The Best Micro Mini Scooter is Micro Kickboard mini scooter that have all the credits and the highest ratings in Amazon. As per those, this is a wonderful toy transport for kids aged 2-5 years. People really love this toy for their kids as it is well designed and well balanced. This best selling and award winning scooter consists of 3 wheels that confirm the balance for your kid at the go. In line with this, the gliding of the wheels is smooth in this scooter.

The deck is low enough to the ground which ensures the stability while riding. If your concern is steering then this one is perfectly engineered for your 2-5 years kid. The brake system will save your kid from any kind of tussle. For your preschoolers, Micro Mini Scooter is the perfect gift for his birthday. Let’s talk about more detail.


    • Product Dimension is 10.6 inches X 2 inches X 26 inches.
    • It weighs only 3.5 pounds. Shipping weight comes with 5.5 pounds.
    • In Amazon, this one is the highest rated mini scooter for the kids of 2-5 years.
    • 3 wheeled, well-balanced scooter.
    • The lean steer design is comfortable for kids.
    • Non-marking wheels allow smooth and quiet ride.
    • High-quality Swiss design makes it the best choice.
    • Surfing is pretty comfortable for its lean-to-steer mechanism.
    • This sturdily built scooter constructed of high-quality polyurethane
    • Flexible fiberglass reinforced deck.
    • 2 feet accommodation in the deck
    • This micro mini scooter is recommended up to 44 pounds.
    • All equipment in this scooter is replaceable.
    • Micro Mini Scooter has earned the safety certification from CSPC.
    • Easy and Smooth Ride

The Micro Mini Scooter reviews highlight the design for the specific age limit kids – 2 to 5. That’s why people call it the “Mini Kick”. This Swiss-designed scooter comes with a high quality construction and mechanism. This is the crucial factor tiny riders the tiny riders enjoy a safe, comfortable, and fun to ride that entails no risk. This 3 wheeled scooter design has made it a well balanced fun transportation for you young kid.

Your child might easily surf the sidewalk as the gliding is so smooth. The handling of steering is an easy learning for kids. Children can easily control it instinctively curving left or right or shifting the body weight. Even they hop on or off kicking the ground easily.

Body weight of children will help them to keep balance when they are speeding. The deck is so near that your kid won’t be uncomfortable when running with the scooter.

The spacious side accommodation allows the kid to speed up or control their scooter using only feet. Riding off and on the scooter is a breeze for this intelligent and kid friendly design.

Quality and Safety:

  • I think you won’t doubt Swiss design and quality thanks to their age-old and worldwide reputation. The Micro Mini Scooter Reviews it as high quality construction and design. Micro mini scooter is specially designed for the pre school young kids.
  • And it is highly recommended by the customers. This well reviewed product helps the kid playing with joy without any concern. That is the reason parents around the world grab the opportunity to take their kids out from in front of the computer screen.
  • The extra deck accommodation of Micro mini scooter allows your child to control safely while surfing around. It also helps them to gain experience in how to keep balance and steer a wheeled thing. This experience will come in handy in the future.
  • The steering mechanism and controlling develop the balance and the coordination of kids. These are important from the perspective of sports as well as life.

Control and Stability:

  • The control of Micro Mini Scooter is comfortable for your kids. All of the parts of this scooter are made thinking about the kids. The deck is one of the foremost to mention in this regard. The deck is long enough with added space. It is built by flexible fiberglass. It is anti-skid and non-slip.
  • The deck is also very low to the ground so that a kid can handle it easily keeping his feet in the ground. It doesn’t require much effort to run with it. It is very easy to turn. Your kid just needs to curve his body and steer smoothly. Because of extra deck accommodation and three wheels, it is more stable. Wheels are non-marking that makes it quiet while riding. It also requires fewer scrapping of knees.

Construction and Specification:

  • Micro Mini Scooter is built for your young kids riding easy and smooth. It guarantees the safety of your toddler. To make the ride smooth and quiet manufacturer has used the highest quality polyurethane. Not to mention, this contributes greatly to the riding and this scooter performs vibration free ridings.
  • This Micro Mini kick scooter has the resistance against any bumps or in tough terrain like rough sidewalks. It has specified an excellent riding deck. The deck measured 2 feet and this is enough space for a 2 or 5 years kid to ride on.
  • This near ground deck enables your kid to kick the ground easily and speed his scooter up. It has also increased the safety of a kid who is not ready for an accident. He might hop on and off anytime in any situation comfortably. This fabulous deck is constructed by Flexible Fiberglass.

Highest Rated for Kids:

  • This micro Mini Scooter review proves that this scooter is well-built and affordable. You will find it valuable as it is extra durable too. The balance and mechanism are really easy and excellent for kids. The smooth gliding experience won’t bother in their play and fun.
  • You also won’t suffer from safety concern. The deck accommodation and the dimension are perfect for young kids of 2 to 5 years of age group. It is also easy to assemble. It will take only 5 minutes to assemble the scooter. Overall it is a quality product for your kids.


The Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter is an award-winning kid’s product. It has earned a lot of acknowledgment. Let’s have a look. The design of this scooter has consistently been recognized by different platforms. It was the Parent’s Choice prominently from 2010. It seals the Gold and SNAP award in 2009, Astra Best Toy Award in 2014, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Tillywig Top Fun Awar 2014, 2010 and 2011 and the Learning Express Best Toy Award Outdoor 2009 etc.


  • There have been some bad reviews too about this excellent scooter. All complaints go for the brake system of the scooter. One of the parents complains that the brakes came off while her kid was running on a steep hill. She placed an order for replacement. But the replaced one got crushed as soon as the end of the second month.
  • This brake problem can be life-threatening in the sudden situation. Kids are not that prompt to react wisely while it comes about crossing vehicle or any person.
  • But the manufacturer answers it differently. They think this scooter needs not any brakes. So you need to train your kid well if you keep him riding alone.

    • Riding is easy and smooth.
    • Well-balanced and sturdy built.
    • Longer deck for extra space.
    • Ground low deck confirms fewer knee scraping.
    • Easy handling kicking the ground.
    • Perfect measurements for 2-5 years kid.
    • Construction and materials ensure smooth gliding in any surface.


    • Sometimes the brake comes off easily.


I have found a lot of reviews in lieu of complaints the latter being utterly minimal. The construction, design, and materials are perfect for a 2 to 5 years old kid. Unlike other outdoor toys, this scooter is safer and enjoyable. I highly recommend micro mini original kick scooter to be an opportunity to grab for. That type of well thought out and balanced toys only can get your kids rid of the cocooning inside the rood in front of the computer screen.  Customers are pretty impressed and have given ample positive Micro Mini Scooter Reviews.

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