I have been skating ever since I was six. And when skating, knowing which type of a roller skate wheel you need is actually very important.  It is the one thing that will determine the difference between smooth and comfortable skating and disastrous experience.

It is therefore very important to examine your skates once you pay for the replacement of its inline skate wheels. This is because inline wheels manufacturers use different wheel configurations. Meaning, you should only find suitable wheels for your type of skates.

Depending on the level of a skater, I have reviewed some of the best inline speed skate wheels. I have focused on different brands of roller blade wheels. The wheels are suitable for both recreational skates and hockey skates.

In addition to doing comprehensive research before compiling the best inline skate wheels reviews, I have also included a simple buying guide. Reading this best inline speed skate wheels review will, therefore, give you greater insight.

Take a look at what I have prepared for you!

Top 7 Best Inline Skate Wheels Reviews (2024)

1. Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate

The very first choice that I will look at is the Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate / Rollerblade Wheels. This is a pack of 8 high performing best inline skate wheels for street. The brand is loved by many people and I have seen many athletes using them lately.

85A Durometer

There are many reasons you will love these rollerblade wheels. For starters, they have a high-performance durometer of 85A. Meaning, they are soft enough to provide enough grip when riding. You can use them to cruise or for downhill riding.

High Durability

More importantly, they are long-lasting. Thanks to the top-rated abrasion-resistant material that they have been made of. The material is a high-density urethane material that guarantees a longer lifespan.

Great Coloring

In addition to these, these inline skating wheels also come in 6 different colors. You can always choose your favorite color and enjoy a branded ride. Some of the colors are; Rocket Red, Turf Green, Steel Black, Deep Sea Blue, Royal Purple, and Sunrise Orange.

Pack of Eight

And if you asked me, a pack of eight for a great price is really cool. You can easily fit these wheels on your skates without having to spend on another set. The price is great and adds for a top bargain.


    • Affordable
    • Easy to use
    • Comes with spacers and bearings
    • Super Light


    • Takes slightly longer time to fix

TIP: These inline skating wheels are designed to withstand heavy use and always work like new.

2. KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula 89A Inline Skate X8 Wheels

My next choice wheels are the best inline skate wheels for asphalt. The KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula 89A Inline Skate X8 Wheels are a great set.

Pack of Eight

Like the Rollerex it comes in a pack of eight. What this means is buying these wheels wraps up you skating wheels need in a flip.

608 Bearing Hub

It gives you the opportunity to use the standard 608 bearing hub. This hub makes the wheels super ideal for outdoor skating. It is durable and quite efficient on different types of outdoor terrains.

89A Durometer

The 89A durometer rating is another top feature. It provides a long-lasting strength on the wheels that guarantee high-end durability. This rating might feel a less smooth but it will definitely last pretty long. You will also enjoy more speed.

Cool Coloring

Black is the least of my favorite colors. However, these wheels come in a stylish black coating with a shiny finish that makes them glow. It’s a pretty cool sight.


    • Numerous hues
    • Pair of eight
    • Top Grip


    • Do not come with bearings

TIP: If you’re looking for the best all-purpose skate wheels for speed or casual riding, look no further!

3. LABEDA WHEELS Roller Hockey GRIPPER ASPHALT HILO 4-76mm Wheels/4-80mm Wheels

Asphalt Grippers are the best wheels for any outdoor skating that needs high speeds and the perfect cruising touch.

2 Different Sizes

This Gripper Asphalt Hilo includes a set of 2 different sized wheels. It has 76mm and 80mm. This limits their use to the skates that take 76mm wheels on the front side and 80mm wheels at the back.

Highly Durable

They are designed with high-end materials which makes them tough and very resilient to high-end use.

Great on Concrete

They are very grippy. Because of this, they are really suitable for use in concrete. When I tested them I was amazed at how well they worked on many other different terrains too.

Super Light in Weight

More importantly, these wheels only weigh about 1.6 pounds as a pack. This is negligible when rode under your feet. It makes them a super match and a great addition to your skating gear any day.


    • Easy to replace
    • Very durable
    • Uses same size bearings both ways
    • Best for all outdoor activities


    • Allows only for 76/80mm setup

TIP: Best for those with Hi – Lo chassis and love high speeds with a little bit of hard braking once in a while.

4. 8 Labeda Gripper Asphalt Outdoor Roller Hockey Wheels – Orange 80mm

Our next choice is Labeda Gripper Asphalt Outdoor Wheels. Labeda Gripper is best outdoor inline skate wheels. Its Designed for the hard ball and outside hockey games, the 8 Labeda Gripper Asphalt Outdoor Roller Hockey Wheels are a force to reckon with.

Pack of Eight

They come in a pack of eight like the other best inline speed skate wheels that we have seen. This ensures you have wheels for all your skates. No need to spend an extra dollar to fix the other skates.

85A Hardness

With a durometer rating of 85A, these wheels are also a guarantee for those who want reliable grip. They are reliable and will withstand the demanding terrains that you might ride on.

Orange Color

And if you love to step out in style, the orange color is a bonus. You can always enjoy top-rated branding for a stylish look.

Very Durable

The wheels have also been designed from abrasion resistant urethane material. This makes it super strong and quite long lasting.


    • Best for all riders
    • Hits top speed easily
    • Cool color
    • No noise / smooth rides


    • Catches dirt easily when overused

TIP: If you are looking for a stylish set of wheels that guarantees high performance – this is your shot.

5. Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER 8 Pack

Another top rated best inline skate wheels are the Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER 8 Pack.

Standard Sized

These are standard sized inline skate wheels. They are super cool and will, therefore, allow you the freedom to work with standard bearings.

608 Standard Hub

Additionally, they also use the 608 standard hubs. In fact, the performance will be quite efficient if you use them on an 8 mm axle.

83A Durometer

Let me say this. Before I was using 80As on asphalt but they felt a little sluggish. However, when I tried on these 83As the experience was insane. The grip was awesome and the feeling quite exhilarating.


    • Moderate hardness
    • Top Speeds
    • Best for all terrains
    • Perfectly compatible with axle bearings


    • The User manual is slightly shallow

TIP: Any person who loves asphalt will love this. It’s the perfect set of wheel for high end riding excitement.

6. Blue Bellies 8 Inline Skate Wheels

I was not going to leave the Blue Bellies 8 Inline Skate Wheels 76mm 78a, Clear/Blue out. This is another set of best inline skate wheels by any margin.

High Quality

It is quite affordable and yet a pretty much a high-quality design. It is water resistant and has adopted the superior PU design. Blue Bellies are known to never crack even under massive skating.

82A Hardness

They come with a moderate wheel hardness rating. At 82A they are almost in the middle of the wheel hardness scale. However, the rating really suits anyone who needs hockey, recreational, and artistic skating.

Standard Bearing

In addition to all these, the wheels also come with bearings. They use standard bearings which amps up their smooth ride and performance too. These bearings are very easy to install and you can do that alone.

Eight Wheels

The eight wheels wrap up the need of one pair of roller shoes. You won’t have to worry about paying extra before you can hit the turf.

70 MM Size

The 70 mm size makes these skates super ideal for beginners. You can use them for kids too and on recreational skates.


    • Best for Kids
    • Comes with bearings
    • Very affordable
    • Very comfortable to ride on


    • Suitable only for beginners/ kids

TIP: Maybe one of the lightest packs of wheels. This makes them suitable if you are looking for featherweight rides.

7. Player’s Choice Inline Skate Wheels

Finally, the best inline skate wheels for asphalt that wraps up our reviews are the Player’s Choice Inline Skate Wheels HILO SET.

3 Different Sizes

These wheels come in three distinct sizes. They include the 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm 82A Outdoor Inline Wheels. This gives you the flexibility of choice depending on your skating levels. The set has 2x72mm, 4 x76mm, and 2 x80mm wheels.

82A Durometer

Like the Blues above, Player’s Choice also enjoys a standard wheel hardness rating. They have an 82A wheel hardness that makes it super ideal for skaters who are looking for speed and those looking for a good grip.

608 Bearing Hub

Hi-Lo uses the standard 608 bearing hub. This is best for any type of rider and will leave you with a smooth and enjoyable ride.


    • Uses standard hubs
    • Best Hi-Lo design
    • Suitable for heavy use
    • Easy to replace in case it breaks down


    • Suited only for the Hi-Lo design

TIP: These inline skate wheels are best suited for roller hockey. However, they also work great for any fitness needs.

Buying Guide For The Best Inline Skate Wheels:

One thing about inline skate wheels is they are usually available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and Durometer (Hardness Ratings). This means that if you have to nail the best option you have to understand them better.

This will enable you to easily crack down the right type of wheel for your needs. In this section, I will give you pointers that will help you to do this. Let’s start with Hardness, Shape, Size and Skating Style.


The hardness rating of a skating wheel is referred to as the Durometer. Durometer is indicated by a numerical figure followed by the alphabet A. The hardness scale runs from 0-100; the lower the number the softer the wheels.

It is recommended to look for a wheel that suits your needs. Harder wheels will last longer but have a lesser touch of grip. Softer wheels wear out faster, have a higher grip, and are best for downhill rides.

Wheel Shape

Wheel shape might seem like an easy fish to fry, but don’t be deceived. It is complex and needs you to be very keen. If you look at say the best inline skate wheels for asphalt you will notice they are all round. However, it is the wheel profile that makes the difference. Here is a diagram to help you understand wheel shape more.

Skating Style

Skating style is also known as a type of skating. Understanding your skating style allows you to know the best inline skate wheels that suit you. From recreational skating, aggressive skating, to inline skating, you must know what to look for.

This will come in terms of hardness and size. Recreational is best with 84A, aggressive 88A, and inline skating about 74A.

Wheel Size

Whether best inline skate wheels for asphalt or not, the size of an inline skate wheel is usually measured in millimeters. The main measurement taken is the diameter of the wheel.  The sizes will differ a lot – thanks to the different types of skates.

Larger wheels allow for more speed. Due to this, they are often found racing skates. Smaller wheels accelerate and decelerate fast. Smaller sizes are usually found on skates designed for beginners. Here is a breakdown to give you more insight.

Recreational Skates Range from 70mm up to 90mm
Fitness Skates Larger wheels roll better (90mm – 110mm)
Racing Skates Wheel diameter larger than 90mm
Aggressive Skates 56mm, and rarely larger than 59mm
Hockey Skates Wheels between 72mm and 80mm
Hi-Lo Skates 80mm in the back and 72mm in the front

Other Considerations to Make

Again when scouting for the best inline skate wheels you won’t just stop here. There are usually many other additional factors that you need to keep in mind. Here is every one of them and what you must know.

Type of Spacer

After fixing your inline skate wheels to your skates, the wheel will hold two bearings and a spacer. Spacers are designed to give your bearing an ideal alignment. In turn, this will leave your wheel with better spin and smooth ride. It will also give it enough strength to withstand hard impacts.

Aluminum spacers are the best. Make sure your type of wheel supports aluminum spacers in case you want the great ride.

Frame Size Capacity

More importantly, skate frames also have size capacity that you should pay great attention to. This is usually the ability of the frame to hold a slightly larger wheel than what is designed for it. Go with the capacity so that you get a wheel that’s in the best size range for your skaters.

See Also

Wheel’s Core

Then again there is the wheel core. For inline the best inline skate wheels and also best inline skate wheels for asphalt, the wheel core is usually made out of nylon or plastic. This helps to keep the weight of the wheel at a minimum.

NOTE: Wheels that come with no hubs will deform around the bearing and in turn slow the wheel down too.

Other Buying Tips for Inline Skate Wheels

Well, I have taken you through the technical considerations. Now let’s look at normal considerations to make when buying the best inline skate wheels.

  • Reviews: Reviews help you with insight. They shed more light and save you on research.
  • Feedback: Feedback from previous users will tell you exactly the type of experience to expect.
  • Brand: You can always weigh on brands depending on the reviews to see the best one for you.
  • Pricing: Make a budget and buy what you can afford.

Watch Video: When & How to Choose Replacement Inline Skate Wheels

FAQs: Inline Skate Wheels

1. What does 82a mean for rollerblade wheels?

82A refers to a wheel hardness of 82. The 82A wheel hardness is usually the standard wheel hardness for rollerblade wheels. It means that if you want the best of both worlds (speed and durability) you can always settle on the 82A Durometer.

2. Is higher ABEC better?

Yes. The ABEC American standard determines how smooth your ride will be. A higher ABEC rating will give less noise and leave you with a perfect indoor and outdoor gliding skating wheels.

3. Who invented inline skating?

John Joseph Merlin. He was born on September 17th, 1735 in Huys, Belgium. Merlin was an instrument maker and also the mechanical inventor and one of his greatest inventions was the skates with a single line of metal wheels.

4. Is rollerblading an Olympic sport?

No. However it is a recognized sport by the Federation International de Roller Sports (F.I.R.S.) that covers also inline speed skating.  The sport is also recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and is vying for their spot in the next 2020 Olympic Games.

5. What factors should I consider when choosing inline skate wheels?

Consider factors such as wheel diameter, durometer (hardness), and profile. Wheel diameter affects speed and stability, durometer determines grip and shock absorption, and profile influences maneuverability.

6. How often should I replace my inline skate wheels?

The frequency of wheel replacement depends on factors like usage, skating surface, and individual preferences. Generally, wheels can last anywhere from a few months to a year. Regularly inspect them for signs of wear, flat spots, or loss of performance.

7. Can I mix different wheel sizes or durometers on my inline skates?

While it’s possible to mix wheel sizes or durometers, it’s not recommended for optimal performance. Matching wheels ensures consistent skating characteristics. Mixing can affect stability, speed, and overall control, leading to an uneven skating experience.

8. How do I maintain and clean my inline skate wheels?

Clean wheels regularly by removing debris, dirt, and brake residue. Use a soft brush or cloth and a mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the wheel material. Additionally, rotate your wheels periodically to promote even wear.

9. What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor inline skate wheels?

Indoor wheels are softer and provide better grip on smooth surfaces like rinks. Outdoor wheels are harder and designed to withstand rougher terrain. Choosing the right type for your skating environment ensures a more enjoyable and safer skating experience.

10. How can I upgrade my inline skate wheels for better performance?

To upgrade your inline skate wheels, consider factors like upgrading to a higher durometer for increased speed or trying a different profile for enhanced maneuverability. Experimenting with various wheel setups allows you to customize your skating experience based on your preferences and skating style.


Getting the best inline skate wheels for asphalt is as good as getting the right pair of best inline skate wheels. This guide serves as a roadmap, offering insights into factors like wheel diameter, durometer, and maintenance, empowering you to make a well-informed decision. By understanding the nuances of wheel characteristics and acknowledging the importance of surface-specific choices, you’re equipped to effortlessly glide through the world of inline skating on asphalt. May your skating journey be smooth, enjoyable, and tailored to your preferences with the perfect set of wheels.

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