The cycle is one of the oldest and cheapest transports over centuries. Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise while doing your job. Cycling rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit. But riding a bicycle isn’t easy for all people especially when they unsure about their stability. In that case, an adult tricycle can be the best option. A tricycle ensures you better stability, dexterity and lets you carry items.

Well, we’re here today with the schwinn meridian review tricycle which is a great tricycle for adults with a variety of useful features. Here we go:

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle with Wheels:

We’ve tested some of the popular adult tricycles and the Schwinn Meridian is one of the best trikes among them. We did deep research on this tricycle and finally decided to bring you this Schwinn Meridian bike review. This trike is simply a great companion and ideal for shopping and carrying items with its included foldable rear basket. Another great thing is, this tricycle will take you back to your childhood and you can recount many cherished memories.

So, let’s jump over the Schwinn Meridian tricycle review so that you can decide easily if the bike is perfect for you or not!

Specifications Of Schwinn Meridian Tricycle:

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Schwinn Meridian Overview:

1. Frame

The Schwinn Meridian offers a 1.7-inch aluminum frame that made the trike lightweight and comfortable. The tricycle is 70 pounds in weight because of the aluminum frame. And because of that lightweight, you can easily gain your desire speed with less effort. Additionally, the trike has aluminum frame-based sturdy construction which is rugged and durable so you get better durability from your trike with a sleek and stylish profile. The step-through frame design allows you to get on and off easily too. Besides, the manufacturer also offers you 5 years limited warranty. So, you don’t need to be worried about at all. This bike can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. So, it’s a great choice for adults.

2. Seat

schwinn meridian tricycle seat
schwinn meridian tricycle seat

The Schwinn Meridian trike comes with an ergonomically designed seat. The seat is large and wide enough that provides comfort during the ride. The seat is padded and offers dual springs suspension. The dual springs absorb shocks and help to provide you smooth riding on bumpy roads. It’s very useful especially when you’re riding for prolonged periods. And the saddle of the trike has a slight rise to the front for better stability of feet on the pedals. Additionally, the seat is adjustable and you can adjust the seat height according to your comfort level without any tool.

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3. Size

The tricycle is made for rolling with stability and easy pedaling. Improper size of a tricycle distracts from the overall riding experience which may result in serious injuries so you must get the right-sized tricycle. The Schwinn Meridian comes with a perfect size with 26-inch wheels which is suitable for almost everyone. And the manufacturer also offers a 24-inch size model for the smaller and petite riders.

This is mainly Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike review but they have no major difference. The 26-inch model is more suitable for most of people. These 2 models are the same expect the wheel size. So, you can grab any of them which suits you most and enjoy your days.

4. Handlebars

Swept-back adjustable handlebars of this trike let the rider keep a perfectly upright position. It helps the rider to maintain well-balanced rides. Besides, the handlebars of the trike can be adjusted from 37 to 40- inches so that a larger variety of rider can ride this tricycle with ease. The handlebars are equipped with the quick-release feature. This feature lets you adjust the handlebars quickly, within a minute. On the other hand, the swept-back design keeps the rider’s back straight which helps to avoid back pain. You get an overall improved posture with effective design of the handlebars.

5. Wheels

Schwinn meridian tricycle wheels

The wheels of the trike equipped with stainless steel spokes and lightweight rims. Lightweight rims and steel spokes offer you longevity. And lightweight rims also help to gain the speed with ease. The wheels come with 2″ wide tires. Wide tires make your ride more comfortable and smooth in any roads along with allowing you to do tough cornering easily with minimum possibility of an accident. The larger wheels of the trike also help you maintain stability in high speed.

6. Brakes

Schwinn meridian tricycle brakes

The tricycle comes with linear brakes at both the front and rear-located hand brake. This breaking system provides reliable stopping when you need. And both linear breaks are applied with gripping motion. Breaking power of the trike is provided by thick brake pads. The brake pads are located on either side of the front wheel and the left rear wheel. The brake levers are placed to the front of both handlebars so you can easily stop the trike with less effort when you need while riding.

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7. Speed

This trike has a fixed gear. This single-speed tricycle is mainly designed for simple uses though it does not affect your speed or limit its performance. Standard pedaling system of this trike also offers you minimal maintenance. You can get your required speed with minimal maintenance because of this single-speed gear. But as Schwinn tricycle review, it’d be better if comes with variable gear. But remember that, this trike is made for simplicity and multi-function gear increases the maintenance cost.

8. Reflectors

To promote safety and enhance visibility at night, the Schwinn Meridian trike comes with built-in reflectors on pedals, mudguards, front wheels, and rear wheels. These reflectors alert others about your presence on the road in low light. It’s a helpful feature to avoid accidents.

9. Fender

The trike comes with strategically placed fenders/mudguards that protect the rider from gravel and dirty water. The mudguards also help to keep the trike clean while riding through muddy roads.

10. Basket

Schwinn meridian tricycle basket

Basket, the most useful part of the trike! The Schwinn trike features a rear-mounted basket with the ability to fold up when not in use. The measurement of the included rear basket is 18.5″ in length, 22.5″ in width, and 11.5″ in height. The basket can hold up to 50 pounds of weight easily. This basket is a great choice for grocery shopping or carrying your dog.


    • Handlebars: Adjustable Swept back handlebars.
    • Design: Sleek, Stylish and comfortable design.
    • Basket: Included huge fold-down rear basket.
    • Seat: Oversized spring cruiser-style padded seat.
    • Tires: Large diameter wheels with wide tires.
    • Reflectors: Built-in reflectors to enhance visibility;
    • Frame: Durable aluminum frame;


    • Comes with a relatively low price tag.
    • Springer saddle and low posture for easy mounting.
    • Full wrap mudguards to protect against mud and dirty water.
    • Offers an outstanding balance and stability.
    • Built-in reflectors for better visibility at night.
    • High weight holding capacity of up to 300 pounds;
    • Large padded seat & upright handlebars offer comfortable riding experience;


    • Installation is a little bit difficult.
    • Multi-speed/ gear variation isn’t available.
    • The fenders often rub on the tires.
    • Large in size and not foldable like other trikes- difficult to transport via car.

Watch Video: Schwinn Meridian Tricyle Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Does it come fully assembled?

– No, you have to assemble the trike. You can assemble it yourself. But local bike-shop is recommended as it’s not so easy.

  • Can I put an additional basket on the front?

– Yes, you can put an additional basket on the front but it’s not recommended. If you need an additional basket too much, then you can put a small one. But I think the rear basket is enough.

  • Does this tricycle fit on the public bus bike rack?

– Yes, the back wheels of the trike will straddle two bike rails with bus supplied straps on a public bus.

  • Can I attach a pet trailer to the bike?

– Yes, you can.

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Final Touch

So, finally, we are at the bottom line. Hope, this Schwinn Meridian review will help you much to know about this trike in details. We reviewed this item and discussed both good sides and bad sides of this trike. Hope, you can easily take your decision if you should grab this trike or not!

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