Inline skates, or rollerblades, are a great way to get around town, or just have some fun. But with so many brands and models on the market, it can be tough to know which ones to buy.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best inline skates:

Size: Inline skates come in different sizes, so make sure to measure your foot before you buy. You want the skate to fit snugly, but not be too tight.

Wheels: The size of the wheels on your skates will affect how fast you can go and how smoothly you can ride. Generally, larger wheels are better for speed, while smaller wheels are better for maneuverability.

Brake: Most inline skates have a brake on the right skate, which you can use to slow down or stop. If you plan on doing any tricks or jumps, look for skates with a removable brake.

Support: If you have any problems with your feet or ankles, make sure to get skates with good support. This will help prevent injuries.

Comfort: Inline skating can be tough on your feet, so make sure to get skates that are comfortable. If you can, try them on before you buy.

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the best inline skates on the market:

Top 8 Best Inline Skates Reviews For 2023

1. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Fitness Inline Skates

For the very first best inline skates, let’s look at the Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Fitness Inline Skates.

Honestly speaking, I have seen many pro-riders breathing fires on these skates. The skates come in black and red color and are some of the best performing skates in the Skate market. They are top gear for pro riders but also double up as best inline skates for beginners.

Supportive Shell

First, Rollerblade Zetrablade offers a formidable skating structure. The features one of the best-integrated shell systems. The system offers a lower center of gravity and ensures that you are stable and therefore immune to falls even on higher speeds.

That’s why these skates are good for riders who are just starting out. Apart from providing stability and resistance, a lower center of gravity allows you to have better balance as a beginner too.

And to make the shell much more functional, Zetrablade uses lateral support technology the gives riders the best ankle support and a better way for fast skills progress.

Unique Comfort

In addition to a reliable structure, Zetrablade uses additional lining and padding for internal cushioning. This technology gives riders a soft landing, which makes inline skating quite enjoyable.

Secure Closure

Even so, many users have attested to how good the skates close. They use the buckle and strap mechanism for secure closure. The system allows you properly fasten your feet in the skates. Thankfully, it is very easy to use.

Buckle and strap system is very commendable because once it secures the feet, it also pulls your heels to the back of the boots. And to maximize on the performance, Zetrablade uses a cuff to support your lower leg and to provide the ideal forward flex and lateral support.

Perfect Ride

Finally, Zetrablade uses 80mm wheels. The wheels are always paired with the SG5 bearings for maximum performance and to suit the beginner and the intermediate rider. This flawless combination of the wheel size and also the bearing provides the smoothest glide.


    • Monocoque frame
    • Integrated shell systems
    • Lateral support technology
    • Lining and padding
    • Buckle and strap
    • 80mm wheels
    • SG5 bearings


    • Maximizes comfort
    • Provides secure closure
    • Ideal for all types of riders
    • Very stable even on high speed
    • Easy to control


    • Catches dirt easily
    • Requires replacement of wheels if worn out

Verdict: Zetrablade Inline Skates are best for pro riders. However, they are also super cool for entry-level skaters who want to progress very first. Spend on them if you plan on taking the sports further than just a joy ride.

2. K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Men’s Inline Skates

Another best inline skates for fitness is the K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Men’s Inline Skates. These skates will harness the kinetic energy for the toughest rides. They also have some of the best features that maximize the type of skating experience that you will get.

Soft Boot Technology

For starters, the k2 fit 80 uses the Soft Boot Technology. This technology provides a soft lining and landing space for your feet. It maximizes comfort and prevents any form of strain upon your feet.

The Softboot mechanism also gives the boots an ultra-light touch on top of the breathable comfort.  It is a great way to have lighter and super-fast rides any time.

Stability Plus Cuff

Many users don’t seem to worry about stability when it comes to these boots. They are right. These inline skates use Stability Plus Cuff Technology which makes the boots easy to control. It also stabilizes them so you don’t have to worry about falling over on high speeds or when taking curves.

Hook and Loop Strap

For a safe strapping, K2 Skate Kinetic 80 also uses a hook and loop strap technology around the ankle.  The system ensures the boots are properly fastened around your ankle. It also combines with the stability cuff to provide the best control.

Composite Construction

And to provide you with the best balance, smooth ride, and quick response, you have a composite construction on the frame. The construction is also ideal for high-end durability and eventual longevity. The frame is good at absorbing vibrations and in providing the smoothest rides.

Wheel Size and Bearings

Like the other best men’s inline skates that we saw, this one also has an 80mm wheel. The wheel durometer is 80a and works best for even the fastest riders. It also uses the ABEC 5 bearings to provide a smooth ride.


    • F B I Composite Frame
    • Stability Plus Cuff
    • ABEC 5 bearings
    • 80mm wheel
    • 80a wheel durometer
    • K2 Speed Lacing
    • Soft Boot Technology
    • Hook and Loop Strap


    • Easy to wear and remove
    • Formidable strapping around the ankle
    • Composite and durable frame
    • Best for the fastest rides
    • Quick response at high speeds
    • Best for bends and sloppy rides


    • Wheels wear out with time
    • Takes a little longer to set up upon buying

Verdict: Buy the K2 Kinetic Inline Skate 80 if you need a soft landing and an extra light touch. They are also best for fast pro-riders who don’t want to be held back.

3. Bladerunner Pro XT by Rollerblade

If you are a lady, you should love the Bladerunner Pro XT by Rollerblade Advantage Women’s Fitness Inline Skate.

The Advantage Pro XT for Women is not only the best inline skates for beginners but also a reliable design for pro skaters. It has some of the best features and awesome technologies for every type of skater.

Compact Shell

Most regular skates don’t support your feet well. However, these skates are designed with that in mind.

They come with a unique structure that has been designed with an awesome lateral support system. This makes the rollerblade advantage pro xt skate’s structure one of the best when you want a cool inline learning skate.

Soft Padding

More importantly, these best women’s inline skates also have one of the coolest paddings. Set in the form of a liner, the paddings ensure that the skates provide a soft landing for your feet. They also maximize the breathability of the skates.

Perfect Closure

And for a formidable closure system, these skates use the buckle and power-strap system to secure your feet up to the ankles. They also add a lacing technology to maximize the support on the closure.

This is very helpful for skaters who are still learning. It not only provides the perfect fit, but also the support required to maximize the performance of the skates.

Integrated Frame

Like the previous inline skate that we saw for men, this one also has a composite frame. The frame has the shell integration that provides it with a lower center of gravity even at high speeds. This gives the perfect tweak of stability and additional durability.

Wheels and Bearings

For these inline skates, an 80mm set of wheels is used. The wheels come with an ABEC 7 set of bearings and the two provide the perfect combination for smooth rolling. They allow you to work with lesser effort even on the toughest rides.


    • 80mm wheels
    • ABEC 7 bearings
    • Shell integration
    • Buckle and power-strap system
    • Lacing technology
    • Paddings/ Internal lacing
    • Lateral support system


    • Very light in weight/ Very portable
    • Easy to use on high speed and corners
    • Gives the best structure for practice
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Easy to clean when dirty
    • Best for those on a budget


    • Not ideal for male skaters
    • Needs practice before use

Verdict: Bladerunner Pro XT is the best women’s inline skates. It is best for all types of riders and offers the perfect combination of bearings and wheels for the right glide.

4. K2 Skate Vo2 90 Pro Women’s Inline Skates

Apart from being one of the best inline skates, the K2 Skate Vo2 90 Pro Women’s Inline Skates is built for the sporting woman. It is the best inline skates for hockey and any woman will get the best experience while riding on them.

Ventilation Technology

The k2 vo2 90 pro women’s skates feature the best ventilation system. The ventilation system is known as the Vortech Ventilation System. The system has been designed to maximize on the feet breathability. It is best at keeping the feet dry and at cool temperatures irrespective of the sports activity.

Speed Lacing System

In addition to the ventilation system, this model of the best K2 skates also uses a speed lacing technology. This is super cool for pro riders. It makes it easy for them to fine-tune the skates for a perfect fit.

Buckle and Loop

More importantly, there is also a buckle and loop technology that has been improvised to make the cinch system to work better. It maximizes the strength of the strapping and secures the boot around your feet.

V02.2 Skate Frame

Apart from these, there is also the V02.2 Skate Frame. This frame is made out of a reliable metal alloy. The alloy is long-lasting and more importantly, resistant to fast rates of wear and tear. It is also designed to provide the perfect support of every type of surface.

Wheel and Bearings

To provide you with a smooth roll and the right glide, these inline skates have also been designed with the best wheel sizes and bearings. The wheels have a 90mm diameter and a hardness of 83a. They are set on the ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings and both systems work best to provide a flawless glide.

Cuff Technology

The Vortech CUFF technology is also a plus for this model. It is a great technology that gives a seamless balance and combination of speed and stability. It maximizes the amount of support that this skate provides and limits any chances of falling.


    • Vortech CUFF technology
    • ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings
    • 90mm diameter
    • 83a hardness
    • 2 Skate Frame
    • Buckle and Loop
    • Ventilation system
    • Speed Lacing System


    • Seamless balance
    • Combination of speed and stability
    • Maximizes the amount of support
    • Provide a flawless glide
    • Resistant to fast rates of wear and tear
    • Best at keeping the feet dry


    • Hard to remove dirt
    • Shallow user manual

Verdict: V02 90 Pro best inline skate is for the fitness skater who is looking to progress to the “bigger wheel league” and the top speeds. It is best for beginners and also those who are looking to enjoy themselves.

5. Rollerblade 84W Macroblade Alu

Finally, on the women’s category, one of the best inline skate reviews that we will look at is the Rollerblade 84W Macroblade Alu 2016 Skate review.

These inline skates for women have lots of cool features. The features are designed to leave the users in a comfortable position and with no strain at all.

They are designed to provide a fast glide, smooth roll, and flawless performance on any type of surface that you choose to ride on.

Metallic Alloy Frame

To begin with, the rollerblade macroblade 84 womens skates use a metallic alloy frame. The frame is forged from aluminum and is one of the benefits that this model offers. The best thing about this frame is the durability and also the lightness. It gives the skates a light touch that makes them super-fast.

Ideal Set of Wheels

Combines with a frame that transfers energy down to the system properly, the 84mm wheels that these skates come with is good. They provide the best grip and will easily leave you with great control.

More importantly, they can easily accelerate to the highest speeds in no time. That’s why they are best for sports, workout, and any other recreational needs.

Internal Lining

Again, Rollerblade 84W Macroblade comes with a liner in the inside. The liner not only provides the best padding but also gives you the softest landing space for your feet. It uses the Form 5 Star Fit Technology which helps to get a perfect comfort and fit for your foot.

High Cuff System

That’s not all. Even better, the designers of these skates have also employed a high cuff system. This translates too much support for your feet. It allows your rear feet to rest squarely on the back and remain stable through the ride.

Buckle and Strap

The cuff system also enjoys a buckle and strap system that enables you to properly secure your feet. It is best for strapping the boot up to the ankle and will prevent you from any twisting along the ride.


    • Rollerblade Macroblade
    • 84mm Wheel Diameter
    • Buckle and Strap
    • High Cuff System
    • Form 5 Star Fit Technology
    • Internal Lining
    • Aluminum frame inline skate


    • Best skates for recreational use
    • Superior comfort and feel
    • Ultra-Light in weight
    • Easy to carry around
    • Easy to use/ wear and remove


    • Feels very light
    • Doesn’t have a longer loop

Verdict: The Macroblade 84 Inline Skates are known to provide one of the best performances as a recreational skate. It provides much more than just a cruise and therefore can be used for fitness or workout routines.

6. XinoSports Kid’s Inline Roller Skates

Now for the best kids inline skates and let’s start with the XinoSports Kid’s Inline Skates. The skates come with a cool design that motivates the kids to embrace this adrenaline filling sports fast.

For starters, it comes with a lit up illuminating wheels. The touch is super cool and will motivate your little angels to rock their gears and rush down the alley. The wheels are also splashed with a variety of colors that make them pop out.

Illuminating Wheels

Like I have mentioned, these skates come with illuminating wheels. It has a bright LED lighting touch that’s super cool for indoor activities and for skating rinks. The LED lights sparkle bright to leave the numerous colors with an awesome touch.

Adjustable Size

In addition to the LED lighting, these skates offer a super fit adjustable size. In short, you don’t have to worry about your kid outgrowing the skates. The technology used here allows them to use the skates even if their foot grew more.

All you need to do is to open the skate’s outer strappings and then press an inbuilt blue button located along the sides of the boot to get your perfect fit.

3 Part Closure

The closure system is also quite interesting. It is a three-set system that uses lever buckles and velcro straps to provide your kid with tight closure. In addition to that, there are also a set of laces that enables the kids to easily wear and remove the skates by themselves.

Designed for Comfort

Again, these skates are designed with ankle support. In the inside is foam lining that’s very soft. It is designed with quality material and awesome workmanship. This provides the kids with a soft landing and no pain at all. This makes them one of the best adjustable inline skates.

Durable Frame

Nonetheless, this cool design just doesn’t end there. Indeed, the boot also has a formidable frame. The frame is rugged and comes readily supported with high-end heavy plastics.

The plastic can withstand a lot of things including cracks, fading, breakages, or any form of bending.

In addition, the frame is also attached with strong metallic rivets and are stitched together to act as one.

Wide Age Bracket

More importantly, you will find that the skates are good for your kid as they can grow with them. Its four-stage adjustment supports kids from the age of 5-20. That’s why they are superior and more commendable.


    • 70mm Wheel Diameter
    • 82A Durometer
    • LED lights on Wheels
    • ABEC-7 bearings
    • 3 Part Closure
    • Velcro straps
    • Lever buckles


    • Easy to wear
    • Adjustable
    • Affordable
    • Best for both girls and boys
    • Stylish


    • Might feel slightly heavy when starting
    • Wheels will wear off with time

Verdict: Great for motivating kids if you want them to embrace inline skating. They are cool and will draw the kids really fast to the sport and regularly help them to engage in various outdoor activities.

7. Rollerblade Spitfire JR XTB Boy Kids Skate

Another best inline skates for kids is the Rollerblade Spitfire JR XTB Boy Kids Skate. It has a formidable design that’s safe for kids and also for the inline skate learning process. That’s why we have included it in our best inline skate reviews.

Top Notch Shell

The Rollerblade Spitfire JR XTB is designed from a reinforced aluminum frame. The frame is strong, durable, and long-lasting. The aluminum design also makes it light, rust-resistant, and best learning.

Expandable Touch

Like the previous design, it is also expandable. The skates come with a 4 stage expandable touch that makes it ideal for your kids to grow with them. From their childhood and all through to their teens, these skates will work best for growth.

Internal Lining

And to give your kid the comfort that they deserve, this design comes with an internal liner. The liner is made from foam and uses the 5-star-fit technology to provide the perfect fit touch. It is a simple mechanism that provides the softest foot-bed.

Buckle and Strap

Apart from a closure lacing, the skates also use a buckle and strap technology. The technology enables you to secure the skates properly on your kids’ feet. The strap sits at a 45° angle and lies perfectly on your kid’s ankle.

Top Range Frame

Even better is a top of the line frame. The frame is a Monocoque Composite that’s durable and easy to ride on.

Perfect Wheels

For kids, wheels that allow them to practice and get better will be perfect. In this case, this set of 76mm diameter wheels, 80A durometer, and the SG5 bearings are a perfect combination for a smooth ride.

NOTE: The frame is rust-resistant; the wheels are made of polyurethane and will perform on every terrain.


    • 80A durometer
    • SG5 bearings
    • 76mm diameter wheels
    • Monocoque Composite Frame
    • Buckle and Strap
    • 5-star-fit technology
    • Internal Lining
    • 4-stage expandable
    • Reinforced aluminum frame


    • Rust-resistant
    • Wheels are made of polyurethane wheels
    • The Perfect combination of a smooth ride
    • Durable and easy to ride on
    • Provide the perfect fit touch
    • Provides the softest footbed


    • No illuminating Wheels
    • Not ideal for rocky terrain

Verdict: Anyone who has kids that you want to train on the best outdoor activities should buy these. Your kid will not only be protected, but they will also have the best thrill.

8. Roller Derby Stinger 5.2 Girl’s Adjustable Inline Skate

Finally, in our last best kids inline skates reviews we have the Roller Derby Stinger 5.2 Girl’s Adjustable Inline Skate.

Like many other designs that we have seen for kids, this one is the bomb. It comes with some cool features that will automatically pull your kid outside. Amongst these features are the following.

Hard Construction

The Roller Derby Stinger 5.2 is designed with a hard touch. The touch is reinforced to provide maximum strength and also top-notch durability. It is designed with a reinforced aluminum frame that also gives it additional resilience and a lightweight touch.

Rust Resistant

Thanks to the aluminum frame, these sets of rollerblades are rust resistant too. They will not corrode and therefore last for a longer period of time.

Adjustable Tech

Even better, these rollerblades are also adjustable. It has an easy to extend and retract 4-stage technology that makes it super ideal for kids that want to grow with their skates. This makes it a quality buy and an ideal way to spend your money.

Internal Lining

More importantly, this set of rollers are good for comfort. Thanks to the cool internal liner technology that it uses. The liner which is designed from high-end foam provides a soft foo-bed for your kid.

Above all that, it also gives the perfect fit technology. The mechanism allows the kid’s feet to remain with a compact touch all-round the skates.

High-End Frame

Coupled with the top-rated aluminum metal alloy is a high-end Polymer Frame. The frame usually made of tough composite materials will add protection to your kid’s feet and also give a long-lasting and durable touch.

Buckle, Lace, and Strap

And here is the most important feature; the use of the buckle, lace, and strap technology. This technology enhances the snug fit touch. It is a three-set touch that uses a fastening buckle, a strap, and a lace.

The three combine to properly secure the skates around your feet and to prevent any form of wobbling when you are ready to roll.

Perfect Wheels

Like its cousin above, the Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline Skate for kids come with the best polyurethane wheels and bearing combination. The wheel diameter is set at 76mm and come with the hardness of 80A durometer.

It enjoys the use of the Silver 5 Speed Rated bearings set and is a good set for people who are just starting out. With this set of skates, you don’t even require the quad for your kid to practice on.


    • 70mm Wheel Diameter
    • 82A Durometer
    • Silver 5 Speed Rated bearings
    • 3 End Closure System
    • High-End Velcro straps
    • Polyurethane wheels
    • Polymer Frame
    • Buckle and Strap Technology


    • Easy to wear and remove
    • Adjustable and kids can grow in
    • Affordable for anyone on a budget
    • Best for girls
    • Light and easy to roll in
    • Best for practice and progression


    • Could feel tight
    • The designs don’t support boys
    • Very small feet might fail to secure tightly

Verdict: Best for the girl child who wants an easy and stress-free inline skate learning. You can also buy it if you want the best skates for your price.

Best Inline Skate Buying Guide:

It is important that when buying the best inline skates brands, you look for one that suits you. Remember, an inline skate is an investment. Therefore getting the wrong pair can be a huge deal-breaker. In this section, we will look at some of the most important considerations when buying your best inline skates.

Best Inline Skates For Beginners
Inline Speed Skating Roller


Looking at the best inline skates for beginners, it is clear that the construction of an inline skate is very important. Inline skates come with a frame. The frame should be constructed in a way that suits your needs.

For starters, it should be able to support your weight. Secondly, it should be able to withstand, the demanding use. And lastly, it should be designed of a material that leaves it higher longevity always.

Inline skate reviews, usually suggest going with aluminum alloy metal and a Monocoque Composite Frame.  These two make for one of the most reliable constructions for a rollerblade too.

Secure Fastening

Let me say this. Without secure fastening of your best inline skates, chances are you could hurt yourself, break a leg, or twist an ankle. The best fastening technology that many best inline skates brands is the buckle and strap technology.

This technology is often combined with a lacing touch that leaves you with a properly secured set of skates. Most straps will sit on your ankle at a 45° angle so that it leaves you with the comfort that you deserve. And this leads us to our next point.

Skates Comfort

Whether you are looking for a kid’s skate or simply best inline skates for fitness comfort is paramount. Without being comfortable in your skates, you will probably throw it out the window faster than you bought it.

Pro skaters understand the importance of comfort when riding. It allows you to concentrate fully on the road; it prevents foot bite, and above all leaves you with a smooth ride. Because of this, always look out for features that guarantee comfort when you ride.

One of the features that the best inline skates for hockey have used often is the interior padding or lining. When you look at your skates, you will often find a liner inside. Most liners are made of soft padding usually forged from foam.

The foam will provide a soft landing for your feet and leave you with an idyllic foot-bed. In addition to that, many best inline skate’s brands have also resorted to using 5-star-fit technology.

This ensures that your feet are wrapped properly inside the foam. It prevents shakes, movements, foot bite, and any strain.

Type of Skate Wheels

inline skate wheel

The best skate wheels should work on any type of terrain. Well, we have some specifically designed for asphalt. However, a majority of these wheels that have been set on the best inline skates can cut across. A good material for inline skates wheels is polyurethane. It lasts long and always withstands any type of ride.

Wheel Size and Bearings

inline skate wheel

Better bearings and the right wheel size will give you the best glide. Best glide is sometimes called a smooth ride. A smooth ride is very important as it allows you to pick up speed, cut corners properly, and in overall, have a good skating experience.

In case you are buying the best inline skates for kids, I recommend going with the 76mm diameter wheels, 80A durometer, and the SG5 bearings. However, going with the ABEC-7 bearings is also not bad.

Support Systems

For the adults, an additional support system is needed on your skates. Lateral support systems, arch technology, and hard shell reinforcement are all combinations that provide this bonus. You should ensure that you get any of them.

Lateral support, for instance, is good for high speeds. It balances your weight properly on top of the skates. It also lowers the center of gravity as you ride and therefore minimizes any chances of falling.

Size of Inline Skates

More importantly, any top-rated inline skate review will tell you that the ideal size of inline skates is also important. You must make sure that the boots fit in well. I recommend, looking for a higher cuff. And even if you miss out on that, make sure that you keep a close eye on a perfect fit.

The Pricing

Finally, don’t forget the price. Price cuts across every other type of purchase that you make. Always look out for an affordable buy. Set up a budget and use the budget to guide what you buy and how you shop.

Remember, online shops have got an unlimited number of products. So if you don’t guide your purchase, you could overspend. Overspending can also lead to impulse buying. This is dangerous and could milk your pockets dry.

Best Inline Skates 2022

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Best Men Inline Skates:

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Best Women Inline Skates:

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Best Kids Inline Skates:

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Best Inline Skates: Additional Information

The reason we are adding this information is to shade more light on a few aspects of the best inline skates. Apart from what we have seen above, there are a few other things that you need to keep in mind.


When it comes to the longevity of any type of skate including the best inline skates for hockey, you should also look for a rust-resistant touch. This is good at preventing corrosion and will help your skates to last longer.

Kids’ Skate

For kids skates, attraction plays a key role in how fascinated the kid will be with their skates. incorporation of a cool design will, therefore, be very important. Some of the features that you must, therefore, look at when buying kid’s skates, therefore, include the following things too:

  • Cool Color
  • LED Lights
  • Stylish Touches

In addition to that, the best kid’s inline skates should also be easy to fit. A 4-stage expandable technology will always provide you with this option. The kid can easily grow with their skates because of this or possibly adjust it to fit them properly.

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Care of Skates

Finally, taking proper care of your skates will also go a long way. If you need your skates to last you should follow its care tips closely. Over the years, the best care tips for any inline skate that have seen include the following.

  • Cleaning the Skates after use
  • Following the manufacturer’s manual
  • Storing the skates properly
  • Having a routine servicing plan


Skates, as I mentioned before, are an investment. It is therefore important that you have a fallback plan in case something goes bad. Warranties provide such an opportunity to enjoy the guarantee that you need.

NOTE: The more you take care of your skates in the right way, the better performance they will give.

Watch Video: Beginners inline skate tricks

Best Inline Skates: FAQs

  • What is an inline skates?

This is a form of skating that uses wheeled skating boots. Inline skating gets its name from a set of polyurethane wheels that are arranged along a single line under the boots. The wheels are guarded by a metallic frame and provide the boots with a rolling ability.

  • How fast can inline skates go?

If you are sprinting the skates can hit 30 miles per hour. However, with a downhill terrain, you could hit 70 miles per hour.

  • How many types of skating are there?

We have three types of skating namely: recreational skating, fitness skating, and roller hockey.

  • Are inline skates and Rollerblades the same thing?

Yes. The terms might feel different but they are two names that refer to one sport. To be concise, “rollerblading” means the use of an inline skate by the rollerblade.

  • Is inline skating good exercise?

Yes. If you look at the benefits of this sport, you will realize that it impacts the cardio, burns calories, and improves body balance.

  • Is inline skating better than running?

Talking of aerobic benefits, the fact that inline skating uses rollerblades to the coast makes its aerobic benefits minimal compared to running. Nonetheless, it is still an awesome aerobic workout.

  •  Are inline skates the same size as shoes?

Not quite. The size 8 street shoe could compare to a size 6 or 7.5 inline skate. However, many people often wear a shoe that’s a little larger than their foot. Because of this, finding the right skate could prove harder.

  • What’s the difference between inline skates and rollerblades?

There is no difference. Inline skates are also known as rollerblades. They are skates that feature a streamlined set of four wheels or more in one row. These types of skates are super cool for the outdoor skating experience.

Important Notes: Ensuring a Proper Fit

Proper fit for a high-level skater is very important. If you want to ensure a proper fit for your best inline skates, here is what you should always remember to do.

Make sure that the inline closure system is properly secured. If you do that, you will get a snug fit that will ensure that your heel is perfectly locked in.

You can always give your heels a little tapping on the surface including the floor to maximize the push.

However, keep in mind that your toes shouldn’t at any time feel pressed or cramped on the front part of the skates.

Need to Know Tips: Inline Skating Benefits

Apart from what we have looked at, it is important to understand how the use of the best inline skates for fitness will impact your life. Here are some of the benefits that you will reap from using the best inline skates.

First, inline skating will boost your body coordination and also agility. This is because the sport is about balance when in motion.

Inline skating also increases the core strength. As you ride the skates, your postural muscle, abs, and the extensor muscles always get to work out as you twist and turn.

In addition to that, this sport also helps to build better aerobic impact. It will increase your heartbeat and get your lungs working in no time.

Even so, inline skating will also provide anaerobic benefits. It will strengthen the muscles, tone up your body, and leave you with an attractive physique.

And if you practice inline skating every day, you can easily enjoy a good weight. This exercise is good at burning calories and has been found to burn up to 6 calories every minute. This adds up to 360 calories for every hour that you ride.

Finally skating is a low impact type of exercise. This means that it enhances bone density easily. Thanks to its weight bearing nature that often combines a smooth push and a generally cool glide too. Remember, it is also a great source of fun and physical satisfaction too.


Buying the best inline skates is not a walk in the park. However, if you find the best tips, you will realize that the activity isn’t as hard as it sounds. The best way to get the right tips before you buy your best inline skate’s brands is to look at top-rated inline skate reviews.

Reviews such as what we have prepared here is properly researched and will leave you with a comprehensive touch. It will help you to build a culture of proper buying and most importantly, leave you with a great buy.

Even better, we have some of the top rated brands that we have highlighted to make your work easy. Picking from such brands is easy. It helps you to round up the greatest sets of inline skates that could go a long way too.

I hope that this guide has helped you and that you have finally found your best inline skate. Keep in mind to take care of them properly so that you can get the value for your money. Also, ensure that you share this post with your skating pals so they can have the best buys.

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