If you are looking for an exciting gift for your kid, then an electric motocross bike can be a great choice. An electric motocross bike is basically a toy with real motorcycle-performance. It’s a great investment in your kid’s fun. The electric bikes are good enough and they serve well. There is a wide range of available electric dirt bikes out there. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is one of the great choices and we are here with its full review. So, let’s jump into the Razor MX500 Review.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review:

The Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike is simply a perfect bike for kids. The bike comes with authentic graphics that makes the bike look very cool. The Razor MX500 is a true performer. This bike has amazing features and abilities and that’s why this bike is very popular among kids all over the world. And in this Razor MX500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike review, we discussed this bike in detail so that you can take a proper decision.

Product Overview:

Powerful Motor

At the first of the Razor dirt bike MX500 review, we would like to talk about its motor. The MX500 bike comes with a powerful 500W motor. The motor is chain driven and has a variable speed that provides powerful operation. With this powerful motor, this bike performs great. Your kids will get the feeling of the real bike because of the powerful motor output. The bike can run at the top speed of 17 MPH. It’s a great fun option for kids.

Quiet Operation

As we know, the bike is powered by a 500W motor. And the motor features variable speed feature and chain-driven capability. Because of these features, the bike performs a super quiet yet powerful operation. Quiet operation is the key feature of an electric bike and MX500 is super quiet in this case. The riders will get a noise-free riding experience with this dirt bike.

Powerful Battery

This Razor MX500 is powered by 24 V batteries (two12 V batteries). These batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries and rechargeable. These batteries are powerful enough to do their job perfectly. With these powerful batteries, the bike provides a good high-speed of up to 17 MPH. the bike can run up to 10 miles in a single charge; it’s pretty good enough. But the annoying matter is the batteries need a lot of time to be charged fully (almost 8 hours), but it gives a proper output when they come to serve. The bike serves almost 40 minutes of continuous use at the top speed. You can charge the battery at night and the kids may have fun at daylight.

Knobby Tires & Standard Wheels

This Razor MX500 electric bike comes with standard wheels of 16″ and 14″ covered with pneumatic knobby tires. These knobby tires provide extreme riding experience on any roads, even on the hills. Your kids can ride on the neighborhood hills with their friends and have fun without any kind of trouble, thanks to the large knobby tires of the MX500. More so, the bike can run through mud and water as well with the advantage of knobby tires. These tires also provide extra stability on the bumpy roads. So, riders will enjoy great stability on the ride.

Dual Suspension

This bike also features a dual suspension system that provides additional comfort. The rides get extreme comfort because of the bike’s dual suspension system. The suspension system also reduces the shock of the bumpy roads. The dual suspension system helps to get a stable riding experience no matter what kinds of the road it is; flat, bumpy or the hills; it always provides a smooth riding to the riders. This feature also makes riding more fun.

Dual Disc Brakes

Another great feature of this bike is the dual-disc braking system. The Razor MX500 features both rear and front brakes which provide convenient stopping power whenever necessary. This bike offers a hand-operated braking system. Adding the disc braking system in the bike is a clever move from Razor that made this bike safe and convenient.

The dual-disc brakes of this bike ensure the safety of your kids. The hand-operated braking system is also easy to use. So, your kids can use them conveniently and they will find the bike very user-friendly. The disc braking system also enhances the control over the bike as well.

Cool Design

Design and outlook matter. One of the most important things about a bike is its look and design. And the Razor MX500 electric bike has an authentic design. It’s designed with the genuine geometrical frame of a real dirt bike. The kids love to show off their prized possessions and Razor gave this bike an attractive look. This bike comes with a look of real and professional motocross bike. With the look, it seems very cool and that’s why kids love it very much. This is a perfect choice for kids.

In addition, the bike is constructed with durable steel that made the bike durable. Your kids can use it for a long time even they use it roughly.

Real Throttling System

This Razor MX500 features a twist-grip throttle system just like a real and professional motocross bike. Twist-throttle is easy to maintain and fun. Besides, it offers the real feel of a motorbike. Kids love to throttle up while riding as it gives the feel of a real bike. Undoubtedly, your kids will like this system very much. They just love it, believe me. However, the twist-grip throttle is a start. Once your kids learn to control it, they’ll get a step up to the next level.

Adjustable Handlebars

The MX500 features a riser handlebars system. No, you can’t adjust the handlebars generally but you can pivot the handlebars forward or back. It will raise or lower the handlebars. You can adjust the handlebars for your kid as needed with this easy feature. Though it doesn’t raise or lower a lot, but you’ll find it to set up as a comfortable level for the kids. Your kids can ride the bike with comfort.

Other Features

Along with the key features, this bike has some extra features and abilities too. TheMX500 offers a front-wheel mudguard that gives the bike a proper look of a real dirt bike and a retractable kickstand that is simple but very helpful to park the bike anywhere. This bike has an art-work of a real dirt bike too which is so cool. Besides, you get 90 days warranty with this bike. So, don’t worry if anything goes wrong.

Please note that this bike also needs a little assembly and you can do it yourself with a little help from the user’s manual. It’s really quick and easy. This bike is simply a great choice for kids. So you can consider this one if you want to give your kid a surprise.


  • Motor: Powerful 500W variable speed motor;
  • Battery: Rechargeable included battery;
  • Tires: Large pneumatic knobby tires;
  • Suspension: Dual suspension;
  • Speed: Up to 17 MPH high-speed;
  • Brakes: Hand-operated dual disc brakes;

  • Quiet but powerful operation;
  • Able to carry up to 175 lbs weight;
  • Offers equipped retractable kickstand;
  • 24 V battery for a better experience;
  • Riser handlebars for better adjustment;
  • Comes with front mudguard:

  • Battery charging time is too long;
  • Recommend for 14+ kids but too small for them;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How fast does a razor MX500 go?

– The Razor MX500 can run at the top speed of up to 17 MPH with the rider.

  • If the battery dies, can I walk it home easily?

– The bike is heavy; 112 pounds. But you can push it and get home easily.

  • How long does it take to charge a Razor scooter?

– The charging time of a Razor scooter depends on the battery type and capacity. The Razor MX500 takes almost 8 hours to be charged fully.

  • Can I adjust the handlebars?

– Yes, you can pivot the handlebars back or forward. It lowers or raises the handlebars a bit.

  • Can the bike go through mud and water?

– Yes, The bike has knobby tires and high-torque; it can run through water and mud perfectly.

  • Are the children under 14 years can ride it?

– Though this bike is recommended for 14+ years old kids, but it too small for 14+ years old. Even your 7 years old kids can ride it.

  • What are the differences between Razor MX500?

– The Razor SX500 is more powerful and bigger than Razor MX500. And SX500 has a better battery life.

Well, we’re at the end of the Razor MX500 review, we can simply say that it’s a good electronic motocross bike for kids. Razor has many electronic dirt motocross bikes for kids and the MX500 is one of the most popular bikes because of its features and abilities. It’s a perfect choice for kids. You may also look at the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 Electronic Motocross Bike. These two bikes are almost the same except for some minor differences. The MX500 is good enough but if you need longer battery life and a little bigger bike then you may spend a little more bulks on Razor SX500.

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