Before starting to ride on a longboard, the first thing one should do is choose a convenient longboard. If you are unable to choose the right kind of longboard, your riding won’t be smooth and easy. The next important thing is learning how to stop on a longboard. By learning this trick, you can avoid crashing incidents and you can ride at a good speed without being hurt. So I hope you can understand the importance of learning the methods of stopping on a longboard.

There are various methods or ways that can help you by reducing your longboard speed and stopping on your longboard. After practicing these methods and making sure of your capability, you can start riding on a longboard and even you can ride at a higher speed. Stopping is a learning experience, which needs the right amount of practice. Let’s see these methods of stopping a longboard.

Stop On A Longboard: 8 Different Ways

1. Foot Braking

Foot braking is the most controlled and simplest way which also works at any speed when others work on only higher speed. Before applying this method, you should make sure that you are using appropriate and thick-soled shoes. Foot braking method is very simple to do.

  • Shift the majority of your weight to your front foot
  • Keeping body weight on your front foot slowly lift off your back foot from the longboard and drag it towards the ground
  • Place your heel on the ground softly. You shouldn’t lean onto your back foot in this process.
  • Apply pressure toward the ground until the board stopped. Do not push your feet too hardly nor too softly on the ground lest you may get injured.

2. Carving

Carving is really a good way to slow your speed down. Foot braking is inconvenient to do if you are riding on a hill as it is riskier. While riding on a hill or downhill riding, you can apply the carving method to slow down your speed or stop on a longboard. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Set up the power slide
  • Then lean toward backward and put the majority of your weight on the front foot
  • Swivel your hips and shoulders in the direction you are sliding
  • Kick out with your back foot in the direction of sliding and take a 180-degree turn
  • Lean forward to prevent from falling down

3. Coleman Slide

Coleman slide is one of the basic tricks for beginners. It can stop the longboard quickly. Slide gloves are a must to wear for doing this trick.

  • Make some speed and keep your weight in the middle of the longboard, bent your knees and stay relax
  • Carve your body and crouch low on the board, keep your weight forward
  • Put your front hand on the road but don’t lean backward ever
  • Put some weight on your right hand
  • Hold the slide with your other hand if you want to slow down faster
  • Rotate your shoulders in the direction of the slide. The slower your rotation, the more you can reduce your speed

4. Hopping Off

Hopping off would be the best choice to stop your longboard if you are riding at a slower speed on a flat and even surface. If your course is less than 20mph, you can try this trick. If you want to try this when your speed is very high, you may fall. It is very easy to perform.

  • Kick the longboard back with your leading foot
  • Jump off from the board

You have to remember that you cannot jump without pushing on your board. Otherwise, your board may keep rolling forward without being stopped.

5. Using Grass

There is a technique you need to learn if you want to do the trick as it can be dangerous depending on the grass.

  • Stand firmly on your board
  • Lean towards the back of the board
  • Put your weight on your back foot

There is a reminder for you. If the grass is shorter than the sidewalk, you should not do the trick. When the grass is taller than the sidewalk, you may perform it.

6. Toeside Standup Slide

It’s all about a good position. Though it is hard to do for beginners, by practicing more you can become good at doing this trick.

  • Put most of your weight on the front foot so that the front foot can be the center of rotation
  • Foot placement: place your front foot at a 45 degrees angle just behind the front bolts. Your back foot should be placed on the middle of the board. Before riding, make sure that your entire sole is placed on the board
  • Bent your knees and get low
  • Spread your body
  • Get low again
  • Body position: It is very important to do the trick. Your shoulders should be faced down while your legs are facing up the road. Your body will go in two different directions which creates a spring effect. This spring effect will help you to bring back the slide

7. Step Brake

It is one of the easiest methods of stopping on a longboard. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Take many steps according to your need to reduce speed
  • Put your left hand on your leading foot
  • Try to keep your balance over the board

8. Slide Brake

This step can be done at any speed.

  • Put your both hands on the leading leg
  • Drag your foot
  • Keep your body stiff until you can stop your longboard

Stopping and Longboard Safety

Stopping on a longboard is not a very easy task. It is very risky if you are unable to stop safely. It may cause you to fall down and you may get hurt. So before starting to ride on a longboard you need to take necessary precautions like wearing a properly fitting helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, and shoes. You should learn the basic skills for boarding especially how to stop it properly. To prevent skateboard injury, you should use a skateboard or a longboard of good quality.

Thanks for being with us. We hope this article will be helpful for you to learn how to stop on a longboard.

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