the dream come true. It is the level when your skill explodes, and you learn the ability to take some of the most awesome skateboarding tricks on your board. Skateboarding tricks will also depend on a number of factors including riding style.

Since most tricks are hard to take, it requires practice, patience, and the right skateboard wheels too. Nonetheless, there are a number of beginner skateboard tricks that every rider should try sometime. In this post, I list some of them so you can look them up too and have a go.

Read on.

1. Ollie

This is the lowest of all the skateboarding tricks that I know of. Anyone can attempt an Ollie for the first time and nail it. To do an Ollie, simply follow these tips.

skateboard ollie

  • Ride your skateboard downward
  • Allow the skateboard to gain speed a little
  • As the board moves kick its tail downwards while you jump
  • This should make the skateboard to pop into the air

Now that’s an Ollie.

2. Ollie-North


Ollie-North is a simple modification of the Ollie. While in the previous style the board pops as you jump into mid-air with all feet, in North-Ollie you will take only the front foot out onto the mid-air as the board pops.

3. Nollie

Skateboard Nollie

This is basically the opposite of the Ollie. It is a little trick and might need more concentration for many riders. Personally, it took me quite a while to nail it.

With the Nollie, the skateboarder pushes the skateboard’s nose down using his front foot so that the back foot slides in to achieve a smooth lift of the board off the ground. After which the board goes back to its original position once again and rides forward.

4. No Comply


I wouldn’t suggest that you do the No-Comply without the help of a pro. Literally, this trick needs more insight. Nonetheless, it isn’t impossible.

In this case, you will use your back knee to pop your skateboard into mid-air and allow your front foot to get planted on the ground for some time.

5. Heel Flip

Heel Flip is one of the most awesome aerial skateboarding tricks that you can do anytime. It involves kicking out on the front of the board so that the board flips at 36 degrees on its axis while you jump mid-air.

It is really fun and has a combination of a few other moves including the Ollie. If you want to have fun this is the trick.

6. Inward Heel Flipping

This is the basic Heel Flip with a simple modification to it. In this case, the skateboard rotates around simultaneously on its vertical axis and also horizontal axis too.

7. Kick-Flip

This move combines a few other basic moves with the board. You will do an Ollie while kicking your foot out and at the same time flip the board at 360 degrees on the axis with your toes. This sends the skateboard spinning all the way before you catch it and land back to a starting position.

8. Grinds

I believe you have seen skaters jumping on staircase rails with their boards before sliding down the rail…that’s what we call grinding. Personally, I don’t fancy grinds. However, for the dare devils, you need to slide along any object with your skateboard trucks rather than its wheels. It can be on a rail, corner stone, or down a staircase.

9. Blunt-Fakie

This is a cool trick for the mini-pipe. Your skateboard goes all the way an edge (of a coping, slab, small cliff, etc.) before momentarily resting on its back trucks for a short time and then sliding back or climbing the groove.

10. Board Slide

I have always said that the Board Slide is a simple twist to the Grind. Only that in this case, the skateboarder rides on top of the rail with their chest and toes facing the object. It is tricky and needs so much caution.

11. Fakie Big Spin

Many people often wonder how to Fakie Big Spin in the best way. I did. It is simple really. All you have to do is to create the perfect combination between the big spin and the kick flip but this time in a Fakie Position.

12. Fakie Heel Flip

In this case, you must learn how to Heel Flip on regular stance and how to ride a Fakie before you can combine both tricks in the same move. At first, it might feel pretty hard, but once you get the groove on, you will love it.

13. Front Side Pop Shove It

This is the one mouthful trick. To nail it though, you need to always scoop forward your back foot and allow it to rotate the board in the other (opposite) direction as you go ahead and then pop it.

14. Wall-Ride

Wallride is more complicated than other tricks that I have mentioned. It needs the confidence to get on it and nail it.

To wall-ride

  • Place your feet on both ends of your deck
  • Raise up the board’s node when coming close to the wall.
  • As your skate closes into the wall
  • Let your back face the wall
  • Direct the skate up and down in an arc movement.
  • Raise the nose
  • Slide down easily.

This is not quite one of the beginner skateboard tricks and should only go for expert skateboarders same to this next one.

15. Axle Stall

Axle Stall needs a few other skills to it. First, you will require the right amount of speed. Then you need to ride up a mini ramp. As you near the top of the ramp you will then turn into the backside to set the axles of your skateboard on the coping of the ramp.

Then not so quick; once you do that, you will take a pause and lean back into this ramp before turning your lead shoulder and riding away. All these should be done in a split of a second really, and that’s where the skill comes knocking on the door – axle stall.

Watch Video: 10 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks

FAQs: Beginner Skateboard Tricks

What skateboard is best for beginners?

Skateboards that are easy to control and which are slightly wide will be the best for beginners. They are also good if you are looking at starting on cool skateboard tricks for beginners as they are stable for quick balancing tricks.

What is the coolest skateboard trick?

That will depend on a personal view and what you actually desire out of your skateboarding experience. In my case, the front side pop shove it has always been my best pick. It is simple and really cool.

What are the names of skateboard tricks?

Skateboard tricks come with different names like you can see from our basic skateboard tricks list up here.

How do you jump on a skateboard for beginners?

That’s like doing the Ollie. Simply ride your skateboard downward, allow the skateboard to gain speed a little, and as the board moves kick its tail downwards while you jump. This should make the skateboard to pop into the air.

What’s the hardest skateboard trick?

The Axle Stall is a little more complicated because it needs you to combine a few other skills to nail it including the right amount of speed and knowing how to ride up the ramp. Leaning back into the ramp once you take a pause also needs great mastery. And here is the hardest part, all these must be within a split of a second.

What size skateboard should I get?

Your preferred size of skateboard will depend on the riding style that you want to go with and possibly your level of skills. If you are just starting out, then a larger and wider board will make do as you learn the balancing techniques.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

The best skateboards that will easily help you with cool skateboard tricks for beginners can be very pricey. However, you should be able to get some great boards for about 200USD. And if you are ready to throw in a few dollars more you could get an amazing feat.

How do I choose a skateboard deck?

Choosing a skateboard deck will depend on your weight, riding skills, your basic skateboard tricks list, and possibly how much money you have to spend. Just make sure you have something that is durable, strong, and which can fit you easily.


What I have given you here are some of the most basic skateboarding tricks. Anyone can try them really. However, if you want to win every skateboarding challenge that you get to, you might need to learn many other sophisticated pro tricks.

Even so, this post provides one of the best springboards ever. Therefore, I suggest mastering these tricks first before you even think of trying the more sophisticated moves. Just remember to get a well-rounded trainer who has the right experience.

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