Apart from power sliding being cool, it is an essential move that you have to learn. Power sliding is a fast way to stop your board. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to powerslide. For a beginner, it might seem scary.

Why should you know how to powerslide? Well, besides it being cool, it is an important technique that you can use to stop and slow down your longboard. It can also come in handy when you are commuting to traffic.

To powerslide means making a 90 degrees push across the road so that your wheels do not spin but skid. This friction will enable you to lose speed abruptly, making it a successful way to stop or slow down. In this article, we are going to learn how to powerslide on a longboard.

How to Slide on Longboard Powerslides

Where to Start

The best place to start learning how to powerslide is a flat ground where there is a small hill on it. Start at about 15 feet hill and prepare to slide as you approach the flat earth.

Do You Have Experience with Longboard?

If yes, wet ground is the best recommendation for you because it makes it easier to start powerslading. This is because when you push your longboard across a pavement that is wet with less speed, wheels will break traction very fast. Although, you should be aware of your bearings since they might be damaged by wetness.

Now let us get back to our main issue on how to perform longboard powerslides.

Step 1: Get Some Speed

Before you start sliding, ensure that you have a decent speed. Sliding will be easier if you have more speed reason being that your wheels quickly lose traction.

Therefore, to start at a steep hill is an incredible idea or select a wet ground that will need less speed for you to slide.

Step 2: Toe-Side Pre-Cave

Immediately you have gained speed, press your toes and incline your body frontward so that you can have a fast toeside turn. It is vital to make a good pre-curve so that it can break traction when you turn next.

In case you are regular footer toeside turns means that you are moving on the right side of a road rather than left.

While performing the pre-curve turn, it is essential not to forget to set up for your upcoming slide.

Step 3: Heel side Curve

After placing your longboard, close to a roadside, you can now curve onto the slide and make a turn. All you need to do is press heel using your front foot a 45 degrees fast backside turn.

For leverage, ensure that you place your heels lightly over the edge of the longboard. After that, bend your knees to low on the unit. You squat right and then pop into the slide.

Step 4: Actual Slide

After you turn 15-30-degree heel side curve you have to do many things concurrently;

  • Ensure that your bent right knee carries most eight
  • Put your back heel on to the road so that it can kick the back truck forward
  • Swing your back hip so that they can push and turn
  • Make sure that you lose traction by lifting your arms and lean back to reduce the weight that is on the longboard
  • Then use both legs to shove the longboard up the hill

Step 5: Completing the Slide

When you are sliding facing downhill, ensure that you are balanced, leaning in a backward position, get back into normal position and continue pushing.

Do not forget that at this point, you should be drifting across the road, while at the same time pushing out both legs lightly and your weight uphill.

You can now bend your knees again, shift your weight back to your front foot, release pressure on your back foot when learn forward slightly.

As you put your weight back on to the longboard, bring the board back beneath you by pulling your back foot. Do not forget to maintain your initial position when the board rolls again. And bring your elbows back.

Sliding Gloves

Sliding gloves have plastic pucks that are placed on the finger and palms. They are used to ensure your palm’s safety while power sliding on a longboard. It is very risky to learn on how to power slide on a longboard without gloves to protect your palms. Sliding gloves have plastic pucks that are placed on the finger and palms.


In conclusion, after reading this article, how to slide on longboard power slide should not be too hard for you. Do not let fear overwhelm you; instead, learn step by step for you to be successful. Always protect yourself with helmet, knee pads, and gloves.

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