As longboard riding is becoming very popular, the demand for mini longboards is also achieving the attraction of users. Now it is in great demand with the popularity. For this reason, we are here with the Eggboards mini longboard review. Besides, we are going to discuss some remarkable and fascinating features of the board.

If you glance over this article, you will know about this top-selling product. In a nutshell, you will be able to learn about its brief review and features in detail. So, you are requested to read out this content and purchase this with a satisfied mind without any hesitation.

Specifications Of Eggboards Mini Longboard

Model Eggboards Mini Longboard
Length 19 Inches
Deck Width 9 Inches
Deck Material Bamboo
Wheels 69mm 76A Soft Wheels
Trucks 7″ Aluminum Kingpin Trucks
Bearings ABEC-9 Bearing
Weight Limit 250 Pounds
Board Weight 7 Pounds
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Key Features

  • 30 days payment return policy.
  • Aluminium reverse and kingpin trucks 7’’.
  • Bamboo deck and soft wheels.
  • Compact board with large trucks.
  • 69 Millimetres cruising wheels.
  • Sustainable compact board.

    • Cruise with no efforts
    • Provides durability.
    • High-quality product.
    • Mesmerizing design.
    • Easy to carry.
    • Perfect for beginners.


    • Not for the long feet.

Review At A Glance

If you desire to have a wonderfully designed and smooth longboard, we are in front of you with the Eggboards mini longboard. In fact, for those who need a lot of key features with many pros, it is for them especially. To clarify, many people don’t like longboards because they are very tough to carry.

Whereas this mini longboard will provide you easy riding, kid-friendly forms, and so on. Furthermore, this tiny board provides you with bamboo made 19″ x 9″ deck that is more durable than wood. Finally, this flexible and mild to carry board ensures the 69mm diameter wheels and is soft (76A) for smooth riding and attractive wheels.

Features in Details

Eggboards Mini Longboard Trucks

Eggboards Mini Longboard Trucks

First and foremost, this mini longboard provides the users with 7 inches wide aluminium trucks. To say frankly, manufacturers use these types of trucks for durability and stability. But in this mini longboard, we will find these trucks along with a lot of facilities like smooth rides and speeding up performances. As a result, we can say it is a long-lasting board with many facilities’ assurances.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Wheels

Eggboards Mini Longboard wheels

A lot of thanks go to the Eggboards brand. Because this brand has paid us the best 69mm diameter and they look very attractive and soft (76A) for smooth riding. That’s why it can easily run on cracks and bumps even if on ragged roads. However, the wheels with great aluminium trucks and ABEC-9 bearings are the best combination. It is the key reason for getting popularity.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Colours

At the time of buying, you will find three colours so far. Because you have to choose a colour among three. They are:

  • Street Red
  • Neon Green
  • Peeled Red.

Certainly, every colour is quite able to be chosen. Commonly, you have to choose one colour that you like most. This colour option is for those who focus on attractiveness and glow.

Eggboards Brand

There is an interesting and real story with the word “Brand”. To clarify, Paolo, the founder of Eggboards mini longboard, used to ride on a longboard. But he usually had to face the carrying problem because longboards are very difficult to carry. That was the reason why he invented the mini longboard. Certainly, he formed this brand to produce easy-to-carry products.

Eggboards Mini Longboard Decks

Another main part of this mini longboard is the deck. Certainly, almost all the longboards take the wooden deck. But it has a bamboo deck. The pivotal satisfaction is the bamboo decks are quite robust and more durable than wooden decks. In this case, this mini board is ensuring you a long-lasting guarantee along with attractiveness. The dimension of this bamboo-made deck is 19×9 inches (Length × weight).

Eggboards Mini Longboard Suitability

To talk about suitability is not a hard nut to crack. Because the board is very much suitable for any age. By reading the Eggboards mini longboard review you have known many things already. Both kids and adults can manipulate it. Especially for the girls, the best choice will be the Eggboards mini longboard. Again, it is a very preferable board for beginners.

Why Should You Purchase Eggboards Mini Longboard?

Well, it is your matter whether you should buy this or not. We have discussed all the formidable features like the deck, wheels, bearings, suitability, brands, colours, trucks, pros and cons, and easy carrying forms. In addition, we have proved why it is better than other boards. So, in our opinion and expertise, you should buy this as fast as you can if you are fond or lover of longboard riding.


Question: Is a mini longboard good?

Answer: First thing first, for the easy carrying feature, a mini longboard is not only good but also the best product. Both kids and adults, as well as beginners, can use it to show expertise or to learn riding on primary stages. Also, the bamboo-made deck is very durable and guaranteed.

Question: Is the Eggboard mini longboard easy to ride?

Answer: Of course, it is much easier to ride than other longboards. Because the sturdy bamboo deck ensures enough space to stay on your feet and safe riding. It has a carrying facility, strong aluminium truck, suitable wheels, and bearing directly positively reflects your ridings.

Final Verdict

If you are ransacking for the best small riding board, read out this Eggboards mini longboard review carefully. After that, focus on features, advantages, and disadvantages that we have discussed top to toe. From all mini longboards, it is going to achieve the bestseller tag. If you desire to buy an authentic mini-board then our suggestion to you for buying it. Knowingly, buying a normal product gives no profit. Rather you will fall into a dilemma. Finally, before buying a mini longboard, keep an eye on this article and find out the most demandable board for safe riding.

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