Riding on a longboard is a common scene. People of any class and age enjoy longboarding very much. But when you face an accident while riding the board, then you can realize how dangerous longboarding is. Beneath the layer of fun and amusement, there remain some risks of course.

That’s why today, in this article, we are preparing to inform you about the longboard safety gear. Following these protective gears or using the criteria, you will be able to have safe riding. Along with the beginners, this article is for all who love longboard riding always. Let’s start.

Six Sensational Longboard Protective Gears


skateboard helmetBuy OutdoorMaster Helmet

Suppose you have faced an accident while longboarding and have been seriously injured in your head! Yes, you are right. The head is the main part of humans. So, first of all, you have to ensure the safety of your head. For staying secure, you have to use a helmet.

If you are a regular downhill rider, you have to wear a high quality helmet. Because head injury can cause death. However, you will find helmets in many sizes, colours, quality, designs, etc. Many companies provide us with the best quality branded helmets. Bullet, Protec, Predator, etc. are some of the brands.

Knee Pads

skateboard knee padsBuy JBM Knee Pads

Certainly, for a rider, the knee pads are another most important part after helmets. They help your knee from breaking down while occurring in an accident. Above all, knee pads have some foam to protect your knees inside. If you don’t want to break your knee then you must buy them.

G-form, Protec, Smith safety gear, 187 Killer pads, Triple 8, Bullet, TSG, are some of the knee pads brands. They are serving quality products in the markets. These are some of the longboard protective gear. Though you will find low-profile knee pads, be sure you have the best quality products.

Elbow Pads

skateboard elbow padsBuy Triple 8 Elbow Pads

The elbow pads are very crucial for kids, especially beginners. Because we know that while riding a bike, bicycle, longboard, etc., there will be a risk of getting injured in the knees and elbows. So, let yourself decide how important the elbow pads are. You should have a good quality of these pads.

Though protecting your elbows is not so pivotal, you must focus on it for life-saving purposes. To clarify, feeling easy while riding is one of the best performances. If you don’t take your elbows in a safe zone then you will feel hesitation and anxiety. Therefore, it is high time to save your elbows.

Slide Gloves

slide glovesBuy YS Sport Longboard Gloves

For expert longboard riders, slide gloves are not the pivotal point. But as a beginner or new enough, you should do nothing but wear gloves. Especially for those who regularly ride downhill, slide gloves are urgently needed. It doesn’t matter whether he/she is an expert or not.

Some of the quality brands of slide gloves are Sector 9, Triple 8, Landyachtz, Rekon, Loaded. Most advanced riders use low-quality gloves. But for you, especially starters, you need the best quality of this product. However, remember one thing that you have to buy gloves that will cover your wrist to the tip of your finger.

Wrist Guards

wrist guardsBuy Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards

Wrist guards and slide gloves are not the same. Don’t mix one with another. Otherwise, you will wear slide gloves instead of wrist guards maybe. If you remain careless about it, you may have a great injury on your wrist. Of course, this type of guard is one of the Longboard gears.

There are many sizes of wrist guards such as small, medium, large and x-large sizes. But you have to bear in mind that some guards come along with metal and many things. You should not buy these metal-based guards. Rather you should buy these types of guards which have great flexibility.

Hip Pads

hip padsBuy Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts

Last, of all, a hip pad is one of the longboard protective materials. As a longboard rider, you should buy a hip pad. Because having all the safety measurements mentioned above is not enough for your health. To keep your hip from any injury, choose the best comfortable hip pad.

Also, you should ensure that your hip pad has ventilation systems along with flexibility and EVA foam padding. Of course, it will ensure protection from sores, cuts, lesions, grazes, and any kinds of injuries. That is to say, you will feel safe enough with the longboard safety gear while riding.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How dangerous is longboarding?

Answer: Indeed, longboarding is a perfect activity for all kinds of riders. However, it brings injuries like the upper body, including brain injuries, skull fractures, brain injuries and bleeding. Mostly, girls suffer more skating injuries. Therefore, the expert advises the longboarder to follow adequate safety precautions. From the safety-gear list, the mandatory gears are helmets, pads and wrist guards.

Question: How can I stay safe on a longboard?

Answer: Well, every problem has a solution. Because there is a saying, “As is the evil, so is the remedy.” To be safe on a longboard, you have to ensure your safety measurement. Hence, there are basic main safety gears that you must need before a ride. By using high-quality helmets and other equipment, you can stay safe on longboarding.

Final Verdict

To sum up, longboard riding is a versatile hobby. Eventually, it will bring enormous joy. But an accident can bring this joy into a mourning event. But using the longboard safety gear can reduce the tendency of injury. Moreover, there are more gears but they have taken no importance as well. So, we have depicted the six most pivotal safety measurements. Maybe the advanced rides need no gears but taking risks is not a good decision. Nevertheless, they should use these protective products. But for the kids and beginners, it is an obligatory phenomenon to have them. Have a safe ride!

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