Cycling is fun. It brings tremendous agility and connects us with other social partners who love cycling. However, apart from such social benefits, cycling brings an enormous list of health benefits as well.

In fact, scientists and health specialists say that daily 15 minutes of cycling brings several health benefits for us. It keeps us fit and helps control our weight. But there are other benefits as well.

To know them, read on the health benefits of cycling 15 minutes a day in the following section.

Cycling 15 Minutes Daily: Health Benefits That You Can Get

There’re lots of health benefits of cycling 15 minutes daily. However, for your convenience, we enlisted the most prominent ones below.

Health Benefits Of Cycling

Controlling Weight

weight lossIf you are afraid of obesity and want to lose weight, 15 minutes of cycling per day will do great for you. Since cycling requires more energy than walking or jogging, it burns more calories at the same time. Hence, within 15 minutes, your body calories and fats will burn down significantly.

Consequently, you will be able to control your weight with ease. For instance, if you cycle 15MPH for 15-20 minutes, you will burn around 500-600 calories.

Prevents Heart Attacks and Failures

heart attackAccording to the CDC, every year, around 8,05,000 Americans die because of heart attacks. If you really don’t want to be in that pathetic list, you may opt for cycling daily.

Since cycling needs a constant supply of energy, our breathing becomes faster. Hence, our blood circulation increases. As a result, our heart and lungs see an improvement in their effectivity. In fact, regular cycling can reduce the chance of heart attack by nearly 50%. Also, it improves our cardiovascular system that also decreases the rate of a heart attack.

Prevents Sickness

Prevents SicknessIf you regularly ride the bicycle for at least 15 minutes, you will get healthier. As you become healthier, your immune system will improve quite significantly.

As your immune system develops, it can put a better fight against external viruses and bacteria that prevents sickness. Also, with better immunity, you are less likely to fall victim to chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Helps Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes occurs in the human body, mostly because of the inactiveness of our physique. As we remain inactive, our boy grows several complications due to an overdose of calories and carbohydrates. Regular 15 minutes of cycling burns our calories to reduce sugars in the body.

As carbohydrate reduces and we lose weight, diabetes won’t get a sneak to come in and reside in our body.

Biking Develops Brain

Biking Develops BrainAlthough it may seem absurd, it’s true. During cycling, our blood circulation increases, and so, our brain cells get bigger blood cells. Thus, through the blood flow, our brain absorbs more oxygen, which helps it to work more efficiently.

Consequently, we experience an improved brain.

Other health benefits of cycling 15 minutes per day

  1. Our muscle strength increases.
  2. Improves the coordination and mobility of our limbs and joints.
  3. Regular cycling makes our bones stronger.
  4. It helps us manage our anxiety and stress.
  5. Improves our agility


Cycling is a worldwide popular recreational activity. And it’s for no ordinary reason. The health benefits of cycling at least for 15 minutes show us its immense advantages. Besides, the social benefits aren’t negligible also.

So, if you aren’t yet a bicycle rider, grab yours, fast and quick.

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