Yes, you can put longboard trucks on a regular skateboard. The compatibility depends on the deck’s design and the truck’s size.

Longboard trucks on a skateboard can offer a unique riding experience focused on stability and smooth cruising. While traditional skateboards are designed for tricks and agility, longboarding caters to riders looking for a stable ride, suitable for traveling longer distances with comfort.

Swapping in longboard trucks, characterized by their wider and often reverse-kingpin configuration, transforms the skateboard’s handling dynamics, ideally pairing with a wider deck to prevent wheel bite. This hybrid setup is not the norm in skateboarding culture, but it’s an innovative approach for those seeking versatility in their skate experience. For skaters keen to experiment with their setups, it’s a path worth exploring, offering a new twist on the conventional ride.

Can You Put Longboard Trucks on a Skateboard? Unveil the Truth!


Mixing Board Cultures: Longboard Trucks On Skateboards

In the quest for the perfect ride, skateboard enthusiasts often experiment with different setups. One intriguing possibility is bringing together two distinct riding styles. This means putting longboard trucks on a regular skateboard. This blend of longboard and skateboard elements creates a unique experience. It offers a new set of challenges and advantages for riders.

The Allure Of Hybrid Setups

Hybrid skateboard setups draw riders for various reasons. Some skate enthusiasts seek the stability and smoother ride of longboard trucks. Others look for an edge in specific maneuvers or tricks. Hybrid setups combine the agility of a skateboard with the cushioned ride of longboard trucks.

  • Riders gain improved stability at high speeds.
  • These setups enhance the ability to carve and cruise.
  • Hybrid boards can handle varied terrains.

Physical Differences Between Longboard And Skateboard Trucks

It is essential to understand the structural differences before merging two types of trucks. Longboard trucks are wider and built for a different turning radius. Skateboard trucks, in contrast, are narrower and made for quick, sharp turns.

Feature Longboard Trucks Skateboard Trucks
Width Wider for stability Narrow for agility
Turning Radius Wider for easy carving Sharp for quick maneuvers
Bushings Softer for flexibility Harder for precision
Kingpin Often inverted for better clearance Standard for robust performance

To sum up, placing longboard trucks on a regular skateboard can transform the riding experience. This offers a unique set of benefits. This change adds stability and cruising comfort to a traditional skateboard. It’s a creative way to redefine a rider’s connection with the board. The key is to appreciate the physical differences that influence the board’s performance.

Technical Implications Of Swapping Trucks

“Switching longboard trucks onto a regular skateboard is a curious modification. It’s not just about attaching bigger trucks. This change could alter your ride drastically. Let’s explore what happens when you mix and match parts from two different boarding worlds.”

Effect On Skateboard Performance

Regular skateboards and longboards serve different purposes. Skateboards, with their compact trucks, favor tricks and tight turns. In contrast, longboards, with wider trucks, aim for stability and cruising. Putting longboard trucks on a skateboard transforms the board’s knack for parks into a street glider.

  • Speed: Wider trucks can distribute weight over a larger area, potentially making the skateboard faster on straight paths.
  • Ollies and tricks: Heavier longboard trucks may make typical skateboard tricks more challenging.
  • Wheel compatibility: Longboard trucks usually call for bigger wheels, so check if your board has enough clearance to prevent wheel bite.

Impact On Turning Radius And Stability

Longboard trucks are broader, which affects how you turn and balance. Here’s a simple breakdown.

Aspect Regular Trucks Longboard Trucks
Turning Radius Narrow, agile turns Wider turns, less sharp
Stability Good for tricks, may wobble at high speeds Steadier at speed, less agile for tricks

Take note, the board’s deck shape also influences stability. A wider deck pairs well with longboard trucks. Conversely, a narrow deck could feel awkward and harder to balance with these trucks.

The Tailoring Process: Fitting Longboard Trucks Onto Skateboards

The customization of skateboards is a thrilling journey. Fitting longboard trucks onto a regular skateboard can transform the riding experience. But this tailoring process requires careful consideration. Understand the crucial steps involved to smooth out the ride ahead.

Choosing The Right Trucks For Your Board

Selecting appropriate longboard trucks is vital. Ensure they align with the skateboard’s deck width. Trucks too wide may lead to imbalance, while ones too narrow compromise stability. Opt for trucks designed for versatility and agility to enhance performance. The options are numerous, so research brands that cater to custom setups.

Installation Challenges And Solutions

Mounting longboard trucks on a skateboard isn’t always straightforward. Drill holes might not match up, leading to a rocky start. Here’s how to overcome these hurdles:

  • Assess the bolt patterns: Compare the truck holes to the skateboard’s pre-drilled ones. They must align for a secure fit.
  • Drilling new holes: If the trucks don’t fit, you may need to drill new holes. Handle tools with care, or seek professional help if needed.
  • Riser pads can help: Riser pads not only prevent wheel bite but can also be useful for aligning mismatched holes.
  • Hardware essentials: Ensure you have the right bolts and nuts. They must be the correct size to tighten securely, keeping trucks in place.

With patience and precision, retrofitting longboard trucks onto a skateboard deck is achievable for a tailored ride. Commit to the process and prepare to cruise with confidence.

Real-life Experiments: Skater Experiences

Experimenting with longboards and skateboards sparks a great deal of curiosity among skaters. Can you really put longboard trucks on a regular skateboard? To find out, skaters around the world have turned their boards into unique hybrids. They’ve shared their experiences, revealing interesting outcomes.

Success Stories Of Hybrid Boards

Skaters have been mixing and matching their gear for ages. Some have found that adding longboard trucks to a skateboard deck bridges the gap between the nimble skateboarding experience and the stability of longboarding.

  • Longer rides without fatigue: These hybrid boards often result in smoother, longer rides.
  • Smooth transitions: Users report an ease in switching from rough terrain to smooth surfaces.
  • Enhanced stability: Longboard trucks offer stability, reducing wobbles at high speeds.

Common Drawbacks And How To Overcome Them

Not all experiments with longboard trucks on skateboards turn out successful. Skaters have noted challenges but also ways to tackle them.

Drawback Solution
Wheel bite: The wheels may touch the deck. Use riser pads or smaller wheels to prevent this.
Altered pop: Tricks may be harder to perform. Practice adapting to the new board feel and weight.
Heavy steering: Trucks may feel too heavy. Opt for lighter longboard trucks tailored for street use.

Trial and error is key for skaters looking to create their perfect ride. Understanding these experiences helps others know what to expect and how to approach their own modifications.


Top Considerations Before You Jump In

Curious about giving your skateboard an upgrade with longboard trucks? The transition is exciting but demands careful consideration. Longboard trucks can transform your ride, but only if they match your board and riding style. Let’s delve into the key aspects you must evaluate before taking the plunge.

Evaluating Deck Compatibility

Not all skateboard decks are ready for longboard trucks. The size and holes of your deck should align with the new trucks. Here’s a quick compatibility checklist:

  • Check the width of your deck; it should be appropriate for longboard trucks.
  • Ensure the trucks’ bolt pattern matches your deck’s holes.
  • Measure wheelbase. Make sure the trucks don’t lead to wheelbite.

A quick tip: Consider riser pads to prevent wheelbite and allow for a smoother ride.

Safety Precautions And Gear Adjustments

Safety comes first. When customizing your skateboard, keep these precautions in mind:

  • Always wear protective gear such as helmets, gloves, and pads.
  • Adjusting to new trucks can affect your balance. Start slow and practice moves in a safe area.

Making the gear adjustments, you might face changes in:

  1. The feel of carving and turning.
  2. The stability at different speeds.
  3. Overall ride smoothness.

Tightening or loosening the kingpin nut might be necessary to achieve the desired riding experience.

Can You Put Longboard Trucks on a Skateboard? Unveil the Truth!


The Verdict: Is It Worth The Switch?

Swapping out longboard trucks on a regular skateboard might have crossed your mind. This blend of longboard flow with skateboard agility sounds tempting. Let’s dive into what pros say and the benefits you might reap.

Potential Benefits For Specific Riding Styles

Longboard trucks on a skateboard promise a unique ride. They offer a carving sensation, unlike the standard set. Yet, these trucks affect performance and feel. You’ll see changes:

  • Stability: Wider trucks mean more foot space, better balance.
  • Turning Radius: Carve harder corners, glide smoother.
  • Cruising: Easy pushes, relaxed rides, great for long distances.
  • Speed: Higher speeds with less wobble, a boon for downhill.

Concluding Advice From Skateboarding Pros

Experienced skaters shared insights on truck swapping. They highlight:

Consideration Advice
Compatibility Ensure deck size and truck width match for optimal performance.
Skill Level Beginners might struggle; suited for those with some experience.
Style Alignment Ideal for cruisers, not recommended for technical tricks or flicks.

Remember, every alteration to your board can heighten or hinder your ride. Ponder over your skate style and goals before making such a switch.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Put Longboard Trucks On A Regular Skateboard?

Can I Put Longboard Wheels On A Regular Skateboard?

Yes, you can put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard, but you may need riser pads to prevent wheel bite and ensure adequate clearance.

Can I Use Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard?

Yes, you can use longboard trucks on a skateboard, but the wider trucks may affect handling and require a wider deck for optimal performance.

Do All Longboard Trucks Fit All Decks?

Not all longboard trucks fit every deck; compatibility depends on truck width and hole pattern matching the deck’s design.

Do Trucks Fit Any Board?

Trucks are not universally compatible with all skateboard decks. Deck width must match truck size for optimal performance and safety. Always check manufacturer guidelines to ensure proper fit.


To wrap things up, mixing longboard trucks with a regular skateboard is possible, but with specific considerations. Tailoring your board to suit your riding style is key. Experimentation leads to the perfect setup, enhancing your skateboarding experience. Remember, it’s all about balance, compatibility, and personal preference.

Skate on and find your unique ride!