So, you just finished your childhood favorite movie, “Grind” which is truly a 2000’s nostalgia. Now it’s time to get out there and dare to try out the freestyle skateboard trick you wished you could pull off!

Skateboarding is just not a game of time pass, it’s a lifestyle. Having a few tricks down your sleeves does come in handy when you are trying to impress your friends or maybe someone special.

However, you have to have the basics of skateboarding. The first and foremost step is to make yourself comfortable with board. This will let you progress to further steps.

There are some simple tricks and some are just 180◦ from simple. We will cover both in this freestyle skateboarding tutorial. Let’s jump right in!

What Do Freestyle Skateboard Tricks Mean?

freestyle skateboarding

There are many styles of skateboarding that originate from different back stories. Thus, freestyle skateboarding also has its own history. It gives you a better understanding of the tricks done in this style.

In the 1950s, there was an adverse situation for the surfers. So, they thought, why not use the skateboard as the surfing board. Thus, this starts imitating the surfing maneuvers on skateboards.

The freestyling actually originated from the main purpose of skateboard, which is transportation. Combining these two made freestyle what it is now and more.

Unlike the street style, or you can call it the regular style, freestyling doesn’t require much obstacles. It is mainly body weight tricks.

How To Do Freestyle Skateboard Tricks? Top 10 Tricks Explained


You can do Wallie on two types of obstacles. the obstacles must be vertical or close to vertical. You can choose higher obstacles or something close to hip height or below.

Just like an ollie, place your foot a little lower. It should be angled, which will help you to pass the obstacle over when you hit on it. Place your back foot on the edge like an ollie.

Except, put your toes a little outside the board so you can push it over the wall. You have to approach the obstacle with power and confidence. If there is not much momentum, you can just hit the nose, and the trick will not work.


This style is all about pop and scoop. First, keep your body centered on the board. Try to keep the board underneath you as much as possible. Now put pressure on the nose and make it pop up.

Quickly drag it underneath you. When you put pressure on the nose, it goes down and pops up with the momentum.

After that, you have to drag it under you to keep your body centered on the board. That is basically a nollie.

Tail Stand

The railstand or the primo stand (in street style) is a trick where you stand on the side of your board.

The easiest way of doing it is the heel side rail stand. While you do this trick, you have to put your front foot in the back and the back foot on the front of the board.

That the heel of the front foot dangles back and toes off your back foot in front, slightly angle the front foot and put pressure on the board.

Lift the back foot ever so slightly to let the board rotate a little bit. Afterward, use the back foot to stop the rotation. Now stabilize yourself on the rails of the board.

Pop Shove-It

This is a freestyle skateboard trick for beginners. You can do it just after being comfortable with the skateboard. Place your left foot on the tail of the board and scoop your toes back and under it.

It will create a rotation momentum which will create the shove. Here the right foot does minimal work. It just barely goes off the board and comes down right after.

To make the skateboard pop, put pressure on the tail when you try to scoop it. Now practice the pop and shove it together.


You can do this trick on any surface. You can do it on a flat, concave or convex surface. Also, you can use it to skip stairs and obstacles.

The first thing you have to do is, ride on the board. When you have gathered enough speed, it is time for action.

Bend down, grab the board and jump on the ground. Do all three moves at one time. This is the entire trick. Finally, place the front foot on the board in the previous position.


It is an easy trick but hard to master. The foot placement is the key here. Place the front foot at a 45◦ angle right past the wheels. Place the back foot on the tail.

Now bend the front knee with the balls of that foot hovering over the board. Push the tail and make it pop up.

As you do this, slide the front foot off the edge to make the board rotate inwards. Then catch it with both feet.

Walk The Dog

This trick looks tricky, but the mechanism is simple. Always keep the body and foot facing the front of the board.

You have to make it rotate under the balls of the front foot with the heels hovering. The tension from the back foot will rotate the skateboard entirely 180◦.

Still, the front foot will stand its position. You can repeat it quite a few times to make it look like it is no biggie!


The faster you move, the easier this trick gets. In this trick, you have to balance your board on one set of wheels when it is gliding on the concrete.

There are many types of manuals from which two types are most common. They are the regular and the nose manual.

First, catch enough speed and then push off from the back foot and bend the front. The board will tilt to one side and glide.


You have to get a good amount of forwarding momentum when doing it. Run on to the board and land on it with the front and back foot simultaneously on the front and back bolts. The pressure from the running will steer the skateboard forward.

Toss it in the ground with the right sight up and land with momentum. This will take the board forward as intended.

Street plant

This trick may be one of the hardest we mentioned in this article. It takes a good amount of arm strength. You will also need to master the cartwheel to really do the trick.

Basically, you have to plant your palm on the ground and grab the board by the alternative hand. At the same time, flick your one or both feet in the air with the board as well.

Beginners can do with one foot on the ground and one in the air. Then jump back on the skateboard.

Final Words

The old-school freestyle skateboard tricks are fun and easy to master. With practice, all these will be perfect and fluid. You have to practice with intention.

However, safety is the most important concern when you do so. Because an injury will set you back from the progress, thus, don’t forget to wear safety gear. Obviously, don’t forget to have fun!

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