There are many different types of bikes available, each suited to a specific purpose or type of terrain. Some common types of bikes include road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and touring bikes.

Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads, and have skinny tires and a lightweight frame. Mountain bikes are built for off-road riding, with sturdy frames and wide, knobby tires for added traction.

Hybrid bikes combine features of road and mountain bikes, making them versatile for use on a variety of terrain. Touring bikes are designed for long-distance travel, with a comfortable riding position and added features for carrying gear.

No other commuter will come close to bicycles or bikes when it comes to fun ride and health concerned at the same time. Indeed, biking is outright fun and thrilling sports that help us maintain a healthy life.

From heavy city traffic to countryside riding, from mountains to sandy beaches, bikes nearly ply on everywhere. But for the different purpose of journey, there are different types of bikes. And to get the best riding experience in a particular condition, one needs to have the ideal types of bikes.

Having said this, we need to know about the different variations of bikes at first. And in this write-up, I am going to do precisely the same thing.  I am going to describe the most popular and widespread bike types that you will ever see.

So, let’s begin.

Different Types of Bikes:

Over the past few hundred years or so, the bicycling industry has soared higher and higher. Consequently, manufacturers have discovered new bike types to keep pace with growing customer needs. Hence, you will see thousands of variations when it comes to bikes.

However, the most common types of worldwide bikes are listed below for your convenience.

1. Road Bike

Road bikesroad bike are the most common bike in the world. While all the bicycles can ride on roads, manufacturers optimize road bikes, especially to move on the streets with its thinner tire, aerodynamic frame shape, and lightweight design.

The same geometrical shape is also responsible for the bike’s horrible performance in dirt mountain trails. Road bikes come with drop handlebars that require the rider to lean forward while riding the bicycle slightly.

This leaning forward seating arrangement matches perfectly with the aerodynamic design that lets air go past the bike with less friction. Also, the skinny tires create less friction on the road allowing riders to achieve fast speed within moments. Hence, this bike is ideal for those who love riding on highways with extreme speed.

Ideal for: Fun and fast rides on a highway with fewer vehicles.

Not ideal for: If you are planning to ride on mountains or commute through heavy traffic, don’t purchase road bikes.

2. Mountain Bike

mountain bikeMountain bike is for those who like adventures and love to go on mountain trails and off-road riding for fun. It doesn’t matter how the road is; whether it is even or full of pebbles, the mountain bike is heavily optimized to go through nearly every path.

It makes this possible thanks to its bulkier construction, slightly wider tires, and straight geometrical design ideal for riding in the most uneven roads. Its tires are more comprehensive than the road bikes and so creates more friction on the street, allowing for a better grip.

Also, it has a wide range of gear that you can swiftly shift between to suit the fast-changing characters of mountain trails and off-road. These bicycles are available in three modes- rear suspension, rear and front suspensions, and none. So, you have the liberty to choose accordingly.

Ideal for:  If you are planning to go on the mountain or off-road and speed isn’t an issue for you, mountain bikes are ready to serve you.

Not ideal for: The mountain bike isn’t suitable for those who like to commute in highways and loves speed.

3. Hybrid Bike

hybrid bikeAs the name suggests, hybrid bikes are indeed a combo of both road and mountain bikes to some extent. While it enjoys the stability of mountain bikes, it owes to the road bikes for its optimal speed.

Hybrid bikes come up with a flat handlebar that adds to its overall stability. Also, with a mountain bike like the geometrical frame, it is comfortable and versatile. At the same time, its tires are silkier that allows the bicycle to gain optimal speed.

The best thing is that you can replace the tires with heavier or thinner ones to convert it to a highway or off-road riding beast.

Ideal for: A hybrid bike is best suited for commuting though city streets with heavy traffic on, thanks to its stable design.

Not ideal for: If you are planning to move fast with your fellow riders on highways for an extended tour or navigate through the tough terrains, don’t get a hybrid bike.

4. Electric Bikes

electric bikeYou can assume from the name that electric bikes are partly electric run. But don’t worry, they don’t need a direct electrical connection for moving through roads.

Instead, they use a heavy-duty battery and a heavily optimized motor to ply on the roads. The electric bikes are often time more cumbersome than the other bike types due to the inclusion of battery and motor within the frame.

The best thing that the motor is powerful enough to give you a flying kick-off as if you are carrying a stealthy tailwind at the bicycle back. Hence, you will get super-fast speed without dropping a sweat. Also, with heavier construction, you won’t feel burdened to move through the mountains anymore.

Remember that it’s not a special bike type; instead, manufacturers attach the battery and motor with the hybrid, road or mountain bikes to transform it into an electrical commuter.

Ideal for: The electric bikes are best for going long distances in almost half the effort.

Not Ideal for: If you want to burn down your calories through cycling, these bikes aren’t mean for you.

5. Folding Bike

folding bikeAs the name suggests, you can fold the bike for super-easy storage. Manufacturers make the folding bikes in a compact size and allow disassembling the bikes into folded form when not in use. What’s more, you can ride on the folding bikes to go to your nearest bus or train station, fold the bike to take with you, and once you reach the destination, you can unfold the bike and go to your office.

That’s as easy as anyone will get. Also, the portability and storing facility within the home or office indoor means thieves will curse you for not sneaking an opportunity to steal this beautiful baby. Moreover, its folded design will fit into your car for moving to your favorite touring destination.

Ideal for: If you lack storage space or your office destination needs a frequent change of commuters, get the folding bikes.

Not ideal for: A folding bike is not suitable for those who love speed or want to join a mountain cycling group.

6. Touring Bike

touring bikeTouring bikes are more of a hybrid bike with the speedy performance of the standard road bikes. It is optimized heavily for long tours, and so has space for carrying loads for long-distance touring. Often time, you will see a touring bike with wider tires, mudguard support, and pannier racks. All these ensure supreme comfort, stability, and practical design for riders to stay away from fatigue.

Manufacturers built the touring bikes with the comfort of the riders in mind for long-distance, and so, they aren’t that heavyweight despite having wider tires.

Ideal for: Touring bikes are suitable for those who want to experience inter-state cycling or go beyond borders. Also, if you love to carry extreme loads like a Nepalese Himalayan Sherpa or regularly commute over 100 miles, it’s your go for the option.

Not ideal for: Touring bike is for more experienced cyclists. So, if you don’t excel in the road, mountain or hybrid bikes, leave the idea of riding the touring bicycle.

7. Cruiser Bike

cruiser bikeCruiser bikes are for more amateurish vacationers or casual riders who ride bicycles for more of a fun than a daily necessity. The bike is also widely known as beach cruisers.

These kinds of bikes are heavyweight, straightforward, but stylish and have ballooned tires for optimal stability. It also has a single drive terrain and moves slower than any other bikes. Due to its ballooned tires and heavyweight design, the cruiser bikes are straightforward to ride even without much cycling skills. Hence, you will see the bike on beaches or popular tourist destinations where people will love riding on a bike for time passing.

Ideal for: Tourist spots and occasional roaming.

Not ideal for: Daily usage and mountain trails.

8. Women Bike

womens bikeWith the lightweight design, distinctive frame shape from men’s bike, and smaller size, women bikes are optimized for women to give them a comfortable riding experience.

Some women’s bikes come with a step-through biking frame. It enables ladies and girls to wear skirts or such type dresses to ride the bike without any difficulty. Also, with a slightly alleviated seating arrangement and straight handlebars, women will feel better gripping with this type of bicycle.

But we encourage women to ride men’s cycle and vice versa.

Ideal for: Women worrying about control and comfort while cycling.

Not ideal for: No such limitations.

Types Of Bikes Infographic:

types of bikes


The types of bikes are not limited to these abovementioned types only. These days, manufacturers have gone crazy with experimenting with mixing different bike types to form a new one.

However, the eight kinds of bikes we mentioned here are commonly seen on the roads and trails. Each comes with unique characteristics and suitable for performing distinctive cycling duties. Hence, we recommend you first determine your cycling purpose and decide accordingly, which bike is most suitable for you.