Krown Freestyle Elite Drop Through Complete Longboard
Krown Drop Through Complete Freestyle Elite Longboard
Best Overall
Yocaher Complete Drop Down Skateboards Longboard
Yocaher Professional Drop Down Complete Longboard
Atom Drop Through Longboard
Atom 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard
Best Value

Longboarding is a popular activity that combines the thrill of skateboarding with the smooth ride of a surfboard. If you’re new to longboarding and looking for a good beginner’s board, there are a few key things to consider.

First, it’s important to choose a longboard that is suitable for your skill level. Beginner longboards tend to be larger and more stable than advanced boards, which makes them easier to ride and control. Look for a longboard with a wide deck and soft wheels, as these features will provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Next, consider the type of longboarding you plan to do. Different longboards are designed for different styles of riding, such as cruising, commuting, or downhill racing. Choose a board that is suited to your needs and the terrain you’ll be riding on.

Finally, be sure to read reviews and do your research before making a purchase. While price is an important consideration, it’s also important to choose a longboard that is well-made and built to last. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best longboard for you, but with a little bit of research and some careful consideration, you can find the perfect board to get you started on your longboarding journey.

To help you we have done the research and made a top 5 list of “Best Longboard For Beginners” that will give you ultimate satisfaction for sure. Let’s check out what these board offers:

At A Glance Longboard For Beginners

Product Features
Krown Drop Through Best Overall Krown Drop Through (Editor Ratings: 4.9/5)
  • Length: 40 Inches
  • Width: 11 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 210 Pounds
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
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Yocaher Professional Speed Runner-Up Yocaher Professional Speed (Editor Ratings: 4.8/5)
  • Length: 41.25 Inches
  • Width: 9 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 240 Pounds
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
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Atom Drop Through Longboard Best Value Atom Drop Through Longboard (Editor Ratings: 4.7/5)
  • Length: 41 Inches
  • Width: 10 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 240 Pounds
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
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Quest Freestyle Super Cruiser Quest Freestyle Super Cruiser (Editor Ratings: 4.6/5)
  • Length: 44 Inches
  • Width: 9 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
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Atom Pin-Tail Longboard Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (Editor Ratings: 4.6/5)
  • Length: 39 Inches
  • Width: 9.4 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
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Top 5 Best Longboard For Beginners Reviews 2023

1. Krown Drop Through Complete Freestyle Elite Longboard

If you are looking for the best longboards for beginners then Krown Drop Through Complete Freestyle Elite Longboard is what you should start with. They are great for downhill cruising and normal rides too.

The board is made with one of the best drops through mounts such that it sits lower to the ground to give you one of the best riding lower centers of gravity. This consequently will reduce the main effort that you would have required to push the board around.

Krown Elite’s deck is also constructed from a durable material – The Canadian Maple. This makes the board not only durable but also very sturdy and stiff.

The maple layers are set out on 9 plies which add to the strength of the deck and more importantly, the stiffness. Being stiffer the boards are best suited for higher speeds and also sliding.

The board is shorter and stands at 40 x 11 x 4 inches. The shortness benefits most downhill and free-ride riders and makes the board easier to set into the best tucking position for any downhill racing.

With a short length, one thing is clear, this Elite best longboards for beginners has a smaller wheelbase that makes it easier for anyone using it to break free and get to the sideways too.

More importantly it also weighs less than 7 pounds and thus is light, portable, and more importantly easy to pack.

Nonetheless, many riders love it because it enjoys a highly professional assembly and comes ready to ride down the hill.

They include a heavy duty 7.0” Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks and 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane wheels that maximizes your grip with the surface when riding.

The Abec 7 bearings are also cool for precision speed while the high tensile head mounting designed hardware also adds to the durability. Thankfully this longboard also enjoys an 80 grit grip tape touch for safety.


    • Canadian Maple
    • Drop Through Design
    • 9 ply Maple Deck
    • 40 x 11 x 4 inches
    • 7 pounds
    • 0” Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks
    • 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane wheels
    • Abec 7 bearings
    • 80 grit grip tape


    • Best riding lower centers of gravity
    • Constructed from a durable material
    • Shortness benefits most downhill and free-ride riders
    • Smaller wheelbase
    • Comes ready to ride
    • Affordable


    • Might get wheel bits with wrong wheel size
    • Dull grey color design

2. Yocaher Professional Speed Stained Drop Down Complete Longboard

Apart from the KROWN, another longboard for beginners surf that you will get out there today is the Yocaher Professional Speed Stained Drop Down Complete Longboard.

Like many other top-rated longboards that you have seen, this one is also ideal for use by all types of riders including the skilled professional longboard riders.

This 9-Ply best longboard that’s made out of the durable Canadian Maple wood also provides one of the best flex and comes when fully assembled and ready to be used.

It is professionally designed and enjoys a Q-Ball setting with a 70x52mm sized longboard wheels for maximum grip along the surface.

The wheels also enjoy the 78A hardness that makes them one of the best standard grip longboards wheels for an epic free-ride touch.

More importantly, this longboard also have the best HD7 heavy-duty trucks and a 180mm hanger.

Like the other top rated longboard that we have seen, it is also designed with an Abec 7 Chrome Bearings that are made from aluminum alloy.

That’s not all; even better, the board also has an 80A grip tape that is black in color with a Premium Grade rating for additional grip.

The wheel base is 33″ which is one of the widest that you can get today and which makes the wheels super ideal for fast rides.

The longboard also measures 41.2 x 9 x 5 inches in exact dimensions and weighs less than 8 pounds.

This makes it super ideal for riders who want a board that they can carry around easily and also pack along the plane.

Nonetheless, the longboard is stylish and offers some of the very best longboard wheels with different hues to spice up its looks.


    • 9-Ply
    • Drop Down
    • Canadian Maple
    • Q-Ball
    • 70x52mm sized longboard wheels
    • 78A hardness
    • HD7 heavy-duty trucks
    • Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
    • 2 x 9 x 5 inches
    • 8 pounds


    • Best flex
    • Comes when fully assembled
    • Maximum grip along the surface
    • Wheel base is 33″
    • Light in weight
    • Durable and long lasting
    • Easy to use


    • The Plain black color might feel boring
    • Slightly hard to replace wheels

3. Atom 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard

Atom Drop Through Longboard is for riders who love speed but also has the mind to protect themselves against any accidents.

It is an Ultra-low-riding deck longboard that will ensure maximum stability whenever you are riding on it – thanks to the board’s low gravity.

Due to this, the board is super cool for downhill riding and carving too. It is easy to push and even better, easy to stop.

Personally, I have used this board ever since I was starting out and is indeed my choice for the best longboards for beginners surf any day.

It has a unique perimeter shape that gives it about 9.6-inches of leverage every time it approaches a turn and when you take the turn.

This eliminates any form of wheel bite as this full maple laminate longboard deck takes up the challenges that you leave it with.

To maximize its performance, the board also enjoys reverse King Pin (RKP) trucks that make it easy to stop. The trucks have 245-millimeter axles that are highly reliable and safe for providing strengths on maximum capacity.

This board is slightly longer than the ones we have seen but still one of the lightest. It measures 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches in exact dimensions and weighs less than 7.5 pounds.

It’s also pretty cool in design with heat sync designs that make it stylish and pretty much one of the coolest longboards for riders who love to step out in style.

Yet apart from all these, this is one board that comes with a limited one-year warranty from the manufacturer so that you won’t have to worry about any manufacturer defects that could occur along the way.


    • Drop Through Longboard
    • Canadian Maple deck
    • Ultra-low-riding deck
    • 245-millimeter axles
    • 7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches
    • 5 pounds
    • Limited one-year warranty


    • Maximum stability
    • Super cool for downhill riding and carving
    • 6-inches of leverage every time it approaches a turn
    • Slightly longer
    • Easy to use
    • Hits higher speeds faster
    • Wide riding space


    • Not ideal for very rough terrains
    • Fewer colors to choose from

4. The Quest Freestyle Super Cruiser Longboard and Skateboard

Top riders will tell you that size matters when it comes to picking the this longboard for beginners, and it sure does.

That’s why at 44 inches in length, the Quest Freestyle Super Cruiser Longboard and Skateboard is one of the most recommended longboards/ skateboards that you can spend on today.

To amp its perfect size, the board is designed and constructed from a 7 ply; multi-ply Canadian Maple hardwood and two layers of bamboo.

The Maple deck maximizes its durability and perform while the bamboo provides it with the top-rated flex that you need for carves and to prevent the board from breaking under high speeds and maximum weight capacity.

Apart from the 7 ply super flex hardwood maple and bamboo deck, the board also enjoys authentic components including a set of ABEC 7 genuine speed bearings.

It has a set of 7-inch aluminum trucks that are strong and stable enough to suspend the entire weight of the rider at high speeds.

And to maximize the stylish design of this 44 inches long Bamboo Longboard is a great design that leaves the board with one of the most stylish patterns on its deck.

Nonetheless, the logo is also added to the board to provide a unique design while the deck is shaped to provide a performance to remember and an extra detail for new riders.

Thankfully, the size is actually a non-issue as many riders find this 43 x 9 x 44 inches board simply ultra-light at 10 pounds. They can easily carry it around, pack it, and also store it pretty well.

Yet above all these, it is the various hues that this board comes in which makes many users fall in love with it even more. You can always grab your most favorite color.


    • 44 inches in length
    • 7 ply; multi-ply Canadian Maple hardwood
    • ABEC 7 genuine speed bearings
    • 7-inch aluminum trucks
    • 44 inch long Bamboo Longboard
    • 43 x 9 x 44 inches
    • 10 pounds


    • Perfect size
    • Maximizes its durability
    • Top rated flex
    • Stylish patterns on its deck
    • Ultra-light at 10 pounds
    • Various hues
    • Easy to pack


    • Slightly heavier than the rest
    • Doesn’t fit inside any backpack

5. Atom Pin-Tail 39-Inch Cruising Longboard

This is the best longboard for beginners in this category that has a classic pin-tail shape. The shape is not only unique, stylish, and easy to spot; but it’s also a classic from every angle.

The board’s awesome Pintail touch is cool for hitting high speeds, cruising, and also taking on some sharp corners.

It is also reliable and comes with some of the greatest components that any top rated longboard should have.

For starters, it has a set of highly durable 8.5 inches Aluminum trucks that are able to cruise at high speeds while holding the maximum amounts of weight.

The board also uses very durable ABEC 5 bearings and is one of the most revered longboards for beginners.

More importantly, the deck is made of Maple laminate and enjoys high strength from its set of eight plies.

Even better the deck sits on top of 65mm / 78A Hardness Urethane Wheels that gives this longboard enough grip with the ground while you ride on its full coverage premium grip tape top.

The classic pintail shape also helps riders to avoid any form of wheel bite while the wide deck adds a super cool touch of space for new riders.

There is also a colorful design under this board that adds onto color for those riders that love a style of their own.

The 78A urethane wheels will also allow you to hit high speeds in no time as this 39 x 9.4 x 6 inches board hits the ground running.

In comparison to all these boards that we have seen and owing to its size, the Atom Pin-Tail 39-Inch Cruising Longboard is the lightest board. It weighs just about 1 pound and can be stored, carried, and packed in a daypack.


    • 5 inches Aluminum trucks
    • ABEC 5 bearings
    • Maple laminate
    • 65mm / 78A Hardness Urethane Wheels
    • 78A urethane wheels
    • 39 x 9.4 x 6 inches
    • Classic pin-tail shape


    • Unique, stylish, and easy to spot
    • Cool for hitting high speeds
    • Taking on some sharp corners
    • Highly durable
    • Enjoys high strength
    • Avoid any form of wheel bite
    • Colorful design
    • Lightest board


    • Pricier than the rest
    • Thinner with shorter width

Buying Guide For the Best Longboard For Beginners

When buying the longboard for beginners it is very important that you get the best board for your use. In any case, this is a gear you are going to use at some of the top speeds too. In this section, I give you some of the features that you have to have in mind when buying your next longboard.

Maple and Bamboo Deck

Maple wood is used to build some of the most durable longboard decks. Combined with bamboo, you will get the best flex on your longboard so that you can easily enjoy carving, flexing, and some of the best leverage when taking on sharp corners.

Maple hardwood is usually set up in layers so that the longboard you are using is safe, durable, sturdy, and able to support your weight even at top speed.

Best Wheel Durometer

The durometer of a longboard refers to the hardness of the longboard wheel. Wheels which are best suited for beginners should have enough hardness to grab the surface properly so that you don’t flip and fall when riding.

Standard wheel durometer usually denoted by letter “A” is usually 78A. For beginners softer wheels are often recommended as you still need enough grips on the ground; the higher the durometer the softer the wheel.

Urethane wheels are some of the best and if you are looking for best longboards for beginners surf I suggest going with 78A or more.

Drop Through Longboards

A drop through design or sometimes a drop down design is what many pro riders recommend for newbies. The reason is simple. As a newbie, you often want a board that provides you with enough stability as you try to get your balance too.

Drop through boards are designed with a lower center of gravities so that they can maximize your stability even under high speeds. This is very important as it will minimize falls while you learn your tricks.

Longboard’s ABEC Bearings

The ABEC rating system for Longboards includes various grades and more specifically from 1,3,5,7, and 9. ABEC ratings denotes the tolerances of the longboard’s precision bearings and determine how smooth or rough your ride on a longboard will be.

Typically higher ABEC ratings shows tighter tolerances thus make the bearing a top-rated precision part in the design of a longboard. ABEC 7 is however cool for starters owing to the fact that higher precision and smaller tolerance is often required if bearings have to function at higher RPMs.

Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks are literally what suspends your deck and also hold your wheels. The best trucks should be able to propel the longboard forward and also help you to bring it to a stop. Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks, for instance, are super cool for people who are just starting out.

It provides the board with the high-level response and smoother rides even at higher speed. They are also ideal for stopping the board so that you always minimize any chances of injuries or possibly accidents too.

Grit Grip Tape

You must have seen an 80 grit grip tape in our top best longboard for beginners’ reviews above. A premium grit grip tape is usually used on top of the longboard’s deck in order to maximize the gripping touch between your foot and the board. Make sure that your tape is of a higher level so that you can enjoy the safest rides.

Other Considerations When Buying Longboard For Beginners:

Apart from the features that we have highlighted above, here are some other considerations that you need to make when buying your best longboards for beginners surf.


To learn how to balance easily, most beginner riders often require wider boards. Wider boards will provide riders with freedom of space that they can easily balance on or which they will find practically easy to retain their balance on. For new riders, boards that are longer than 38 inches will be super cool.


The weight of the longboard will be determined by the size and possibly the layers of maple wood used to design it. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you get a super light longboard that’s easy to carry around trips so that you always have your rides anywhere that you want.


Price is relative as what is affordable to you might not be affordable to me. Even so, it is important that whenever you choose to buy, you always go for something that you can afford. If not, you should set up a budget and ensure you shop around for the very best prices before actually buying.


User reviews and feedbacks also lead the way when it gets down to choosing a longboard for your personal use. Feedbacks, for instance, will give you some of the best pointers on the type of experience to expect when you buy the board. Go with user feedbacks from the most reputed e-commerce sites as they are often authentic.

FAQs: Best Longboards for Beginners

  • Are Longboards Safe?

Yes. Longboards are safe. Just make sure that you find a reputable brand that has been designed from the most durable materials.

  • Do Longboards Need Spacers?

Yes. Bearing spacers are very small metallic cylinders that are usually fitted into literally anything that rolls including skateboard and longboard wheel in-between the bearings to provide smooth rides.

  • Are Longboard Skateboards Easier To Ride?

I wouldn’t say easier to ride. Every type of sporting equipment requires practice and the same applies to longboard skateboards. With the right practice, you will find them quite easy to ride too.

  • Is Longboarding More Dangerous Than Skateboarding?

Not really. Just make sure that you practice. Also, understand your skill level and don’t try something that you haven’t learnt yet.

  • How Long Is A Longboard?

Long boards sit between 84 and 150 centimeters or in other words 33 and 59 inches with varying widths.

  • How Fast Can a Longboard Go Downhill?

Most long boards when going downhill can hit the speed of up to 80 mph or more.

  • Is Longboarding A Sport?


  • Are Longboards Safe?


  • Are Longboards Easy To Ride?

With enough practice, you will find longboards easy to ride.

  • Is Longboarding Hard To Learn?

No. All you need to do is find an expert to teach you, a school, or a club.


There you have it; the best longboards for beginners reviews and also the simplest buying guide for the same. Just remember to take your time so that you can always end up with a longboard that suits your needs.

Longboarding is quite an enjoyable sport and one that is easy to learn if you set your mind to it. All you need are the right gears and you will be out there in no time. The most important gear is the longboard and that’s why I highly recommend buying one of your own.

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