Selecting the suitable stunt scooter isn’t an easy job especially when you consider for your children. There are several types of brands available in the market. Each of them have unique features with lots of benefits. Buying the perfect pro scooter is sometimes going to be confusing. Breaking in the world of pro scooters with so many options, today we’ll review the Fuzion X-5 pro scooter.

This is an excellent scooter for entry to the intermediate level of rider. It attracts attention for its durability, lightweight design, and many exciting features.

In this article, we’ll discuss all of the popular features of this Fuzion pro X5 scooter review. This will help you to make your buying decision for your child. Here we discuss in detail into this bestseller outdoor stunt scooter.

Specification Of Fuzion X5 Scooter:

Deck Width 4 Inches
Deck Length 20 Inches
Deck Material Aluminum
Bar Height 21.5 inches
Bar Width 18 inches
Bar Material High Tensile Steel V-Bar
Wheel Size 100mm Diameter
Wheel Bearings ABEC 9
Wheel Core Material Aluminum
Compression System IHC
Brake Type Nylon/Steel Brake
Weight Capacity 220 lbs.
Weight 7.4 lbs.
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Fuzion X-5 is a best seller outdoor stunt scooter that comes with many exciting features. Now let you know some of the noticeable features before going into the main article.

Key Features:

  • Design with heavy-duty components.
  • Aircraft-grade 20 by 4″ aluminum deck.
  • Five-spoke aluminum polyurethane core wheels.
  • Nylon plus steel combination brake.
  • High-tensile steel V-shape handlebar.

Features In Details: Fuzion X5 Pro Scooter Reviews:

Fuzion Pro X5 Scooter

Durable & Lightweight Design

Fuzion X-5 pro scooter equipped with upgrades A-grade components found in higher priced scooters. This pro scooter is highly durable as well as lightweight too. Its 7.4lbs of weight supports up to 220lbs weight of the rider. The team has completely redesigned every single component of the scooter as tough, fast and light. Setting this pro scooter is easy, you just simply have three bolts to tighten. Therefore it’s ready for a smooth ride.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck


Again, the Fuzion X-5 pro scooter has a fantastic deck to sweep off your feet. It has 20 inches length by 4 inches width aircraft grade aluminum deck. With this, the scooter has 100 mm wheels of a five-spoke aluminum polyurethane core. These standard wheels ensure superior speed and control. Besides, these pro scooters have their own patented forks reinforced design with an Internal Hidden Compression system. This IHC compression system makes the scooter super smooth for riding.

Nylon Steel Custom Brake

Nylon steel combine brakes are another amazing feature of this pro scooter. The brake is a combination of both steel and nylon, steel for strength and nylon ensure noise-free riding experience. High-tensile steel made V-shape handlebars is another applicable feature is this stunt scooter. The handlebars have composite rubber grips that ensure you to get a comfortable firm grip.

Entry to Intermediate Riders

Fuzion X-5 pro scooter is an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate level riders. It’s a suitable scooter to start riding with entry-level riding skills. Intermediate level riders will also enjoy this pro scooter well. The beginner to intermediate level of riders can go to the next level with a beastly scooter. This pro scooter is a combo of toughness, lightness and speed.

Now let know some of the pros and cons of Fuzion X5 pro scooter.


    • Lightweight and durable design.
    • Strong but silent ride.
    • Suitable for entry-intermediate rider.
    • Excellent value for the price.


    • Fuzion X5 pro scooter wheels are not as fast as any advanced rider would like. However, its fast enough for beginners to intermediate level riders.

Why Should You Buy Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter?

Fuzion X-5 is one of the best pro scooters available on the market for your kids. Your kid ride it simply out of the box once you’ve tightened only three bolts. This best-seller stunt scooter has top-grade upgrades components. It is durable in design as well as lightweight too.

It has a 20 inches length by 4 inches width aircraft grade aluminum deck. The box shaped deck will increase its performance. It has aluminum polyurethane core made 100mm wheels. These wheels ensure speed and control sufficiently. ABEC-9 bearings increase it’s durability and performance too.

The brake is a combination of both steel and nylon. Where steel works for strength and nylon ensure your noise-free riding experience.

The pro scooters have their own patented forks reinforce design with an Internal Hidden Compression system. This IHC compression system makes the stunt scooters super smooth for riding. The V-shaped handlebars are fitted with composite rubber grips. It’s perfect for your grasp and comfort when you kids are attempting tricks or stunts. You can choose Fuzion X5 as a perfect entry to the intermediate level pro scooter. It will bring your kid from beginner to another level in scooting.


When you are looking for an entry to an intermediate level pro scooter, then this Fuzion X5 pro scooter is for you. It’s powerful enough and light enough to handle bold tricks and stunts. This pro scooter gives your kids a comfortable ride no matter where they are riding it. No other pro scooter on the market has similar quality and strong performance at this price.

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