The Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet offers a blend of communication tech and safety. It stands out with integrated Bluetooth capabilities and robust protection.

Riding into the tech-savvy motorcycling world, the Sedici Strada II Parlare Helmet marks its territory with cutting-edge features. This helmet not only promises to keep you connected on the go with its Bluetooth integration but also puts a big check on safety with its reinforced shell.

Riders value seamless communication, and the Strada II Parlare delivers that with ease, ensuring you can chat with fellow riders or take calls effortlessly. Benefiting from its advanced features doesn’t mean a compromise on comfort, as it’s designed with a plush interior and adequate ventilation. With the inclusion of anti-fog and anti-scratch visor technology, it takes visibility seriously, making rides safer and navigation clearer. Ideal for the modern rider, this helmet fuses convenience and road safety into a stylish piece of gear.

Sedici Strada II Parlare Review: Unmatched Connectivity!


Introduction To The Sedici Strada Ii Parlare Helmet

Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet Review

The Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet breaks new ground in motorcycle gear. It mixes safety with the latest tech. This helmet is not just a piece of protection. It’s a gadget to stay connected, even on the go.

A Leap In Motorcycle Technology

The Strada II Parlare helmet is a game-changer. It’s built for the modern rider. Your ride is safer and smarter. You get the best of both worlds.

Key Features At A Glance

  • Bluetooth Integration: Connect with your devices seamlessly.
  • Advanced Protection: Tough shell with comfort lining.
  • Clear Vision: Anti-fog, anti-scratch visor.
  • Adjustable Ventilation: Cool in the heat, warm in the cold.
  • Easy Communication: Talk with riders, answer calls hands-free.

Design And Aesthetics

Exploring the Sedici Strada II Parlare reveals its cutting-edge design and sleek aesthetics. This helmet doesn’t just promise safety; it delivers a visual statement on the road. Let’s delve into what sets the Sedici Strada II Parlare apart in terms of construction and design.

Helmet Construction And Materials

The Sedici Strada II Parlare helmet boasts a sturdy build. It uses advanced materials for rider safety. A standout feature is its fiberglass and Kevlar construction. These materials offer superior protection without adding extra weight. Riders experience a lightweight, comfortable fit. This helmet also meets stringent safety standards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Visual Appeal And Color Options

The helmet presents a striking visual appeal. It brings together functionality with style. The Sedici Strada II Parlare helmet comes in various colors. These include classic blacks to vibrant reds. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or a bold look, this helmet has you covered. Each helmet features a sleek, glossy finish. It’s a helmet that earns admiring glances.

Connectivity And Communication

Exploring the wonders of the Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet means diving into its advanced connectivity and communication features. With riders in mind, technology integrates seamlessly to enhance the riding experience. Key functions allow for clear communication, easy listening, and hassle-free connection to devices.

Bluetooth Integration

The helmet boasts built-in Bluetooth capability for instant wire-free connections. Pair it effortlessly with your smartphone, GPS, or music player. The integrated system ensures you stay connected to your devices, even while on the move.

  • Easy pairing with most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Stable connection up to 900 meters in open space
  • Access to music, GPS navigation, and phone calls

Intercom Functionality

The Sedici Strada II Parlare helmet’s intercom is a game-changer for group rides. It supports rider-to-rider communication across a notably long range. The clarity of sound ensures messages are never missed even at higher speeds or through noise.

Feature Details
Range Up to 1 km in open terrain
Connectivity Can connect to multi riders at once
Battery Life Approximately 15 hours talk time

Whether you’re coordinating with a group or simply chatting with a friend, the helmet’s intercom keeps you connected. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation, even with gloves on.

Noise-cancelling technology eliminates wind and road noise, making every conversation crisp and clear. It’s communication made simple and effective, no matter where the road takes you.

Sedici Strada II Parlare Review: Unmatched Connectivity!


Safety Features

The Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet is designed with safety at its core. Riders can trust in the dynamic safety features it offers. Each component contributes to a safer, more secure ride. Let’s dive into what makes this helmet a guardian on the pavement.

Impact Protection

When it comes to protecting your head, impact resistance is key. The Sedici Strada II helmet boasts a robust shell construction. This shell spreads the force of an impact, reducing the risk of injury. Inside, multi-density EPS foam provides another layer of defense, cradling your head securely.

  • Advanced polycarbonate shell absorbs and disperses force.
  • EPS foam liner with varied densities for optimal protection.
  • Certified to DOT and ECE standards, ensuring it meets strict safety requirements.

Visibility Enhancements

Being seen is just as important as impact protection. The Sedici Strada II helmet’s visibility is enhanced for different riding conditions. It features a scratch-resistant visor and a fog-free shield. This provides a clear view of the road at all times. Reflective details on the back increase your visibility to other drivers.

Feature Description
Anti-scratch visor Provides a clear, unobstructed view.
Fog-free technology Keeps the shield clear in all weather.
Reflective accents Enhances rider visibility in low light.

Comfort And Fit

When it’s time to gear up, comfort takes the front seat. The Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet marks its excellence not only with its tech-savvy features but also with its paramount comfort and fit. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes this helmet a snug haven for riders.

Sizing And Head Shapes

Finding the perfect fit starts with understanding head shapes and sizes. The Sedici Strada II Parlare accommodates various riders with ease. With its multi-size chart ranging from XS to 2XL, it offers a tailored fit for almost everyone.

  • XS to M Sizes: Ideal for smaller head circumferences.
  • L to 2XL Sizes: Fit larger head circumferences comfortably.

Each helmet includes a detailed size guide. This guide ensures that riders pick the correct size. The interior padding also conforms to different head shapes, promising a custom snugness for every ride.

Ventilation System And Liner

A well-ventilated helmet is crucial for rider comfort. The Sedici Strada II Parlare features an advanced ventilation system that keeps air flowing. This system ensures breathability and coolness, even on long rides.

Ventilation Feature Benefit
Chin Vent Directs airflow to reduce shield fogging.
Top Vents Regulates temperature at the top of the head.
Rear Exhaust Allows hot air to exit, preventing heat buildup.

The helmet’s liner is made from a breathable, moisture-wicking material. It keeps you dry and comfy. This removable and washable liner maintains freshness for every journey.

Overall, the Sedici Strada II Parlare helmet balances a firm grip with a gentle touch. These design choices reflect a deep understanding of rider needs for enduring comfort, regardless of the journey’s length or the road’s challenge.

On The Road Performance

The Sedici Strada II Parlare Helmet shines on the open road. Comfort meets technology as riders test its capabilities. We delve into the nitty-gritty of the helmet’s performance. We put the Sedici Strada II Parlare to the test in this comprehensive review.

Audio Quality Assessment

The audio quality is a standout feature. Riders expect clarity and crispness in sound, especially at high speeds. The helmet’s integrated Bluetooth system delivers an immersive audio experience. Let’s break down the components:

  • Noise Reduction: Advanced technology ensures that wind and road noise diminish significantly.
  • Speaker Clarity: High-quality speakers produce clear sounds, from music to voice commands.
  • Volume Control: Easy access to volume adjustments helps maintain focus on the road.

A persistent connection keeps riders in communication without disruption. Intercom quality remains stable over various conditions.

Real-world Ride Experience

Real-world testing confirms the Sedici Strada II Parlare is a game-changer. We examine its performance under various conditions:

Feature Performance
Fit and Comfort: Snug yet comfortable, even on long rides.
Visibility: Wide field of view, anti-fog visor maintains clear vision.
Ventilation: Effective airflow system keeps the rider cool.

Durability is evident as the helmet withstands daily wear and tear. The quick-release visor mechanism allows swift adjustments on the go. Riders enjoy a seamless experience with the integrated functions. This helmet delivers on its promise for an enjoyable and safe ride.

Comparing The Competition

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are a game changer for riders. The Sedici Strada II Parlare sets itself apart in this tech-savvy market. But how does it really compare to its rivals? Let’s dive into a detailed comparison.

Sedici Strada Ii Parlare Vs. Rivals

The Sedici Strada II Parlare enters the ring with heavyweight features. It boasts a fiberglass shell and Bluetooth integration. The connectivity is crystal clear. Many riders seek this tech blend. Its rivals offer similar specs. But some may lack the Parlare’s advanced vent system or the DOT and ECE certifications that the Sedici Strada II guarantees.

  • Advanced vent system – keeps riders cool
  • Dual certification – DOT and ECE for safety
  • Bluetooth integration – for clear communication

Price To Performance Ratio

The Sedici Strada II Parlare helmet offers a strong price to performance ratio. It is priced competitively. Yet, it presents features of a premium product. Those include integrated sun visor and Bluetooth technology. The table below compares the prices of the Sedici Strada II Parlare and two competitors within the same category.

Helmet Model Price Key Features
Sedici Strada II Parlare $249.99 Bluetooth, sun visor, DOT and ECE certification
Competitor X $199.99 Bluetooth, sun visor
Competitor Y $299.99 Bluetooth, premium materials

The comparison reveals the Sedici Strada II Parlare’s strong standing. Riders get a lot for their money, without compromising on essential features.

Sedici Strada II Parlare Review: Unmatched Connectivity!


Final Thoughts

Our deep dive into the Sedici Strada II Parlare Bluetooth Helmet brings us to the endgame. We scrutinized every feature. We tested it under various conditions. Now, let’s wrap this up with a clear, concise takeaway.

Pros And Cons Roundup

The helmet shines with positives, yet has some negatives. Time for a swift roundup.

Pros Cons
Built-in Bluetooth system Heavier than some rivals
DOT and ECE certified Limited color options
Comfortable interior padding Battery life could be better
Excellent ventilation system No transition visor included
Affordable price point Can be noisy at high speeds

Who Should Consider The Sedici Strada Ii Parlare

Is the Sedici Strada II Parlare the right helmet for you? Let’s see.

  • Bluetooth lovers: You enjoy hands-free calls and music.
  • Safety conscious: You need DOT and ECE certification.
  • Budget watchers: Quality is key but without breaking the bank.
  • Comfort seekers: You plan on wearing your helmet for long rides.
  • Hot weather riders: Superior airflow is a must for you.

If these points strike a chord, this helmet could be your match. It offers connectivity, safety, comfort and value, all in one package.

Frequently Asked Questions On Sedici Strada Ii Parlare Bluetooth Helmet Review

What Features Does The Sedici Strada Ii Helmet Offer?

The Sedici Strada II Helmet is equipped with Bluetooth technology for connectivity, a scratch-resistant visor, and multiple ventilation points for airflow. It also has a removable, washable liner for comfort and hygiene.

How Does The Sedici Strata Ii Parlare Enhance Communication?

The helmet’s integrated Bluetooth system allows for clear, hands-free communication. It’s also compatible with smartphones, enabling easy access to music, calls, and navigation on the go.

Is The Sedici Strada Ii Parlare Bluetooth Helmet Safe?

Yes, the helmet meets DOT and ECE safety standards, featuring a reinforced shell for impact resistance and an advanced ventilation system for comfort during long rides.

Can You Replace The Visor On The Sedici Strada Ii Helmet?

Yes, the visor on the Sedici Strada II Helmet is replaceable. It features a quick-release mechanism for easy changes and is pinlock-ready for fog resistance.


The Sedici Strada II Parlare revolutionizes communication on the go. With its seamless Bluetooth integration, riders enjoy unmatched connectivity. Its comfort and safety are hard to match, proving it’s a top pick for tech-savvy motorcyclists. For those seeking a ride-enhancing helmet, the Parlare is an excellent choice.

Upgrade your gear with confidence.