Skating is a sport that brings a lot of joy to the skaters and calms their minds. Skating can be done as a pleasure generating activity or as a profession. Either way, you choose to engage in skating; you should choose safe equipment. High-quality equipment keeps your spinal cord away from danger. Among the tools that you will require in this sport is a skateboard.  Skateboard is a Maplewood board. It contains polyurethane that is used to smoothen the slides and also enhance skateboard durability.

The skateboard contains different parts such as the deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels, and bearings.  Decks are available at different sizes, with the standard size as 28 to 33 inches. Grip tape is a sheet of fabric that is applied on the top of the skateboard surface to ensure that the skater’s feet stick on the board. Trucks and wheels are also very crucial parts of a skating board. The wheels are made of special material to avoid accidents. Bearings are the key part that determines the performance of a skating board.  They continuously require maintenance and fixing. In this article, discussions concerning bearings will be broadly-discussed. I will highlight why to fix the bearings and also discuss on when and how to remove skateboard bearings.

Why Should I Fix The Bearings?

Counter checking the bearings and doing necessary remedies saves you a lot.  A degrading bearing will require a lot of effort when pushing the skateboard. Such a bearing gives a hell of a time in the field. The crucial thing to note is that faulty bearings can result in a nasty fall. Not to remind you that it implies a threat to your spinal cord and all your body parts.  Bearings are the most critical part of a skateboard hence requires your attention.

When Should You Remove And Replace The Board Bearings?

Removal of skateboard bearings should always be timely. Maybe you are asking yourself which is the right time to remove the bearings. Is it, after a day, week, or a month? In this piece, highlights are given at the right time to remove the bearings. So keep on reading to learn more!

Are your wheels noisy, squeaky, or do they don’t spin for a longer time? If you notice such signs then, next time in the field, your skateboard should have new bearings, or you better fix them well.  Noisy wheels are a sign of poorly fixed bearings. Such bearings make you spin for a short time, hindering the thrilling moments of the sport. Therefore you should fix them immediately.

Besides, if your bearings have not been professionally-fixed for a long time it is worth checking at them. If possible try them before going to the field. In case you are doing skating as a profession you should always remove and fix the bearings every time you prepare for a competition. It ensures that your skating equipment is efficient enough to avoid inconveniences that may make you a loser. Thus worth big time.

How To Remove Skateboard Bearings?

What next after knowing that you should fix your bearings and when to remove?  Your guess was right. Definitely, it is to remove them and replace or reuse them. Remember that this article promised to cover all your worries. Therefore it will discuss the steps that you should execute to get the bearings removed.

In this process, you will require a skate driver, a wrench, or a skate tool crafted for bearings removal. Follow the below steps to have the bearings pout instantly

  • First, you will remove the axle nut that is on the center of the wheel. With your tool, hook the tip of the axle on the wheel. While hooking you should ensure that the tool does not touch the wheel. After hooking you can gently remove the axle nut
  • Secondly, remove the wheel. After keeping the axle nut away, carefully remove the wheel gently.
  • After executing the above steps, you can now clearly see the bearings. Using a wrench, pry gently on both sides of the wheel to remove the bearings. If you intend to reuse the bearings, advisably pry softly to avoid damaging them. Though if you do not want to re-use them, you can pry hard as you want for a quicker process.
  • A bearing spacer falls out immediately when the bearings are out.

How To Remove Skateboard Bearings

How To Fix New Bearings?

You may prefer to fix the new wheel yourself or take it to a profession. This part will offer an insight into how to fix a new wheel and the bearings.

  • Place the wheel to be fixed back on a flat surface. On the hole of the wheel, place the bearings strategically in their position.
  • Flip the wheel and place the bearing spacer into the wheel. Then, you can repeat the first step to fix the other bearing. After executing this step, you should have two bearings on different sides.
  • After ensuring the bearings are in their place, you can fix back the wheel on the axle. Keep the washer on the axle, then slid the wheel on the axle until it goes through all the bearings.
  • Place the other washer on the axle outside the wheel and tighten the axle. The axle nut should not be too tight or too loose.

Watch This Video: How to Remove Bearings From a Skateboard


After going through this writing, you got a solid reason why your bearings should be kept in good condition. Keeping the bearings in good condition entails removing them on time and also fixing them properly. Either the wheel is noisy or spins for a short time removing them is not an option. Besides this article has enlightened you on the steps that you should follow to remove the bearings effortlessly. It ensures you know how to remove bearings from skateboard wheels. Further, the steps to fixing them are understandable in this article.

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