Riding a longboard is an easy way to commute. You can go far places and take a longboard anywhere with you. There are many longboards available in the market. Some longboards come with high-tech features and take place in the market quickly.

Longboards are usually expensive. But new skaters often prefer to buy longboards which are not only convenient but also affordable. In the market, such longboards are also available that you can easily afford and also provide every feature that a newbie needs. So if you are a newbie, you should buy a longboard of good quality which will fulfill all your needs and also not so expensive. Let’s see how to choose a cheap longboard?

What do we mean by “Cheap Longboard”?

By referring to “cheap longboard”, I want to tell about inexpensive boards which provide service almost like regular longboards, and their price varied from $50-$60. If we compare them with professional longboards, they are cheaper but reasonable to use. In short, we can say that cheap longboards are not low-qualified boards but cheaper than professionals’ boards and reasonable to use for beginners.

Standard to Choose a Cheap longboard

If we want to know the quality of a longboard, we should look at the quality of each part of a longboard. Deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape are the main parts that we need to consider.

The Deck

A deck should be sustainable as it needs to endure the weight of the whole body. Most of the longboards are made of wood though sometimes bamboo is used as a deck material. Maple wood is better than bamboo as it can bear heavier weight than bamboo. A longboard made of maple wood can also be cheap. If you want flexibility, you can choose a board with few layers.

Shape and Size

Shape and size are also should be considered before buying a longboard. The board shouldn’t be too small or too big in width. If your board is too small, it will be hard for you to keep balance and stand on the deck. If your board is too big, you have to use more power to push the deck.

The Truck

Trucks are T-shape pieces of metal that are assembled under the deck which play an important role in overall longboard quality. It firmly keeps the wheels and bearings. The material of the truck is aluminum and it increases the durability and reduces the weight above the board. Trucks make the board stable. The width and height of the trucks should be suitable in size.

The Wheels

The wheels of a quality longboard are made of polyurethane in order to increase durability and flexibility with as little plastic as possible. The wheels of a cheap longboard are also made of all-urethane. The size of the wheels should be considered carefully. Bigger wheels may cause wheel bites which may affect your riding quality. Moreover, which wheels should be chosen, mostly depend on cruising, carving, free riding, speed, or tricks.


Bearings are the metal parts of a longboard that help to spin the wheels on the axle. The low-quality bearings decrease the performance of riding. ABEC 7 bearings are very fast and ABEC 9 are super fast bearings. A cheap longboard should have ABEC 5 bearings. But bearings quality won’t be sufficient for quality judgment.

Grip Tape

A grip tape remains attached to the board as firmly as possible. This helps you by preventing you from slipping and falling off the deck. Grip tape also helps you to stand still on the board and make the turns, rotation, or twisting motion. Grip tapes are not very expensive anyway. So you can choose a cheap longboard with good grip tape and may ensure your safety. With a quality grip, you won’t fall even if you ride hard.

Here I am mentioning some inexpensive longboards with brief details. I hope it will help you to make your choice under your budget and fulfill your necessity.

Our Pick of Top 7 Best Cheap Longboards In 2023

1. Rimable Pintail


  • 41” long and 9.5” wide deck
  • 9-ply maple construction, pintail shape
  • 7” aluminum trucks
  • 51mm soft wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings

2. Quest Roarshack Bamboo


  • 34” deck
  • Maple and bamboo hybrid deck construction
  • 6” aluminum trucks
  • 65mm wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings

3. Playshion Freeride Freestyle


  • 39” long and 9.1” 8 ply maple wood deck
  • 7” aluminum trucks
  • 70*50mm, 78Awide wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings

4. Yochaher Drop through Professional Speed


  • 40”*10” deck
  • 9 ply Canadian maple
  • 70*52mm, 78A wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • 9.675” aluminum trucks

5. WiiSHAM Longboards Skateboards


  • 9 ply maple wood with 42”*9” deck
  • Twin boards
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • 70*52mm wheels
  • 7” super aluminum alloy trucks

6. Volador Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser


  • 42* 9-inch deck with 8-ply maple wood
  • 7” aluminum trucks
  • 51mm wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings

7. Hawkeye 41 inch Freeride Longboard


  • 41 X 9 Full Size Design Longboard
  • Super smooth 70x52mm HR82A anti-shock PU wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • Aluminum Trucks 7″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Truck
  • No Assembly Required


We hope you have gotten your answer about “How to choose a cheap longboard?” In this article, we have mentioned the points that you should consider if you want to buy a cheap longboard and also we show features of some cheap longboards that will help you to make your choice according to your budget and preference. After considering carefully, make your choice and buy a convenient longboard.

Thanks for being with us. We wish you happy and safe riding.

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