Riding a scooter for doing stunts and tricks isn’t only amazing but also a gift for your kids. They like doing stunts and performing tricks with the pro scooters. Well, there are several stunt scooters available on the market, it’s difficult to find a suitable one for your kids.

Fuzion is one of the best brands comes with better features from the rest. Their scooters help your kids to become an excellent rider by increasing their skill level rapidly.

The durable deck, aluminum core wheels and materials makes them most wanted on the market.

Much like the Fuzion Z300 but the Fuzion Z350 is an upgraded version of the Z300 pro scooter and slightly larger. It is designed for intermediate to the experienced level of stunt riders.

In this article, we’ll talk about all of the fantastic features of this Fuzion Z350 review. This review will help you to take your pro scooter buying decisions for your children. Here we review into this intermediate to professional pro scooter in 2022.

Specification Of Fuzion Z350 Scooter:

Deck Width 4.5 Inches
Deck Length 19.5 Inches
Deck Material Aluminum
Bar 24 inches x 22 inches
Bar Material Chromoly Steel
Wheel Size 110mm Diameter
Wheel Hardness 88a Hardness
Wheel Bearings ABEC 9
Wheel Core Material Aluminum
Compression System HIC
Brake Type TRIAD™ Nylon/Steel Brake
Weight 8.1 lbs.
Warranty 6 Months
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Fuzion Z350 is one of the best pro scooters and comes with many fantastic features. Now let you notice some of the features before going into the main article.

Key Features:

  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum deck.
  • 110mm wheels with ABEC 9 bearing.
  • TRIAD Nylon and steel combination brake.
  • Hidden Internal Compression system.

Features In Details: Fuzion Z350 Review

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Deck

The best part of this stunt scooter is its large wider deck which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum metals. The 19.5 inches length by 4.5 inches wide deck gives your kids a better riding experience. High quality material deck is non-corrosive and weatherproof also.

Powerful Performance

Owning the Fuzion Z350 gives you a powerful feeling because of the performance. This pro scooter is powerful from another stunt scooter when it comes to performance. Although this scooter made for kids, it can carry up to 220 pounds of weight. That means any adults can also try it.

Strong Wheels & Nylon Steel Brake

You can be ensured that your kids have a smooth and comfortable ride with 110mm aluminum core wheels. This six-spoke high rebounding wheels will ensure a smooth ride

on higher speeds. When it comes to the brake, TRIAD™ nylon and steel combination brakes give you quiet control over the speed. There’s steelwork for superior strength and nylon makes it silent when the brake is applied.

HIC Compression System

Another significant thing about this pro scooter is an internal compression system (HIC). In general, you can get this type of compression system only on costly stunts scooters. But, the Fuzion Z350 pro scooter gives the compression system at a reasonable price.

Now let know some pros and cons of the Fuzion Z350 pro scooter.


    • Lightweight but durable scooter.
    • Non-corrosive weather-proof materials.
    • Suitable for intermediate to advance riders.
    • Efficient brake system.


    • The pro scooter is a bit pricey. But you can get what you pay for.


Why Should You Buy Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter?

Fuzion Z350 is one of the best pro scooters for advance to intermediate level riders. The wider deck and the 110mm wheels make this pro scooter riding much amazing. The scooter has a flat bottom for grinding, and ABEC-9 roller bearings for super fast speed.

It’s lightweight but durable for aircraft-grade aluminum exterior. Besides, this non corrosive pro scooter overcomes all weather conditions. This is not only for professionals but also for entry to an intermediate level rider. It comes with comfort of navigation, additional features like the 3-degree advanced top concave design, strong IHC compression system, and effective brake system.

If you’re looking for a pro scooter not only for fun but also allows for some master stunts and tricks, then the Z350 is the strong recommendation for you. You can use this pro scooter as an entry-level scooter, also use it to improve your kids riding skills.


When you’re looking for intermediate to experts level riders, then this Fuzion Z350 review is for you. This pro scooter design defeats heavy tricks and stunt impact. The durable design makes this an impressive option for doing any stunt and trick.

No other stunt scooter has the same quality and powerful performance for intermediate to experienced level. Professional scooter riders will get this part of equipment handy, but intermediate riders will be glad to own this precious possession.

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