For a beginner longboarder, the price tag plays a vital role in the selection of a product. B Baijiawei drop through longboard is ideal for beginners with a limited budget. It provides a broad service for the downhill lover too. Besides, the longboard is great for downhill racing. Our today’s guideline is about the attractive B BAIJIAWEI board.

Looking at the item, we will see that the deck of the board has a huge space. Therefore, you can stand and keep balance on it. The build materials ensure high speed. Moreover, powerful wheels and bearings are attached to it. The aluminum trucks can handle and absorb the riding pressure perfectly. Let’s have a good look into the B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard review.

Specifications Of B BAIJIAWEI Longboard

Model B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through
Length 41 Inches
Deck Width 10.2 Inches
Deck Material Aluminum Maple
Wheels 70mm x 52mm,  80A
Trucks 3” Aluminum trucks
Bearings ABEC 11 bearing
Durometer Hardness 80A
Weight Limit 220 Pounds
Board Weight 8 Pounds
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Key Features

  • Super strong 8-ply hardwood maple built deck.
  • Ultra-soft PU wheels with top speed bearings.
  • The maximum weight load of the deck is 220Ibs.
  • A lightweight shock absorber ring is good for cruising.
  •  3″ sturdy aluminum trucks with a smooth finish.

Entire Review At A Glance

In today’s B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard review, we must confess that they are very popular. Because of the stable performance, all kinds of riders love the product. The deck will provide you with a lower gravity centre. It improves your stability at the moment of riding downhill. And, the construction allows you to control, push and slide smoothly.

B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard should be on your priority list because it can fulfill almost all requirements. The manufacturers try to build it for the riders who like storming downhill with an intense speed. A larger deck size provides an enormous space on the board. So, it is a perfect choice for freestyle riding.

Features In Details


B BAIJIAWEI Longboard Trucks

The truck is especially essential as it allows you to keep and turn the wheels properly. B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard comes with three inches thick aluminum built trucks. Also, you will find powder-enameled construction as well as a polished finish. They are quite sturdy and strong. While at the same time, the trucks are lightweight.

Coned bushings are used which makes the truck provide softness. If you hear any rattling sound, try to tighten the bushings. Hopefully, the problem should disappear. This B BAIJIAWEI is a very powerful riding companion. It can stand firm against 220 lbs. of body weight easily. Therefore, you will get the best trucks ever!


B BAIJIAWEI Longboard Deck

One of the attractive things about the B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard is about the deck. It is very huge. The longer deck is more stable in performance. This is a vital point for the rider, particularly for the beginners. Certainly, they find the board simple to control. Besides, the top artwork of the deck is pretty catchy.

As we mentioned earlier, the deck is 10.2 inches wide and 41 inches long. Therefore, keeping balance is very easy due to the wide and long deck. No matter whatever your age is, you will find it comfortable to keep your feet on the B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard. Longboarder is amused by seeing the ply hardwood maple built deck.


B BAIJIAWEI Longboard Wheels

The wheels play a key role in the applications of longboards. In the case of riding on rough roads, mostly softer wheels can grip with the grabby slide. Conversely, the harder wheel might be difficult to control. Between them, you should pick up the middle one. This wheel is the best for balancing effortlessly.

If you look at the B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard, we will see 70 x 52 mm dimensional wheels. The hardness rating is 80A. These PU wheels spin smoothly while handling the challenge of bumpy roads. Moreover, the wheels are designed to provide good elasticity. Also, you get an adequate amount of fastness on the riding.


For tall cruisers, longboard length should be around 38 to 46 inches. As a rider, B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard is not the maximum size available. However, it has a standard size. Aside from carrying, you can easily control the longboard. The company tries to keep the product comparatively lightweight to allow easy carrying. Nevertheless, the manufacturing parts are very functional.


B BAIJIAWEI Longboard Bearings

Longboard bearings have tolerance levels which we measure on the ABEC scale of rating. A higher ABEC scale of rating indicates you will get a smooth traveling experience. The bearings are well fitted. Whereas a lower ABEC scale rating means the board may not perform quickly. This universal rating scale tells more about the impact and speed. In addition, it describes weight tolerance.

B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard uses high precision bearings. In the rating scale, it marks ABEC 11. Fast racing lovers will consider the board as a great option. Each wheel has two pieces of top speed bearings. Undoubtedly, drop through one is a well-performing longboard for freestyle or downhill riding style. It keeps the wheels in the right place.


    • The deck provides sufficient space.
    • Board is very easy to slide.
    • Good deck materials are used.
    • Have an affordable price range.
    • Powerful bearings are great for speed.


    • Some parts may need replacing.


Is drop through longboards good?

Drop through longboards are perfect for carving and cruising. In general, most riding styles will keep your speed below 25 mph. But, drop through longboard trucks are mounted into the deck. So, they are perfect for faster riding. Also, you will be able to make long-distance longboarding.

What size drop through longboard should I get?

Cruising is about riding from one point to another point. You can get a relaxed ride. Cruising longboard length will vary from 28 to 46 inches or more. With an average height, the longboard of 32 to 42 inches is preferable. For tall, more than 38 inches are recommended.

Are drop through longboards good for beginners?

Drop through longboard is a good option for any beginner user. Multiple flex support ensures a different riding style. Fiberglass and bamboo construction are quite durable for new people. Incredibly, the deck is providing all kinds of opportunities to the newbie.

Why You Should Buy The B BAIJIAWEI Longboard?

The features of the B BAIJIAWEI  longboard make it a viable product of choice.  Oftentimes, the price tag is the main concern of a beginner rider. Surely, it will be the best budget-friendly option. For cruising or even freestyle riding, the board is suitable with a longer deck. Moreover, you will get quality built materials. So, with no hesitation, check out the availability.

Wrapping Up

Today’s B BAIJIAWEI drop through longboard review is an exciting way to describe it. We try to provide a brief overview. Mainly, all-important sides are outlined properly. You will get sufficient space with a longer deck. It is very comfortable to keep balance. To ensure high speed, powerful wheels and bearings are attached with it. Aluminum trucks can handle the impact pressure. Last but not least, grab the longboard at a quite affordable price.

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