The Scorpion Covert X Helmet delivers cutting-edge design with an impressive set of features. Its robust build and comfort make it a standout in modular helmet options.

The Scorpion Covert X Helmet manifests the latest in helmet design, crafted for motorcycle enthusiasts who crave style without compromising on safety. This helmet’s unique modular capability allows it to transition from a full-face to an open-face helmet with ease, offering riders the flexibility they desire.

Equipped with an advanced LG polycarbonate shell, the Covert X is engineered to disperse impact while maintaining a lightweight feel, ensuring a comfortable ride. The integrated drop-down sun visor enhances visibility during bright conditions, while the Aero-Tuned Ventilation System ensures optimal airflow, keeping the rider cool and focused. With its KwikWick II anti-microbial fabric, the interior remains fresh and is easily removable for cleaning. This dynamic helmet meets the needs of riders looking for versatility, comfort, and robust protection on the road.

Here’s a breakdown of its key attributes:


  • Multi-layered TCT-Ultra shell: Combining fiberglass, aramid, and poly-resin fibers results in a lightweight yet durable shell.
  • Impact dispersal: The shell design is optimized for strength and effective impact dispersal, enhancing overall safety.


  • Forehead vent intakes: Subtle integration of vents helps in maintaining airflow and cooling, contributing to rider comfort.
  • KwikWick III interior: Removable and washable interior liner that keeps the rider cool and dry.
  • Cold weather ear covers: Included for added comfort in colder conditions, with integrated speaker pockets for Bluetooth communication system speakers.


  • EverClear anti-fog sun shield: Dark smoke shield with anti-scratch coating and 95% UV-A & UV-B protection.
  • Additional face shield: Free clear EverClear anti-fog and anti-scratch coated face shield included for versatile use.


  • Multi-configuration design: Unique design allows for three distinct riding configurations – 1/2 Mode, 3/4 Mode, and Mask-on Mode.
  • Removable front guard and rear comfort sleeve: Provides adaptability for different riding conditions.
  • Block-off plates: Included for use in 3/4 Mode.
  • Optional mouth/chin protection guard styles: Available for purchase separately, allowing riders to customize their helmet based on preferences.

Overall, the Scorpion Covert X Helmet appears to prioritize safety, comfort, and versatility, making it suitable for various riding scenarios. Riders seeking adaptability and customizable features may find this helmet to be a practical and functional choice.

The Birth Of Scorpion Covert X

The Scorpion Covert X helmet emerges as a revolution in rider protection. Its design stems from a legacy of innovation. The helmet represents a leap forward in motorcycle gear. Riders worldwide have been anticipating its arrival. Let’s dive into the story of the Covert X’s creation.

Design Philosophy Behind Covert X

Function meets form in the Scorpion Covert X. The designers focused on cutting-edge features and rider comfort. Inspired by urban landscapes, the Covert X blends style with safety.

  • Aerodynamic shell ensures stability at high speeds.
  • Multipurpose functionality caters to different riding scenarios.
  • Advanced materials offer superior protection and durability.

Evolution Of Scorpion’s Helmet Line

Scorpion’s helmet line has evolved immensely. Here’s a brief look at the progression:

Generation Model Features
1st EXO Series Basic protection, entry-level helmets
2nd AT950 Modular design, enhanced versatility
3rd Covert Half-helmet to full-face transformability
Current Covert X Ultra-refined materials, peerless design

Each step shows Scorpion’s commitment to progress. The Covert X is the pinnacle of these developments. It provides unmatched features for today’s riders.

Key Features That Set Covert X Apart

Scorpion Covert X Helmet

Exploring helmet options brings us to the dynamic Scorpion Covert X. Its innovative characteristics distinguish it from peers. Let’s uncover the unique attributes that make the Covert X not just a helmet, but a game-changer in safety gear.

Advanced Materials And Build Quality

Scorpion Covert X surpasses expectations with its Ultra-TCT™ (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) shell. This sophisticated material composition lends remarkable protection. It absorbs impact efficiently, ensuring reduced force. The helmet’s structure doesn’t compromise on weight or comfort, boasting a light yet durable build.

  • Ultra-TCT™ shell technology for superior impact absorption
  • Aerodynamically tuned design
  • EPS-lined chin bar for added safety
  • Antimicrobial liner that is removable and washable

The Visor System: Clarity And Durability

The visor of the Covert X is a masterpiece of engineering. The EverClear® no-fog coating keeps vision clear regardless of weather conditions. It’s also scratch-resistant, ensuring longevity. For seamless transitions from day to night, the visor rapidly changes with an effortless mechanism.

Feature Description
EverClear® No-Fog Coating Maintains clear vision in various conditions
SpeedView® Retractable Sun-Visor Tinted sun-visor that retracts quickly and easily
Anti-Scratch Shield Prevents surface damage to maintain clarity

Safety Credentials And Certifications

The Scorpion Covert X Helmet does not just look tough; it is built to protect. Safety is the top priority for any rider. In this section, we explore the rigorous safety standards and certifications the Covert X helmet meets. Every motorcyclist deserves the assurance of top-tier head protection. Let’s dive into the details.

Impact Absorption: Meeting Safety Standards

The Covert X helmet’s shell uses an advanced LG polycarbonate material, designed for impact dispersion. The multi-layered EPS liner adds another layer of safety. This inner foam cradles the head, providing critical cushioning during impacts. The combination of these materials meets stringent safety protocols, ensuring riders are well-protected in various riding conditions.

  • Advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell: Lightweight and strong.
  • Multi-layer EPS: For effective impact energy management.
  • Custom fit and comfort: Enhanced with aero-tuned ventilation.

Certifications: Beyond The Dot

DOT (Department of Transportation) approval is essential for all helmets in the US. The Scorpion Covert X goes beyond this baseline. It proudly carries the ECE 22.05 certification, recognized in over 50 countries. Such a mark indicates rigorous testing for shock absorption, strap strength, and penetration resistance. Riding with a helmet that exceeds global safety standards provides peace of mind.

Certification Description Recognized In
DOT USA Department of Transportation standard USA
ECE 22.05 European safety standard for helmets Over 50 countries

Riders benefit from the heightened safety measures the Scorpion Covert X provides. When protection is a must, this helmet delivers.

Comfort And Convenience Factors

When it’s about hitting the road, the Scorpion Covert X Helmet stands out in the crowd. Riders need a mix of comfort and convenience for long stretches of open highway. The Covert X doesn’t disappoint. This helmet integrates features designed to deliver a plush feel while ensuring easy use. Let’s dive into the factors that make this gear a rider’s best friend.

Inner Lining: Comfort Meets Function

The inner lining of the Covert X helmet is a true game-changer. Riders enjoy both comfort and function with every trip.

  • Removable and washable, the lining keeps the helmet fresh.
  • It is anti-microbial to reduce odors and maintain hygiene.
  • The lining contours to cradle your head, reducing pressure points.
  • Quick-dry fabric keeps sweat at bay, enhancing the riding experience.

Airflow And Ventilation: Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Staying cool is critical for comfort, especially on warm days.

The Covert X helmet boasts features designed to maximize airflow:

Feature Benefit
Front Vents Allow a stream of air for direct cooling
Rear Extractors Guide out warm, stale air, promoting constant circulation

Together, these features reduce heat buildup and offer a refreshing ride.


Real-world Performance

Exploring the Scorpion Covert X Helmet in daily life shows its strengths. Riders trust their helmets for safety and comfort. Let’s see how the Covert X stands up under real conditions.

Rider Experiences: From Daily Commutes To Long Rides

The Covert X helmet proves its worth on the road. Bikers praise its solid feel on daily commutes. Wearing it for hours feels effortless. Long journeys are a true test of any helmet’s comfort and functionality.

  • Lightweight design reduces neck strain
  • Ample ventilation keeps riders cool
  • Quick-release chin bar adapts to different rides

Users note the ease of switching from a full-face to an open-face setup. The versatility of the Covert X is a standout feature for riders who switch between different riding styles.

Noise Reduction Capabilities: A Closer Look

Riders look for quiet helmets to protect their hearing. Scorpion’s Covert X makes big strides here.

Note the noise reduction features:

Feature Impact
Aerodynamic design Minimizes wind noise
Neck roll padding Blocks road sounds
Face shield seal Reduces air intrusion

These elements work together to provide a quieter ride. The snug fit is crucial for limiting unwanted noise. Riders report that at highway speeds, the noise level remains comfortably low. The Scorpion Covert X’s noise reduction capabilities seem to pass the test with flying colors.

Scorpion Covert X Helmet Review: Unmatched Protection?


Comparing With Competitors

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When it comes to motorcycle helmets, choices abound, but the Scorpion Covert X has features that catch the eye. Let’s explore how this helmet stacks up against others in its class.

What Makes Covert X Stand Out

Design innovation and safety features set the Covert X apart. This helmet offers a unique blend of style and functionality.

  • Advanced LG polycarbonate shell: Reduces weight while providing top-tier impact protection.
  • Aero-tuned ventilation: Ensures maximum airflow, keeping riders cool.
  • Retractable tinted sun-visor: Offers quick adaptation to changing light conditions.
  • Removable front mask: Adds an aggressive look and extra protection.

Price Vs. Performance Analysis

Value is where the Covert X shines. Compare its price tag with its performance features, and it’s clear that it punches above its weight.

Feature Scorpion Covert X Competitors
Material LG Polycarbonate Varies
Ventilation Aero-Tuned Standard
Internal Sun Visor Retractable Fixed / None
Price Range Mid-level Low to High

It delivers premium features without the steep price. Its polycarbonate shell offers robust safety. This is rare for helmets at a similar price point. Riders get more for less.

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Verdict: Is Covert X Truly Unmatched?

Scorpion Covert X Helmet stirs a buzz in the motorbike world. Riders often ask if it’s the top pick. With innovative features and design, it promises safety and comfort. Let’s dive into the details to unveil its true standing.

Summing Up The Pros And Cons

Looking closer at Covert X Helmet, we see strengths and limitations.

  • Bold design catches eyes on the road.
  • It features advanced LG polycarbonate for top-notch protection.
  • The Aero-Tuned Ventilation System keeps your head cool.
  • Removable front mask with neodymium magnets offers versatility.
  • Its interior has a comfortable, washable liner.

But, there are a few downs as well.

  • The price may be steep for some budgets.
  • Weight might feel heavy for long rides.
  • Limited color choices may not suit all preferences.

Making The Final Call: To Buy Or Not To Buy

The pros of Covert X are solid. They include safety, comfort, and style. The price is a factor to think about. Your budget and needs are key. Do you value high-grade materials and design? If yes, Covert X could be your top helmet choice.

Consider your riding style too. Daily commuters or adventure seekers can enjoy this helmet. Remember, comfort on long rides is vital. If the helmet feels heavy, it might not be the right fit for you.

Each rider is different. So, the choice to buy should align with your specific needs. Weigh the pros and cons. Do they match your riding routine? Your decision should reflect that. Trust your instincts and make the right call for a safer, more comfortable ride.

Scorpion Covert X Helmet Review: Unmatched Protection?


Frequently Asked Questions For Scorpion Covert X Helmet Review

What Are The Key Features Of Scorpion Covert X Helmet?

The Scorpion Covert X Helmet boasts a unique multi-layered TCT-Ultra shell, integrated sun visor, and advanced ventilation system. It’s designed for comfort with KwikWick III anti-microbial fabric.

Is Scorpion Covert X Suitable For Daily Use?

Yes, the Scorpion Covert X Helmet is ideal for daily use. It offers a balance of comfort, safety, and convenience with its lightweight design and easy maintenance features.

How Does The Scorpion Covert X Helmet Ensure Safety?

Safety in the Scorpion Covert X Helmet is provided by the advanced TCT-Ultra shell which absorbs impact, and the EPS liner. It meets DOT FMVSS No. 218 standards, ensuring top-notch protection.

Can I Wear Glasses With The Scorpion Covert X?

Absolutely. The Scorpion Covert X Helmet accommodates eyewear with a specially designed groove in the padding for glasses, providing comfort for riders who wear them.


Summing up, the Scorpion Covert X Helmet stands as a top contender in safety and style. Its robust build and comfort features cater to bikers who refuse to compromise. Perfect for the urban rider, it’s a blend of innovation and function.

Hit the road with confidence, your Covert X awaits.