Longboard bearings are a critical part of any longboard setup, and finding the right ones for your riding style and preferences is essential for your success. Bearing selection can be a daunting task, so we’re here to break down the basics and help you find the best longboard bearings for your needs.

The first step in selecting your longboard bearings is to identify what type of riding you’ll be doing. Sliding, cruising, downhill, freeride, and urban riding all require different bearings. Downhill and freeride require fast and durable bearings, while cruising and urban riding need bearings with good roll speed and grip. Sliding requires bearings with a slower roll speed and a good grip.

Next, you have to identify what type of bearings you’d like to use. Ceramic bearings provide the fastest roll speed and are usually the best choice if you’re looking for maximum speed. Steel bearings are the most common type and are a great option for everyday riding. They provide a good balance between speed and durability. Finally, hybrid bearings provide the best of both worlds – a good roll speed and increased durability.

Once you’ve chosen the type of bearing you want, you’ll need to decide on the size. Longboard bearings usually come in 8mm, 9mm, or 10mm sizes. 8mm bearings are the most common and are suitable for all types of riding. 9mm bearings are slightly larger and provide a faster roll speed than 8mm bearings, making them ideal for downhill and freeride. 10mm bearings are the largest and provide the fastest roll speed, making them perfect for downhill and freeride.

Finally, it’s important to consider the quality of your bearings. Lower quality bearings can cause premature wear and tear, resulting in a loss of speed and performance. Look for bearings with high-grade components and superior construction. This will ensure your bearings last longer and perform better.

Top 7 Best Longboard Bearings Reviews (2024)

We have personally tested more that 60 longboard bearing and come up with these top 7 best longboard bearings that you can buy confidently. Let’s check out what these bearings offers:

1. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Key Features

    • Pack of 8
    • Best rated sticker
    • Direct nylon ball retainer
    • Rubber shield
    • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream

If you are looking for the best longboard bearings for your use, I suggest that you choose the Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack. These bearings are designed for high-speed performance and are suitable for all types of longboards.

The Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings are the top choice for speed on longboards. Not only are they fast, but they are also quiet and smooth, creating a comfortable ride. This bearing is made from the highest quality steel and features eight removable rubber shields for easy cleaning.

The Bones Reds Skateboard bearing comes in a pack of 8, which gives you the best freedom of use that you can think of. You will have enough bearings for your longboard curves and still enjoy a complete touch of quality anytime that you need it.

More importantly, these longboard bearings come with the best-rated sticker on their packaging for authenticity. The bearings are made of quality materials and will last longer than most regular bearings that you may find today.

More importantly, the bearings also come with a single, non-contact, and easy to remove rubber shield. This type of setup makes it easy to clean the bearings. It also guarantees smooth cleaning and less friction.

You will also get a high-speed direct nylon ball retainer that warrants greater strength and higher speeds. With the Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings, you can expect a smooth, quiet ride.


    • Skate Rated clearances
    • Made of quality materials
    • Last longer than most regular
    • Easy to clean the bearings
    • High-speed direct ability


    • Slightly costly than the others

2. Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Key Features

    • Cerbec ceramic balls
    • Precision-grade swiss design
    • Nylon ball retainers
    • Bones Speed Cream lubricant

The Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings are some of the bestselling skate bearing that you will get today. They are easy to fit and comes with a simple to follow user manuals. The bearings are also durable and will last longer than most traditional bearings.

The ceramic balls that these bearings are made of are light and hard. They are strong and come with a long-lasting performance.

More importantly, the precision-grade Swiss design that these bearings also come with is reliable and will ensure that you get the best fit at any given time.

They come with nylon ball retainers, which gives them an upper efficiency and also use the Bones Speed Cream lubricant to provide users with a sustained ride.

The skate that uses these bearing will get a better rating. Thanks to the awesome ABEC ratings that these bearings enjoy. Get a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects and enjoy your bearings.


    • Last longer than most traditional bearings
    • Light and hard
    • Best fit at any given time
    • Awesome ABEC ratings
    • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects


    • May take some time to fit on board

3. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack


    • Set of 8
    • Six larger balls
    • Non-contact technology
    • Removable rubber shield
    • Pre-lubricated touch

While the top models from Bones that we have seen come in a set of 8. This one comes in a set of eight bearings with better qualities than we have had before.

Nonetheless, these bearings are among the top-rated designs that you can get today. They come with easy to follow user instructions and will take very limited time to fit.

More importantly, they also enjoy one of the best design technologies-the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack.

The bearings come with a unique bearing design that uses six larger balls with an increased speed. These balls will deliver faster accelerations and even greater strength.

The bearings also come with a single, non-contact technology and uses the removable rubber shield technology for easy cleaning.

Thankfully, the whole setup guarantees less friction. Nonetheless, they are long-lasting since they use the pre-lubricated touch with high-speed cream.


    • Single, non-contact, touch
    • Simple to follow user manuals
    • Warrants greater strength
    • Includes set of eight bearings
    • Comes with instructions
    • Has a logo sticker for quality


    • Requires routine cleaning

4. Bronson Speed Co, Next Generation Skateboard Bearings, 8 Count

Key Features

    • Easy-to-remove Dupont Derlin crowns
    • Pack of 8
    • Frictionless shields
    • Micro groove raceway technology
    • Linear microgroove

The Bronson Speed Co, Next Generation Skateboard Bearings, 8 Count are the best longboard bearings for speed.

Thanks to their deep groove raceways designs that give their balls better rolling with a deeper touch with the surface. The deep groove raceway channels also reduce the side impact to the bearings that most designs suffer from.

They minimize any damages and breakages. Thankfully, the bearings are also designed with the straight edge touch. They offer frictionless shields that will pop off on any resistant holds. As such, you won’t have any problems with oil spills, dirt, and even moisture as the bearings will be easy to get out and to clean.

In addition to that, these bearings also come with the microgroove raceway technology for the surfaces with linear microgroove. The technology is reliable and will easily improve any bearing lubrication, speed ability, and the spinning touch of the bearings.


    • Deeper touch with the surface
    • Reduces the side impact
    • Minimize any damages
    • Frictionless shields
    • Won’t have any problems with oil spills


    • Sealing can be hard to fit if you don’t follow the manual.

5. Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings

Key Features

    • Customized cage
    • Cage contact design
    • Nylon ball retainer

Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings, may not be the best longboard bearings for cruising, but sure enough, they are among the best bearings for any newbie rider.

The bearings are easy to use and will hardly take so much time to fit under your longboards. They are also ideal for any heavy use, especially if you want them for longer and tougher longboarding.

So what makes them ideal? The one thing that makes this model an ideal option is the max impact cage technology. This is a non-distortion customized cage that keeps the bearing balls precision in place.

More importantly, the bearing ball’s high-end technology also eliminates the shield and cage contact design, which in turn guarantees a fast and stay safe user experience.

If you want some of the most reliable bearings for your longboard, choose these high-speed bearings that are made of the best nylon ball retainer. They will offer greater strength and higher speeds with better clearances and tolerances.


    • Skate Rated clearances
    • Made of quality materials
    • Last longer than most regular
    • Easy to clean the bearings
    • High-speed direct ability


    • Shallow user manual

6. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Key Features

    • High-end steel technology
    • 7 different color
    • Precision fit technology
    • Rubber sealing

If you want a set of the best bearings for your use, you can simply look for the Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings.

The bearings are some of the best pro longboard bearings. They are easy to assemble and also to disassemble when you want to clean them.

While this is the case, the most important thing is this. The bearings enjoy one of the best ABEC ratings. They also use the high-end steel technology to create some of the best ball bearing designs for the longboarders and skateboarders.

The steel that’s used offers one of the best touches of durability. Even so, it is the precision and smoothness of the bearing’s spin that sweeps most people away. More importantly, the stingers will come with up to 7 different color seals that you can choose from for personal customization.

Get the best protection from dust, dirt, and oil with the best seals in case you choose these bearings.


    • The best protection from dirt, dust, and rocks
    • Longer bearings lifespan
    • Best for maintaining higher precision
    • Built for racing and durability
    • Comes at a fraction of the ideal cost of most


    • Catches dirt with time

7. Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Key Features

    • 8 Pack
    • Cerbec ceramic balls
    • Finest steel.
    • Rubber seals

Finally, we have the Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack for our last review. This top-rated pack of bearings is as celebrated as its sisters above. The longboard bearings are durable and come with some of the best design technology.

The cerbec ceramic balls will give you the beastly cruise. They are lighter but harder and stronger. As such, they will last longer and work better than most of the bearings that you will find out there.

As if that’s not enough, these bearings are also waterproof. They will withstand any spillage and, as such, offer a longer-lasting touch than any model out there that’s made out of the finest steel.

One thing that gives these bearings the best touch is the single, non-contact, touch of their removable rubber seals. This sealing technology gives you an easy cleaning touch and less friction.

They work best with the high-speed nylon ball and retainer to guarantee the best strength and higher speeds.


    • Longer lasting
    • Light in weight
    • Smooth rides
    • Pre-lubricated with speed cream
    • Come with a warranty


    • Pricier than most models

Buying Guide For The Best Longboard Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings
Yellow Jacket Bearings

Buying the ideal bearings for your use is not easy. However, this smart buying guide will ensure that you end up with the right model for any longboarding needs that you may have. Take a look at each one of them.

Material of Make

The material is very vital. A good material will minimize the wear and tear irrespective of the frequency of use. Make sure that you look for the best materials that you can get. If you aren’t going with ceramic, you can also choose the top-rated metallic alloy designs.

ABEC ratings

ABEC ratings determine the efficiency of the bearings when used on your longboard. It is important to get the best rating depending on what you intend to use the bearing for. Cruising or high speed will need longboard bearings that have the best ABEC ratings.

Sealing Technology

If the bearings are properly sealed, no dirt, dust, or pebbles will access the interior. It is, therefore, very important that you that you find longboard bearings that have the best seal as this will minimize any damages and instead maximize the efficiency of the ride.

Price of Bearings

Is the price right for you? Determine the right budget for you before you choose your bearings. The best budget will ensure that you enjoy an affordable purchase that won’t hurt your pocket at all. Ensure that the price is right so that you can easily purchase your bearings.

User Reviews and Feedback

To understand if you are on the right track or not, you should take your time to read through the user reviews and feedback. These reviews will give you a great pointer of what type of experience to expect from your bearings. Look for realistic reviews that’ll ensure that you end up with the right bearings.

Pre-lubricated Models

If the bearings are pre-lubricated with the speed cream, it makes it easy for you to cruise or even have the smoothest rides. Choose a model that gives you this option so that you don’t spend any additional money to buy the speed lube alone.


How precise are your bearings? Do they steer off the track often? You need bearings that can stick to their path. This is the best way to avoid collision and also to minimize any form of accidents along the driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many other questions that most users are asking about longboards. These questions are important and will determine the type of experience that you’ll have with your best longboard bearings. Take a look at what we have sampled up.

Where Can I Buy The Best Bearings For Longboard?

If you want to buy the best bearings for your longboard, then the best place to look at is online. Online buying offers numerous benefits as opposed to buying around town. For starters, you don’t have to pay more. Online buying guarantees some of the best prices. There are discounts and lower prices.

Thanks to the fact that online products don’t pass through so many middlemen. Secondly, you will shop, buy, and pay online. This is done in the comfort of your home or office desk with no movement at all.

Here there aren’t heavy traffic or limited choices. Finally, upon buying, the bearings will be shipped directly to your doorstep. No hassle, and if any, then it’s all about opening up the package. That’s why buying online is cool.

What Are The Best Longboard Bearings?

The best longboard bearings for any rider depends on the needs of the rider. If the longboard bearings meet your needs, then it is the best for you. You, therefore, look for the bearings that will meet your budget, your riding level, and also your progress.

More importantly, you need to look at the terrains and ensure that you are having the right bearings for your terrain. I always say that if it was affordable enough and if I can fix it when it breaks, then it’s the right fit for me. That should apply to your best longboard bearings for speed too.

When Can I Replace my Best Bearings for Longboards?

With continuous use, your bearings will wear out. Once you notice that they are not performing to the required standards, you can choose to replace them with new ones. The best longboard bearings for speed are best replaced annually to avoid any pinching.


Choosing the best longboard bearings for your use can be hard if you don’t have the right knowledge. In this case, I have given you some of the best tips and reviews that will help you to get the top-rated models.

Make sure that you follow these tips when buying. However, if you find any affordable model in our reviews, you will be safer with that since we have done comprehensive research. Get the best longboard bearings for cruising the easy way.

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