If you are a bike rider, you can agree with me that riding a professionally-constructed bike brings the most thrilling experiences ever. Also, riding a poorly-crafted bike can be the most frustrating experience you will ever get. Thus, the thought of purchasing a bike should mean an intensive research moment for you. The markets are currently flooded with counterfeit bikes hence some knowledge is vital to distinguish a high-quality bike.

Where will you get the required information? If that might be your problem, this article got all that you require. It highlights the most recommendable bikes in the market that will promise a memorable riding experience. With the Pure Cycles Road Bike Review, you will easily decide on the best bike to buy.

Nevertheless, it has the buyer’s guide. The guide highlights the critical aspect that you should regard while buying a bike. Also, with the frequently asked question section, all your queries are provided with answers.

Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike

There are several things that a bike should have to ensure that you have the most enjoyable riding experience. Unfortunately, very few bikes manufacturers fit all the parts in a design that they meet the customers’ expectations. Not every bike is worth your hard-earned dollars; hence ensure that you take a high-quality tool home. Among the most outstanding and exceptionally performing bike is the pure cycles classic 16-speed road bike.

Why do I recommend this bike? I know that is a question that might be currently disturbing your peaceful mind. However that should not be the case, let us go through the features of this bike that will clear all your doubts.

Drop Bar Handle

The handles incorporate the drop bar design. Consequently, the handling of this bike is straightforward.  The curving of the handles promotes a good sitting posture. Ensures that your upper back is comfortable and reduces the strains on the neck.  This sitting position will ensure a balance of weight in the front and the rear wheels. Also, these handlebars constructing materials are very strong to promise durability.

Affordable Cost And A Warranty

The huge prices of the bike have been a great turn off to the new rides. The bikes that were available at a lower cost ended up compromising their quality. Therefore, they ended up with huge maintenance cost increasing the entire cost of the bike.

If you thought that you would require a huge budget to purchase this bike then shock onto you. The high-quality tool is available at very few dollars; hence you will not strain your budget. Nevertheless, this machine comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the frames and a one-year warranty on the components.


pure cycles road bike wheelsWheels construction should be very skillful to avoid the dangers of poor construction. Nevertheless, the wheels are exposed to very harsh conditions; hence their material s should be able to withstand. If you are looking for a bike that you will spend all your life on the road with, then the pure cycle’s classic 16-speed road bike will do you much good. The wheel’s construction of this bike is beyond the average level. The tires are of very resilient materials that withstand the teat and the wear. Thus they take forever to waste. Besides, the metal in the wheel is super strong for maximum longevity

Speed And Lightweight

Lightweight bikes simplify the operations of the bike, ensuring maximum control. Such lightweight bikes are recommendable for commuting. The pure cycle’s road bike is super light. Thus, it guarantees maximum control of the rider. Also, this bike is capable of negotiating sharp corners at a fast speed safely. If you are a professional rider, this bike will meet most of your expectations with its fast speed ability.


  • It has a steel frameset which is very strong and durable
  • 16-speed Shimano Claris STI shifter cassette
  • The drop-bar is adjustable
  • It has a gel-padded handlebar
  • Its design promotes a healthy sitting position
  • The constructing materials are quite durable

  • It is not a gender-specific item hence for both men and women
  • This bike lasts forever with the heavy-duty constructing materials
  • As a result of the adjustable drop bar, this bike is very comfy
  • Its design ensures weight balance on the rear and front wheel
  • The handlebars are very comfortable

  • It can only handle a weight of 250lbs


This bike has the most amazing construction. The framesets are customizable and with all the attachment points that you will require. Also, it is a superlight tool that can handle fast speed riding. The cost of this bike is easily affordable and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the handlebars and limited manufacturer’s warranty on the components.

Buyers Guide

Among the loopholes of purchasing a faulty bike is not knowing the key things that the bike should incorporate. A simple look can make it difficult to identify a professionally-crafted bike. Thus you should harm yourself with immense knowledge on what a bike should incorporate. Hence with this buyer’s guide, you will easily purchase a high-quality bike all by yourself.


In the past, bikes were known to belong to the rich only. Luckily things are taking a drastic change and making it possible for everyone to own a bike. Bikes are available at various prices which are budget-friendly. You might argue that cheap bikes may compromise the quality of the machine. To disapprove that thought,  pure cycles bike are of very high quality and yet very affordable prices.


pure cycles road bike brakesThe brakes of the bike should always have a peak performance. They should always respond in time and also very precise. This part should promise the stress-free operations of the bike and also minimum energy input. With effective brakes, you got the guarantee of maximum control over the bicycle reducing the chances of an accident.



Wheels of a bike are prone to intense frictions. Besides, they bear a lot of weight; hence, the wheel’s construction should be very sturdy. They should have very strong constructing materials to ensure that they can bear the weight of the rider. Also, due to friction, the tires should be very durable.


Bikes have different riding speeds ability. If you are a professional rider, the speed of the bike can be a critical factor that you should consider. Some of the bikes such as the pure cycle’s bike can ride at a fast speed with very swift accelerations. They can also negotiate very sharp corners without the fear of falling. However, if you are a beginner, ensure that the speed of the bike is manageable to avoid possible accidents. Also, in case you are using a fast speed bike ensure that you have a trainer or expert in offering guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

This section consists of the frequently asked question with their answers. The answers are brief and come after intensive research, thus very correct. You can go through it to learn more about the bikes or luckily get answers to your question.

  • Can I Get A High-Quality Bike At An Affordable Cost?

Due to the intensive innovation and inventions, bikes are available at throw-away prices. Consequently, you will not require a huge budget to get a high-quality bike.

  • Which Is The Most Recommendable Bike?

Probably this question is as a result of your desire to get a high-quality bike. If so, you can go through the review of the bike to identify the bikes that will offer the thrilling experience you are aiming to achieve. Also, you can consider the guidelines given on the buyer’s guide to easily identify it.

  • Can I Get A Bike For My Kid?

Bikes are available at different sizes. Hence you can easily get your kid bike without any problems. However, you should ensure that the brakes of the bike are functionally well to ensure that the kid has control over the bike. Moreover, ensure that the bike is super light for the kid to handle comfortably.

Final Verdict

Getting an exceptionally fast bike is not as easy as you may think. Besides, there are several things that you should consider when purchasing a bike. Some of the factors include the quality and durability of the bike. The bike should have very resilient materials to promise its durability. Besides, it should have a very handy design to ensure that the ride has maximum control of the bike.

The brakes are very critical when it comes to the bike. They should respond in time and also precisely. Faulty brakes are very risky and can cause grisly accidents. To avoid all those troubles, go through this review to acquire the factors that you should consider when purchasing a bike. Besides, there is a review of the most outstanding bikes in the markets that you can also purchase.

Good Luck!

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