The Scorpion Exo Combat is a popular modular helmet known for its versatility and style. It offers a decent level of protection and comfort for urban riders.

Motorcycle enthusiasts value safety and comfort, and the Scorpion Exo Combat helmet aims to tick both boxes. This helmet stands out with its distinctive urban fighter design, attracting riders who look for something beyond the conventional. Its modular nature allows transformation from a full-face to an open-face helmet, providing adaptability to different riding conditions.

The advanced polycarbonate shell ensures durability without compromising on weight, making it an ideal companion for daily commutes. With a retractable sun visor, it combines functionality with convenience, solidifying its position as a helmet that caters to the diverse needs of riders. The Exo Combat may not be the top-tier in helmet safety but it strikes a balance between aesthetics and essential features for city riding.

Introduction To Scorpion Exo Combat

The Scorpion Exo Combat helmet is a popular choice among urban riders. It offers a unique style with modular functionality. Its versatility and aggressive design cater to motorcyclists seeking both protection and street cred. In this post, we delve into the initial impressions it makes and its noteworthy features.

First Impressions

The moment you lay eyes on the Scorpion Exo Combat, its robust and distinctive look catches your attention. The helmet’s modular design allows riders to switch between a full face and an open face setup, adapting to different riding conditions. Aesthetically, it features clean lines and a sleek matte finish, making it a head-turner on the streets.

Key Features

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Shell: Designed for a lightweight feel without compromising durability.
  • Retractable Sun Visor: Ensures clear vision in varying light conditions.
  • Removable Front Mask: Transforms the helmet from open face to full face in seconds.
  • Airflow: Integrated ventilation system keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Comfort: The KwikWick II® liner provides a soft touch and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds industry standards with DOT approval.

The Scorpion Exo Combat not only stands out for its looks but also for its focus on rider’s convenience. It’s a blend of innovation, functionality, and style, all wrapped up in one helmet. With a range of features designed for everyday use, the Exo Combat is setting benchmarks in the urban helmet landscape.

Is Scorpion Exo Combat a Good Helmet? Unveiling the Truth!


Design & Aesthetics

The Scorpion Exo Combat Helmet combines a fierce look with practical features. It’s not just a piece of safety gear, but a style statement. Let’s dive into what makes its design stand out.

Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal

The helmet sports a rugged urban style that turns heads. With clean lines and a sharp profile, the Scorpion Exo Combat is a top pick for riders prioritizing looks.

  • Bold matte or glossy finishes
  • Integrated sun visor for a sleek silhouette
  • Aesthetic meets functionality
Modular Design

Modular Design

The helmet’s modularity is a standout feature. Riders can easily switch between a full-face and open-face configuration.

  1. Removable front mask with neodymium magnets
  2. Easy transformation without tools
  3. Adaptable to changing riding conditions

This modular system makes the Scorpion Exo Combat versatile and functional.

Safety Features

Considering a new motorcycle helmet? The Scorpion Exo Combat draws attention. Safety comes first. Let’s dive into its core safety features and see if it stands as a reliable guardian for riders.

Materials And Durability

The Exo Combat helmet uses polycarbonate, a tough and durable material. It withstands high impacts. With a solid outer shell, it’s built to last. A helmet’s lifespan matters. Frequent replacements are unnecessary with the Exo Combat.

Protective Qualities

Protection makes the helmet a standout. EPS liner, that’s what we talk about. Dual-density, it absorbs shocks. The liner spreads impact forces. Your head stays safer. Here’s a quick run-through of the helmet’s safety features:

  • Aerodynamic design reduces lift and drag at high speeds.
  • Visor lock system ensures the shield stays in place during a crash.
  • Chin strap uses a secure ratchet system for a snug fit.
  • Quick-release system allows for fast removal in emergency situations.

Standards for safety are met. The Exo Combat helmet is DOT certified, meaning it has passed rigorous testing. Ride assured. With its high-quality materials and strong protective features, the Exo Combat helmet offers peace of mind.

Comfort And Fit

Choosing a helmet with the perfect comfort and fit is vital for safety and enjoyment. The Scorpion Exo Combat scores highly in these areas, thanks to its well-thought-out features. Let’s dive into what makes this helmet comfortable and ensures it fits perfectly.

Interior Padding

The right padding on the inside of a helmet can make all the difference. The Scorpion Exo Combat features a KwikWick® II anti-microbial fabric that covers the comfort padding. Not only does it enhance comfort, but it also keeps the helmet smelling fresh. The design cradles the head, providing a snug yet comfortable hold.

  • Soft, removable, and washable – Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Contours to rider’s head – Reduces pressure points.


Every rider has a unique head shape; the Scorpion Exo Combat accommodates this. It allows adjustments for a personalized fit. This includes an adjustable chin strap and customizable cheek pads. Ensuring a tight fit is crucial for protection and comfort.

  • Quick-release chin strap – For easy on and off.
  • Replaceable cheek pads – Available in different thicknesses.

Ventilation System

Good airflow is essential for comfort, especially on long rides. The Scorpion Exo Combat has a ventilation system with front and rear air vents. These vents provide a continuous flow of air, keeping the rider cool and comfortable.

  • Adjustable front vent – Control the airflow with a simple slider.
  • Rear exhaust ports – Helps to expel hot air out of the helmet.

In essence, the Scorpion Exo Combat excels in providing a plush interior, personalized fit, and a superb ventilation system. These elements unite to ensure a comfortable, secure ride regardless of the journey’s length.

User Experiences

Many riders share their experiences with the Scorpion Exo Combat helmet. They talk about comfort, style, and performance. Let’s dive into what actual riders are saying about this unique helmet.

Rider Reviews

  • Improved confidence on the road thanks to the helmet’s robust build.
  • Several mentions of the helmet’s sleek design crossing urban cool with practical features.
  • Users often cite its convertibility as a major plus, adapting to different riding situations.
  • Comfort over long rides gets high marks from tourers and daily commuters alike.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Stylish, customizable appearance May be noisy at high speeds
Removable chin-bar for versatility Limited visor options
Built-in sun visor for UV protection Chin strap can feel uncomfortable
Good ventilation system Non-traditional look not for all
Is Scorpion Exo Combat a Good Helmet? Unveiling the Truth!


Comparison With Competitors

Entering the battleground of motorcycle helmets, the Scorpion Exo Combat steps forward. It raises the bar for modular helmets. Let’s see how it holds up against its rivals. This face-off isn’t just about looks; it’s about protecting your head with the best gear out there.

Market Alternatives

Choices abound in the motorcycle helmet arena. Brands like Shoei, Bell, and Arai offer top-tier alternatives. Each boasts unique features for safety and style. Scorpion Exo Combat enters the fray with a flare for aggression and versatility.

  • Shoei’s Neotec – Known for comfort and noise reduction
  • Bell’s Revolver Evo – Praised for its innovative design
  • Arai’s Quantum – A go-to for handcrafted quality

Price To Performance Ratio

The true test of value springs from the balance of cost and capability. Scorpion’s Exo Combat offers features comparable to high-end alternatives but at a fraction of their price.

Helmet Model Price Key Features Exo Combat Comparison
Shoei Neotec $$$ Superior comfort, Enhanced aerodynamics Better value, Aggressive style
Bell Revolver Evo $$ Modular design, Internal sun shade Similar price, Urban edge
Arai Quantum $$$ Handmade shell, Long oval fit More affordable, Fighter pilot look

Scorpion Exo Combat shines with its retractable sun visor and removable front mask. Performance isn’t compromised for those on a budget. It’s a strong contender amongst its pricier peers.


Delving into the realm of motorcycle helmets raises the question: is the Scorpion Exo Combat the right choice for riders? This section provides a final verdict on whether this helmet stands up to its reputation. We’ll explore if it’s a solid investment and give our final recommendations.

Is It Worth The Investment?

The Scorpion Exo Combat helmet sparks interest among motorcycle enthusiasts for its edgy design and modular functionality. Below are key points that highlight its value:

  • Convertible Features: Its versatility transitions smoothly from a full-face cover to an open-face experience.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted with a polycarbonate shell, it offers robust protection.
  • Comfort Factors: The inner lining is both removable and washable, ensuring a clean and snug fit.
  • Advanced Ventilation System: Keeps you cool, a significant advantage on long rides.

Balancing these features against the cost suggests that the Scorpion Exo Combat is a wise investment for riders seeking style and functionality.

Final Recommendations

After thoroughly researching and considering user feedback, the final recommendations are as follows:

Criteria Recommendation
Everyday Use Recommended for its comfort and ease of use.
Urban Riders Highly recommended for its modular design.
Long-Distance Touring Recommended for its durability and ventilation.
Off-Road Adventures Consider alternatives designed for rough terrain.

In short, the Scorpion Exo Combat excels as a daily helmet for city riders. For those seeking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, it is a commendable selection. For specialized riding conditions, explore options suited to those environments.

Is Scorpion Exo Combat a Good Helmet? Unveiling the Truth!


Frequently Asked Questions For Is Scorpion Exo Combat A Good Helmet?

What Features Does Scorpion Exo Combat Offer?

Scorpion Exo Combat offers a retractable sun visor, a removable front mask, and advanced ventilation. It’s designed with a polycarbonate shell, providing a lightweight yet durable helmet.

Is The Scorpion Exo Combat Helmet Safe?

Yes, the Scorpion Exo Combat helmet meets DOT safety standards. It features an EPS-lined chin bar for added protection, ensuring safe rides.

How Comfortable Is The Scorpion Exo Combat?

The Scorpion Exo Combat is known for its comfort, with a KwikWick® II anti-microbial liner that’s soft, easily removable, and washable.

Can Scorpion Exo Combat Be Used Daily?

Yes, with its versatile design and comfort features, the Scorpion Exo Combat is suitable for daily use by urban motorcycle riders.


Wrapping up, the Scorpion Exo Combat earns high marks for style and functionality. Versatile and robust, it meets the needs of urban riders. True value shines through its innovative design, ensuring satisfaction. Consider it a solid choice for your next ride.

Safety and comfort go hand in hand with this helmet.