Skateboarding is the sport of riding on a skateboard. On the other hand, BMX is the abbreviation of bicycle Motorcross or bike Motorcross which refers to a cycle sport performed on BMX bikes. BMX began for recreational purposes and stunting. From this perspective, we can see that there are some differences between skateboard and BMX. In this article, we will discuss the differences between skateboarding and BMX. This will help you understand which one is better and will help you make a decision.

Skateboarding Vs BMX: A Comprehensive Comparison

Skill Requirement

Between skateboard and BMX, BMX needs more perfect skills than skateboards. By using BMX bikes, you can play more tricks and stunts than a skateboard. BMX has more stunt capacity. Though both need skills, you should be more skillful while using a BMX bike.

Freedom and Riding Locations

BMX gives more freedom than skateboard which is a great advantage for BMX. You can use BMX with more freedom than a skateboard. You cannot use a skateboard anywhere you want because a skateboard needs smooth pavement for riding. If the ground is not suitable for skating, you cannot use a skateboard. Performing on rough and difficult terrain is not easy work and without mastered skaters, nobody can even perform on such a path. On the other hand, with a BMX anyone can roam around on the streets, on rough terrain, dirt paths, at the park, and even fields. We can go some places with a BMX where we cannot even think of using a skateboard. For example, we cannot go in the forest by using a skateboard but it is not so tough for a BMX. On a dirt path, we can ride on a BMX rather than a skateboard.

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Learning Curve

Learning skateboarding is a difficult task for a newbie as one needs to learn how to stand on a skateboard, how to control the board, how to move and brake the board. Balance ability is the most important thing for skateboarding. Before playing tricks one needs to acquire these perfectly. And then they can play tricks after practicing. But for BMX, things are not like these. Riding a BMX bike is easy for most people. Both children and adults can ride on a bicycle easily. But playing tricks is a different matter for a BMX. For BMX riders, the learning curve is very difficult and highly risked. This is also difficult for skateboarders but it may not as difficult as BMX. BMX requires more strength and adaptability to perform tricks. Besides, BMX needs more ability and effort to learn curves because one needs to solve hardware problems and find suitable places to learn. But solving hardware problems and find suitable places to learn is easier and cheapest for a skateboard than a BMX.

Risk and Safety

Skateboarding and riding on BMX both are risky. Which one is safer depends on one’s skill level. If one is better at skateboarding, skateboarding will be safer for him. Safety also depends on the road you are running. Uphill riding is risky for skateboarding. But as bicycles have brakes, which are not available on skateboards. It is safer to go down a steep hill with a BMX.

On flat terrain, it is safer to ride on a skateboard because with a skateboard, you can easily jump out of the road which is more dangerous to do with a BMX. But for street riding, BMX is more suitable than skateboards because when riding on a skateboard, you may fall and hurt yourself. Skateboarding is safer than BMX most of the time. BMX mainly used to play tricks and stunts.


Bikes are better when you need to travel on dirt paths or rough terrains. Also, bikes are more suitable for longer commutes. So for a distant ride, you can choose a bike rather than a skateboard because you will be tired if you travel a long distance with a skateboard. BMX’s have more weight and so they cannot be carried everywhere. But skateboards are portable. Moreover, you can ride on sidewalks with a skateboard which is not allowed for bikes.

Storage and Size

Skateboards are easy to store because of their lightweight and smaller size. So you can store and carry them anywhere you want. But BMX needs a better layout to store. It needs more space to store. You cannot lift it up the elevator so you have to find a place to lock it.


Parts of skateboards are quite cheap and available. So you do not need a lot of money to repair or maintain a skateboard. In this view, BMX is more expensive than skateboards because BMX bikes cost a lot more than skateboards and BMX bikes need to customize for better riding as it is used for competition. Also, parts of BMX are also very expensive and not easy to find in the market. So their repairing cost is also very expensive. Besides, for riding on BMX, you have to use more safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. which are also need to be purchased.

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Pros and Cons of BMX


  • BMX is faster and gives you a quick ride.
  • You can go places where a skateboard cannot.
  • BMX is considered to be a more extreme sport.
  • Bikes can be customized. So you can change it according to your requirement.
  • It is more suitable for long-distance rides.
  • Bikes parts are not available everywhere. So it is not easy to get them.

  • Performing tricks are riskier.
  • Parts are very expensive.
  • Big in size and not portable.


Pros and Cons of Skateboarding


  • Skateboards are cheap in cost.
  • Skateboard parts are easy to find and cheap also
  • Performing tricks are easier than BMX.
  • Easy to carry

  • Limited location to ride.
  • Learn skateboarding is a very difficult task at first.



We have tried our best to show you the advantages and disadvantages of skateboarding and bmx. Now the choice is yours. Both are fine and good at different aspects. You can take the decision which one will be better for you according to your skill and place.

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