Longboarding is rhythmical and smooth with a perfect flow to the moving. This surfing is optimized for carving and cruising. It is enjoyed around the world for thrilling, fun and adventurous purposes. Longboarders will get the desired outcome with this flexible ride. The popular sport activity has many benefits.

But, safety is the most vital point while longboarding. Sometimes, beginners are not concerned about it. But, we will always recommend the best helmet for preventing any injuries. Head injuries are the most critical problem in the body. Spending some extra bucks on the longboarding helmets will be worth the investment.

Do I need helmet for longboarding? If this is an inquiry, you are in the best place to find the proper answer. Because, in today’s post, we will discuss with you about the longboard helmets. We urge you to emphasize wearing the helmet. When you purchase the longboard for kids, combine that with a suitable helmet for your child.

No matter what your age, condition or experience, anyone might be able to do longboarding. Most of us consider riding as a recreational sport. However, some participate in the longboarding for staying fit. This outdoor activity will bring an energetic body and a positive mind. All of these would be possible if you have a secure riding.

In longboarding, a solid board is used to race, travel, cruise or commute on the roads or slope spots, even occasionally on the hills. Many people regard it as a way of daily transportation. Also, longboarding brings many styles like carving, sliding and many more. For a faster speed, you always require to take some protective measures. And, helmets are the simple but most valuable addition.

Longboarding With Safety

Longboarding requires concentrating on the movement for riding safely. We will describe how to ride safely in the proper way. No matter what you think about longboarding, it might be risky. Some longboards like the electric ones can bring the undesired issues. For tackling, you just need to wear all protective gear.

They are helmets, shoes, knee pads and elbow pads. In this article, you will understand more details on the helmet for longboarding. Also, we will talk about how to choose accordingly. First of all, you have to use the proper gear. After wearing the appropriate helmet, you can start riding on a smooth and flat surface.

For longboarding safely, you should always check for any obstacles or vehicles around. Then, place your longboard on the surface facing the travel direction. Place the standing foot depending on your personal preference. Now, smoothly push off the surface with the opposite foot. In case you are a beginner, push with slow force. You can see the board is shifting forward with your pushing.

Moreover, push your foot into the longboard and bend the knees to maintain stability. When you think that your board is getting down in slow motion, the process should be repeated. Remember, you can be able to handle the entire ride. For turning left, lean the body slightly towards your left. Try to maintain balance with the board speed.

The body motion can be able to avoid any mishap. For applying the brakes, gently push the foot from the longboard deck. Suddenly putting much pressure may have a consequence of changing of force. So, never put much pressure on the riding ground. For more details on the question of, ‘Do I need helmet for longboarding’ , go thoroughly into this guide.

Choosing The Perfect Helmet

There are many kinds of helmets to select from. But, you should know which one to buy and how to choose the right helmets. More than the style, the features are very essential for assuring safety. For picking the appropriate helmet, you can go to any nearest skate shop. The following points should be considered:


The fitting of a helmet is the first thing to consider before buying. For determining the proper size, you have to measure the head. A tape can be taken for measuring the head. Position it about an inch above the eyebrows and measure the head’s circumference. This count can be noted. While in the store, you can find the accurate one to purchase.

Wearing a small or big helmet is very uncomfortable. Also, you won’t get proper protection. If the helmet shifts when going down, it is not fitted well. You can buy helmets that have removable paddings. They have multiple thicknesses that allow you to adjust according to the size. Whether you may prefer it or not, this is totally up to your personal preference.


Standard helmet style is available on the market. If you want to get some other options for wearing something unique, you may go for many types. Some will provide more coverage. While many brands specially made the helmets for resistance more impact. Commonly, open face ones are used. Oppositely, full face helmets are very popular among downhill riders.

Safety Standards

The main purpose of a helmet is to ensure security. You should always check for the certification while buying the new helmet. If the helmet manufacturers can be able to provide the safety standards by the CPSC and the ASTM, this will be best for use. So, safety standard seals should be evaluated before purchasing the helmets.


Some longboarders wear the helmet which may distract them while riding. Using an open face one with a good outlet position of the air and ample ventilation will keep the head cool. This can avoid the uncomfortable feeling and pending distraction. Also, sweat won’t get into the eyes at the moment of tricking with the boards.

Straps And Retention System

Straps and retention systems are keeping the helmet in the right place. Regardless of many styles, you should focus on adjusting according to the comfort. So, they should be fastened easily. You can select a helmet with a quick-release buckle system. Although, you may use an ordinary helmet. Just you need to secure the helmet on the head. And, enjoy the longboarding!


So, this is the inquiry of the question, “Do I need helmet for longboarding”. Indeed, helmets provide higher visibility while riding on the road. Besides, fatal injuries might be less prone to happen. Also, good helmets can save you from extreme falls. But, the features of your helmet should be carefully chosen. We have described the most amazing features. Happy riding with the longboard while having a helmet on your head!