If your kids have a passion for biking then an electric motocross bike can be a great gift for them. Having an electric motorbike helps them to be better at riding. An electric motocross bike is a working prototype of a real motorcycle. It’s a wise decision to get your kid an electric bike. They’ll be experienced day by day.  The electric bikes are good enough and they serve well though it’s electric and come at cheap prices. It’s also a great investment in your kid’s fun. There are a lot of electric dirt bikes available. Razor is a well-known electric bike manufacturer and MX650 Electric Motocross Bike is one of the best bikes from them. We are here with its full review today. So, let’s get into the Razor MX650 Review.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review:

The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike is a great choice for kids and teenagers. This bike comes with a cool look. The Razor MX650 is a high-performance bike. This bike has amazing features and abilities and that’s why this bike is very popular among young people. And in this Razor MX650 dirt rocket review, we discussed everything about this bike in detail so that you make the right decision precisely.

Product Specifications:

Product Overview:

High-Performance Motor

In this Razor dirt bike MX650 review, we are glad to inform you that this bike has a powerful 650W motor. The motor has a variable speed and chain-driven features that provide powerful operation. With this 650W powerful motor, this bike performs great. This bike is ready to run through any kind of road or uphill easily. It’s always ready to rumble for off-road tracks. The bike is able to run at the top speed of 17 MPH. It’s a great fun option for young people.

Quiet but Powerful Operation

As we mentioned earlier, the bike is powered by a 650W powerful motor. And the motor features variable speed feature and chain-driven capability. Along with these special features, the bike performs a super quiet yet powerful operation. Your kids will get strong but quiet performance from this bike. Quiet operation is the key feature of an electric bike and MX650 is super quiet. The riders will get a noise-free riding experience every time.

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Powerful Rechargeable Battery

This Razor MX650 runs with the power of two 12 V batteries. These batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries and rechargeable. Though the batteries take almost 12 hours of charge to be charged fully but it gives a proper output when they come to serve. 12 hours is a long time and it increases your electricity bill significantly. Another thing is you must charge the batteries at least once a month otherwise, the batteries may not accept charge!

The bike provides a good high-speed of up to 17 MPH with the power of the batteries. You can charge the battery at night and the kids may have fun whenever they want.

Large Knobby Tires

This Razor MX650 electric bike comes with pneumatic knobby tires. These knobby tires provide increased friction and extreme riding experience on any roads, even on the hills. Riders can ride uphill and have fun without any kind of trouble, because of the large knobby tires of it. In addition, the bike can run perfectly through water and mud as well. These tires also provide extra stability on the bumpy roads. So, riders will enjoy great stability on the ride, all the time.

Convenient Dual Suspension

The MX650 offers a dual suspension system that provides extra comfort during riding. The rides get extreme comfort because of the dual suspension system of the bike. The dual suspension system minimizes the shock from the bumpy roads and presents a stable riding experience. This feature also makes riding more fun.

Dual-Disc Braking System

Along with the dual suspension system, this bike also offers a hand-operated dual-disc braking system. It has disc brakes in both wheels which provide convenient stopping power whenever necessary. Adding the disc braking system in the bike is a great addition from Razor that made this bike safe and convenient.

The dual-disc brakes of this bike ensure the safety of the rider. The hand-operated braking system is easy to use and very user-friendly. Besides, the disc braking system also enhances control over the bike.

Durable Construction & Cool Design

While writing the Razor 650 dirt bike review, we found this bike has a durable construction. This bike is constructed with steel that made it very durable and long-lasting. It has the authentic frame geometry of the real dirt bike. And because of the sturdy construction, the bike will last long even your kid use it roughly.

On the other hand, this bike has got authentic cool design and graphics work. Because of the authentic design and graphics, the bike really looks like a professional dirt bike. The bike got a very attractive look and kids just love it. You know, how much kids love to show-off toys to their friends. And as this bike is very eye-catching, the kids just love it.

Twist-Grip Throttling System

This Razor MX650 features a twist-grip throttle system. It’s just like a professional motocross bike. Twist-throttle is easy to operate. Besides, it offers the real feel of a motorbike. Kids love to throttle up while riding as it gives the feel of a real bike.

Adjustable Handlebars

The MX650 features a riser handlebars system. The handlebars can’t be adjusted generally but you can pivot the handlebars forward or back. It raises or lowers the handlebars. You can adjust the handlebars for your kid as needed in this easy way and unfortunately, it’s the only way to adjust the handlebars. Though it doesn’t raise or lower a lot, but you’ll find it to set up as a comfortable level for the kid so that they can ride the bike with comfort.

Other Additional Features

Not only the key features but also this bike has some extra features. TheMX650 offers a front-wheel mudguard that gives the bike a proper look. It also comes with a retractable kickstand. The kickstand allows the rider to park the bike anywhere. This bike has an attractive art-work which is so cool. Besides, you get 90 days warranty with this bike.

Please note that this bike also needs a little assembly and you can do it yourself. You only need to assemble the handlebars. It’s really quick and easy. You can get help from the user’s manual. You can consider this one if you want to give your kid/ teenager a surprise.


  • Speed: Up to 17 MPH high-speed;
  • Motor: Powerful 500W variable speed motor;
  • Battery: Powerful rechargeable battery;
  • Brakes: Hand-operated dual disc brakes;
  • Suspension: Dual suspension;
  • Tires: Large pneumatic knobby tires;

  • Quiet but powerful operation with variable speed;
  • Weight carrying limit is up to 220 lbs;
  • Offers equipped retractable kickstand;
  • 24 V batteries for a better experience;
  • Built-in front mudguard;
  • Riser handlebars for better adjustment;
  • Chain-driver motor for convenient support;

  • 12 hours battery charging time;

FAQs about “Razor MX650”

What is the Razor MX650?

The Razor MX650 is a high-performance electric dirt bike designed for off-road adventures. It is part of the Razor Dirt Rocket series and is known for its powerful electric motor, sturdy construction, and ability to tackle various terrains.

What is the maximum speed of the Razor MX650?

The Razor MX650 can reach speeds of up to 17 miles per hour (27 kilometers per hour), making it suitable for riders looking for an exhilarating off-road experience. The speed may vary depending on factors such as rider weight and terrain.

How long does the Razor MX650’s battery last on a single charge?

On average, the Razor MX650 provides approximately 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge. However, actual runtime can be influenced by factors like rider weight, terrain, and usage patterns.

What is the recommended age and weight limit for the Razor MX650?

The Razor MX650 is recommended for riders aged 16 and older. The maximum weight limit for riders is typically around 220 pounds (100 kilograms). It’s important to adhere to these recommendations for safety and optimal performance.

Does the Razor MX650 require assembly, and is it easy to set up?

The Razor MX650 usually requires some assembly upon delivery. However, the assembly process is relatively straightforward, and detailed instructions are provided in the user manual. Basic tools are typically required, and the assembly can be completed by following step-by-step guidelines.

Can the Razor MX650 be used on different types of terrain?

Yes, the Razor MX650 is designed for off-road use and can handle various terrains such as dirt trails, gravel paths, and uneven surfaces. Its robust construction and pneumatic knobby tires contribute to its ability to navigate diverse landscapes.

Is the Razor MX650 suitable for beginners, or is prior riding experience required?

While the Razor MX650 is designed for riders aged 16 and older, it may not be suitable for absolute beginners, especially those with no prior experience on motorized vehicles.


The Razor MX650 is the best electric bike in its category and in this Razor MX650 review; we can simply say that it’s a perfect choice for teenagers and kids. This high-performance bike can be the best companion of your kids. This bike is made to perform and it does its job well. This bike is highly able to satisfy its rider. It’s a perfect choice and yet you want to get almost the same bike in budget then you may consider looking at the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 Electronic Motocross Bike.

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