Slim cycle the two for one fitness system gives you twice the result in half the time. This 2 in 1 exercise bike effectively burns calories and weight loss without spending a lot. However, you have to use slim cycle exercise bikes to build up all benefits. Most of them require assembly and they are difficult to do for someone. Especially when you’re a beginner but trying to build the best exercise bike, don’t worry!

In today’s article, we will discuss how to assemble your slim cycle so that you can correctly assemble your own. Let’s dig deep into how do you assemble a slim cycle.

How To Assemble Your Slim Cycle

First, remove all of the parts from your slim cycle box. Attach the feet by loosening the circular knob of the bike’s mainframe. Plus, open the pull to adjust the recline angle on setting 1. (Lowest Setting)

Then take both the nuts and washers of the rear feet and place them to the side.  Install the rear feet to the rear main frame leg by lining up the holes and inserting the screw through. Place the washer on the screw and then secure it by tightening with the wrench. You will need to do this on both sides of the fit to ensure it.

Next, we are ready to install the front feet, ensuring the roller is facing forward. Take the nuts and washer of the front feet with a roller and place them to the side. Line up the holes with the roller facing forward and insert the screw. Then secure with the washer and nuts. You can do it with the included wrench. If the roller faces backward, then install in the opposite direction to ensure they are facing forward.

Installing The Seat Cushion

Start by removing the nuts and washer from the bottom of the seat cushion and place them to the side. Now, place the seat post holes through the seat cushion screws. Then place the washer over the screw using your figures. Gently screw on the nut over the screw and tighten. If it’s difficult to tighten, then the nuts could be upside down. Use the included wrench to secure complete tightening.

To fully install the seat, make sure you repeat the process on the other two screws well. Loosen the triangle knob on the mainframe and remove it to install the seat onto the bike. Insert the seat post into the bike’s mainframe, then secure and place at the desired tightening in the knobs.

Installing The Backrest

First, remove the screws, nuts, and washer from the backrest support and place them to the side. Secondly, align the backrest support with the hole in the seat post, then insert the screw through-hole. Thirdly, place the washer on the screw, put it on the knobs, and start tightening with the finger. Again, if it’s too hard to tighten, use the included wrench to tighten both screws securely.

Installing The Side Handle Bars

Here, place the washer on the top of the screws for the handlebars. Align the seat handles with the hold of the bottom to backrest support, identify the screw into the hole, and tighten with the figure. You can use the included screwdriver to tighten securely. Simply align the backrest with attaching against the backrest support. Insert the screw, tighten with finger, then secure down the screw with included screwdriver tools.

Installing The Front Handle Bars

Start by removing the screws from the handlebar and placing them to the side. Next, fit the handlebar post into the slot on the top of the mainframe. Place the screw into the holes and finger tighten. Then use the included small hacks key tool and tighten all the screws to secure.

To attach the control panel, start by removing all of the screws on the back and lining the bike. Starting with the largest connector, fit each of the three wires through the hole in the center of the handlebars brackets. Put the control panel into place and insert the screw to finger tighten. When attached, use the large hack key screwdriver tool to secure, then connect each of the three wires from the bike to the control panel.

Connecting the Pedals

Both right and left pedals are marked within the letters “R” and “L.” You have to connect the right pedal into the right crank arm. Hold the right pedal within the hand and screw the pedal into a clockwise motion. Then, tighten the screw with the included wrench. The stretch mark R goes on the right pedal, and the strep mark L goes on the left. Repeat the step by connecting the left pedal to the left crank arm. Hold the left pedal within the hand and screw into a counterclockwise motion. Then attach the end of the strep of the four holes to the outside of the pedal and adjust your side preference.

Lastly, open the battery compartment and install a double battery in the correct position. That’s it! You are ready to ride, and there are so many ways to ride. Slim cycles can convert into different positions, from upright to recumbent positions. You can set back and hold on the side handle to support and get cardio blast support.

Last Says

Above all, we will discuss how to assemble your slim cycle own. This instruction will help you to correctly and quickly assemble your bike. For more information, feel free to read the included instructional manual.

The slim cycle 2-in-1 exercise bike is a dynamic machine that combines full cardio blast out with arm resistance. So, you can sculpt lean muscle mass as you peddle your weight to a thinner, slimmer you. Let’s get started exercising at your own home.

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