Motorcycle riding is fun. When you reach the speed above 100 MPH and go past everything behind like a whistle, it gives goosebumps. But such speedy runs often bring hazardous news. In this regard, the best motocross helmets for motorcycles can be a difference between life and death.

However, selecting the best motocross bike helmets can be as challenging as riding your motorcycle. Hence, for your convenience, we researched the helmets extensively, and after much sorting, only five helmets stand out in our testing.

We selected these five helmets because of their durability, safety requirements, rider’s comfort, good look, and pricing. So, these should fulfill all your conditions with the best effect.

Top 5 Best Motocross Helmets Reviews (2024)

A helmet is the most significant protection gear that can potentially save you from accidents and fatal injuries. Here’s a pick of your top five best-rated and most reliable helmets for motorcycle riders.

1. YEMA Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet- YEMA YM-915

Aerodynamic design, comfortable and premium safety- this YEMA motocross dirt bike is made for professional riders. The helmet is usable for both men and women that adds flexibility in use.

The helmet is made from high-quality material. The manufacturer has used multi-layered EPS and ABS shells to construct the aerodynamic design. Also, it comes with chin straps that have been made with reinforced material for safety precautions. Bikers will also enjoy quick releasing thanks to its swift buckle release system.

For comfort, the helmet features breathable air vents and inner linings. The inner linings are removable, depending on the bikers’ choice. Both facilitate excellent breathability and comfort wearing. Also, its aerodynamic design reduces drag and wind noise, saving riders from extra burdens.

Moreover, with only 2.8 pounds of weight, the helmet won’t feel the weight on the head. The helmet also enjoys DOT and FMVSS-218 safety approval for your reliability.

The helmet is suitable for a range of vehicle riders such as motorcycle, mountain bike, dirt bike, Hybrid Bikes, Road Bikes, ATV, and many more. Lastly, with a matte black finish, the helmet looks stylish.


    • Weight:2.8 pounds
    • Measurement: 14.2 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches
    • Color: Matte Black


    • Lightweight design reduces fatigue
    • Aerodynamic construction for better efficiency
    • Meets all safety requirements
    • Breathable air mesh
    • Quick-release strap


    • A bit tight for likings.

2. O’Neal 0623-054 3 Series Helmet

A cruise on the backwoods with your favorite motorcycle is fun. But you honestly need the right protective gear to keep you aloof from hazards. This sexy looking chick from O’Neal is there to keep your safe in these circumstances.

Yes, the O’Neal helmet is so good looking that you will fall in love with it. The helmet comes with bright graphics with a multicolor coating that looks impressive. But it’s not all about the appearance only.

The helmet is made using outstanding material. First off, the shell of the superb helmet is made of extremely durable polycarbonate. On the contrary, the interior features an ultra-plush padded liner. It provides breathability and wicks away sweat to keep riders dry and cool.

Furthermore, its exhaust vents and efficient intake prevents sweating to help you cool even in high humidity. On top of it, the visor design is adjustable according to personal choice.

You can also rest your trust on the best motocross helmet, as it meets DOT, NZS, and all other safety requirements. So, the helmet is all ready to safeguard riders from unwanted scenes.


    • Weight: 3.31 pounds
    • Measurement: 16 x 1 x 12 inches
    • Color: Black


    • Stylish multicolor transparent graphics
    • Made of high-density polycarbonate for durability.
    • The breathable mesh prevents sweats.
    • Works on high-humidity


    • A bit weighty
    • Needs slight improvement

3. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Unisex-Adult Full-Face Helmet

This high-end helmet is made for those who love speed but want to remain safe at the same time. Also, its reasonable price tag makes it one of the best values for money helmets with some incredible features to look forward to.

First off, the helmet shell is made from a thermoplastic shell with UV-stabilization. Moreover, the cartridge is lightweight and durable. Also, the all back transparent design gives riders a handsome look.

For comfort, the diffuser supports both front and rear ventilation, which perfectly incorporates the helmet’s internal ventilation to keep riders dry and cool. Also, the constant airflow gives you a sigh of relief even during the hot and humid days.

Also, the helmet comes with a D-ring enclosure. It is well-supported by the retention strap that will keep riders’ chin snugly fitted with the helmet. Additionally, the retention strap also provides security to your face from external materials and high winds.

Due to its sturdy construction and premium comfort, the helmet meets all safety prerequisites from FMVSS and DOT. Hence, you can ride safely on your vehicles without thinking twice about accidents.


    • Weight: 4.5 pounds
    • Measurement: 6 x 13.8 x 10.4 inches
    • Color: Peach black


    • Removable components allow easy cleaning.
    • Lightweight and UV-protected thermoplastic shell.
    • Comfortable ventilation
    • Superior fittings
    • Unisex use


    • Looks simple

4. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

TCMT Youth ATV Helmet is absolutely a beast when it comes to protect you from unwanted hazards as well as keep you in good shape as you drive through the off-roads for adventures.

Ask any motor riders, and they would highly appreciate the helmet’s UV-protected lightweight construction. This well-built quality is a perfect match for the sleek modular design with a beautiful glossy finish. Also, to suit every individual choice, the helmet is available in many colorful looks that give you the liberty to choose your favorite one.

The exterior shell is made from durable composite material to withstand the harshest road conditions. While the interior comes with heavy cushioning as a protective measure. Whereas, for added comfortability, its exhaust, channel, and intake parts all come up with excellent ventilation facilities to keep the rider dry and ice cold.

Likewise, our all picks, this helmet also enjoys DOT approval for safety requirements. You will also love its removable padding for easy wash. And lastly, I must mention the generosity of the manufacturer, who has included a pair of gloves and goggles within the package. Take a bow, TCMT.


    • Weight: Depends on size
    • Measurement: Variable sizes
    • Color: Multicolor


    • Both goggles and gloves are high-quality.
    • Exceptionally breathable vents for sweat reduction.
    • Sleek design
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Kids version available


    • Issues with proper sizing

5. Motocross Youth Kids Helmet DOT Approved – YEMA YM-211

This is our 2nd pick from YEMA YM-211 Helmet, and it’s for no ordinary reasons. The motocross helmet truly defines the safety and style that you want as a motorcycle rider. Yes, indeed, the helmet personifies durability, premium safety, and comfort.

YEMA has used aerodynamic ABS material to make the helmet shell. It gives the helmet turtle-like protection that will seldom fail. There is also high-density EPS for added durability. On top of it, the chin strap has been reinforced for better performance while its buckles feature quick-release technology.

The inner linings are removable for easy wash. Accordingly, the interior has several breathable air mesh to provide sweat free comfortable wearing. So, the helmet is perfect even when the temperature and humidity will skyrocket.

Moreover, the all-black design gives a premium feel to the helmet. And it comes with approval from DOT and other organizations for ensuring all safety prerequisites. What’s more, the mask is unisex and useable with all kinds of vehicles.


    • Weight:2.5 pound
    • Measurement: 13.2 x 9.8 x 10.2 inches
    • Color: Green


    • Unisex and attractive design
    • Easy breathability
    • Durable construction
    • Lightweight
    • Quick-release buckle


    • Nothing reported so far.

Motocross Helmet Buying Guide:

Factors You Should Consider to Purchase a Perfect Helmet

A motocross helmet is one such protective gear that you should not compromise with quality if you understand the value of your brain and face also. This being said, you need to know the facts that you should consider before purchasing the best motocross helmet.

So, for your comfort, we are putting up the in-depth helmet buying guide in the following section.

Helmet Type

At first, you will need to determine which kind of motocross helmet you want to buy. There are many helmet types available in the market bet the most commonly found are listed below:

  • Full face: It will protect all sides of your head. It can keep all dust, rainwater, and other particles away with its front shield.
  • Open face: As the name suggests, this kind of helmet comes with an opening in the front while covering the two sides and back. Although it provides better visibility, it can’t protect your eyes and chin.
  • Touring: Touring helmets are specially designed for motocross riders. This helmet is sturdy yet lightweight and comes with proficient breathability. Hence, it is ideal for off-road motor riding.

Helmet Weight

A heavyweight helmet may be a signal that it is made of superior material, but it’s not always suitable for riders. It is because heavyweight helmets may often cause should ache and back pain. Since motorcyclists have to wear helmets for a significant time being, it needs to be lightweight.

The lightweight helmets don’t apply much pressure on your head and are also easy to carry. Ideally, a helmet should not be more than 3 lbs, but some heavy-duty and premium helmets come at 4 pounds, which isn’t bad either.

Fitting and Size

Helmets are available in different sizes and fittings. This ranges from kids to adults and Small to XXL. So, you need to fit the best size and fit for you. It is extremely crucial since a misfitted helmet won’t allow you to drive smoothly.


Don’t forget about the breathable mesh feature. You should not succumb to suffocation and sweating annoyance only to safeguard your head from most unlikely accidents. Also, the inner linings should come with the sweat-wicking feature to keep the interior fresh.

Safety Requirements

Although all helmets come with essential safety prerequisites, we recommend you opt for those helmets that have DOT approval. It ensures 100% guaranteed safety.

Importance of Using Helmets

best dirt bike helmetsWhen someone rides on a motorcycle, it gives him a great sense of liberty and excitement. But at the same time, it creates scopes for accidents, which sometimes may turn into fatalities. This is where wearing a helmet becomes so very important when you ride on a motorcycle.

Likewise, a car, a motorcycle, doesn’t come with dashboards and fully protected frames to safeguard riders in times of accidents. And when it comes to motor riding, the most vulnerable part of our body is the head and face. Wearing a helmet can save these sensitive portions of our body from fatal injuries.

In 2012, “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” published a survey report where it estimated that some 1,699 motorcycle riders were saved even after a severe accident since they wore helmets. This data showcases how important it is to wear a proper helmet to remain on the safe side when an accident happens.

Also, wearing a helmet will save riders from minor injuries, which goes a long way to your health costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can I wear motocross helmets on the road? Is it even legal?

We admit that motocross helmets are a bit different from regular motorcycle helmets due to their distinctive use. It’s made for off-road riding. However, despite having such a different look, the motocross helmet is legitimate in the road.

  • Why does a motocross helmet come with a visor?

Motocross helmets are mostly used for off-road rides. In these conditions, the motorcycle speed is much slower, and also dirt may stick up on faces. Thus, a visor protects riders’ faces from sunlight and dust while riding.

  • What is the function of a dual-sport helmet?

While most helmets are meant for either on-road or off-road biking, a dual sport bike is suitable for both occasions. Hence, it gives riders versatility that they look for in a helmet.


Motocross is fun and also involves risk. So, it is recommendable that you use all necessary protective gear to keep you safe and sound. The best motocross helmets are one such essential protective equipment. Once you have the right one over your head, it will not only save you from hazardous conditions but also will give you immense confidence while riding.

Hence, our reviewed five motocross helmets should come handy. All of them are stylish, durable, and sturdy. You just need to select the most appropriate one for you, that’s it.

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