Good quality helmets can save lives. Most of the head injury can be prevented by wearing protective gear. But, this will depend on the pattern of your helmet according to the sports. For instance, skating and biking is the best way of riding with amusement. Skate helmets are designed for withstanding multi-impact. Typically, skateboarding crashes and falls more frequently. So, the head should be covered by the helmet.

However, skate helmets are more stylish than bike helmets. For a single impact, bike helmets are designed to give proper protection to your head. In today’s guide, we are going to discuss more about skate helmets vs bike helmets.

Different Between Skate Helmets Vs Bike Helmets

Safety Standards

For most of the sports, protective gears will provide the proper safety. They work as an ideal safety standard. To notice the adequate safety implements, you should look at the inside sticker of the helmet. You can easily find out almost everything about the helmet by applying common sense.

The basic differences in helmet styles will be based on the safety conditions of the specific sport. You should always consider certification of the helmet before purchasing one. Other voluntary standards are also necessary to follow. You should not buy any helmet which is not maintaining the minimum requirements properly.

  • Bike Helmet: The bicycle helmet design allows them to take intense force. Safety Commission of Consumer Product sets the specific criteria for the bike helmets. The equipment is constructed for providing support during one major impact. After every major impact, the helmet requires to be replaced immediately. An extremely bad fall on the pavement compresses the foam.
  • Skate Helmets: In comparison with the bike helmet, skate one offers softer foam. Moreover, this kind of helmet is not suitable for wearing at the moment of major impact hits. Basically, it is made particularly for low-impact hits or falls. Also, a skate helmet has a thicker shell on the outer side to withstand many impacts, instead of one.


The basic apparent differences between the skate helmets vs bike helmets are the head coverage, vents and visors. The contrast in the head coverage arises from the types of collisions and falls associated with the activity. Indeed, you have to cover the backside of the head for getting the proper safety. You should always consider this point.

  • Bike Helmets: Bike helmets appear with proper face coverage. For biking, helmets are essential due to the chances of falling. Full face wearing of a helmet is not suitable for normal usage. Because they are not comfortable and heavier to wear. Road helmets are different. They never cover your lower half of your head’s back.
  • Skate Helmets: Skate helmets always support the backside of your head. We call fall anytime unexpectedly. Nobody knows about the severity of the fall. Although, experienced skaters encourage me to fall on the side. But, it is not easy to follow. These helmets are particularly designed for covering the lower portion of the head’s back. Surely, it helps to prevent injuries.


Visors work for keeping the sun away from the eyes. Let’s focus on the difference between both of the helmets.

  • Bike Helmets: Helmets for mountain bikers have visors, but road bikes one does not have. Usually, road cyclists wear sunglasses for shielding the eyes from the sun. Whereas, the mountain bikers ride in the woods or shades area. They wear low power light lenses. This is the basic reason behind it. Thus, visors help in seeing.
  • Skate Helmets: Most of the skate helmets have no visor. Manufacturers tend not to include it with the skate helmets. A, it may create some issues of seeing. Unlike bikers, the skate riders try to see the front area instead of staring around the ground. This is the basic difference between skate and bike helmets.


Vents are built in the helmets for allowing riders to breathe. They also keep away the sweat that collects on the forehead. Also, vents try to prevent overheating by keeping your head cool. When you want to buy a new helmet, you should look for many vents. Although, an additional venting facility will increase the costs.

  • Bike Helmets: Helmets manufactured for road bikers have the maximum vents. In comparison with the skate riders, the bike heats up frequently at the time of riding. Therefore, bike helmets are pricier. Usually, the manufacturer pays maximum attention to aerodynamics. Moreover, the aerodynamic varieties will feature fewer vents. Because the vents may produce wind drag.
  • Skate Helmets: In contrast with the bike helmets, the ordinary skate helmet appears with few vents. The basic design is a smooth shape and round. So that, the price can remain budget-friendly. Generally, bike helmets stick to the pattern of skate helmets which follow the vents and other features.


Helmets can express the user’s personal style. One of the major differences among the helmets are in the styles. Style is an individual personal choice, you always consider safety. Apart from the style, the proper safety will help you to protect the head.

  • Bike Helmets: You buy a bike helmet by shape and size. They are designed for many severe impacts of higher speeds. The nature of bike riding requires additional safety measures. So, almost all of the motorbike helmets give protection to the head at greater speeds. Unlike skate one, bike helmets provide extra ventilation shafts.
  • Skate Helmets: Skate helmets have a nice style. For this reason, bikers love to wear this helmet over their bike helmet. Indeed, skate helmets will look youthful. They are designed for low impacts. You can replace it after multiple falls. Stylewisely, the skate helmet is a wonderful choice for any kinds of users.


We have discussed ‘skate helmets vs bike helmets’. Helmets have a various impacts on resistance. A thin but hard shell is layered on the outer side of the helmet that can withstand the impact. Helmets shield the users from severe injuries to the head.

The main difference between both types of helmets is enlightened on the post. Skate helmets can face multiple impacts. But, bicycle helmets can withstand a single impact only. Because they have foam that compresses upon the impact. We hope you will be able to pick up the best one accordingly!